tagNovels and NovellasDaddy and Little One Ch. 09

Daddy and Little One Ch. 09


Little One sat in the waiting room with her knees together tight. The Doctor's office was more like a person's home than any waiting room she had ever been in before. Daddy was talking to the receptionist, who sat at an elegant desk by the door. Little One looked at the form in her hands. She had answered most of the questions and was waiting, nervously, wondering what was next. A nurse came out of a side office and spoke to Daddy quietly. The nurse was wearing a white uniform with a skirt and a little cap, pinned to her hair. Daddy and the nurse stepped to where Little One was seated.

"Little One, this is Nurse. I want you to go with her. She will ask you a few things. Tell her everything she needs to know. I'll be with you when you see the Doctor, Little One," Daddy said.

"Its nice to meet you Little One," Nurse said, "Lets go sit down in my office."

Little One sat down in front of the nurse's desk. Nurse arranged the papers on her desk and smiled at Little One.

"Little One. I need to ask you a few questions. Everything you tell me is confidential, so can you be truthful with me?"

"I think so," Little One replied.

"Very good. Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a man? she asked. Nurse waited for Little One's answer with a slight smile.

"No," Little One said quietly, "I've never done that." Nurse looked surprised.

"How long have you been with Sir?" Nurse asked. Little One thought she sounded skeptical.

"Just a few days, now," Little One answered and wondered if there was a schedule she was supposed to follow. Earlier that morning, right after her spanking, she had thought Daddy was going to put his cock inside her. She imagined him holding her legs up as she lie at the edge of the bed, and his cock opening her up. It had seemed so real for a moment and then it slipped away as his fingers rubbed her clitoris. Little One could feel her pussy getting wet as she sat there. She held her knees together but that seemed to make it worse. Nurse looked at the forms again and smiled.

"I'm sorry, Little One. I thought you had been living with him much longer." Nurse paused and then continued, "Do you masturbate often?" Little One felt her face get a little hot.

"I think I do it a lot," Little One said quietly. Nurse gave Little One a sympathetic smile.

"Every girl thinks they do it a lot, at some time. There really isn't anyway to say what is a lot. What do you think about when you masturbate?" Little One did not want to tell Nurse that Daddy was the only thing on her mind, when masturbating or not.

"My friend Edith had a book about a girl who was a dancer. Men would take her to parties and things like that. I used to pretend I was that girl and was waiting for a man to come to the Home and take me to a party." Little One looked at Nurse, hoping her answer was enough to satisfy her. Nurse kept her sympathetic smile and made a note on the paper.

"Where were you, when you masturbated?, she asked. Little One was not expecting this question.

"Most of the time, in my bed, when it was dark. Sometimes in the shower."

"When you masturbate, have you ever inserted objects in your vagina?, Nurse asked and again paused, waiting for Little One to answer. Little One felt her face get hot again "There is no need to be embarrassed, Little One." Nurse continued. "Many young girls do that. They use hair brushes or small bottles, other things like that. Now, tell me what you used." Little One took a deep breath. She wasn't sure what to say.

"My friend Edith at the Home had a toy. She called it her plastic boyfriend. I used it on her and she really liked it, but when she tried to put it in me, it hurt and I made her stop. Edith had done it with her real boyfriend and she said the plastic boyfriend was the same size as him." Nurse seemed much more interested now.

"I take it, then, Edith and her boyfriend were sexually active?, Nurse asked and made a note on the form.

"She could only see him on Sundays. They would go to the park and hide in the trees. I would sit on a bench and wait for her."

"Did you have boyfriend, too?"

"No, sometimes I would talk to boys, but they never came back to the park." Little One smiled wistfully. The days in the park seemed very long ago.

"Did Edith tell you about having sex with her boyfriend?" Nurse asked, trying to keep Little One on the subject.

"She told me all about it. Edith loved to talk about her boyfriend and everything they did."

"Tell me about Edith's plastic boyfriend. What was it like? Nurse asked.

"It was supposed to vibrate but the batteries were dead. Edith and I always had kitchen duty at night, so we would be alone after dinner. She would tell me what they had done in the park and get all excited. We could hide in the pantry and play with each other. We kissed and hugged and Edith liked to put her hand down my panties and rub my pussy until I came. Edith would get on her knees with her head down and pull her dress up. I knew what she wanted. I pulled her panties down and her pussy would be red and puffy and wet. Plastic boyfriend would slide inside her so easy. I never had to push hard. Edith made sounds like she was crying, but I knew she liked it. She liked it best when I moved it in and out slow, but it was hard to keep moving it slow when she was making so much noise. Nobody could hear her in the pantry and she would scream when she came. It made me so hot, I wanted to cum again and she would rub my pussy some more." Little One looked at Nurse expectantly, hoping this was enough.

"How did she hurt you with the plastic boyfriend?" Nurse asked. Little One was hoping to avoid that part of the story.

"I kept asking her what it felt like, when her boyfriend was in her. She tried to tell me, but I couldn't imagine it at all." Little One said quietly.

"So, Edith tried to put the plastic boyfriend in you?" Nurse asked.

"Yes," Little One said. "I laid on a table in the pantry and she played with my button and fingered my pussy. She was teasing me with Plastic Boyfriend and it felt really good. I thought I would cum just like that, but she pushed in me real fast and it hurt so bad. I thought it tore me open and I made her stop." Nurse did not say anything. She waited a bit, but Little One did not speak again.

"Did you bleed after that, Little One?" Nurse asked.

"Yes, it was terrible. I couldn't put my panties back on. Edith felt terrible and she was real sorry. We went and took a shower and went to bed. It still hurt the next morning. It burned when I peed. It doesn't hurt anymore." Nurse made a note and closed the folder.

"The Doctor will have to look carefully to be certain there is not a problem from your experience." Nurse said.

"What kind of problem could there be?" Little One asked.

"Little One, the reason, Sir has brought you here today, is so the Doctor can examine you, to see if you are healthy and to see if there is any reason you can not enjoy sexual intercourse with a man." Little One was surprised to hear it put so bluntly. "Intercourse should be a wonderful experience. You already know what an orgasm feels like because of masturbation, sexual intercourse should be much more." Nurse paused to see Little One's reaction. Little One's brow was wrinkled, like she was deep in thought. "Are there any questions you would like to ask me?

"Does Daddy want to have sex with me?" Little One asked.

"I'm sure he does, Little One," Nurse answered. "You sound surprised."

"Then why doesn't he?" Little One cried, "I wanted him to so bad, but he didn't. I thought I wasn't pretty enough for him."

"Little One." Nurse said sternly, "Sex with a man is a very serious thing. Sir does not take this lightly. You should consider yourself fortunate. He is caring for your every need and he will take care of this one when he thinks you are ready." Little One's head felt light. She knew she was blushing again. She was trying to imagine Daddy's cock, deep in her pussy, his weight pressing on her. The only thing she was sure of was the smell of lime and spice. She would bury her face in Daddy's neck and fill her lungs with lime and spice. Little One was lost in her daydream. She did not realize Nurse had left until she heard her name called from the next room.

"Slip off your dress and underwear and put this on." Nurse said and handed Little One a silk robe with a white rose embroidered on the right breast. It was nicer than any hospital gown Little One had ever seen. Little One thought she was in another nice office, until she saw the exam table and the stirrups. She laid her dress along with her bra and panties on the chair and pulled the robe over her shoulders. It felt smooth and cold against her nipples. The day had been so confusing. It started off with pancakes, a spanking, Daddy played with her pussy, a shower and watching Daddy cum and now a doctor would sit between her spread legs and look at her pussy. The door opened and Daddy entered, followed by the doctor, wearing a white jacket and a stethoscope around his neck.

"Little One," Daddy said. "This is Doctor." Doctor extended his hand to her and she shyly shook is hand.

"It is nice to meet you, Little One." Doctor said to her. "Lets take you robe off so we can take a look at you." Little One handed the robe to Daddy, wondering why she had put it on. Daddy folded it over his arm and sat down in the large chair against the wall. Doctor started his examination by looking into her eyes and ears. He checked her throat and felt under her jaw with his thumbs. The exam seemed like every other one, thought Little One, except she was naked.

"Little One, Turn around and lean on the table." Doctor said. Little One complied, but wondered what kind of exam this was. Her bottom was pointed straight a Daddy. Doctor placed his hands on her shoulders with his thumbs on her spine. Doctors hands were warm and smooth. He moved slowly down Little One's back, sliding over her shoulder blades, gently pressing her spine. Little One began to relax and enjoy his touch. She wondered if Doctor was blocking Daddy's view. Doctor stopped at the small of her back and placed one hand oh her chest above her breasts and the other on her back. He pushed her upright and made her lean back as he supported her. Little One closed her eyes and imagined Daddy's hands holding her up. Doctor pushed her back up straight and released her. Little One felt a little dizzy. She turned to see Daddy smiling at her. He seemed very pleased. Doctor made some notes on his chart.

"Have a seat on the table, Little One," Doctor said. Daddy stood up and put his hands around Little One's waist and set her on the table. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"You are doing very well, Little One. I am very proud of you" Little One smiled and tried to hold her knees together so Daddy and Doctor would not see her pussy starting to get wet. Doctor stood before Little One and put his hands under her breasts, weighing them carefully. Little One felt her heart beat a little faster. She kept her eyes locked on Daddy's reassuring smile. Doctor squeezed each breast carefully and massaged them, catching each nipple and rolling it slowly and tugging until they were stiff and tight. Daddy had the same reassuring smile. He seemed very pleased.

"Raise your arms, Little One," Doctor said. Little One held her arms high. Daddy nodded to her. Daddy shifted in his chair and held Little One's robe over his lap. Daddy very pleased. Little One was being very compliant and obedient. He could see her breasts rise and fall with her slow deliberate breaths, trying to conceal her growing excitement. Her green eyes closed half way and popped open again when Doctor shifted his hands to press under her arms. Doctor stepped back and smiled at Little One.

"Everything seems to be fine, Little One." Doctor said, "Nurse, would you prepare Little One for the rest of the exam." Nurse took the robe from Daddy and gave him a sly grin when she saw the bulge he had concealed.

"Little One," Nurse said, "Swing your legs over here and slip your robe back on." Little One pulled the robe over her breasts, and slid her bare bottom to the end of the table. "Lie back now and relax. This will be easy." Little One kept her eyes on Daddy as Nurse held her ankles, placed her feet in the stirrups and adjusted her legs wide apart. Little One felt her wet pussy lips pull apart. "Is that comfortable, Little One?" Little One nodded, yes. It was anything but comfortable, she thought. Little One had never felt so exposed. She looked at Daddy and he nodded again, which made her feel better. Nurse pulled a lamp over the table and focused the light between Little One's legs. Little One immediately felt the heat on her vagina. Doctor pulled on a pair of exam gloves and sat on the little stool between Little Ones legs. Little One felt his gloved fingers pull her lips apart and on finger slide inside her. She tried to think of something else, but all that came to her mind was the morning on Daddy's bed. She wondered if her bottom still showed Daddy's hand print. Doctor pinched her clitoris between thumb and forefinger. Little One reflexively pulled against the stirrups and pushed against his hand. Doctor continued to gently press her clitoris with one hand while pressing a finger inside her with the other. Little One bit her bottom lip, closed her eyes and tried again not to think of Daddy's fingers that morning. She was certain her pussy was dripping by now. She wondered if Daddy could smell her cream from his chair. Doctor removed his hands and she could see Nurse hand him something.

"Relax, Little One, this may be a bit uncomfortable." Doctor said. Little One felt something hard and cold at her opening. She looked at Daddy with her eyes wide open. Daddy held up his hand and nodded to her. She felt a little better. "This is an instrument that will let me look inside you, Little One." Doctor said. "Don't be afraid". Doctor pushed the speculum inside her and opened Little One's vagina. Little One gasped. She had never felt cold air inside her pussy before. Little One clinched her fists. It did not hurt, but she was not how to describe it. Daddy's gaze did not leave her eyes. He did not seem to be interested in what Doctor was doing to her pussy. Doctor released the speculum and handed it to Nurse. Little One saw it for the first time. It was wet and looked slick. She could not believe it had been inside her. Doctor stood up and squirted something on hid fingers from a large tube.

"One last thing to check, Little One," he said and pushed his finger deep into her anus. Little One was not expecting it and cried out loud. Doctor's finger wiggled inside her and then pulled out. "Nurse will clean you up and you can dressed, Little One. I'll talk to you in a few minutes." Nurse began to run water in the sink and took a cloth from the drawer.

"I'll will do that for you, Nurse." Daddy said and took the cloth from her.

"Certainly, Sir. I'll be outside if you need me, " Daddy let the water run until it was warm to the touch and soaked the cloth in it.

"Let me clean you up a bit, Little One and we can go home." Daddy said. He put the warm cloth against her vagina and wiped gently up, cleaning away the jelly and then pressed it to her anus and wiped down. Little One felt relaxed and comfortable under his strong hands even in the position she was in. Daddy took another cloth and patted her dry. Little One closed her eyes and sighed. Daddy cupped the cheeks of her bottom in each hand, bent down and kissed Little One's belly, just above her curly pubic hair. He picked her feet up out of the stirrups, let them down and pulled her to sit up on the end of the table. Little One out her arms around Daddy's neck and hugged him. Daddy kissed her gently and pulled her close to him.

"Am I alright, Daddy. Did the Doctor see anything bad?" Little One asked.

"I'm sure everything is fine. Get dressed and we will talk to him." Daddy answered.

A few minutes later, Little One and Daddy were seated in large upholstered chairs in front of Doctor's desk. Daddy took her hand in his. Doctor looked over his notes for a minute and finally spoke.

"Well, Little One," Doctor said, "You seem to be a very healthy young lady. Everything looks very good. Do you understand what a hymen is?" Little One nodded yes. "At one time you had a rather substantial one, which seems to have been torn rather harshly. In Nurse's interview, you said there was some play with a sex toy. Do you think that was it.?" Little One nodded again. She did not want to look at Daddy, but Daddy squeezed her hand and she felt better.

"Well, now, there is good news. You have healed nicely and you should have no problems in the future," Now Little One looked at Daddy and squeezed his hand.

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