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In the year 9006 A.D. Josh lived in a colony on the moon near a far off planet. The colony consisted of a megatower that was 3000 floors high including; a residence of cheap apartments on the first section. A maintenance and waste area on the second section. A mall area for the common man on the third section. And luxury apartments and mall on the upper section.

Josh had just turned 29 years old he was about 5'11" and he worked at the upper levels in the mall but lived in the first section in a cheap apartment. He was a lonely guy but all of that was going to change because he had finally saved up enough cash to purchase an android and a night in the luxury apartment. Unfortunately the love program Josh preferred had to be shipped from Earth because it was illegal on the moon. Josh decided to take charge, shop for his life, and find his soul-mate. Robot-style.

Josh entered the android store and there was a lady behind the front counter. She approached Josh as he was looking at the various androids in the store.

"Hello, my name is Paris. How may I help you?" Said the store clerk.

"Hi, I am looking for the latest android of the classic series with custom blue hair." Josh said.

"Oh I see, please follow me and I will complete the order." Paris said.

Josh was checking Paris out, she was a mature lady in her 40's around 5'2" with jet black hair, hazel eyes, and silky smooth skin. Her body was the shape of an hourglass with perky breasts that were C-cup. She had on a pink skirt, grey tanktop, and kneehigh socks.

"What program are you going to use for this android, sir? Paris asked.

"The love program." Josh said.

"But sir that program is illegal on the moon." Paris said.

"Don't worry about it just sell me the android." Josh said.

"Hmpf..." Paris grumbled.

She led Josh into a darkened room.

"Ok , pull down you trousers." Paris ordered.

"Huh?" Josh said.

"I'm not going to ask you twice." Paris said.

Josh pulled down his pants and his dick was about ten inches and was hard. Paris immediately squatted and started sucking him.

"Oh gosh that is so good." Josh said. "Keep sucking me like that."

Paris mouth was warm and she was sucking him slowly at first and then she started licking his rod.

"Just like that, you're doing it just right." moaned Josh.

Josh was just about to climax when all of a sudden she took the dick out of her mouth .

"What are you doing?, keep going Paris." Josh whispered.

Paris bent over and pulled her yellow panties down.

"Put your dick in my pussy." Said Paris.

Josh immediately started humping her doggy-style.

"Oh ya just like that, keep fucking me." Said Paris.

Josh grabbed her waist and started pumping her harder.

"Faster, fuck me faster!" Said Paris.

"I'm going as fast as I can." Panted Josh.

Nine minutes of intense pumping Josh came inside of her and orgasmed intensely. They were both moaning, sweating , and panting. Suddenly the phone rang and Paris answered it.

"Who the fuck is that?" Asked Josh.

"It's my boss." Said Paris.

Josh could faintly overhear the voice on the phone and could tell it was a male.

"Just complete my fucking order so I can get the fuck out of this store." Said Josh.

"Alrighty, for fucking me good. I'll have the android shipped to your apartment free of charge." Said Paris.

"Sounds more like." Said Josh.

They tongue kissed while Josh pulled up his pants and exited the store.

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