tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl: Daddy's Present

Daddy and Babygirl: Daddy's Present


*attention all readers - all parties participating in the event are over 18 and have consented to doing so*

Babygirl had it all planned out for his birthday the next day - she had the perfect gift in mind for him and she was sure he was going to love it! She made a mental note to herself to make sure she called Amy to finalize all the arrangements. Yes, Daddy was certainly going to be pleased - and to her, that was what counted. She found such great pleasure in seeing that look on his face. That look of satisfaction, pleasure, and desire. She knew it well and found herself striving to do more and more things to put that look upon him!

Later on that night Babygirl was cleaning up things after supper and putting stuff away. She heard the shower turn on upstairs and knew Daddy would be occupied for the next several minutes, so she took the chance to call Amy.

"Hello" she answered after two rings.

"Hey Amy, it's me. How are you doing?" Babygirl stated.

"I'm doing quite well, thank you. What's up?"

"Oh I was just calling to make final arrangements for tomorrow afternoon. Wanted to make sure we were still on with the birthday surprise."

"Yes, of course. How could I forget? I've been looking forward to it all week myself" Amy laughed.

"Tell me about it" said Babygirl, "it's all I can think of!" She laughed with her.

"Okay, so I'll be over around 3 tomorrow, will that give us enough time to get ready you think?"

"That should be good, I'll try to have as much done as I can before you get here. He isn't due home until at least 5, so we should have plenty of time!" Babygirl confirmed.

"Great, see you tomorrow then!"

"It's a date!" Babygirl hung up the phone with a huge smile on her face. She couldn't wait to give Daddy his birthday present tomorrow.

Just then Daddy came walking down the stairs and in to the kitchen. He walked by her and over to the fridge to grab a beer. As he was heading back towards the living room to watch some TV he happened to catch the smirk on her face while she was standing by the phone. He walked over to where she was, placing his beer on the table as he walked by it. When he reached her he placed one hand on either side of her head and held them against the wall, pinning her between. She turned, startled, and found herself looking him square in the eye. He leaned in and captured her lips between his, kissing her. Babygirl backed flat up against the wall and closed her eyes, bringing her arms up under his and holding his forearms with her hands. His kiss became stronger and more possessive as his body started pushing against hers. She was having a hard time catching her breath just as he pulled away from her mouth and looked at her.

Without saying a word, Daddy looked her in the eyes and then looked down at the floor. Bringing his eyes back up to hers and then back to the floor. A smile crept across his lips as he saw her in expression that she knew what he was wanting from her.

Babygirl returned the smile and leaned in to kiss Daddy's lips once more, then lowering her mouth to his chin and then his neck. Kissing her way slowly down his body until she had dropped to her knees. Right there on the kitchen floor, pinned against the wall, with Daddy's cock right in front of her face. She pulled his boxers down and placed a kiss on his cock. Her soft tongue slipping from her hot mouth as she made first contact against his head, causing his dick to twitch against her. She brought her hands down his body and wrapped her fingers carefully around his member. Trailing her wet tongue down his cock and around his balls. Her hand tightening around him and stroking him.

As his cock stiffened in her hands she brought her mouth down onto him, allowing his cock to slip into her. Laying her tongue flat as she started to stroke him inside her mouth. Sucking in each time she brought her mouth up his throbbing length and then releasing the pressure as she brought her mouth down. Daddy's cock slipped further into her mouth each time she came down. With his hands still against the wall he looked down and watched as his dick disappeared inside her mouth. He closed his eyes and leaned his back and enjoyed the sensation of her servicing mouth.

Babygirl relaxed her jaw as more and more of Daddy was entering her mouth. She could feel his hips instinctively pushing forward as she came down. She used her hands to massage his balls and rub the insides of his thighs. Then removing her mouth from his cock and replacing it with her gripping hands, stroking him faster. Her mouth dropped to his balls and she sucked each one inside her mouth. Twirling her tongue around them, licking them. She looked up at Daddy and saw the pleasure on his face and she smiled. She noticed Daddy's body becoming tense and suddenly his hands were in her hair pulling her mouth back onto him.

Daddy had grabbed her hair and forced his cock back into her inviting mouth once more. He knew she could take it and she was certainly going to. He was ready. Keeping one hand on her head and the other holding on to the door frame, Daddy starts pumping his dick into her mouth. He can feel her throat opening each time he hits the back of it and it drives him to go faster. Before long Daddy is pounding at her mouth as if it were her pussy. Her hand banging against the wall with each thrust, his balls slapping against her wet chin.

Babygirl closes her eyes and focuses on Daddy using her mouth. Relaxing for his member to take the rightful spot within her. She tries to hold her head steady against the wall to prevent it from banging so hard. Keeping her tongue flat against the bottom of his cock and sucking in her cheeks to build the pressure around his dick.

Daddy starts groaning as he forces himself harder and deeper into her open mouth. He can feel her nose hitting his stomach with each forward thrust of his hips. He feels the tension building and working up his body. His balls tightening against him as he feels the need to release. He grabs a hold of her by her hair and pulls her head back, using his other hand to fiercely stroke his cock.

"Open your mouth baby, Daddy's gonna cum!" He grunts.

She opens her mouth and stares up at him with passionate eyes as she watches his head fall back and she feels that first spurt of hot cum hitting her face. Several more squirts and her face is covered with his hot, sticky cream. He looks down at her smiles, then turns and grabs his beer from the table and walks to the other room.

Babygirl stays on the floor for a few moments longer, catching her breath and trying to compose herself. Once done, she stands and walks out to the bathroom. Looking at her cum-covered face in the mirror and the smile that is still plastered to her face. She cleans herself up and then goes back to tidying up the kitchen, eventually joining Daddy in the living room. Tomorrow is certainly going to be a good day.

The next day...

Babygirl woke up and looked over at Daddy laying there sleeping. She got out of bed and headed downstairs to make him some breakfast. She could hardly contain her excitement for the days events! Shortly after she got started she heard Daddy coming downstairs and he walked over and sat at the table. She served him up some pancakes and juice and they made small-talk about their upcoming day. Daddy had to work, which she thought sucked since it was his birthday and all, but she hadn't been able to change his mind.

After breakfast he got ready for work and she kissed him goodbye, wishing him a happy birthday before he left for the day. She went about her normal day after he left. At about 1 she decided to go upstairs and get ready for tonight. She hopped into the shower, turning the water almost all the way to hot. Her pale skin instantly turning pink, taking her breath away as it cascaded down upon her. She washed her hair and her body and then went about her shaving. Making sure that she was nice and smooth and clean everywhere.

She pulled out a flowy sundress from her closet and slipped on a cute pair of panties to go with it. The doorbell downstairs rang, pulling her from her thoughts.

"Hey Amy, come in!"

"Thanks, good to see you. Are you totally excited for tonight or what?!" Amy smiled.

"Definitely. He has no clue yet - you have no idea how badly I wanted to tell him though!"

"Well congrats on keeping your mouth shut" Amy started laughing.

"Yeah, well it won't be shut for long now!" Babygirl winked at her as they walked in to the kitchen.

They grabbed a couple beers from the kitchen, figuring it would help relax them both a little. They headed up to the bedroom to start getting out the supplies and talking about how the night would go. Three beers, each, later and they realized it was almost time for him to be home. Babygirl helped Amy into position and then went downstairs to wait for Daddy.

Daddy opened up the front door to the sight of his babygirl kneeling there waiting for him. Her long black hair falling around her face as her head was tilted slightly down, her thighs spread open just enough for a little peek of her treasure, and her hands placed gently upon her legs. Daddy took a couple steps in and then shut the door.

She crawled over to him and placed a kiss on his cock, then crawled behind him and placed a kiss on his ass, and completing her circle around him and ending with another kiss on his cock. She kneeled back and looked up at him with a huge smile.

"Hi Daddy, I'm glad you are home. Did you have a good day?"

"Hi babygirl, yes I did, but I am glad to be home. How was your day?"

"It was ... really ... fun!" She smirked.

He looked at her slightly puzzled.

"I have your birthday present Daddy, are you ready for it?"

"Sure, lets have it." He started to walk over to the couch to sit but she stopped him before he could.

"It's upstairs, follow me" she grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a kiss. Walking backwards to the steps, not taking her lips from his. Her tongue sliding against his. Daddy's hands roaming her body as they made their way up the steps. Halfway up she stopped them. She leaned in to him pushing him against the wall, and kissed him passionately. She turned and started to walk back up the stairs, turning over her shoulder to look back at him. He brought his hand up and laid a nice smack against her wiggling ass.

She stopped in her tracks and gasped. Oh yes, this was going to be fun. She giggled as she looked at him and he smiled back at her. The made their way to the bedroom door before she stopped him once more.

"Okay, close your eyes Daddy, please"

He closed his eyes and she opened the door, taking his hands and guiding him in to the room. Once in, she had him stop and stand still. She let go of him and then told him to open his eyes. There on his bed was Amy and babygirl. Amy had bright red ribbon wrapped around her body and tied into a bow across her tummy.

Daddy walked to the bed and kissed babygirl, then turned his attention to unwrapping his present. Letting the silky ribbon fall from her skin and then pulling it all together and tossing it aside. Looking at the two girls there on his bed, all for his pleasure. Where oh where to begin!

"I like it babygirl, what a delightful present" Daddy smirked at her.

"You're welcome Daddy, happy birthday!" She leaned in and kissed him.

He sat back onto the bed as Amy and Babygirl kneeled in front of him. They leaned in and kissed each other as their hands started roaming over each other's body. Daddy's hands sliding up and down their asses, smacking them both. They giggled and asked for more. They continued kissing each other and then turned their attention on to Daddy. They undid his jeans and slid them off with his boxers. Once he was naked he grabbed the bottom of Babygirl's dress and pulled it over her head, tossing it to the pile along with her panties.

Amy and Babygirl both went for Daddy's cock at the same time. Kissing him, sucking him, rubbing him. Babygirl kissed her way up Daddy's stomach and chest, and landing at his lips, kissing him deeply as Amy took him into her mouth. Babygirl went back to helping Amy with orally pleasuring him. Daddy's was hard and stiff and wet by this point, his hands were roaming their bodies as he watched their mouths working his cock.

Babygirl grabbed a hold of Daddy's cock while Amy straddled him, helping to guide his cock into her pussy. Daddy wasted no time in thrusting inside her and had her bouncing off of him instantly. Babygirl massaged Daddy's balls while she watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck her hard Daddy, that's so hot" Babygirl was playing with Amy's tits as they bounced on her chest. Amy lifted up off of Daddy's cock and her and Babygirl both kneeled with heads down on the bed. Daddy got behind Babygirl and forced his cock straight in to her pussy. After a few thrusts he pulled himself from her and forced his cock into Amy's waiting pussy. The girls turned their heads and played with each other's tongues, kissing madly.

After fucking Amy's pussy for several more minutes, Daddy pulled his cock out and lined it up against her ass. He grabbed Babygirl's hair and pulled her back to him, kissing her. He pulled her away from him and spit in her mouth. Babygirl then leaned down and spit on Amy's ass, giving Daddy some lube. Daddy slid his cock into Amy's ass and started pounding away at her. Babygirl crawled under Amy so that she could get to Daddy's ass, she stuck her tongue out as Daddy's ass slipped across it each time he thrust inside of Amy. Stopping briefly now and then to pull himself out and push his cock into Babygirl's awaiting mouth. Daddy slapped Amy's ass and told the girls to switch and they did so quickly. Daddy thrust himself deep into Babygirl's ass just as Amy was crawling under to use her tongue to stimulate Daddy as he fucked her.

Several minutes later Daddy could feel his body tensing and knew he was going to be cumming soon. He removed himself from Babygirl, "lay down on your backs," he said.

Both girls rolled over and laid side by side. Daddy kneeled over Babygirl and told her to use her tongue. She stuck her tongue out and placed her hands against Daddy's ass, licking him in circles, using her tongue all around his ass. Daddy then moved over to Amy and she did the same thing with her mouth. Once more over each girl and Daddy was ready to explode. He stood above both girls and stroked his cock.

"Cum on us Daddy, cum all over us!" Babygirl and Amy were both pushing their tits together, giving Daddy a target. Their mouths wide open with tongues sticking out waiting for his cum to land on them. Daddy let out a load groan and the girls watched as his cum spurted from him onto their faces and their tits and their tummies. Load after hot load landing on them.

Daddy collapsed onto the bed and the girls got up on their knees and rubbed their tits together. Smearing Daddy's sticky cum all over each other. They leaned in and kissed each other deeply, then using their tongues to lick the cum off of each other's faces. Leaning in for yet another kiss, sharing Daddy's sweet cum between them. They grabbed a nearby towel and wiped each other off while Daddy laid back and watched the little show. Feeling a stirring in his cock as he did. Amy and Babygirl each laid on either side of Daddy, one arm around each one as they rested.

"Thank you Daddy, that was fun." Babygirl said.

"And thank you Babygirl, that was a great gift!" Daddy kissed her forehead, then turned to the other side and kissed Amy's forehead and the girls both giggle as their legs all intertwined and they basked in the afterglow ....

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