tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 04

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 04


*Not intended for readers under the age of 18. Both parties are adults and refer to each other as Daddy and Babygirl*


Babygirl sits on the couch thinking to herself 'hmm, today is Daddy's birthday and I don't know what to do for Him yet. It's got to be something special, something He'll love. I want Him to be happy with me. I haven't exactly been a *good girl* for Him lately ... I have lots of things I need to work on. I'm so glad that Daddy pust up with me even when I'm naughty. He's the best, so I want to make this night extra special.'

Babygirl jumps and runs into the kitchen to make Daddy an amazing supper. She has prepared the works ... barbecued ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, and fruit salad and of course for dessert ... her!

Babygirl is very happy with the meal she has prepared. The table is set to please the eyes, the lights are turned off and the candles are glowing brightly, and there is soft music playing in the background.

Babygirl hurries upstairs to shower and dress and prepare herself for Daddy. She takes extra care in the shower to shave her legs and her pussy so that it is nice and smooth for Daddy tonight. She dabs on a small bit of perfume to her wrists, her cleavage, and the sides of her neck. "Daddy won't be able to resist me now," Babygirl says to herself.

She puts on her matching bra and panty set that Daddy loves, and then slips her favorite black dress over the top. She loves the way it feels against her bare ass cheeks and she slides her hand across each one. "Too bad it wasn't my birthday tonight!" Babygirl giggles as she thinks of Daddy slapping her ass.

Shaking the dirty thoughts from her head Babygirl goes down stairs to check on supper and wait for Daddy. Everything is set out and ready to go as she hears Daddy's car pull into the garage. She pours a glass of wine and kneels at the door ... head straight, eyes downward, and her hands lifting the glass as an offering to Daddy.

Daddy comes walking through the door and she sees His feet stop. She blushes instantly because she knows that He is looking her over. "Happy Birthday Daddy," she smiles.

"Thank you Babygirl. This is all so wonderful. Please stand and join me." Daddy says.

Babygirl leans in and kisses Daddy's cock, then crawls around behind Him and kisses His ass. Babygirl rises to her feet and gently kisses Daddy's cheek but He turns His head and catches her lips with His own as they share a passionate kiss in the doorway.

Babygirl breaks the kiss and leads Daddy to the table and they enjoy the candlelit meal together, along with a little small talk of Daddy's busy day.

Babygirl clears the table as Daddy retires to the living room to unwind. Babygirl grabs a beer out of the fridge and goes in to find Daddy sitting on the couch watching the television.


"Yes Babygirl?"

"Well, I was kind of hoping that we could do something special tonight. I know it is Your birthday and I wanted to make it memorable for You Daddy. I know I've been kind of naughty recently and I ..."

Daddy chuckles "just 'kind of' Babygirl?"

"Okay, I've been naughty, I know. I'm working on it Daddy. I really am!"

"I know you are Babygirl, I was only teasing," Daddy strokes the side of her face.

"Well Daddy, I had a few ideas for tonight."

"By all means, lets hear them!" Daddy chuckles as He sits back into the couch and watches His Babygirl squirm under His stare.

Babygirl blushes and then giggles. "Well Daddy, my first idea was giving You some birthday spankings!"

"I don't ..." Daddy starts in.

Babygirl starts laughing, "I didn't figure You would agree Daddy! So then I thought maybe I could do something that pleases You instead."

"Continue on."

"Well Daddy," Babygirl starts to speak as she leans in between Daddy's legs and undoes His belt, slipping it through each loop of His pants. She shivers at the sound and remembers the last time she felt it against her skin. "I was thinking," she undoes the button and zipper of His pants and pulls His boxers to the side, revealing His semi-hard cock. "I was thinking that maybe I could do some of this ..." and she slips her mouth around the head of His cock, twirling her tongue against it.

Daddy lifts His hips up to meet her, pushing His cock deeper into her mouth. She uses her fingers to gently massage His balls, then pulls herself from Him and stands up.

Just as Daddy goes to reach for her she jumps back and He misses. Babygirl giggles and heads up the stairs to the bedroom with Daddy chasing very closely behind.

"When I get My hands on you!!" Daddy laughs as He chases behind her, catching up just close enough to reach out and smack at her ass before she turns into the bedroom.

"Promises, promises Daddy!" She teases.

"I'm gonna 'promise' you girl!" Daddy says as He pushes her onto the bed and crawls on top of her.

Babygirl squeals as He lands on top of her. "Daddy this is supposed to be my night of doing things to You! Get off of me!" she laughs as she tries to push Him to the side.

Daddy rolls over onto His back and she kneels between His legs again. She pulls His pants and boxers completely off and tosses them to the side of the bed. Then she unbuttons His shirt and kisses His chest after each button falls open. Daddy slides His arms out and tosses it onto the pile. Meanwhile, Babygirl is going back to ministering to Daddy's cock. Daddy props Himself up against the headboard and watches her work.

Babygirl places her tongue on Daddy's asshole and slowly slides her tongue upwards, making tiny circles with the tip of her tongue, across Daddy's ass, across His balls, and up the entire underside of His cock. Once she has gotten to the tip of Daddy's cock she slides her hot, wet mouth all the way down His cock until her nose touches Daddy's stomach. Daddy lets out a loud groan as she brings her mouth back up.

"Do You like that Daddy?"

"Oh yeah baby, Daddy likes that. Do it again!"

"How about 32 more times Daddy?" Babygirl winks at Him. "Since I can't give You 33 spankings Daddy, I'll give you 33 of these!" She grins.

"Well what are you waiting for then?" Daddy laughs.

Babygirl trails her tongue back down Daddy's cock and past His balls until the tip of her tongue is resting once more on Daddy's asshole. She pushes her spit to the front of her mouth so it slides off her tongue and onto Daddy. Then she gently applies more pressure with the tip of her tongue and repeats the same action ... sliding her tongue across His asshole, back over His balls, and up the underside of His cock. When she reaches the top she slips her mouth over Him and pushes down until her nose touches His stomach once more.

"Lather, rinse, and repeat right Daddy?" Babygirl giggles and her tongue makes its way back down Daddy's cock.

"31 more to go Babygirl!" Daddy winks at her as He leans His head back against the headboard and closes His eyes, feeling every sensation of her tongue, the way she applies more pressure after each time.

As Babygirl makes it up from Daddy's asshole to the tip of His cock on the 33rd time, He is groaning and thrusting His hips up to her mouth. Babygirl opens her throat and pushes her mouth down onto Daddy and works Him with her tongue, allowing Him to push deep into her throat. She can feel Daddy tense up and she slips her mouth to the top just as Daddy starts to cum. When He has finished she swallows all of Daddy's gift to her and removes her mouth from His cock. Cleaning Him up as He leans back and relaxes once more.

She crawls up next to Daddy and snuggles into His arms, resting her head against His bare chest, her hands roaming His body as she places soft kisses against Him. He turns onto His side and wraps her tightly into His arms, stroking her hair and placing kisses on her head.

"You are such a good girl. Daddy is so happy with you! Mmmm baby, you are such a good girl. Daddy loves you so much."

"Thank you Daddy! I'm glad You liked Your present Daddy, I love you so much. So, now how about some dessert Daddy?!" Babygirl lifts her leg and wraps it across Daddy's side as His hands find their way to her soaking wet pussy!

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