tagIncest/TabooDaddy Gets a Late Visitor

Daddy Gets a Late Visitor


Sometimes your kids never really leave home, they just keep coming back and back and breaking the silence of your home and your own regular daily routine.

Case in point is my lovely daughter Susan who is now 31 years old and has left home three times on good terms of course, to either be in school or on two different occasions to move in with some new lover.

Her mother had passed away when she was in her third year of college so she fell out of school and never quite finished. Next thing I knew she was back home for a short while but that didn't last long after she met some guy, and decided to move in with him and share costs. That seemed to keep her occupied for a few years and then it was over and she was back home again for almost 6 months. I guess it didn't really matter too much at that time because I was out working doing shift work most of the time.

But now I'm retired and here she was again knocking on my door in the middle of the night with a hint of booze on her breath and wanting her old bedroom back again. I didn't say anything to her other than:

"Come on inside Sue, I'm going back to bed. You know where everything is, but please try to be quiet."

"Okay Daddy." It was all I heard her say.

I must have been really tired because I never heard another thing after I went back to bed so when I awoke I shook my head and wondered if it was a dream.

Hell no, it was no dream, I could hear the radio playing softly in her room as I passed it on my way to the bathroom. Her bedroom door was cracked open slightly which was fairly normal for her, right from being a kid she always wanted some light to shine through from the hallway during the night.

She was laid sleeping on her tummy sprawled across the bed wearing what looked like her normal attire, just her panties. Thank god she didn't wear those thongs, if she did then she would be sat at the kitchen table in them giving me a heart attack. Her normal routine when she woke up was to slip on a top and then walk around in her panties until she had had that first morning coffee.

I shook my head and continued into the bathroom and had my morning pee, I had a quick wash and brush up then went to the kitchen and got the coffee underway.

I poured a coffee then went and sat on the front porch and watched the neighbors all taking off in different directions to either school or work. It looked like it was going to be another beautiful sunny day that was normally peaceful and quiet until late afternoon.

Suddenly it came to me that there wasn't another car in my driveway so I began to wonder how on earth she got here in the middle of the night.

Oh well, sooner or later I'll find out I thought as I went back to the kitchen. But if she's staying a while I better check the groceries in the pantry and buy the cereal she likes, along with more milk. Heck it would be cheaper to buy my own cow because she usually drinks so much milk.

As a child she had been the perfect daughter, very well behaved and knew how to twist daddy around her little finger. In her early teens she had developed fast, it seemed like one minute she was like a string bean and the next she was filling out like a model from a magazine. At 13 years old her mom told me she was a 33B and then just before she took off for college mom told me she was 34C and had all the other measurements to suit.

I mean I'm just a mere man, but I could see the difference and I would close my eyes when she wore a bikini, well for a few seconds anyway. But there was one thing for sure I was always very proud to be seen with my daughter in those days.

I had always left things to her mom to be the one with advice; I just gave her the privacy she deserved as she rapidly approached becoming a young woman and later provided the money and the occasional yelling, then I got the hugs and kisses later. But after her Mom passed away she took it rather badly and we seemed to drift apart somewhat.

She later met a guy and they took off to the Caribbean where they hopped islands for a few years and when she came back all tanned that was the time she went topless on every opportunity.

Well she was back AGAIN so I had a bowl of Raisin Bran and then took off to the store.

When I returned, my Princess Susan was sat at the kitchen table sipping on coffee and looking like hell with her hair all over and her hand on her brow. She was still wearing what looked like the same panties and some tee shirt that was a bit tight and showed off her perky nipples. Obviously she was bra less which again was normal around the house and also many times when she went out, more or less letting anyone know that she had no bra underneath the top, also she was barefoot which again was normal for her in the house. This wasn't an unusual attire for my Susan at all, I think I must have seen her wear her full complement of panties over the years.

"Good morning Daddy, do we have aspirin?" She said softly.

"I think there is some Tylenol in the cupboard to the right of the sink." I told her and she got up and reached into the cupboard for the pills.

"Maybe I should have something to eat, then I might feel better." She said and nosed around in the fridge, the pantry and in the bags that I had brought inside.

"I've got your favorite Muslix nut and honey cereal, plus extra milk, they don't stock cows at that store." I said and she gave me a weak smile.

"Thanks Daddy." She said.

Many times in the past I had threatened to get us a milking cow and then she would have to collect her own milk, but of course they weren't allowed inside city limits, but she didn't know that.

Either way I always maintained that she had cereal in her milk, not like normal people that had milk on their cereal.

"So what's the scoop, what has happened to lover 32 or is it 33, I lost count?" I asked.

"Oh we had a fight, he's a jerk and I can't stand him anymore anyway." She told me.

"I see, anyway you should have called, how do you know I would be here?" I said.

"You're always here Dad, but I couldn't get to a phone." She told me.

"Well you're lucky I was, I was thinking of moving." I told her.

"Moving, you can't move, you're been here forever in this small house. Where would you go?" She asked.

"I got word on a nice 1 bedroom apartment in Iraq." I told her and managed to keep a straight face, she just looked at me and grinned.

"That might work Dad, you could always sleep on the couch while I go to bed in my topless burke." She said as she stood and put her arms around me. I guess I was like putty in her fingers and my little bit of pent up rage just disappeared.

"Hey, how did you get here last night?" I asked as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Oh I just hitched a ride with someone I knew." She said.

"Well how long is this stay good for?" I asked.

"Who knows daddy, who knows, maybe I would like it to be forever. Listen I'm going to have some cereal then I'm going back to bed and see if my headache will go away, then I'll have a nice long bath, so if you need to pee go do it now. You go out and cut the grass before it gets too warm. Okay." She said as she kissed me on the cheek again and then emptied the grocery bags before she filled a bowl with milk and cereal.

It hadn't taken long and she was already dishing out orders to cut the grass, I could just see it in another few hours and she would have taken over completely, just like last time, she had her day planned and part of mine too.

I did cut the grass and I'm glad I did because it rained very heavy that night and it would have meant that I would have had to wait almost 2 days for another opportunity.

Susan had gone out that first night so I stayed up later than normal as I waited for her to get home. Don't ask me why, but fathers tend to do that even when they are 31 years old.

It was midnight and long past my normal bedtime so reluctantly I went to bed and felt uneasy leaving the door unlocked.

Somewhere around 1:15am I heard a noise, what might have been a car or truck engine running outside so I slipped outta bed and peeked through the window.

The vehicle was at the bottom of my driveway and because of the streetlight close by I could make out just the driver who appeared to be alone and just sat there for several minutes, occasionally he moved his arms but that was all I could see.

I thought it rather strange and was prepared to make a call to the police to report this unusual incident at such a late hour then suddenly I saw movement as the passengers head lifted up from his lap.

Moments later Susan who turned out to be the passenger kissed the driver quickly and then got out of the car, the car drove away immediately.

Just a short while later I heard the front door opening, closing, and then being locked by the big noisy deadbolt.

Well I guess she was home I thought and I got back in bed, what could I say to a 31 years old girl?

The exact same scene was played out several times a week for the next few weeks and with lots of different vehicles, so I assumed with different guys.

Then late one night I heard the front door open a little earlier than usual so I assumed she was home. I had planned to go to a big clothing store in the city next morning to buy new trousers that were on sale. So I thought I would get up out of bed and ask if she wanted to go with me as she had also been eyeing the sale advertisement in the newspaper.

When I rounded the corner into the living room I was shocked beyond belief as she was topless and knelt on the floor in front of this guy that had his pants down to his ankles and his wiener in her mouth. I made a brief 'cough, cough' and then turned around and went back to bed. I looked through the window and noticed a strange car parked in the driveway, several minutes later it left and I heard the front door being locked.

Several minutes later my bedroom door opened and I felt a Susan lying down on top of the bed beside me. I was on my side facing away from her when her arm snaked under the sheets and she hugged me before she kissed me on the cheek, then whispered:

"Sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to disturb you, or for you to be offended. Try to go back to sleep and I'll stay here a while." She said as she rubbed my shoulders. I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say, but her hand was relaxing and I did drift off to sleep.

Before I drifted off I was thinking, my god, she must have sucked them all off.

I'm not a prude but it was bothering me to know that my 31 years old daughter was sucking off every Tom, Dick or Harry that she came home with and I didn't know what to do.

Then one night in the early hours there is one of those 4x4 diesel pickup trucks parked in the driveway with his engine running so I went to the window and could plainly see both the driver and passenger sat there. Then there was some fumbling probably with zippers or buttons and moment's later Susan's head went down into his lap. His hands went over her head and he was pushing her head up and down. Her hands seemed to be flailing around somewhat but the driver was sat up straight and leaning his head back while he pushed and pulled on her head.

For a moment it looked like it was either over or she had broken free, as her head raised plainly into view. But then his hand on her hair quickly took her back down again and all I could see then was the top of her head bobbing up and down for several more minutes.

I was frozen in time and didn't know whether to open the window and yell or get ready to go outside. I chose the later and slipped on my boxer shorts and slippers before I hurried downstairs.

Just as I was about to enter the living room the door was opening and Susan was about to step inside but was quickly dragged back outside. I yelled loudly and flung open the front door then yelled again.

Susan was being bent over the front driver's seat with her skirt up near her neck displaying her bare arse to the guy who was behind her and still stood on the ground.

"Let her go!" I yelled out loud and then repeated it.

He grabbed her by the hair and tossed her backwards across the driveway then jumped into his truck that was still running and quickly backed out then drove away. Once he had pulled away I saw her torn panties lying on the driveway.

I guess I should have gone to pick up my daughter first but the whole incident had thrown me for a loop and I picked up the panties first, then helped Susan into the house.

Once she was inside I saw the unmistakable stains down the front of her blouse that must have dribbled from her mouth in almost straight lines downwards when she had broken free and lifted her head.

I held her close as we walked into the kitchen and asked if I should call the police.

"No, no police." She yelled and I could smell the booze on her breath.

I sat her down and made coffee then sat at the table and she came and sat on my knee then put her arms round me and wept.

"I'm sorry." She cried.

"Baby, what's going on, I'm at a loss." I said as I tried to comfort her.

"It just got out of hand, he expected sex and I don't do that with strangers. He wasn't happy with just what I offered."

"But who is he?" I asked.

"I don't know, just some guy from the bar." She said.

"Susan, I know I shouldn't have been, but I've been watching out of the window every night when you come home and you have been doing it for everyone."

"Maybe, but not sex Daddy."

"What do you call going down on a guy while he is sat there?" I asked.

"Just a blowjob, that's not sex Daddy." She said and I simply couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Well it's the middle of the damn night again and I'm losing sleep, maybe you should just pack your bags Susan, this is getting to be way too much for me to handle." I told her and stormed off to bed.

After maybe 10 or 15 mins of tossing and turning I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the bedroom door creak open. Moments later I felt the covers being pulled back and Susan slid into bed beside me and put her arms around me tightly.

"I'm sorry Daddy, don't be mad at me, just try to sleep and we'll talk again in the morning." She said softly as she hugged me and ran her hand over my chest in a comforting fashion.

Pretty soon I drifted off to sleep but it wasn't a comfortable sleep as I had many bad dreams about Susan being in some bad situations with different guys that just wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

The dreams must have improved by daylight, as I seemed to feel better and I was having much better thoughts, much better than even normal, in fact I awoke with a huge erection. Luckily I quickly realized Susan was still in bed and I was turned away from her, I wished that I had left my boxer shorts on.

Over the last few years I had gotten so used to being more comfortable in bed without the pull of underwear every time I turned over.

"Good morning Daddy." Susan said as she put her arm around me and stroked my hairy chest like she had done a hundred times before. But this time she was more gentle and maybe more sensuous as her hand slid around to my side and then down my back until she reached my bare butt. She gave a quick squeeze of my butt cheek and then pulled the sheets back and quickly sat up and looked.

"Whoa Daddy, you've got a hard on, look at the size of that sucker. It's really grown since last time I saw it." She yelled, as she pulled on my thigh and I more or less rolled onto my back.

"Whoa yourself, you've got no bra on and you are bare breasted." I said as I realized she was topless.

"But that's the way I sleep Daddy." She said as she stared at my hard pecker, which wasn't showing signs of going down.

"Well this is the way I sleep too." I said and we both grinned.

She leaned over and put her head towards my chest and licked my nipples then softly said: "Can I touch it Daddy, it's so big."

I didn't answer but her licking of my nipples wasn't just ordinary licking it was oh so damn sensuous and was just feeding my erection. Especially with her breasts touching me every time she shuffled.

Then I felt her hand expertly sliding down the length of my hard penis and under my balls then back again and the feelings that had happened in the last few seconds were wonderful. She was slowly jerking me off and I couldn't stop her, she was sucking my nipples and rubbing herself against my hip and I couldn't stop her.

"Just trust me, layback Daddy and let it happen. You deserve this." She said as she kissed me tenderly on the lips while she continued slowly stroking my hard penis.

I never said a word I was almost mesmerized by the turn of events and the throbbing in my penis that hadn't been this way in many years.

I looked down at her beautiful firm and full breasts with the big light brown aureoles and the ample sized darker brown nipples. She had always had nice breasts from being 13 years old but I had rarely seen them again until she was in her early twenties and then she believed in being topless for bed, or whenever she sunbathed in the backyard even if I was there. It was pointless trying to dissuade her so I gave up and let her do what she wanted.

God it felt so wonderful to have a woman's soft hand stroking me so slowly and expertly.

Her legs were almost wrapped around my hip, as she was grinding herself against me with her mouth open and her eyes half closed, little moans and whimpers were coming from her mouth.

I couldn't believe this was actually happening but my insides were telling me it was as I kept squeezing my anus or whatever and making my cockhead swell as I also pushed up off the bed into her hand.

She was licking my nipples again and then running her tongue down to my belly and pushing it into my belly button, just a fraction away from my cock.

I could feel her stroking but then I suddenly got a warm moist feeling as her lips went around my cock and before I knew it she had my entire dick in her mouth.

My god what a feeling, she was absolutely incredible and within moments I was arching my back and sighing so loud as I yelled out:

"Oooooh Jesus mmmmm, oooooh oh, oh Susan watch out."

She sucked harder and went much faster as I exploded in her mouth like I hadn't done in many years, but she never stopped, she kept going until I had stopped throbbing and oozing. When she felt my body was relaxing, she slowed down and eventually stopped.

"Thank you Daddy." She said as she ever so slowly continued pumping my cock with her hand and positioned herself at the side of me with her head almost on my chest.

"Wow, I should thank you. That was incredible." I said as I put my arm around her.

"I'll bet it was, when was the last time you cum, 10 years ago. I almost drowned down there." She said as she chuckled.

"It was a long time ago, not sure of the year. But you said you had seen my dick before and now it was bigger, when was that?" I asked her.

"Haha silly, did you think I had my bedroom door open because I was afraid of the dark? No, I would watch you going past my door bare arsed as you went to the bathroom and I also hoped that you would peek inside and maybe get up enough courage to want me anyway you wished. Ever since I came back from the Islands I've wanted you sexually Daddy, but I got the impression that you weren't interested." She said as she grinned.

"You cheeky little girl." I said as I laughed.

"Listen Daddy, I'm very, very sorry about last night, can you please forgive me? Please don't kick me out, I promise I'll be much better in the future and respect your bedtimes. If you get a few cases of beer in the house, maybe I'll stay home at nights and be with you. We can talk about old times or anything and later if you let me, I will sleep in your bed and you don't have to wear those damn boxers either. If you let me Daddy, I'll look after ALL your needs in the future." She said and how could I refuse an offer like that.

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