tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDad Gets Teen Cheerleader Rebound

Dad Gets Teen Cheerleader Rebound


I was waiting up for my son and his friend, Thomas, to return from the big Halloween Party. They were all close friends and with college next year this would be their last High School Halloween Ball. My son, Andy, has had a steady girlfriend and I expected him to be out late at the after-party. He is a good kid and we were pretty liberal with him. His buddy, Thomas, is a little erratic, but fun and we let our rules extend to him with his folks OK.

The door opened and I expected to see both of them, but only Thomas walked in. He held his costume head, that hockey mask thing from that slasher movie - Jason as I recall. He looked bummed and I asked where Andy was and he said that he was still at the party with both girls. Thomas apparently was a little aggressive and Anne Larson had not been willing to go along. She called him a little-dicked pervert in front of all of their friends and suggested that he go home and jerk off. He apologized for his language and said that he was going to sack out.

I asked him if Anne had really liked him and did he want to try and work it out with her. He said that he did and would do anything. I suggested that he write her a note - a sincere one. He should tell her how he felt and that he really respected her, but just got carried away by her looks sometimes. I told him to be modestly graphic, not lewd. After being married twenty years, I told him that women still like compliments and still want to know that they can get you excited. He took the legal pad and went in the den to watch television.

Walking in about thirty minutes later, I noticed he had gone to bed, but had left the pad on the table.

I should not have read it, but did anyway. It contained the usual adolescent drivel, but also had some pretty hard stuff as well. "Anne, sometimes when I see you in that Cheerleader uniform, my dick gets so fucking hard. That time at the beachouse when I first saw you naked made me want to fuck you right there. Your tits are perfect and your ass is so tight and I would love to make you come with my tongue. But mostly, I love you"... Pretty weak overall english-wise, but she would either fuck him or tell him to get fucked.

I was turning the light off when I saw his costume on the sofa and had a Grinch-like moment. Before I lost my nerve, I put it on grabbed the note and headed out of the door with some beer. I drank two on the walk to our good friend's, Lynne and Ben Larson, who were hosting their daughter Anne's party - but had agreed to stay hidden. It was cold and the beer calmed me down and I stopped in their yard to piss. A voice interrupted me, it was Lynne Larson. She was such a cunt in high school. She said, "Who is that and stop it!" I wanted to tell her to fuck off, but lied and said, " Aaron Andrews, Mrs. Larson sorry -- just couldn't wait. Sorry. " I ran to the door and inside.

I had gone out with her in high school a couple of times. I had wanted to fuck her, but all she would do was dry hump you. She would act all hot and loose around school, but that was it. At our reunion, one of the girls told me that Lynne said that she didn't fuck me, because my dick was too small to satisfy her. No wonder I used to get laughed at by the cheerleaders. Then I saw Anne, she was her mom but better. Anne was 18 years old taller and more athletic with perfect tits like Thomas said and God her ass was tight and heart shaped that little gap between her uppermost thighs. She had a small silver ring in her navel and a slight rip in exposed abdomen. This is why Thomas went crazy. No shit.

"Back for more abuse?" one of the other girls said. I just nodded in my costume and grunted, "uh, huh. " Anne did not look happy to see me and I just handed her the note and turned around. Just at the door she said, "You love me?" I was paralyzed. "You love me?" she said it again. I turned around and nodded yes. She grabbed my hand and I started to speak and she just told me that I had said enough and to keep quiet. We went back to her room.

Anne had just closed the door when she said, "I want you to fuck me, Jason. " At first I was confused, then I remembered the costume. In my regular voice, but with a little creepiness thrown in I said, "Bend over and take your pants off, bitch. " She replied, "That is a great voice, keep it going. " She pulled down her underwear and displayed her little tight ass underneath a short green plaid schoolgirl skirt. "Please don't kill me Jason, I'll do anything. " I could not believe it. I took her underwear and tied then around her eyes like a blindfold and told her not to take them off.

Now I could lift off the mask, but kept it in my hand just in case. I felt between her legs. I felt like I was touching my past. She was on fire and so small and wet. No kids had come out and no dicks had been in. She cried, "Jason!" She was leaning across her single bed facing the door so I sat down back against the bedside looking right up at her pussy. I put my hands around her butt and pulled her in. My tongue is long by any standards and I could lick her from just in front of her asshole all the way to her clit without moving my head. She started going crazy. Anne was bouncing her cunt against my face so hard it hurt. It was all I could do to keep my tongue in her. I stuck my almost five inch tongue up in her suddenly and she acted like she was having a seizure.

She said, "Jason, what else are you going to do to me?" and she started to lift up her blindfold. I (in character) said, "If you do that I'll kill you and your family. " Anne said, "Wow, Thomas you should be an actor, I mean Jason, sir!" With her eyes covered, I stood up behind her unzipped my pants and stuck my dick into her virgin pussy. It was not small like her mom had said, but bigger than average about 9 inches and as thick around as a Red Bull can. She screamed into her bed, "Jesus, Thomas you are splitting me open!" "There's no Thomas here, you cunt, so shut up and take it. " Anne obeyed and got into a whorish rhythm all the while grunting like Monica Seles. Just as she was about to come again, I pulled out and walked around to her face and said, "Jason wants you to open up. "

Anne tried to catch her breath, I pinched her nostrils shut and she opened her mouth in a gasp and in went my cock. She reached up to undo the blindfold and I grabbed her hands. "No, No my little schoolgirl -- remember our little deal. " Anne calmed her hands then started getting into it. She grabbed the base of my dick with both hands and repeatedly forced it into her mouth 15, 30, maybe a thousand times. I was standing there with a Jason mask on 40 years old with my cock in a high school cheerleader's mouth getting the blow job of my life and to top it off I hated her mother. I felt myself about to let go and went all the way in and put my hand on the back of her head and held it. I came so hard that my knees buckled and I felt my dick twitch about 20 times she swallowed and swallowed until cum drooled out of her mouth. Out I came; Anne was breathing hard and half-choking. "God you are huge! I thought I was going to strangle on it. "

"We had better get back to the party. My mother will be making her rounds. "

" One more thing, little girl. " I said while taking the belt out of the costume's pants. I knew that she would put up a for real struggle soon so I bound her wrists together.

"Thomas, I had you all wrong. You are a real freak. It is not an act. "

"That's right. " I mumbled and lubed up with some lotion off of her dresser. She was still leaning across the bed when I started rubbing her cunt again. It was wet in a microsecond and she started humping the bed involuntarily. I put my cockhead on her asshole, she muttered, "no, no, no, no, no.... " Too late, I was in. She started swearing at me and fighting back, but I hung on to that leather belt like on horseback and kept her legs spread with mine and eased in. Anne put her head down and submitted. I was fucking her ass with my huge dick - all the way in and almost all the way out. This was the greatest, the schoolgirl outfit, the ponytail, her ass, her age, her mom... The door opened. There I was -- riding Lynne Larson's Catholic, Crosswearing, straight A, cheerleader daughter's asshole like a cowboy. Anne was in ecstasy moaning and humping with fresh semen coming out of her mouth and blindfolded with her own panties.

The light from the hallway illuminated us both. Anne had not noticed. She had a dick in her ass and the music was blaring and her eyes were shaded. The Jason mask was on top of my head with my face in plain view. Just then Anne said, "Fuck me harder, fuck my ass please all the way in, you fucker. I love your cock fuck me godammit!" Anne came like Vesuvius and I pulled out of her asshole and shot a load all over her back. I gave myself another quick pump with my hand and another glob landed on her daughter's back. Looking at Lynne I said, "How did you like that?" Anne thought I was talking to her and said she "fucking loved it" especially the sucking my dick part.

About then, the music was between songs I pulled the mask down, released the belt with a single yank and removed the blindfold. Anne was looking right at her mother and I was pulling on my pants. Her mom started screaming and Anne was yelling, "I told him to, mother. I told him to fuck me. I wanted to suck his dick. " Everyone heard it. I picked up the note walked through the door past Lynne and said, "Maybe next time, Lynney. " The crowd parted and let me (Thomas they thought) through. I jogged home, put the note and costume back where I had found them. I showered off in the guest bathroom near where Thomas was sleeping threw the towel on the floor and went to watch the lateshow.

Andy came in about then and asked if I'd seen Thomas. I said, "Yeah - he came in, showered, and hit the rack. He looked pretty whipped. See you in the morning, son. "

"Yeah, dad goodnight. "

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