tagIncest/TabooDaddy Knows Best Ch. 01

Daddy Knows Best Ch. 01


My mom died when I was five, my older brother Jeremiah was nine. And though dad was still a very young and attractive man never remarried. We moved after, to be closer to dad's parents, and his twin brother Roger. Dad was strict, though admittedly he was always more so with me than with Jeremiah. But he was never abusive to either of us. When I got to be high school age, dad gave me a curfew of ten sharp. Any later than that, and I would get punished, even if I was only a minute late. I always did my best to never be late, however sometimes it did happen. And each time dad would be waiting up for me in the living room, and as soon as I walked through the door, I would hear his commanding voice;

"Melody, get over here!" That meant I was in trouble. I never wasted time on double-timing it over to his side, wherein he would instruct me to remove my bottoms, including my panties, and bend over his knee. I would get an equal number of spankings to my current age, and how many minutes I was late. And after each slap, I would always have to recite;

"Thank you daddy for punishing this naughty little girl." He said this was to remind me that it was for my own good, and to make sure I understood why he was doing it. Because I was naughty. And if I failed to repeat this directly after each slap, he would add another five spankings, to which I was to say; "These are for my tardiness in response." Then he would send me up to shower and go to bed. And in the morning nothing was said of it.

Well, eventually Jeremiah graduated from high school, and went to work for Uncle Roger, this way he could help daddy with bills. And inevitably I turned 18, graduated from high school as well, and wasn't interested in sticking around the same old small town where we grew up, so I started to look at colleges. I had already made the decision that I would take one semester off from any kind of school, and just hang out and party with my friends. I was no longer a virgin, having given that to my boyfriend on prom night.

It was a Friday night, and I had been invited to a party, I asked daddy if I could go, and was given the same response;

"I want you home by ten sharp. No later." So I went. However I forgot myself, and ended up walking through the door at 10:20. And as usual, there was daddy in the living room, and I heard;

"Melody, get over here!" I rushed to his side. This particular night I had worn my black mini skirt, and my black halter top with my cute black heals. This outfit showed off all my best assets. (And at a 32 D, I wasn't doing too bad!) I pulled my skirt up to my waist, and my panties down to my ankles. The room was dark, and my eyes hadn't quite adjusted. But when I knelt over daddy I could tell he had already gotten into his robe. And as I felt his hand make contact with my bare bottom, I quickly said;

"Thank you daddy for punishing this naughty little girl." But I only was able to make it ten before daddy stopped. Daddy never stopped short of what was owed. Then suddenly I felt his hand rubbing my bare cheeks, his other hand still firmly on my back.

"Melody, this is quite a revealing outfit. Is my daughter a slut?"

Shocked, I replied; "No daddy, your daughter isn't a slut."

"I think you are. I think you're a filthy little tramp! How many cocks have you fucked!?"

Panicked I said; "Daddy, I would never! I have never!"

"Well, there's only one way to find out, now isn't there!" And then he flipped me off of him. By now my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, and I could see the anger in his.

"Spread your legs!" Without question, or hesitation I did as I was told, and before I knew it daddy was in between my legs, his penis already fully erect, and ready to enter me. And when he slid in without trouble, he looked me dead in the eye and yelled;

"YOU LYING LITTLE SLUT! YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED!" He did not withdraw his penis from me, but continued to push in and out of me the entire time getting closer and closer to orgasm. And with each thrust in and out, I became more and more wet and inviting. Finally he came with a deep guttural moan.

"Now that I know my daughter's a slut, we can continue. Suck your slut juices off my cock!" And he sat back in the chair, pulling me with him, then pushing my head down on his penis.

"Don't lie. Don't pretend you don't like it, moan for daddy while you suck his cock." And he slid his right hand down my shirt and began to fondle my breast. I, yet again did what I was told, and began to moan a little while I worked my head up and down the shaft of his penis.

"Mmmmm, you suck cock just like your mother did. She was a real pro. Faster my little slut, faster! Oh, yeah, that's it... Make daddy cum in that little slut mouth of yours. Oh fuck yeah.... Harder and faster, yeah that's it.... Oh.... Oh.... God!!!!" And with that I felt the first stream of cum hit the back of my throat, and then another.

"Go on, swallow it. No man likes a slut who doesn't swallow. That's a good girl. Don't spill a drop." When I was finished, he pulled my head away from his penis, and tucked it back in his robe.

"Now, where did we leave off? Ten was it? That means you still have 28 left? Only from now on, you can thank me for punishing my naughty little slut." I resumed my position over his knee, and felt his hand make contact again with my bare ass.

"Thank you daddy for punishing this naughty little slut." A total of 28 times.

"Now, little slut, go wash up. I'll be up shortly to make sure you're clean." And with that I walked up the stairs, with the juices of the scene still running down my legs, and my ass still burning from my punishment.

To be continued...

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