tagIncest/TabooDaddy Gets Caught

Daddy Gets Caught


Today is Saturday and that is my normal day to take care of the yard and any little incidentals around the house. I am a pretty good handyman, even if I do say so myself. Unlike George, my next-door neighbor, who can’t do anything mechanical. Smart fellow, and super nice, just can’t work with his hands.

I hate to be disturbed when I am working, so some time ago, my wife and I agreed that she would take the kid and do her weekly shopping, movie with the girl, whatever, on Saturday so as to stay out of my way. I just like to do my thing alone. Don’t want to be bothered by someone watching me or asking questions all the time.

This story is about last Saturday. I was busy pulling weeds from my flower beds and trimming my bushes before I got the lawnmower out to cut the grass. I didn’t notice the rain clouds moving in. Suddenly the wind is blowing and it is getting dark and then the rain came! I grabbed my tools and headed for the garage, but got caught by the rain before I got there. But I put my tools away and then went inside to change out of my wet clothes and might as well shower, since I can’t work outside anymore today. As I was showering, I was thinking, “What am I going to do the rest of the day? I can’t just watch TV all afternoon!”

After I got out of the shower and dried off, I went into the bedroom and as I passed my wife’s dressing mirror, I (for the ump-teen thousandth time) looked at myself in there and said (Self, you ain’t bad! You have a nice muscular body and decent good looks, and a damned good-sized cock!) I have always been fairly proud of my cock. It is not enormous or anything, just straight and uncut and about 7 ½ inches long, maybe 1 ¾ inches across the top. So it isn’t great but it is better than average. And it has always served me very well! Of course as I am thinking of it, I take hold of it and naturally start to stroke it gently. I guess it needed to be held, because it immediately started to get hard. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that it had been a week since my wife and I had made love. Of course not!

As I stood there looking at my hard cock, and stroking it, I thought “what the hell, no one is home, and why not? Jenny wasn’t here to take care of me, so I would do it myself!” So I went to my closet and dug thru the shoeboxes on the floor to my hidden stash of porn flicks. I pulled out one that had become my favorite. It was of Jenny and me when we had first gotten married. Jenny loves my cock when she is hott and wants it. She can get pretty wild with it. So I put it into the VCR and laid back on the bed to watch it. This thing is about 18 years old. We had it converted from 8MM to VCR once when we were on vacation and no one knew us in that town. So we had it copied over so we could continue to watch it. Jenny was like a nymph back then. She just couldn’t seem to get enough sex.

For some weird reason, shortly after the film started, I remembered that I had promised Jenny that I would put her up some shelves in the laundry room. So I just jerked on a pair of shorts and went to the garage and got my tools out and went to work. The laundry room is between the kitchen and the garage. So I didn’t have far to carry my tools. Anyway, it only took maybe 45 minutes to do that and I was back in my bedroom, and turning on that movie. It had been on my mind the whole time I was hanging those shelves. My cock had even stayed about half-hard the whole time too!

Jenny and I were young then, newly married, and we both loved sex. We had sex at least once each day for the first couple of years, sometimes two or three times. We just could not get enough of each other. We both loved to change positions, as that also helped to delay our orgasms.

I was back on the bed again, put a couple of pillows under my head so I could watch the TV and turned the film back on. I turned the sound up to where it would be just a little more than the normal sounds we made. (Pretty loud, we were!) Jenny was what we guys called a “Moaner”. She was constantly moaning and grunting as we enjoyed our sex together. That always served to make me that much hornier! The louder she got, the harder I got!

I am lying there on the bed naked, watching this film of ours, and slowly stroking my cock. Very soon I was totally lost in the movie. The movie and my stroking was all that existed at that moment. In the movie, Jenny turns my over on my back and straddles my waist and takes aim and sits down hard on my cock. Oh she was so hot! She then started really bouncing up and down on my cock and moaning louder and louder and I am now really stroking my cock hard and fast to keep up with the movie. I want to shoot my load as Jenny reaches her orgasm in the movie.

Suddenly I hear a scream from behind me “DADDY!”

“RICK!” “What the hell, Rick?” my wife yelled.

“Oh fuck, I’m caught!” “And by my daughter and my wife!!” I think.

I quickly rolled over onto my stomach and looked up at them. I had been so engrossed in the movie that I had not heard them come in. My head was spinning, what the hell am I going to do now. My daughter, my baby, my 18 year old college kid, catching me jacking off!! I am so embarrassed, I just want to fall thru the bed.

I looked up slowly at them standing in the doorway to the bedroom, and Jenny and Cindy were looking at each other and almost laughing! My two beautiful women, laughing at me!!

I yelled back at them “What the hell is going on here? Have I missed something funny? Can’t I get a little privacy in my own bedroom?”

They did laugh out loud then, and came over and sat down on the side of the bed. Jenny picked up the remote and lowered the volume on the TV. Then she pushed me over onto my back and just bent over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it all the way to the back of her mouth! I couldn’t believe her! In front of our daughter she is giving me a blowjob!

I said “Jenny, what has gotten into you, woman? Don’t you remember that our daughter came in here with you?”

She didn’t even slow down, just moaned around my cock. I looked over at Cindy, and she was half naked! Naked from the waist up already!

“Cindy, What in the hell are you doing girl?” Get your clothes on and get out of here!” I yelled.

“Oh no dad, I have waited too long for this moment! I have seen that video many times when you and mom were gone, and I have wanted to get you for a long time now. So shut up and suck on my tits for a while!” she answered back, the little smartass!

I looked at her and it was almost impossible. She had grown to be a full woman! And I hadn’t hardly noticed! “When did you grow them big things, Honey?” I asked her. “What are they, about a 34C?”

She laughed and said “Oh daddy, hush, just suck on them and tell me how much you like them!”

Well, what he hell, I reached out and pulled her to me and took one tit in my mouth and flicked it’s nipple with my tongue. She shivered and moaned. (Another moaner, I guess).

I was lying on my back and Jenny was sucking my cock and Cindy was leaning over me so I could suck her tits! It just doesn’t get any better than that!! I reached up and took the other nipple between and fingers and pinched it. Cindy yelped and moaned and I knew she like that, just like her Mother does.

Cindy was bracing herself with one arm while trying to remove her jeans with the other one. Finally she got them loose and I reached out and helped her push them down, along with her panties!

“OH Cindy, Baby, You shave your beautiful pussy too! I love it honey!”

“I know Dad, that’s why it is shaved. I first saw Mom’s was shaved in that film and decided that I would do mine too!” She answered. “Do you really like it Dad?”

“Oh my god yes honey. You are so beautiful, and so very sexy. How come I never noticed it before?” I asked.

Cindy straightened up and took her jeans and panties off over her feet and then crawled up onto the bed and reached over and pinched the hell out of one of my nipples! I yelped like I was shot and she just laughed! Then she threw one leg over my chest and I looked up into the beautiful face and said “You real sure you want to go this far honey? Once it happens, it’s happened and there is no turning back then!”

“Dad, will you please quit talking so much and lick my wet pussy before I die here? I need some action fast! You and Mom have got me dripping!” She said. Again being the little spoiled smart-ass that she is.

I looked down her body to that beautifully shaved pussy and it just looked so clean and neat and delicious, I reached up and took her by both ass cheeks and pulled my face to her pussy and wasted no more time. As soon as my mouth touched her, my tongue went out and started licking up and down her lips as far as I could make it reach. Her juices were already dripping, as she said. She did taste good. Man alive, what a feeling! My hot wife steady sucking on my cock and now I am sucking on my hot daughter’s pussy!! I began to get that feeling deep inside me that told me that I was getting very close to cumming. And with all this build-up, I just might drown her with my cum load! I started really sucking hard and nibbling on Cindy”s clit and run a finger into her pussy and got it wet and put it in her cute little ass hole. She went wild!

“Dad, oh god Dad…yes finger me there please….oh Mommy, it’s so good! Oh I’m gonna cum Dad, suck me dry please!!” I kept my finger in her as far as I could and sucked with all I had in me. I wanted my baby to have the best orgasm of her life right here on my face. She reached up and got hold of the headboard of the bed and started humping her pussy against my face so hard, I thought she was going to force my face inside her! She was totally out of it! Moaning and squealing and wriggling and humping …..and then the juices blasted into my face. That took me over the edge and I started pumping Jenny’s mouth full of cum. I don’t think I have ever drunk so much pussy juice, or shot that much cum before! It was so fucking awesome!!!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, and I was licking and cleaning up Cindy”s hot little pussy and Jenny was licking and cleaning up my cock. All was well in my little corner of the world!

Cindy just sort of fell over sideways on the bed—exhausted from such a hard orgasm, I guess. Jenny crawled up beside me and kissed me and tried to suck my tongue out. Then she laid down beside me and let out a big sigh. I’m sure she had used a lot of energy for all that sucking too!

Jenny raised up and leaned over to me and said “How was that hot little pussy you just ate honey? Isn’t she just beautiful when she is naked? Looks a lot better than I did at her age, don’t you think?”

I looked over at Cindy and I guess she had fallen asleep. I pushed at her a little and she opened her eyes and smiles real big and said “Dad, you are the greatest. Mom, he’s better than I thought he would be. I didn’t really expect him to get into so much, but I loved cumming on your face Dad. We have to do it again!”

Jenny reached down and started playing with my cock again. I was in for another round of hot sex. Man what a great day this has turned out to be! But I am not going to answer her question. I’d have to be a fool to answer that. Which ever way I answer it, someone is going to be pissed at me, so I said nothing.

Cindy got up on her knees on the bed and I was looking at her. She really was so very, very beautiful. Her skin was just so smooth and not a blemish anywhere. And her perky tits stood straight out! I don’t know why I haven’t seen them before!

Then Jenny got up and took off her clothes. Man, even now at the ripe “old age” of 44, she still has the body of a 25 years old!! Her shaved pussy is not any less beautiful, from all the wear it has tolerated in the past 20 odd years!

Both of them want to go again, and Jenny says she wants to feel me hard and deep inside her. Cindy says she don’t mind being eaten again, so they both move down and start licking and kissing around on my cock and it almost jumps back to “attention”!

Jenny looks at Cindy as she swings her leg across my body and says, “Sweetheart, you sit on his face facing me so I can watch him eating you. I love that sight. And Dad does know how to eat a pussy!”

“Ok Mom, I want to see his big cock sliding in and out of you anyway. It might also make me cum a lot faster!” Cindy said as she moved into position over my face.

I was looking straight up into the prettiest little pussy and asshole I have ever seen. It was definitely in the category of “Dessert”! I took her by the front of her hips, right where her legs bend, and pulled her right down onto my mouth. Jenny sat down on my cock about the same time. Her pussy was still tight and hot, like it has always been. And she knows how to use those muscles inside her pussy too! Maybe she’ll teach Cindy how to do that too.

They reached out and got each other by the shoulders and both started rocking and humping at the same time. I guess the sight just got the best of Jenny, because she lowered one hand and took Cindy’s nipple between here fingers and started pinching it. I guess Cindy returned the favor, because now both of them are moaning and squirming on me!

Cindy lets out a little cry and says ‘Oh yes Mom, Mom yes, I love you. Please suck it hard.” I guess Jenny has leaned over and started sucking on Cindy’s tits, because Cindy’s ass has started moving a lot faster now, and I am having a hard time keeping my mouth on her pussy!

Cindy is moving around a lot and she pushed back and caught my tongue stuck out just at the right angle and it hit he square on the asshole.

“Aaieee DAD! OH yes Dad, tongue my ass hole. It feels so good! Make me cum Daddy, hurry, I am so hot, I need to cum now!!” she yelled. Then she pushed her Mom back a little and she started sucking on Jenny”s tits.

“Oh god Cindy, suck them like I know you want to. Suck ‘em bite ‘em anything, just keep me going. I’m going to cum any second!” And with that, her ass started slamming up and down on my cock.

Just mere moments later all three of us were cumming hard for each other. I couldn’t yell out because I was being smothered by a hot wet pussy! But it sure was good. How damned lucky can one man be, to have such a hot and loving family?

Cindy again just falls over on her side, exhausted from the hard orgasm, her 2nd in the last hour!

Jenny, on the other hand, seems to have not had enough. She is smiling a big shit-eating smile as she crawls up my body. I had to laugh at her. She is so beautiful when she is hot like this. And she thinks that she is going to get to sit on my face now! Well, she is right! I reached out and got her hips and pulled her to me. She has dribbled our cum all up my chest as she crawled. Now I am going to suck the rest of it out of her! I love eating this woman. And she loves it too!

Jenny sits over my face and I have both her ass cheeks in my hands and I am going after every last drop of cum I my sweety’s cunt! I get a couple of my fingers into her cunt and my mouth and get them good and wet and then push them into Jenny’s ass. She screams and cries out “Yes honey yes finger fuck my hot ass, I need it, oh do it baby!! Wear me out!!”

When she screamed, she woke Cindy up again. She raised up and said “I don’t believe you guys are still fucking! I’m tired!”

Jenny said “Come here baby, let me show you something. Reach down there and rub my clit and suck on my tit and I’ll show you how to cause an instant orgasm!!!”

Cindy did as she was told. Along with my tongue in her pussy and my fingers in her asshole, Cindy’s fingers on her clit and Cindy sucking on her tit, Jenny absolutely went insane! She started pushing down on my face and fingers as hard as she could and was screaming at the top of her lungs how good it was and that she was cumming. I do believe that it was the longest and hardest orgasm that she has ever had. When it was over, she fell over off me so easily that she almost went off the bed.

I know George and his wife had to hear her screams, along with the rest of the neighbors on the block. But I didn’t care! She was so satisfied that she dropped of to sleep instantly with a big smile on her face. No wonder I love these girls so much!

Now my face hurts from all the straining and working I have done in the last hour or so. But that’s alright. I’ll live thru that. I have had a double mouthful of the hottest pussies in town!!

Cindy leans down and lies about half on my chest with her face next to mine. She looks me in the eyes and says, “Dad, you have no idea how much I love you right now. You and Mom have made me the happiest girl in the world. I am so glad we walked in on you. I would never have had the nerve to try to get you in bed if we hadn’t. And I have been wanting to make love to you for so long now. I have even dreamed about doing it to you. But you were even better today than you were in my dream! Do you think bad of me for that Dad? And I love Mom so much too. If she had laughed when we caught you, I would probably have run. And then I would have missed all this. Do you think bad of us Dad? Did we disappoint you when we started sucking each other tits? Talk to me Dad!”

“I would if you would be quiet for a minute honey! Let me get in a word or two anyway! Listen honey, No man could ever love his daughter or his wife more than I love you two. I am the happiest and luckiest man in the world today! But I need one more thing honey, I need to feel my cock inside your pussy. I will take it slow and easy, but I have to feel it in you, OK? Just slide up on top of me and let me get it started, and then you can work your way down it at your own speed.

And no, I am not upset with you and your Mom at all about sucking your tits, I thinks that was pretty damned hot myself.”

Cindy eased up on top of me and then pushed back like she was going to get up on her knees so I could get my cock aimed in the right place. When the head was between her lips, I told her to do whatever she felt like doing now. She started pushing down on it and it was tight, oh shit was it tight!, and so hot inside, too. But she continued to push down till she had the whole thing inside her. Then she stopped for a minute to get used to the size of it, and then she started moving. Slowly at first, getting used to having a cock inside her. Then gradually she started speeding up, and moaning. Then she started yelling at her Mom.

“Mom, wake up, look at me, Mom! Wake up!” She yelled.

Slowly Jenny stirred and looked up at us and her eye lit up and she raised up and said “Baby, does it hurt? Any at all?”

Cindy said, “Oh Mom, It did hurt at first, a lot, but now it feels so damned good!! I have never felt anything so good. My friend at college made love to me one night, but he wasn’t nearly as big as Daddy! Oh Mom, I never knew making love could feel so good. If I had known, I would have been doing it a long time ago! Heh Heh! But not to worry Mom, Dad has this pussy for as long as he wants it!”

I just laid there and smiled and humped up into a little bit. So she wasn’t a virgin, but she had only been screwed once, it sounds like. “Good girl!” I thought.

Cindy said, “Dad, I feel it starting. Dad… Dad.. How about some fingers in my ass Dad, like you did awhile ago? That felt so good! Mom, come here and pinch your baby’s nipples. I want to cum really hard this time Mom, Please, make it painful for me!” Jenny raised up and leaned over and took one nipple in her mouth and evidently bit it and Cindy started really bouncing up and down on my cock hard and fast. Jenny kept on sucking and nibbling on her tit and I wet two fingers and just shoved them in her beautiful ass hole. She screamed and started yelling.

“Dad, yes fuck me, oh sweet cock, fuck me till it hurts oh my god fuck me, oh oh Dad, oh oh.”

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