Daddy & Ronnie's Cabin Adventure


"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Does my little whore need her tight ass played with today? That is hot as fuck baby doll and I love the fact that you hid it from me until now. That turns Daddy on to no end. You are such a fine little slut. Let's see what we can do to make my little tramp feel good. Daddy loves that you have initiated some anal play. Daddy loves to be inside his little girl's ass."

He slowly took the anal plug from my ass and noticed that my muscles had to relax to let the anal plug out of my ass. Once he did that, he shoved two fingers into my well lubed ass and began thrusting inside me. It felt so good. He then picked up the leather riding crop and began slapping my ass with it as he fingered my ass. The sting that the riding crop caused was making my cunt drip with juices. He laid the crop down and picked up his favorite g-spot vibrator and inserted that inside my cunt while he was still finger fucking my ass.

I was turned on like no other and began moaning out in ecstasy. "Oh Daddy, fuck your little whore's ass. I love the way you finger my asshole, Daddy. Fuck my cunt too Daddy. Fuck me hard. I want to cum for you, Daddy. You always make your little girl feel so good!"

He picked up the pace of the vibrator inside my cunt with the pace that he was fucking my ass. It became so intense that when I started to cum, I screamed out at the top of my lungs. Daddy did not let up. I was not going anywhere so he made me cum as hard as he could, knowing that I couldn't back away or close my legs up on him. When my body started convulsing in orgasm, he began his dirty talk to take me the rest of the way over the orgasmic edge.

"That's it my little whore! I want you to cum for Daddy and I want you to cum hard! Oh my, my little slut, you are cumming so hard. Oh my god, your juices are flowing uncontrollably. Cum like the little tramp that you are!"

My body spasmed and my juices flowed and I screamed and came like a little whore. My cunt became a fountain of ejaculate and I couldn't stop. Daddy kept fucking my ass and fucking my cunt and stimulating my clit until I couldn't stand it anymore. My juices were squirting out and landing on Daddy's arms and all over the vibrator. On the video, we would see later, you could see the juices erupting out of my cunt and just streaming like a fountain all over the place. It was hot as fuck.

Once my orgasm seemed to last about five minutes, it was probably closer to a minute and half, it finally seemed to subside a little bit. As I was coming down from this orgasmic plateau, Daddy turned up the vibrator and added another finger to my tight ass. In about thirty seconds flat, he had me squirming and groaning in orgasm again. It was hot and intense and even stronger than the first one. It was amazing and he had a look on his face as he was watching me cum that I love to see. He looks me in the eye and watches every emotion as my body becomes tense and racked with orgasmic delights.

"I knew you had another one inside there. C'mon baby girl, cum for Daddy. Cum like the little whore that you are. I love to make you cum like a slut and you are so fucking hot squirting all over the place while Daddy fucks your ass and your cunt. You are so fucking hot baby doll. I love the way you let me fuck you with whatever and whenever. You are my dream come true!"

He let that orgasm subside and slowly took his fingers out of my tight ass. He turned off the vibrator and withdrew it from my cunt. I was completely coming down now. Once I caught my breath, Daddy picked up the chains that were connected to my nipples and shook them nice and hard. My nipples had been clamped for about a half an hour at this time and they were extremely sensitive. That shaking action took my body up the orgasmic plane again and as I was moaning out, Daddy shoved three fingers inside my soaking wet cunt. He began fucking me as he was shaking my nipples and the added stimulation drove me over the edge. It was hot and wet and unbelievable. Daddy is so good at making me cum to the fullest of my ability.

"Baby doll, you are so fucking hot and wet. I love being inside your cunt and making you cum. Your muscles squeeze my fingers and clamp down so tight. I love that feeling. I love making you cum like a little wanton slut!"

In the middle of that very intense orgasm, Daddy slid off one nipple clamp and then the other. When the blood came rushing back into my nipples, I came again. That was an intense rush. It was like every nerve ending I had ended at my nipples. It was outrageous and I felt like a nasty little girl, cumming so hard for her Daddy. After that orgasm faded, Daddy did something that was phenomenal. I was lying there with my legs up and spread wide in the air with all of my holes open for the taking. The way that Daddy took them was what made it so hot. As I lay there catching my breath, Daddy got up and got a few play things to make his next move. I could not see as my legs were blocking my view of our plethora of toys.

Daddy got back on the bed with me and smiled at me. "Daddy is going to make his little girl feel like a nasty little slut. Daddy is going to fill you so full that you are going to beg me to stop. I am going to make you cum like a paid whore!"

One of the things that we got for this trip was a lube shooter. Daddy filled one of those shooters up with our favorite lubricant and then inserted that lube shooter into my ass. I could feel the warm lubricant sliding inside my asshole and filling me up. I watched him fill up my ass and then fill another shooter and insert it into my dripping wet cunt. He was getting me ready for something big but I didn't know what.

I felt the lubricant warming up my insides and let my mind wander for a moment. That was when Daddy inserted that huge ten inch cock inside my cunt. He slid it slowly inside me until I could feel the balls of that dildo hit my ass. It was all the way inside me and my cunt was stretched around it. Daddy stroked it a couple of times in and out of my tight little cunt and watched my expressions with interest.

"That's it baby girl, take that fucking cock deep inside your tight wet cunt. Daddy loves filling his little girl with cock, no matter if it's real or fake. Daddy loves seeing his little girl's cunt so full. Now, let's see what we can get into your ass to fill you up like a true whore."

Daddy knelt between my legs and held that big dildo inside my cunt for a minute. He lined his raging hard cock up to my puckered little asshole and placed the head at my opening. I made my muscles relax so that he could enter my waiting asshole. He pushed slowly to get the head inside my hole and then without warning, he shoved himself all the way into my anal cavity. He stayed there for a minute to let my muscles relax around his girth and once he felt my muscles get accustomed to his cock being inside me, he began thrusting his cock in and out of my tight asshole.

He followed suit with the dildo that was inside my cunt. I felt so dirty and nasty to be so full of cock. I loved that feeling. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me like a whore! I love your cock in my ass! I love to be this full of cock with you Daddy. Fuck me hard!"

He started slamming his cock deeper and deeper into my ass while he was slamming that dildo deeper and deeper into my cunt. It was hot as fuck and I was feeling like a true whore. "Oh baby doll, my cock feels so good in your tight little ass. I love fucking my baby girl's asshole. Daddy loves making his little girl feel nasty and used. You are my little fuck toy and I am going to fill your ass with my cum. You are such a hot little whore!"

His hips were pounding his cock into my ass and making me quiver in anticipation of the strong orgasm that this fucking was going to give me. Anal sex is so fucking hot to me. I can't understand why most girls don't like it. I love being fucked in the ass and Daddy did it the best. He always made sure to have enough lube and to take it slow until he felt me relax and mold my muscles around his hard cock. That combined with the huge dildo inside my cunt and I was in fucking heaven.

Daddy felt my muscles twinge in pre-orgasm anticipation and took it up a notch with his pounding of both cocks inside my holes. "Oh baby girl, you are so fucking tight with that cock in your cunt. Daddy is going to fill your ass with his hot cum in no time flat. You feel so good on Daddy's cock. I love the feel of your ass grabbing onto me and milking my sperm. Daddy's gonna make his little slut cum nice and hard. I can feel it coming baby girl, cum for Daddy! Cum like a whore!"

My body started convulsing with these words and that started racking my body with orgasm. My cunt tightened up around that fake cock while my ass tightened around Daddy's real cock. It was an amazing feeling as my cunt started to fountain up with ejaculate. I was squirting so much that my cum was landing on my belly and tits. Daddy started grunting like a caveman as he began to fill my tight ass with his hot seed. I could feel my ass clenching onto his cock and milking every last drop of his cum from him. I loved the feeling of this intense orgasm rocking my body to new heights. I loved an anal orgasm and I couldn't help but scream out.

"Oh Daddy, I feel your cum in my ass. Fuck me Daddy; fuck me like a fucking whore. Fuck me harder Daddy, I want you to fill me up with your hot cum. He strained and planted his cock deep inside me as my muscles drained his cock of sperm. He continued to fuck me hard with that dildo and rode out the orgasm a little longer with the added stimulation. I came some more and it all landed on my tits. I reached up and rubbed my own cum into my cleavage and all over my nipples. I pinched my nipples and took myself another level up in the orgasm department. It was hot and my cunt would not stop flowing. The more my cunt produced ejaculate, the harder Daddy fucked me with that fake cock. It was intense and extremely satisfying. My body was convulsing and every muscle in my body tensed up and shook.

Finally, Daddy stopped thrusting that cock into my cunt and my body started to come down from that orgasmic high. It was amazing. The blood was rushing to my nipples that I was still squeezing and Daddy's cock let go of his last bit of semen. I felt it dribbling out around his cock and down the crack of my ass. My tits and belly were covered with my own cum and when Daddy withdrew that huge dildo from my cunt, it was dripping with my juices. He threw it aside and slowly withdrew his softening cock from my tight asshole.

Daddy quickly let my legs down as they had been hanging up there for about an hour and my legs needed a little relief. Daddy lay down with me and snuggled up to me as my breathing was returning back to normal. He whispered into my ear, "Daddy loves fucking his little girl's tight ass. You made Daddy very proud today to be able to take two cocks at once. You are truly my little fuck toy, baby girl, and Daddy is going to make sure that you can fuck like a whore. When we do invite someone into our bedroom, I want to make sure that they are going to be taken care of, no matter which sex they are. Yeah, I think we are ready to invite someone to join in with us. I have a few ideas myself. You work on who you want to invite and I will work on who I want to invite. We will definitely have a good summer experimenting with some different things. How's that sound to my little whore?"

"Oh Daddy, it sounds so fucking hot, I can't stand it. It is making me wet just thinking about it. I will start working on my friend as soon as we get home."

With that, I fell asleep. I was exhausted by the intense orgasms that Daddy forced out of me and we lie there sleeping for a couple of hours. When I awoke, my legs were spread open wide and Daddy was playing with my hard little clit. I was still wet and well lubricated and he was making my clit grow harder by the second. I moaned and turned toward him and he leaned down and kissed me.

"Welcome back to the land of the living sweetheart. Daddy must have worn his little girl out. You have been asleep for two hours. I think that your cunt wants you to wake up now, though. You sure are awful wet and your little clit is as hard as a rock. What was my baby girl dreaming of for the last two hours?"

"Daddy, you made me cum so hard that I was wiped out. The entire time that I was asleep, I was dreaming of my friend and me fucking you and eating each other. It was a very hot dream and I hope that I can make it come true."

"Well, it sure did make you nice and wet and your pussy is so fucking hot, baby girl. I love rubbing your clit and fingering your cunt. Let's see if Daddy can make his little girl feel better."

He slid two fingers inside my cunt as he planted a nice passionate kiss on my lips. When his tongue entered my mouth, I sucked on it like I was hungry newborn sucking on her mother's nipple. His tongue made me feel so good in so many places. He kissed me down my neck and over to my nipple and took one nipple into his mouth and began chewing on it. Little by little, he bit down a little harder. They were still so sensitive and my cunt was flowing with the fingers inside me and his teeth biting down on my nipple.

I was ascending into a pretty good orgasm when Daddy inserted another finger inside my cunt and began wiggling them all against my most prized spot. He knew how to build me up just right and at a steady rate. He bit down on my nipple real hard and real quick and I squirmed in ecstasy. I lifted my leg in the air and pointed my foot at the ceiling opening myself up nice and wide for Daddy. With the additional access, he added his fourth finger inside my cunt and lined up his cock to my still lubed asshole. Not only did my ass still hold onto that lubricant from earlier, but also Daddy's load of cum was still inside me. Daddy's cock was as hard as it had been earlier and when he lined up the head of his cock with my opening, I pushed back onto it until I could fit no more inside me. He was buried in my ass and had four fingers inside my cunt.

Daddy started whispering into my ear. "Daddy loves having his cock inside your tight, little ass. My cock feels so good hitting the back of your asshole. Your cunt is still so fucking tight and I love fucking your cunt with my fingers while my cock is in your ass. Daddy loves fucking his little whore. You love having Daddy fuck you don't you baby? You love being fucked like a whore by your Daddy. Well, your Daddy loves fucking you like a whore. I love filling you up with my cum, sweetie. It is the best feeling in the world for a Daddy to cum inside his little girl. It is the most taboo yet fulfilling feeling that a Daddy can experience. I am so glad we became lovers, sweetheart. I love fucking you and fingering you and sucking on your nipples. You are an amazing little fuck and I am going to fuck you as long as you will allow me to defile your body in this manner. You are Daddy's Nasty Little Girl!"

Those words took me over the edge. His thrusts became more urgent as he spoke those words into his little girl's ear. I was so hot and wet and his fingers started slamming inside me. Hitting my g-spot with every thrust was taking me closer to the edge of orgasmic bliss. Daddy made sure to increase the intensity of his thrusts into my asshole following his thrusts with his fingers. It was an amazing feeling and I truly felt like a nasty little girl as he reached around me and pinched my nipples sending me into the orbit of a very intense orgasm.

My hips were thrusting back against Daddy's cock and his fingers. My pussy started flowing like a fountain once again. The juices were flying and hitting Daddy's balls as he started to fill my ass with his cum once again. I felt the heat and orgasmed even harder, squirting right into his hand that was fucking my cunt. I screamed out in ecstasy and he fucked harder taking me even higher. It was an amazing cum and it did not stop for several minutes. As soon as I started to come down from this sexual high, he would change something up and make it even more intense.

His fingers wiggled against my g-spot and really started to tickle my spot. It was an incredible feeling and just when I thought I was all dried up; my cunt started erupting with ejaculate. It was like a fountain of cum coming from my cunt. The harder I came and my body convulsed, the harder he fucked me. It was like a vicious circle of orgasmic delight. I milked every drop of his cum out of his cock and on the last wave of convulsions that my body went through I squeezed his cock all the way out of my ass. It was disappointing but hot that I could do that to him with my muscles as he made me cum that hard.

Finally, he withdrew his cum soaked fingers from my cunt. He shook off the excess fluid from his fingers and leaned in to give me a very passionate, loving kiss. After his lips parted from mine, he looked into my eyes and stared at me for a few seconds. All I could see was love in his eyes and the happiness that shone through the windows to his soul. "I love you baby girl, more than a Daddy should love his daughter. I love you so much that all I want to do is make you feel good. I am so glad we came out here to spend some time together, just you and me. I am glad we had this Daddy/Little Girl time together. It is nice living as your husband, but I love the times that it can be Daddy and his little girl again. I want to thank you, baby doll, for allowing me to love you in a way that so many think is taboo."

"Oh Daddy, it is you that has made me know what true love is. For you to bring me into your bed after the bitch left us both high and dry, was a dream come true. I had dreamed of the moment that you would come to me and make me your lover, Daddy. I masturbated and hoped you would catch me with my door cracked open. I wanted you to hear me cry out your name Daddy. I wanted you to know that I wanted you."

"Baby girl, I did see all of those things and heard you crying out my name in orgasm. I just couldn't act on it until your mother left us. I couldn't cheat on your mother even though she was a cold frigid bitch. I had made a vow and I wasn't going to break it. She is the one that ended up breaking that vow and when she left, I thought what the hell? It seems my baby girl wants me so I might as well see if we can make it work. Every time you left your door open a crack, I would stand there in the dark hallway and watch you get naked and spread your legs wide open so that I could see your wetness. I watched you for two weeks solid, every night, before I actually came to your bed. I jacked off in the hallway every night and every day you went to your bedroom to masturbate. I came loads watching you and listening to you talk like you were me. It made me so fucking hard that I had to stroke my cock outside your door. You made me crazy with lust until I finally caved in and came into your bedroom four years ago. It has been the most spectacular four years of my life having you as my lover, Ronnie. You are an amazing little girl and I would like to tell you here and now that I would love to father children with you very soon, baby girl. I want to become a father again and impregnate you with the seed that made you. I want to become a grandpa and daddy again, at the same time. What do you think sweetie?"

My jaw hit the floor, figuratively speaking, and I looked up into my Daddy's eyes. I had found a brand new love that I didn't know that I had for my Daddy. I wanted to have children so bad but had never broached the subject with Daddy. I wasn't sure how he would feel about it. I knew that would be the ultimate of taboos but it really turned me on to think of him filling me with his seed to make a baby. I smiled and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a passionate, loving kiss full of tongue and emotion.

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