Daddy and Little One Ch. 22


Little One tried to lock her ankles behind his back, but just kicked at the air as Daddy bounced her, trying to force his cock into her. He groaned in frustration and pulled her tight against him. Little One shrieked as he bent at the knees and leaned forward. She thought they were going to tumble over, but Daddy lowered her gently to the ground with her ass resting on his thighs and her shoulders pressed hard against the blanket. Little One hooked her ankles around his waist and squirmed backwards, pulling herself against his cock. Daddy leaned down and kissed her neck, dragging his teeth across the tender skin under her ear. His untrimmed beard had lost its bristly sting and felt soft against her cheek.

Little One slid her hands down his ribs and between their bellies, wrapping her fingers around his penis. Daddy rose on his knees, giving her room to pull the skin over the head. She wanted to push him over on his back and feel his cock deep in her mouth. The short taste she had a moment earlier left her wanting more, but the deep growl in his throat meant he would not wait. Daddy rocked on his knees, trying to thrust inside her, but she let her swollen lips tease the head of his cock, keeping a firm grip and sliding it against her clitoris. Little One enjoyed this, knowing it was the last bit of control she would have for a short while.

There were times when Daddy held her naked body and played her like a violin. His hands slowly stroked and plucked, pulling the perfect chords from her, little moans and cries that became a melody that repeated, each time louder than before, until her voice became an uncontrolled scream.

This time, she was not in the string section and she knew Daddy would soon pound her like a drum. This was just as good as a violin, but different. Daddy only endured the teasing because while one hand kept him from thrusting deep inside her, the other bathed his penis in her cream. Daddy flexed from his thighs to his shoulders each time her smooth hand slid over the head of his cock. Little One curled her spine into a ball, raising her ass off the blanket, sliding his penis across her perineum until it found her anus.

It was wet and slick between her cheeks, but Daddy's first thought was of the need for more lubrication. Little One felt his hesitation and curled her fingers under his scrotum, feeling her anus flare as she pulled him closer. Daddy opened his mouth to speak, but Little One pushed two fingers in his mouth. He moaned as the scent of her cream filled his nose and closed his lips on her fingers, sucking them clean.

"Please," she moaned. "Don't stop. I need it so bad."

Daddy smiled gently pried her fingers from his testicles. Little One reluctantly released him and lifted her feet into the air. Daddy put two fingers against her slit and coated them in cream. A wanting whimper escaped her throat. "Please," she repeated, "I need it in me."

"Shhhh," Daddy said softly. "I know what you need." He pressed his fingers to her anus, rubbing the slick cream into the pucker, feeling the little muscle soften under his touch. Little One's whimper became a cry as first one finger and then the second slipped inside her.

"Yes, that's it. Please," she moaned.

Daddy pressed his cock to her slit one more time and then held it against her anus. Little One took a deep breath and waited for the familiar feeling of his cock slowly stretching her. It was the most delicious feeling she had ever known and tonight was more intense the ever before. The first thrust was never fast enough for her. The ache was exquisite and she wanted more of that sweet pain, but Daddy was in control, pressing just hard enough to be a cruel tease.

He leaned forward and the sand shifted under the blanket, causing his hips to jerk reflexively. Little One gasped at the sudden stab. She reached into the dark and pulled her knees to her breasts, trying to roll her ass up to meet his cock. Daddy grabbed her ankles and held her tight, pressing forward until he felt her slip over the head of his cock.

It was a little more sweet pain than she expected and her fingers curled, pulling the blanket into her fists. Daddy kept his hands on her ankles, holding the perfect angle as his cock went deep inside her. He waited for the tension in her legs to relax as the ache slowly faded. Her thighs were parted just enough for her hand to slip between and find her clitoris. The little bud was already swollen and hot to her touch. She pulled her fingers over it, sending a spasm thorough her belly and tightly clenching his cock.

Daddy flinched, pulling nearly all the way out before thrusting back inside her. Something was different, much tighter and hotter. He knew it was the lotion, or the lack of it. It did not matter now. He could not and would not stop. Little One felt the heat and friction, as well. Daddy's cock was pulling at her tender hole as he rocked back. Her fingers worked faster, dipping inside her vagina for more cream and rubbed harder. The first ripple moved through her belly followed quickly by a second.

Oh no, she thought. This is too fast. She wanted it to last longer, but there was no fighting this feeling. Her arms went slack and fell useless, by her side. The wind moving through the sea oats became a roar in her ears and the stars began to move in the sky. The silver streak of the Milky Way undulated overhead.

Little One wanted to touch herself again, but Daddy released her ankles and pressed his belly to hers. His thighs smacked her ass as he pounded into her, pushing her to the edge of the blanket. She tried to pull herself back onto him, but there was nothing to hold. Little One threw her legs around his hips and grabbed his chest hair with both hands. Daddy yelped aloud, but did not break his rhythm. Another spasm went through her belly. She pulled harder and caught his nipples between her fingers.

Daddy fell down on her, crushing her hands between them, but she kept her grip, twisting his nipples until he opened his mouth wide and bit down on her shoulder. The sharp pain in her shoulder distracted her from the dull pain that was building in her asshole. It was dry and starting to burn but his cock pulsed and suddenly felt warm and soothing.

Daddy's thrust became short and desperate. His teeth loosened their grip and his full weight settled down onto her. She kept her legs around him, not wanting his cock to slip out of her. This was a familiar situation for Little One and she did not want it to end, but the need to inhale finally overcame her desires.

Daddy rolled onto his back and pulled her close to him, with her cheek resting on his chest. Little One listened to the familiar drum of Daddy's heart beat. A small piece of the pale yellow moon appeared on the black horizon and rose quickly. Its speed mimicked the sunset she had seen earlier.

The moon was soon a pale white disc, over powering the nearby stars. Little One bit her lip and inhaled slowly. She wanted to slide on top of him and rub her nose in the fur, but the moon held her in place. Salt air from the Gulf mixed with the scent of Daddy's sweat. She tried to catalog everything she could feel at the moment. Daddy's heart in one ear, the rush of the surf in the other, a warm breeze across her naked body and the moon painting a gray streak across the water, was the most she could list. Twenty years of nights like this one seemed a nice prospect.

I have spent too much time indoors, she thought. I wonder if anyone on Earth could be happier than I am, at this moment. Little One closed her eyes and let her mind wander. If there was one person, it would have to be Mizz Robert Pater.

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by Anonymous12/04/17

The title had me worried.

After a page or two, it was clear nothing sick or illegal was going on so I plowed on through all 22 parts. Not being into any kind of butt stuff, I just overlooked that aspect and kept waiting for themore...

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