tagIncest/TabooDad and Daughter Do it Right

Dad and Daughter Do it Right

bykym m maury©

She loved the high-heeled shoes and the short pink dress dad bought for her. Dad allowed and encouraged Shelly to wear these sexy items. He was the ruler in the house as long as Shelly could remember. He took care of Shelly because mom was usually drunk or drugged on pill.

Since mom was unavailable for her daughter, dad stepped in with enthusiasm. He believed girls should be girls who will grow into women. Shelly’s clothing always had that “Fredericks of Hollywood “ flavor, and she loved dressing up in lingerie gowns, hose, heels, and anything else that might peak some eye appeal from her father. He always assisted her bath by running water that was a bit too hot so she would squeal when her toes submerged below the fragrant bubbles in the tub. His attention toward his daughter was treasured by a young girl hoping to one day be a better woman than her own cold and distant mother. Dad spent time washing Shelly’s back and shoulders as she sat in the steamy bath. He bought special lotion for his princess, and took great pleasure in gently stroking the cream over her hot pink body

. That Sunday she applied makeup and carefully lined her bulbous lips with pink, shiny gloss. When she looked into the mirror, the reflection of a woman peered back; a reflection of a woman/child dressed to impress dad.

He was the most handsome man Shelly had ever seen. She was always in awe of his thick dark wavy hair and piercing dark brown eyes. Standing over six feet tall, he towered over his petite five-foot daughter. Dad was a man with anger and frustrations. His wife was a bitch and was always loaded. His own mother; cold, unloving and too involved with her other nine children to give her most beautiful child the attention he craved. He was molested repeatedly by one of his teachers at the age of thirteen.

He loved his little girl and obsessed over making her the ideal woman. She will be the woman who can love him the way he deserves to be loved. Now was the time to please his child/bride, show her what ecstasy is and bring her the physical and emotional climaxes of being in love.

Shelly had been physically intimate with her father. She had seen, touched, and tasted his delicious cock. She loved his woodsy fragrance and yearned for his steel arms to hold her tight. When the thought of dad holding her down on the bed came to Shelly’s mind, her pussy-quivered .She dreamed of his large finger prodding her moist hole, his lips sucking her clit, his tongue thrusting her tight bunghole. She loved her daddy more than anyone in the world.

When mom passed out in the afternoon, Shelly knew the private party session was soon to materialize. Dad came into her frilly room and admired his fragile beauty queen with lustful gazes. She blushed and felt her pussy swell as he began to closely inspect all the personal areas of her frame. He smelled her hair and neck, lifted her arms and tickled her as he ran his face up and down each arm, taking extra time at her armpits to smell and lick them. Slowly he removed her pink dress and continued his exploration of her tiny woman body. He fondled her perk breasts and tasted each nipple carefully as he hummed “Mmm Hmm, Daddy loves you baby”.

On his knees he pressed his head against her young bush and grasped her tight buns. He tugged at the pink silk thong until it dropped to her feet. With his massive hand, he grasped the panty and raised it to his nose and sniffed long and deep. Have you been a good girl Shelly? “Oh yes daddy” the young nymph replied. “Bend over baby, Daddy wants to be sure you haven’t been soiled by anybody else”. Shelly placed her hands on the bed and bent over for her father’s close exam. He came to her from behind and pulled her bum cheeks until she squeaked with both pain and pleasure. Her bunghole was stretched open and his nose was nudging to enter her. She relaxed when she felt his hot tongue probing into that small, sacred place. A tiny moan escaped her trembling lips as he pleasured himself with the taste of her sweet musky ass.

Daddy stood at the foot of the bed and gazed down at his baby bitch. He pulled her up by the hair, turned her to face him and dropped her to her knees. “Look at daddy’s dick Shelly” “See how much I love you”? Shelly gasped as she faced her dad’s large, red cock. Show daddy how much you love me. She knew how her dad liked to be treated. He spent many years training her to bring pleasure to men. Shelly salivated when she saw his erect dick and without hesitation she plunged into the stiff rod with gusto. Mmmm, daddy you taste so good. She drove her face down and swallowed his cock till she could feel his balls on her lips.

She sucked his cock as if it were a rocket pop, slurping and gurgling her favorite snack. His cock felt hot as she savored the golden drops of his pre-cum emerging one after another at the tip of his stiff shaft. Daddy’s legs began to quiver and he reached out to grab her head and help thrust her pretty face into his loin. “ Ohh, such a good little daughter.”

He pulled his cock from her luscious lips and laid her on the floor. He spread her legs and began probing her slick pink pussy with his finger. In and out, slowly till his finger was dripping with her love juices. He then fondled her clit and began rubbing her in a rhythmic circular motion. Her little clit grew large and round and she knew there was only one thing she could do. This was something Shelly loved, to feel her body pulse and throb and yearn for the special thing her daddy could do to her. Oh daddy, you’re going to make me cum! With total abandon, her body convulsed with pleasure as daddy took her to orgasm. Squeals of ecstasy and delight escaped her flush lips as she gazed into his sharp brown eyes.

Dad straddled his possession and took his enormous member in his hand and stroked it as he looked down upon her. Open your mouth sweetie; daddy has a treat for you. Shelly opened her mouth wide while she grabbed his ass and rode with him as he thrust his hot rod over her chest, neck and face. Then the magic happened, he spurted copious wads of cum into her trembling mouth and on her pretty little girl face. Shelly gulped every drop of cum she could get, welcoming the warm nectar to slide down her throat. It tasted like the smell of fresh mown sweet grass. The smell of dad’s manliness overcame Shelly as she lie in total surrender, and complete contentedness. This wonderful sensual man collapsed on top of the little girl who wanted him as her own husband one day.

Daddy held and kissed his little daughter and ran a bath for her. When you finish your bath, Shelly; I’ll rub your pretty body with lotion, so your skin will stay soft and sweet.

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