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My senior year is almost finally over. Everyone is going to the beach for senior skip day but I decide to stay home and get some well needed rest. The house is empty, mom and my step dad are away in separate cities on business. It feels so nice to have the house to myself. They have only been married about 2 months and never seem to be together. I am not really sure why they even married, other then to help each other out financially. He is handsome, tall and broad. I dream about him at night. Taking me, using me. I have always dreamed of being with him. I watched him the other day in the shower. Playing with his cock, leaning against the shower wall. He didn't know that I was there. At least I do not think he did. I watched him cum all over his hand and onto his belly. Wishing that I was there to lick him clean. God how terrible am I. He is my moms husband.

Just thinking about him gets me all hot and horny. I rise out of bed and stretch. I do everything in my power to forget about fucking him. Nothing prevails. I open the door to their bedroom and go immediately to television cabinet. When he moved in I saw him put tons of movies in there. All adult films, which he watches when he is alone. I have caught him watching those too. Laying on the bed playing with his cock. Pay close attention to these woman who are getting spanked or are bound up with their pussies in the air. A Man causing them pain and they love it. I have read about this. Searching one night through the internet I found a porn site with the same things. It turned me on and I masturbated in front of the computer just looking at it over and over again. They talked about ownership and people being slave to someone. Being there whenever they needed something. I would love to be at his beacon call anytime he wished. Having sex with him when he snapped his fingers.

I search frantically for a video, my pussy soaking wet. Find it and pop it in. Walk to the window to make sure noon has pull up, I lay back on the bed. Lifting my short t-shirt over my ass. My panties are soaking wet. I slide them off seductively. As if he were watching me. The movie starts and I play with my pussy fast and hard. Trying to push my entire hand into it. I am wet and hot, wanting more then I can give myself.

Watching these men spank these girls hard and playing with their pussies in between the blows. Watching with my eyes wide open , I am addicted to what I see. I hold off on Cumming as long as I can. Trying to push myself to the brink of almost losing control. I cum hard and long. Moaning out loud to myself. I lay there with my eyes closed, only the moans of the women in the movie. Quickly getting off the bed and putting the video away. Only to quickly here the front door slam. I fix the bed as fast as I can and shut the television off. Slipping my panties on. Running out of the room and down the stairs, there he stands. All dressed up in his suit, tired from the flight.

"Hello Sir" I say softly as I clear my throat.

He looks up at me, almost in shock. I never call him that. He is always just James or Jim.

"Hey girl"He growls back.

He puts his briefcase at the door and I quickly realize this is my chance to show him what I can do.

I quickly run to pick it up and put it in the place where it goes. He does not notice me. I follow silently behind him as he slips into his favorite chair. Gently places my hands on his shoulders I start to massage his back and neck. He looks back at me, but does not stop me.

"Does that feel good Daddy?"

Silence fills the air and he does not look at me.

I repeat myself again.

"Daddy, does that feel okay?"

"Um...yes I suppose it does."He barks back almost as if he is unsure on how to answer it.

"Good, I only want to please you" I say back, sure of myself

"Go ahead and start to make dinner, I am going to go up and change"

I can feel he is uncomfortable with my being so close, so I back off and hit the kitchen. I am disappointed that he has pushed me away, but I just go about my cooking and leave it be. What more can you expect? He is my moms husband after all. I take a deep sigh. Thinking of the older man I dream about so much rejecting me. Yet, I go about my work. I am startled by his growl from the stairs.

"Young lady, get up here now"

I quickly put down what I am doing and run upstairs. He is standing in the doorway of his bedroom with his arms crossed in front of him.

"Yes" I manage to muffle out.

"Were you in my bedroom this afternoon?"

I freeze in my place

"Um...."I stutter a little with my words.

"I asked you a question, you answer it."

"Yes, I was in your room" I say suddenly confidently.

"That is not the way to answer me little girl, now where you in my room?"

"Yes Sir, I was in your room"I clear my throat now knowing he is serious

"Why where you in here??"

"I was just cleaning up the laundry" I scan the room making sure that there isn't any. I see the video on the bed. My palms start to sweat and I fight back tears forming in my eyes.

"Laundry huh? Do you have to watch porno movies while you do laundry??"

I try to come up with an excuse and realize that there aren't any. I put my head up high and answer in a smart ass voice.

"Okay, I watched it. I wanted to see what it was about. I did not do anything wrong, you shouldn?t have them here anyway."

He just stands and stares at me. Not saying a word. I stare back, I am not scared.

He grabs my ponytail in his hand and I catch my breath suddenly.

"Get on that bed and put your hand on that video"He growls at me

He forces me on the bed and my body hits it hard. My ass in the air, I realize that I hadn?t dressed all day. Just panties covering it. They are still soaking wet from playing in them, and I wonder if he can smell me. I lay for a few moments in the silence. He bends down to talk to me, his hot breath on my ear.

"Now, you found it necessary to play this video. Come into my room, when you know you are not allowed, and lay on my bed. Did you play with your pussy while you watched it?"

"Yes Sir I did"

"Here this whole time your mom has been telling me you are a virgin. I always believed that you were."

He laughs in a deep gruff voice.

"I am a virgin, I really am. I have never done anything with anyone. I wanted to see what you watch. To make you happy. To please you. Is that wrong?" I manage to say as tears start to stream down my face.

"You want me? Why??"

"I have always wanted you. To teach my and mold me into always wanted. To teach me how to please a man. I dream of you every night, and watch you when you play with yourself. I have held off so long and want you to teach me and break my innocence." I mumble through my words, hoping that he says something in return.

The silence can be cut like a knife.

"Okay little girl, then your wish will be granted. We will do it only behind closed doors. You will become mine and I will teach you what a man wants. You will serve me unconditally. I have watched you too little girl. Playing with your pussy at night. Fingering yourself hard. I have seen you in the pool when you think no one is watching. That is another story, you were in my room and know you are not supposed to be. You watched my movie and you shouldn't have. We will handle this right now."

He violently rips my panties off of my body. My body is thrown back and I hang onto the bed with my fingernails.

"Ah... the smell of never fucked pussy" He says as he smells my panties. Taking a deep breath in.

"Stay right there little girl, I will be back"

I wait patiently as a million thoughts run through my head. I hear him walk back, but do not look behind me.


I feel a hard blow on my backside and I whimper underneath of it

"Put your hand on that video, do not take it off. After every hit you will say, I will not go into your room, I will not watch your video. I am sorry Master. Do you understand??"

"Yes Sir"I mumble out and make sure my hand is securely on the video.


Another blow to my ass.

"I will not go into your room I will not watch your video, I am sorry Master"I say through my now tearing eyes.

Blow after blow my ass grows with the heat from the cane. I repeat every sentence clear and ashamed. I am not sure how many times he hits me, but my body aches and hurts more with every cane mark. I lay there after he is finished, seeing him sitting in his chair through the corner of my eye. Wondering what to do. Do I get up, or stay. I do not move until he speaks to me.

"Get up and come sit at my feet"He says clearly

I get up quickly at his beckon call and sit silently at his feet. My hair matted to my face.

"We will start by teaching you to suck a mans cock. That is my favorite and you will learn to do it well. I will ask for it all the time, so knowing how to do it the way I like it is a must. I will then fuck your pussy. Teach you how to be a good screw. One that men will flock to. Having a good well kept pussy is something you will learn. It will be clean and shaven. Open and wet anytime I want to fuck it. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir"I say as my pussy grows wet underneath of me.

He snaps his fingers and I kneel in front of him. He pushes my head onto the crouch of his pants. I snuggle it and feel he is excited from my being there. He nods to me and I take it out of his pants. It is long and thick. The tip of it is wet and I crave to put it in my mouth.

"Now, put your hand right here, and slowly slip your entire mouth of it. Making sure you do not touch it with your teeth. Men don't like that. Suck it like you are sucking on a good sucker. Your favorite kind. You will learn to love and appreciate cock. This one for sure. If you are good, you will get to taste what comes out of it, if you are bad you will never taste its sweetness. A good girl learns to be a good cock sucker. She is a whore for her Master and loves that he wants her. Now start sucking little whore"

I smile at him and lower my mouth onto his swollen cock. Making sure not to drag my teeth as he has requested. His cock feels so good in my mouth. I have seen this a million times on movies, but never knew that it was this good. He is warm in my mouth and my saliva covers it. It glistens with it. He does not say much, but his moans are words enough for me.

"Wow, little whore. You are a good cock sucker. You will be a very good asset to me. Your mom does not suck cock." He laughs and snickers out loud. "hell your mom does not do anything. But you little girl, you are going to be a well needed addiction."

I say "yes Sir" but never take his cock out of my mouth.

He takes my head in his hands and guides it quickly up and down his cock. It hit's the back of my throat and my gag reflex kicks it. I gag and cough. He only laughs. I suck and eat at it hungrily. Now addicted to his cock I never want to stop sucking it. I suck him for over an hour and my mouth is numb. He must notice it, because he grabs me off of his cock by my hair. Throwing onto the bed, he gets on all fours on top of me.

"Now little whore, you have proven yourself to be quite a good cock sucker, lets see what you can do with that virgin pussy of yours. I am sure it is tight but broken in since you try and put that tiny little hand of your in it all the time. I can smell the pussy smell from your room so you must play with it often. Lay back on the bed and spread your pussy wide open for me. I want to see that pinkness glistens with your nectar."

I lay back on the bed and swallow hard. Apprehensive about letting him see all of me. I simply lay on my back not moving, and he slaps me hard on my face and I instantly cry. He devours my face in his hand, pushing his fingers in hard and ripping my core.

"I said open your pussy, do it now"

I let my little painted fingers reach down to my pussy. That is now soaking wet and my fingers slide all over it. I try to grab each side of my lips but I am so wet that I slip and slide missing it completely. He laughs and just watches me. I finally grab onto it, spreading it wide open. He doesn?t say much, but a soft moan escapes his lips. I glance up at him an he lick his lips as if he is pleased by what he sees. He puts his face near it sitting on the bed to get comfortable. He slides his fingers in deep and I squirm from his touch. His fingers feel deep, mine never get in that far. He mutilates my pussy as if he is digging for something. As if there is a goal. Then I finally see that there is. To use me, in anyway he wishes. I let him finger me hard for several minutes. Without a word he pulls me legs over my head. I am uncomfortable, and open. He rips his pants down quickly and his hard cock hangs in between his legs. He slides his cock in my pussy and I whimper. I have dreamed of having a cock stuffed into my pussy for along time. He is thick and it feels good sliding in and out. He is dripping with sweat as he pounds hard into my pussy.

"Good baby, you are such a sweet fuck" He moans through the breathy words. He continues to fuck me.

I scratch my fingernails down his back and pull him closer into me. He hungrily reaches down and kisses my mouth. Sucking my tongue into his. I love him at that moment and want to serve him for the rest of my life. He jumps off of me and takes his cock into his hand. Pumping it hard he spits cum all over his hand. It is white and creamy and I catch myself licking my lips. His head is thrown back and the cum does not seem to stop coming. Over and over he covers his hand with sweet cum. He is resting on his knees and leans his hand down to my face. Wiping a small amount under my nose so I may smell it, he puts his hand next to my mouth and instructs me to clean him off. My tongue intertwines his fingers and hand. Making sure I don?t miss the cum that is laying in between his fingers. His cum is sweet and sticky. He catches me smile while doing it.

"I think I have made you into a cum slut little girl. The way you are lapping up that cum, I am sure you will want it all the time" He smiles through his words.

"Thank You for feeding me Master, your cum is something I hope to taste all the time"I grin

"Now go back to dinner little girl. this will be our secret. When we are alone and I snap you will come here quickly. Every time, any time. When we are not alone, I will train you to be discreet yet of servitude. I will be coming into your room every night to fuck you and you will ask no questions. Only if you are a good girl will you be allowed to cum. You will not play with your pussy without my permission. Most of the time you will only masturbate when I am able to watch you. I will be able to smell sex from your room, and will ask to smell your fingers on a constant basis. I will know when you have been playing with your pussy. So behave, and do as you are told. We will start training you accordingly. You will be a good little whore I can see. Now get back to dinner."

I quickly scurry off to the kitchen. The taste of his cum still making my mouth water, and suddenly I understand what he meant by being addicted to it. I want more right away. I finish dinner in a fog and here him come down the stairs. He stands at the table with his hands on his hips.

"Bitch, my dinner should be on the table before I come down those stairs. Find me a wooden spoon, lift your shirt and bend over that table." he yells at me. His teeth grinding.

I quickly find a wooden spoon and do as I am told. Bending over the table, I hear him walk behind me. He puts the spoon up to my lips and I kiss the spoon. Almost suddenly knowing everything he wants. He smacks me 10 times with it. Hard and my ass is stinging and burning.

"Thank You Master for paying attention to me, this will not happen again. Your dinner will be on the table on time."I say proud, but through my tears.

"Good girl baby, you really are going to be a wonderful slave. Now get my food to the table and clean out that dog bowl and put yours there."

I set the table quickly and scoop a small amount into the bowl. He places it on the floor next to his and snaps to take off my shirt. I slip it over my head and fold it neatly. I place it on the table and stand next to him. He tweaks my hard nipples and a sudden wetness comes over my pussy again. He reaches between my legs and slides his fingers up and down my lips. Taking his fingers out, he sucks on them.

"Oh yes, a sweet tasting just fucked pussy. If you are good I will be eating that one day for dinner. Now put your bowl in the corner of the room. Kneel down, with your legs spread wide so I can see your ass and pussy wide open. I want some sweet whore entertainment while I eat. Now go"

I place the bowl in the opposite corner of where his chair is. Spreading my legs open wide, he comments on the wetness sliding down my thighs. Ordering me to eat, I hungrily lap up my dinner from the dog bowl in front of me. He says not another word through dinner. Most girls would feel used and humiliated. But I feel loved and needed. So happy that he is my Master.

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