Daddy, I'm Naked!


"It's not pee, my baby. Another variety of joy juice."

Suddenly I screamed in orgasmic ecstasy and uttered some really bad words as I uncontrollably squirted a considerable of fluid. But Daddy didn't stop doing what he had been doing. No, he merely switched hands and got me going like a gusher.

"No more, Daddy, no more!" I pleaded as I pulled away from him and curled up in a ball as multiple orgasms magnificently racked my body from head to toe.

Amy and Ciara just stood there in awe.

"We have to go now, Sarah," Amy said rather strangely.

"Me horny," Ciara announced as they descended the stairs from the pool to the ground.

"We should try that squirting thing," Amy suggested, eyes still wide.

"Call your parents and tell them you are staying at my house," Ciara responded, her hand fondling her pussy. "I can talk my father into doing anything as long as I relate it to the Bible. How did we all get here if not for incest? And what great biblical personality didn't have a bunch of girlfriends? I think they called them concubines back in those days. Would you like to be my Daddy's concubine?"

"No Ciara, I'm going home. My daddy sows best. At least I hope so."

* * *

"Well girlfriends, I can't fucking believe we didn't win the Nude Day erotic photo contest," Amy whined. "Three girls from the Netherlands of all places won. Three-way tie for first place."

"What are their names?" Ciara asked, disappointed. "I heard those European babes don't shave their armpits and legs, not to mention a little something else."

"Lillian, Tiffany, and Marjolein are their names," I advised. "And I didn't see any hair in their photos except on their heads. Very pretty heads I might add. And there was some dude named Miro in the photos. He looks like a Greek god except he has a really big penis. That's probably why they won. He has a huge penis. I think I said that."

"Okay, okay, so he has a big fucking dick!" Amy practically shouted. Then she started to cry. "We should have won," she whimpered. "Now how are we going to buy all those new clothes. I already picked out a pair of Manolo Blahnik $495 sandals."

I showed the girls the credit card. "Not to worry. We didn't win the contest. That's the bad news. But my father is publishing his own photography book with our pictures. And the good news is he said for us to go buy whatever we want!" I leafed through the pictures that my father had selected to be in the book. "Dang, these pictures are funny! Look at this one. Ciara's tits are so tiny and her clit is so big."

Ciara grabbed the pictures out of my hand. "Yeah, but check out this one of Amy. Girl, you definitely need breast reduction surgery."

Amy ripped the pictures out of Ciara's hand. "At least I don't have freckles on my ass like Sarah."

"Oh fuck you, Amy!" I roared.

"Yeah, fuck you, Amy!" Ciara echoed.

Amy grinned. "Okay. I'm dripping again. Damn, I love it when you guys talk dirty!" She pulled the twelve inch silicone dick and the harness from her bag. "So who is going to be Miro first?"

* * *

Stay tuned for the sequel to this story which will tell all about how Lillian, Tiffany, and Marjolein won the contest. All thanks to Miro. The story is entitled "Three Pigs and a Poke." It's a true story. What, you think I make this shit up?

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by Rwa476801/12/18


That dad is one lucky man. That was such a turn on, I hope he gets to fuck all three of them before it's through.

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