Daddy, It Doesn't Fit!


"I'm Heather and I'm fucked."

She turned it off and set it aside, moaning as she looked down, watching as my cock stroked across her pussy.

"Mmm, okay, you can stop now, Daddy."

But I didn't want to stop. I pulled my cock back, and when I thrust forward, her labia caught the head of my cock. She screamed as three inches ripped into her. I froze in place, looking down. Her legs curled up to her chest and she began whimpering.

"Ow, ow, ow! Take it out, Daddy! Take it out! Ow, fuck! Ow. Daddy, please, take it out."

I slowly withdrew, pulling out of her pussy. The head of my cock was covered in blood. Fuck. Her hand came down, gripping her pussy lips.

"Ow. Oh, no. Daddy, you popped my cherry."

"I'm sorry, baby, it was an accident."

"Ow," she whined. "It hurts so much."

Her legs clenched closed as she rolled on her side, curling up as she gripped her pussy. I could see blood on her fingers. But the damage had been done, and my cock was steel. I grabbed her ankles, turning her back over and spreading her open.


"Baby, it's too late."

I moved closer.

"No, Daddy. No."

"Baby, I need it."

She shook her head. "Please, no, Daddy. Your cock is too big. It doesn't fit inside me."

"I'll go slow."

"No, daddy, stop!"

I brought the head of my cock to her pussy lips and pushed. She cried out, reaching down, grabbing my shaft, squeezing to stop it, but it was so slick with lube and pussy juice it moved through her hand effortlessly. Whatever was left of her hymen gave way to me. She screamed, her hands flying up to push my chest back.

"Ow! Daddy, please! My pussy's too little for you! Fuck! You're hurting me!"

"Almost there, cupcake," I said, shoving my cock into her again.

She yelped as three more inches disappeared inside. I was more than halfway in, six inches resting deep in her pussy. I stopped my descent as she whimpered, grabbing at me. She took her hands away, sniffling and crying, covering her face. Her knees came up to her chest, her legs trying to close.

"Daddy, your big cock hurts. Take it out."

I reached down, stroking her clit. "Just relax, cupcake. I'm almost done."

She whimpered. "You took my virginity."

"It was an accident."

She opened her legs and looked down, seeing my cock sticking out of her. "It was not. You shoved that big, mean, fat cock in me even when I asked you to stop."

"I'm sorry, baby. Do you want me to take it out now?"

She nodded, sniffling. "Take your cock out of me. It's not supposed to be in there."

I slowly withdrew. She was still whimpering, but as the head caught at the end, I pushed back in, forcing my cock in deep.

She groaned loudly, reaching down, grabbing my cock, squeezing it, her nails digging into my shaft.

"Nnoooo! Fuck. Daddy, stop! It's too big for my pussy. Why do you keep on pushing it back in?"

"I'm sorry," I said. "I'll take it out now, okay?"

She nodded sadly at me. I pulled back. She was still holding the shaft, and then I drove forward. Her head fell back as she whimpered and moaned.

"Daddy, stop!" she said. "We're not even recording anymore! You don't have to fuck me! Stop pushing it in." She looked down between her legs. I was deep in her now, her hand grasping the root. She took it away. "It hurts. It doesn't fit right, see? Take it out. If you need to cum, I'll suck your cock like before. Please, just stop fucking me. It doesn't feel good."

"Okay, I'll take it out."

"Promise? Or are you just gonna pull it out and shove it back into me again?"

"I'm gonna take it out," I said.

I started to pull back. She watched inch after inch appear.

"You're going to shove your big cock back in me again, aren't you? I know you are."

"Baby, I wouldn't do that," I said, and then I shoved it back into her. Her body tensed up, her legs curling up to her chest. She whimpered with her eyes closed.

"Stop it, Daddy. Stop. I knew you were going to shove that giant cock back into me. Stop it, please."

She pushed against my chest, urging me to pull out. I withdrew and she gave me her sad eyes.

"Not again. Please? Not again. You don't even care about my movie. You just wanna fuck me."

I rammed it forward, making her cry out as I hit her cervix. She whimpered and a fear tears rolled down her cheek.

"Stop fucking me. You're being mean, Daddy."

"It slipped again, baby. I'll pull it out quicker this time."

"You will not. You're just going to keep fucking me until you cum. I know you are."

"No, I'll take it out."

I pushed in harder, giving her another inch. I felt the bottom of pussy. There was no room left.

"Ow! It's too deep, Daddy! Stop it! You're not listening!"

I kept it buried in her, leaning my weight down, my cock bending inside of her. She cried out, whimpering, her lower lip trembling.

"Daddy, please, take it out. If you don't, you're going to cum in my pussy."

"Do you want me to cum?" I asked, slowly drawing back before pushing forward.

She groaned, shaking her head. "You can't cum. You'll make me pregnant. I'm not on anything. We weren't supposed to start fucking. You were just supposed to pretend to put your big cock me." She looked down, seeing her labia wrapped around me, a white film of jelly and pussy juice coating my shaft, helping me in and out of her. "See how much you're stretching my pussy? It's not supposed to stretch like that."

"You really want me to take it out, baby?"

She nodded, biting her lower lip. "Take it out. It doesn't fit right inside me."

I pulled back again, just until the head was ready. I looked up at her.

"Take it out, Daddy, please," she whispered. "No more fucking me tonight. You can't keep shoving that big cock of yours into me. You're not supposed to do that. I'm your daughter."

I finally pulled out, the head of my cock feeling the cool air outside of her burning hot cunt. Her hand came to rest over her pussy lips, rubbing them as she whimpered. They were red and inflamed, with specks of blood on her inner thighs. I was still rock hard and needed to cum, but she was crying now. She rolled over onto her tummy, keeping her legs parted as she rubbed her pussy.

"Ow. Daddy, you're so mean. You fucked me so hard. I can't believe you did that. You just used my pussy."

"I'm sorry, Baby," I said. "I couldn't help myself. You asked a grown man who hasn't had sex in years to put his cock in you."

"You were supposed to pretend to fuck me, not really fuck me. I just wanted to make a stupid video. I didn't want you shove that whole big cock into my pussy. I told you it wasn't going to fit. Why didn't you listen?"

I was staring at her pussy as she massaged it, her legs open. I crawled forward. I couldn't help myself. I needed more. I let the head of my cock come knocking on her fingers.

"Daddy? No, stop."

"Let me in."

"No, Daddy, no. You've fucked me enough. I told you, my pussy's not made for a big cock. I'm all red and sore. Don't put it back in."

"Move your hand."

"Daddy, stop it. You said you didn't want to fuck me, remember? You shouldn't be trying to shove that big thing into my tiny pussy."

"Let me fuck your pussy till I cum."

"But I'll get pregnant."

"I'll pull out. Just move your hand."

"But my pussy hurts."

I tapped her hand with my cock. "Let your father finish. You owe me for everything I've done for you. Now, I need to fuck. Move."

She pulled her hand away from her pussy. "Please, be gentle with me, Daddy. I'm not used to fucking. It's my first time, you know? You can't just shove---ow!"

I shoved into her, burying eight out of eleven inches. She reached back behind her, grabbing my shaft again to stop it. She lifted up on her knees, spreading her legs, giving me more room. I was done being gentle. I pulled back and then pounded forward. She cried out, her whole body moving forward. She reached for her headboard to brace herself. I began fucking her with abandon. She was whimpering and sniveling.

"Slow down! Please! You're splitting me apart. It hurts. It hurts so much. Daddddy!"

I was shoving hard into her now, so hard her knees were lifting off the bed.

"Gentle!" she begged. "My pussy! You're hurting it. Daddy, slow down, please! You're too big! Please! I'm not used to it!"

I was going to cum. Her pussy was so tight, she was strangling me. I don't think I could have pulled out even if I wanted to. I slammed into her one last time and my cum exploded from my balls. She screamed as my entire length disappeared inside of her. Her hands reached back, grabbing my stomach to push me away, but I wasn't moving.

"No, no, no!" she whimpered. "You came in my pussy, Daddy."

"Fuck! Feels good," I said, grabbing her thighs, holding her in place. I slowly began sliding my sensitive cock in and out. She kept up her whimpering, but I was done now, softening. I slowly pulled out. She fell on her side, rolling over, looking down between her legs. Cum was running out.

"Oh, no. Oh, fuck." She looked up with sad eyes. "Daddy, you came all over inside my pussy!"

"Sorry, cupcake."

"What if I get pregnant?" she said.

I crawled up the bed, my half hard cock bobbing. She pulled her neck back, but I reached out, taking her head, pulling her in. Blood and cum smeared across her chin.

"No, Daddy, no. It's all dirty."


"Daddy, stop," she said, but as she opened her mouth to speak, I slipped the head of my cock in.

"Suck it."

She mumbled, whimpering but obeying, nursing on my cock, her throat contracting as she swallowed. I fed her a few more inches, reaching her throat. Her tongue was working overtime, moving my soft cock around.

I groaned. "Fuck. That's good. I'm so proud of you, baby."

She whimpered as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She licked her lips to get the messy cum off her lips.

"Daddy, why'd you make me clean it off?"

"Because I'm a bad father."

"You came in pussy, Daddy. I'm going to get pregnant because of you. You've ruined my life."

"You'll be okay. That's what morning after pills are for." I stood up from the bed. "I'll leave you some money in the morning. Go there after school and take a pill."

She sniffled as she watched me dress, still massaging her inflamed, red pussy. "But what about my pussy? When I'm ready to have sex with a boy, he's going to know I'm not a virgin."

"I know, baby. But you're the one who wanted this."

She had a pouty frown. "I didn't want you to fuck me. I wanted you to pretend. I can't believe you shoved that big thing into me, Daddy. You used me like a whore."

"It was an accident. It slipped in."

"But you wouldn't take your cock out when I asked and you kept pushing it back in."

I kissed her forehead. "I think that's enough videos, don't you?"

"You're mean. That wasn't right, Daddy."

"I told you this was going to happen," I said, shaking my head.

I left her alone in her room and took a shower, cleaning my shaft off. I went to bed early that night. The next morning, Heather wasn't speaking to me. She didn't even leave me breakfast. I went to work, and when I came home, I found a pizza box on the table. I opened it and saw two slices were missing. I guess this was dinner.

A month passed with Heather barely speaking to me, just "Hi," "Bye," and "Dinner's on the stove." I knew I had ruined our relationship. I actually blamed her. I may have lost control and started fucking her, but she's the one who put herself in that position. She had begged me to rub my cock up against her cunt. What's a father to do?

It was another Sunday when she came to me. I was eating Chinese takeout, reading a magazine. She sat down at the table, giving me those big, sad, blue eyes.



"I need to talk to you about something."

I put down my chopsticks. "Baby, I can't keep apologizing."

She shook her head. "It's not that. I want to tell you I forgive you, that I'm not mad at you anymore."

"Well, that's a relief. Maybe things can get to normal around here. I love you a lot, Heather."

"I know, Daddy. I love you too. But I have a favor to ask."


"I need your help to make another video."

My jaw dropped. "Another one?"

She nodded. "This time, the dare was anal."

I sighed. There was no point arguing with her. "I'll get the lube."

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by Anonymous

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by momma196804/15/18


well written and a different way to get Daddys cock. Hope you write the next section of Daddy fucking her ass. Maybe have them work her up to that big dick.

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by Anonymous03/23/18

Fucking brilliant...

...and so hot, and pretty good English (always a bonus in this site). Sincere thanks.

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by Anonymous02/26/18

Fuck me!!

Haven't cummed that hard in ages. I love reading this kinda thing and imaging my daddy Dom doing it to me. Please write more stuff!!!

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by Anonymous01/26/18


I couldn't read it because the names were so 70's/80's.
I know it's a silly reason to stop reading but typical names and typical fake as fuck sex stories and dialogue just doesn't do it for me
No daughtermore...

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by Anonymous01/02/18


i legitly chuckled at the end. nice story, have 5 stars

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