tagErotic CouplingsCynthia Ch. 8

Cynthia Ch. 8

byMark Singer©

(It took just a minute for me to catch my breath, and when I sat up again, I saw Cynthia leaning over Sara, kissing her passionately and alternately running her tongue over her friend's cum-smeared face. As I moved into a more comfortable position, Cynthia looked up at me and smiled, handing me the camera.

"Your turn..." she said to me with a twinkle in her eyes. Then she turned to Sara and took her hand. "Or should I say, your turn...." Sara grinned as Cynthia leaned forward and ran her tongue over Sara's lips and chin. She slipped her tongue into Sara's mouth, kissing her passionately as I heard both girls begin to breath harder.....)



Looking at their movements through the lens of the camera was interestingly erotic, and I found myself getting into the act. I zoomed closer slowly as Cynthia's hand began to move lower on Sara's back. I followed with the camera as she cupped her friend's ass, then moved to the front, sliding gently between her legs.

Sara groaned and allowed her thighs to part as Cynthia's hand probed deeper. I zoomed closer to catch a shot of Cynthia's fingers parting Sara's moist lips and push inside. Sara groaned and began to move her hips, her cocked knee waving back and forth, forcing Cynthia's fingers deeper inside her.

I pulled the camera image back just in time to see Cynthia lean forward and capture one of Sara's wonderful breasts between her lips, tonguing it wetly as she finger fucked her roommate. Sara's hips began to move, fucking back...urging Cynthia to push more...deeper....further...

I got off the bed, silently suggesting they move over and utilize the whole thing. Cynthia smiled and pulled Sara onto the bed after her. She rolled Sara over onto her back, raising herself up beside her. Her two fingers were still working their magic, fucking in and out as Sara closed her eyes and spread her legs wide. Cynthia smiled brightly as she fucked her friend.

I moved to the foot of the bed for a better angle, and Cynthia turned to me and smiled. "I know you want to fuck her..." she panted, "But it's my turn now...I'm going to fuck her and make her come..." Sara groaned, her head moving back and forth against the pillows as Cynthia worked her fingers in and out of her cunt.

"I'm going to make her come with my hand..." Cynthia continued. She looked right into my camera eye. "Then I'm going to suck her off with my tongue...." Sara groaned again, listening to Cynthia's scenario. "I can't wait to taste her cum....so hot...so thick....Almost as good as yours...." She winked at me and smiled. "Watch me make her come..." she grinned, turning back to Sara.

I zoomed a little closer, focusing on her two fingers as the pushed in and out of Sara's' wide-spread pussy. Cynthia pulled back and brought a third finger into play. Holding them together, she pushed them slowly into Sara's hole, making her moan loudly. Cynthia grinned and began to fuck her again with the same rhythm. Sara continued to thrash and moan under her, spurring Cynthia on.

I watched in growing amazement as Cynthia brought her little finger over to join the others and, turning to grin into the camera, she pushed the group inside Sara. Sara groaned and tried to spread her legs even wider, her hips bucking up against Cynthia's probing hand. I felt my cock beginning to twitch as I watched Cynthia slide the entire top part of her hand inside Sara and begin to fuck her. Her hand was gleaming in the bright lights as Sara began to pour her juices over it. This was obviously exciting her immensely. Cynthia realized this also, and leaned forward to lick Sara's tits, then move up to kiss her. I sighed as I watched their tongues dueling with each other as Cynthia continued with her hand job. She began to whisper into Sara's ear....

"Jack's watching me fuck you, Sara...." She pushed her fingers deeper for emphasis and her fingers disappeared into Sara's pussy. Sara and I both groaned and I felt my cock begin to harden. "In fact, he's filming us while I fuck you with my fingers....do you feel that...Mmmm...you like that don't you, baby....? Fuck...Sara you are so hot...I've got all my fingers inside your cunt...you fucking slut....you love it...don't you...?" Cynthia was fucking four fingers in and out of Sara now as she lay on top of her and tortured her with her words. I continued to film as I felt my cock expanding. In the camera, I saw Cynthia look back at me and wink, as if inviting me into a heretofore private show. Then she turned back to Sara...

"You're coming aren't you, Sara....you're coming on my hand...I can feel it.. God, your pussy is so fucking hot...I'm almost fisting you pussy... Remember when we talked about that...? Fuck, Sara...you're so fucking wet... you're coming all over my fingers....oh, fuck!" Cynthia's breathing increased, as did her stroking. I watched with continuing amazement as she cupped her hand, squeezing her fingers together, then return to her finger-fucking. My cock was bone hard now as I zoomed in to see her silding her slick fingers in and out of Sara's excited cunt. I found it hard to believe that Sara's tight pussy could even begin to accept this much of Cynthia's hand. But I watched in astonishment as Cynthia gently fucked and twisted her fingers, making Sara squirm and groan.

Sara began to scream, but from ecstasy rather than pain, and raised her hips into the air as Cynthia grinned and continued her erotic torture! My cock was totally hard and aching as I watch Cynthia finger-fuck her freind. Her strokes were more forceful, meeting the thrusts of Sara's hips as Sara's orgasm over took her. She began to moan incoherently, thrashing her head around, and pushing her hips up into Cynthia's hand. The sloppy wet sounds of their fucking was driving me crazy as I watched Sara come again and again.

Suddenly, Cynthia pulled her cum-slick fingers out of Sara's pussy and leaned forward, pushing her face between her legs. Sara screamed again as another orgasm overwhelmed her. I could her Cynthia's sucking and moaning as she drank her roommates cum, and Sara poured wave after wave of the slick stuff into Cynthia's mouth. I tried desperately to get close enough to film this scene. I knew Sara was coming in buckets and I wanted to see Cynthia drinking it... Cynthia drank noisily, being very obvious with her swallowing as Sara's orgasm slowly wound down. Finally, Sara's body went limp from exhaustion and Cynthia collapsed also, leaving her face between Sara's thighs as she turned her face to the camera. She smiled into the lens as her tongue continued to lick and suck Sara's pussy. Her face was completely covered with Sara's thick cum and shone beautifully under the bright lights. Both of them lay there panting for long minutes, but I continued to film. I moved to the side of the bed to get a better view of Cynthia's cum covered face. She followed me with her eyes and gave me a weary smile.

"Wow..." was all I could say, and Cynthia smiled again. Then her eyes dropped to my crotch to see my new hard-on bobbing proudly. I saw her eyes light up as she looked at me wonderingly.

"Wow, Jack...can you come again...?" she asked with amazement. I didn't answer, but stepped closer, dangling my cock in front of her face. I flexed it, making it bob, and continuing to film. I turned the camera downwards until just my cock and Cynthia's face were in the frame. I moved my hips from side to side, making my cock dance and Cynthia grinned.

"Sara....look what I found...." she whispered, shaking her friend. Sara raised herself up on her elbows and looked down at my cock. She groaned and fell back onto the bed.

"God, that's a great cock..." she sighed. "Give me a minute...I can't believe you just fucked me like that..." She lay back panting and catching her breath, then sat up with a smile. She turned to Cynthia, making her sit up beside her.

"Help me with this thing..." Cynthia chuckled. I turned the camera down again until my cock came into view. I smiled as both of their faces came into the frame, then zoomed out slightly as Sara began to stroke my cock.

"I don't think I've ever come that hard before..." Sara breathed, a visible shiver running through her. Cynthia grinned and licked my cockhead as Sara rubbed it over her lips.

"Either can I..." she replied, "It just felt like the thing to do...You liked it though, didn't you...?"

Sara grinned and nodded, looking up at me as she joined Cynthia in licking my cock. "I think Jack liked it to...his cock is hard as a rock..." She leaned forward and closed her lips around my head, sucking wetly for just a moment before leaning back. She continued to stroke me as Cynthia copied her move, taking my head between her lips and sucking lightly before releasing me. I groaned as I tried to hold the camera steady and both girls chuckled.

"You liked watching Cynthia finger-fuck me didn't you, Jack...?" Sara teased, "You liked watching her make me come...then suck me off like she did...drink my cum...mmmm....I came a lot, too, Jack...I think Cynthia is going to make a wonderful pussy eater...Mmmm....she sucked me off sooo gooood...." She smiled as I groaned, then took my cock into her mouth again, sucking me slow and deep as Cynthia played with my balls.

Cytnhia grinned up at me, obviously enjoying the effect that Sara's teasing was having on me. "I can't believe you're hard again..." Cynthia breathed, "But that's good because I'm really thirsty tonight..." She leaned forward, running her tongue over Sara's lips until Sara pulled her mouth from my cock.

I had a hard time (pun intended) holding the camera still as both girls began to tongue the head of my cock as they stared into the camera. The sensation was fantastic as they coated my entire cockhead with their saliva until it reflected brightly and began to drip down my shaft.

Sara looked across at Cynthia and winked. "After we suck him off, I'm going to eat your pussy, Cyn... I want to make you come in my mouth like I just came in yours...Mmmm.... I'll fuck you like you did me...God, that was so fucking hot... I think you might like it... and then I'll make you come in my mouth..." Sara sighed and returned her tongue to my cock, but her eyes were focused on Cynthia's. I saw Cynthia's eyes close to lustful slits as she digested Sara's words. The thought obviously intruiged her and I have to admit the thought made my balls fill even more than they already were.

"Maybe Jack will get another hard-on when he watches me finger-fuck you...", Sara breathed, "Then we can suck him off again...or maybe he'll fuck you in the ass...while I suck his balls like this...." Her head dipped down between my legs and I groaned as I felt her draw one of my balls into her mouth. It was hot and wet and pure heaven as she gently sucked on it. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer...

Cynthia looked up into the camera and leaned forward, opening her mouth wide and letting my cock slide over her tongue. She sucked slowly and noisily, taking about half of my cock into her mouth and sucking on it lightly.

I groaned and began to thrust my hips forward and she looked into the camera again. She pulled my dripping shaft out of her mouth and flicked her tongue against the head. "I love sucking your cock...." she said smiling into the lens. Her smile widened as my cock lurched against her lips. The girl definitely knew how to turn me on. She held my cockhead against her bottom lip and wrapped her hand around my rod. Staring into the lens, she began to stroke me up and down, while flicking her tongue against the head. The speed of her stroking increased slightly as she grinned up at me.

"Is it okay if I jerk you off, Jack...?" Cynthia teased, licking my cockhead.

Her face wore an expression of pure lust. It was obvious that she was trying to make me come as quickly as she could, her hand making slick, wet noises as her hand moved up and down my shaft.

"Come for me..." she panted, looking into the lens again. "Come on my tongue...my face...let me show you how much I love it....." She closed her lips around the head and began to suck lightly, swirling her tongue around it as her hand continued to pump. Sara's tongue on my balls was only adding to the erotic sensations. She would push against the loose sack, rolling my balls around, then gently suck each one into her wet mouth. I groaned as I felt her finger push between my asscheeks and find my asshole. My hips began to thrust as Sara pushed her finger against my ring, inserting the tip of her finger inside. Cynthia kept up her stroking and light sucking, and I felt my balls begin to tighten.

"He's going to come..." I heard Cynthia whisper to Sara, and she was absolutely right! Sara shifted her position, licking her way back up to my cockhead and smiling into the camera as she flicked her tongue over my cockhead, pushing her face close to Cynthia's. Cynthia began to roll her thumb over my cockhead each time her hand moved up to the top, teasing me and spreading my pre-come over the glans. I zoomed in with the camera until only my cockhead and their mouths were in the frame as I felt my cum begin to race up my shaft. I saw Sara's lips curl into a smile as she felt it, then watched as a thick stream of semen shot from my cockhead and over her lips. I immediately pulled back on the zoom , framing their faces in the lens as I felt my cock buck again...

I groaned, my hips shaking wildly as my cum shot into the air between them, grazing their faces, then raining back down onto Cynthia's hand. Both girls continued licking my cockhead as I shot again and again, covering their lips with my cum. Both girls had their mouths open, but I held back from sliding my cock into one of them. I didn't try to fuck their mouths, wanting to save this sight for the camera. And what a sight it was.

Sara's tongue and lips were coated with a thick layer of ropy, tapioca like cum. She smiled for me as I shot again, holding her tongue out to show me the thick layer building inside her mouth. A small pool developed on the right side of her mouth, then overflowed her lips, pouring over her chin. She continued to finger my ass, trying to coax every drop of cum from my balls once more. Cynthia, meanwhile, was licking my cum from her hand and my belly, sucking it loudly into her mouth. I felt my orgasm slowing as Sara's mouth looked as if it could hold no more. Her tongue was covered with thick, creamy liquid as she smiled up at me. I watched Cynthia move closer to Sara and begin to lick my cum from her chin. Sara laughed and turned to her friend. She kept her lips against my cockhead, but turned her mouth to Cynthia. Cynthia looked down, smiled and pushed her tongue into Sara's mouth. I simply stared down at them through the camera lens, still not quite believing how lucky I was right then. My cock still throbbed and my balls were aching from the workout they were putting me through as I worked my cock over their lips as they kissed and moaning each time a tongue slid over to caress my head. Then I slid between them, fucking my cock between their open lips as they kissed and shared my semen. Ropy strands of cum hung from both their chins as Sara poured her mouthful into Cynthia's greedy mouth.

Finally, when they both turned and grinned into the camera, showing off their cum covered lips, I felt my exhaustion moving over me like a wave. I collapsed onto the bed, my sore and exhausted cock dangling useless from my crotch, but I continued to film the ladies. Their mouths worked together, pushing my cum back and forth between them, while both of them looked into the lens.

When they both had an equal amount of semen, they turned to the lens and smiled. To see two such beautiful faces smiling and covered with cum was an experience I'll never forget.

As if on cue, both girls opened their mouths wide, showing the pools of cum on their tongues, then closed their lips and turned their heads upward, showing their throats to the camera as they swallowed noisily. After they'd ingested their treat, they returned their eyes to the camera and smiled as they both licked their lips.

"We love the taste of your cum..." Cynthia whispered with a grin, then turned to Sara, kissing her wetly and passionately as they lay back onto the bed.

I smiled and pushed the fade button, holding the camera steady as it faded to black. Finally, I sighed and put the camera down.

"You ladies are some kind of wonderful, you know..." I sighed.

"Yeah....we know..." Sara said, making them both giggle. I grinned and flopped onto the bed between them. Cynthia bounced up and turned the lights off, then ran giggling back to the bed. I held the covers up and she dove inside, cuddling up to me and laying her head against my shoulder. Her hand moved slowly over my chest and belly before finding my limp tool and curling her hand around it.

"I hope we didn't wear this out..." she giggled. "I'll bet you came ten times today!" I groaned tiredly, but inside felt as proud as a peacock. I hadn't counted, but it felt as if I'd come a hundred! My cock and balls ached as if someone had stomped on them.

"Gives us something to look forward to tomorrow, then..." Sara laughed. I felt her hand join Cynthia's at my crotch. Gently petting me like a prize animal at a cat show. "And I still owe Cynthia a long tongue fucking... among other things..." she breathed, turning to Cynthia and kissing her wet lips. Cynthia moaned her agreement, but lay back on the pillows.

"We'll have to get more videotape...", Cynthia said with a chuckle. "I enjoyed being a porn star...I can't wait to see how it came out..." Her voice trailed off as she squirmed and settled into the mattress.

I held them both tightly, reaching around their shoulders to cup a breast in each hand. I felt like I was the king of the world. The room reeked of sex, the mingled smells of their juices and my cum permeating the air. The three of us drifted off to dreamland, and I wondered what tomorrow might hold for us.

I also wondered if I'd be able to continue at this pace. I'd never come so much in my life. These ladies were either going to kill me or make me stronger, that was for sure. And I was determined not to die just yet!

End of PART Eight.

Copyright 2002 by Mark Singer and SingerTales, Inc.

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