tagIncest/TabooDaddy Trains The Girls

Daddy Trains The Girls


My daughter Wendy met Mahla at a training college where she had been a student for some weeks previously. Mahla was an exchange teacher from Fiji over to complete some further education programs in Melbourne. They got on so well that when Wendy suggested she stay at our place instead of the school appointed hostel, she didn't hesitate.

While technically a Fijian Indian, her father was a Swedish national who, as it turned out, left her mother with more than romantic thoughts before re-boarding his freight ship some twenty three years earlier. The combination of her parents' physical attributes had rendered in her an olive skinned, finely featured beauty which acted like a constant doorbell to my affections every time she showed up at the house.

It was when she showed up at our pool one afternoon with Wendy, in a bikini, that the doorbell turned to an alarm bell.....a very stuck, very loud alarm bell.

I was glad Wendy was with her to help reference and correct any imbalance in my judgment of Mahla that the nights of masturbation fantasy had helped to distort. But now finally seeing was indeed believing.

Ok it wasn't a bikini she wore, but one of Wendy's one piece swimsuits which only added to the her natural glamour , while putting a storm of lust in my heart. The silver spandex material contrasted sharply with her olive skin and only added to the unreality of her incredible form.

As they walked over Mahla's breasts moved heavily in a slow modulating rhythm against the restrictive tension of their very undersized new home. (How in god's name did I miss those??) She looked embarrassed and kept her gaze to the ground while trying to adjust her costume back down over her hips and bottom. I heard Wendy whisper some encouragement.

"It's Okay, it's just Dad....you look fine."

She wasn't as tall as my Wendy and was built far more slightly. Her legs appeared longer though, made to look even longer by the swimsuit drawn high over her hips. She had that classic Indian fragility about her arms and shoulders.

I managed to keep it together enough to wave back to them and even appear mildly relaxed. Mahla's blushing explanation changed that:

"Sorry about this, Mr Edwards. Its Wendy's swimsuit ....it's ahh... a little small for me in places."

She had turned side on to me to twist around and check her butt was covered. It was then I glimpsed the small dark strip of her pubic hair where the costume had been pulled away with the pressure of the awesome natural load above. I mouthed an 'O MY GOD' to Wendy, who returned an equally wide eyed, 'I know' while Mahla remained occupied.

They both took deck chairs on the far side of the pool, where they found themselves once more relaxed, laughing about some of the guys at their college as if they were alone together. I pretended to actually read and sun bathe and generally fade into the furniture, which of course gave me plenty of time to study Wendy's new friend from behind my Ray Bans while working out the best position to hide my fattening penis.

Her black hair was straight and longish and played around her neck and shoulders as she talked. A hand shaped it around her ear and twisted at a fringe that edged down to her line sharp brows. Her eyes were bright blue and lit with a fresh excitement, and they darted and searched out their next stimulus dressed by the constant frame of her brilliant lashes. (Look at me......I want you to. I want you ....to look, at me).

She maintained a slightly elfish expression that had in it an enthusiastic curiosity which I found utterly engaging. Laughter was her sustenance and she rewarded her supplier with a comeliness of body movement and gesture that drew out the next bend in the conversation as if she were massaging it from them with subliminal lubricant.

The chat finally lulled and Wendy took up her tanning position. Closing her eyes, Mahla followed suit allowing her unusually heavy breasts to flatten and relax to each side as she lay back, over shadowing the slender fragility of her arms and shoulders. She left one of her long, elegantly toned legs bent while lowering the other. Sunlight played a shadow about her pretty mound, and I could just make out a sweet camel toe tightly wrapped in its silver nylon cocoon.

While now in my late forties, I have worked hard to maintain a reasonably slender physique with cycling and gym workouts. I am naturally tall and days around the pool had raised a reasonable tan, so to see Mahla's eyes wandering didn't come as a surprise when I walked over to see if the girls needed a drink. What did, much to my delight, was her reaction to the naturally thick bulge my Speedos presented her. An almost imperceptible pale change in her expression passed over her face as her eyes locked on for no more than a brief second, before making a blushing surrender to the safety of her friend's response. Chardonnay it was.

Later that evening after dinner, and a few more glasses than was normal, Wendy had promised Mahla a spa bath before bed, so she went to fill the tub leaving us alone in the kitchen to clean up. Mahla had on a light silky top opened at the front and a chest wrap type 'boob tube' beneath, that not only helped compress her bust but showed off her flat, pinched waist. Her sexy hips disappeared into a pair of tight jeans cut low across her crotch, revealing the top half of a 'V' shape tan line. The effect was dazzling and she knew it.

We chatted about her background, as she filled the sink. Amid the sound of rushing water I ran my hand almost absentmindedly down her back.

"That's a nice top you have on, by the way. Very silky." I felt her stiffen with mild surprise and then relax.

"Thanks, I'm glad you like it," she smiled back. "Mom gave it to me before I came over."

There was a slight tension in her voice, which made my pulse quicken as I kept my hand at the small of her back. Again I drew a line slowly up her back and down again as if comforting her, while we waited together in silence watching the sink fill. As I ran down her spine a third time I lowered my palm down over her bottom. She stiffened slightly as I shaped the curve of her small round cheeks in a slow circular motion.

"Ah....should we be doing this??"

"Don't you like it?"

"But Wendy will be....."

My pulse was like a freight train now, I wanted her so badly. I heard my voice trembling and lowered with lust for her:

"Mahla, I need to feel your breasts, baby."

I moved gently in behind her and with both hands I wandered up her flat, silky torso.

"Er is that a good idea, Mr Edwards...David, what if Wendy comes back and sees us..??"

"It's okay, she won't," I managed to murmur.

She gave a small gasp and her breath quickened with mine. She shivered at the foreign touch of her exposed torso. I played at the corners of her waist and the small belly button piercing.....teasing her. Whether through curiosity, excitement or sense of obligation, her resistance began to fold.

The round perfection of her warm heavy pillows still in the tube, felt as impossible as they looked. Mahla moved her arms to make way for my trembling need of her and watched while I pulled at the material to let gravity do its work. I felt her chest slide as the wrap surrendered its weighty load, in one shuddering release. I pulled the material as far up to her neck as I could, Mahla arched her back slightly to further exaggerate each heavy globe and provide me with a better view.

I was shocked at their weight and firmness, how far they projected and that incredible valley between. I shaped them with the eagerness of a child in discovery of new toys and weighed each in my palms, while Mahla smiled at my excitement.

"They're big, aren't they?" she said finally.

Jesus, they were huge. I felt for her nipples and gently twisted each thick little nub, pulling and teasing them out to stiffer size. They were a reddish tan colour with relatively small aureole. I circled my open hands over each and let the little fleshy points (about the size of my little finger tip) graze my palms.

Mahla's deep, excited breath heaved and lowered their milky soft texture. I suddenly pulled her back against me, compressing her chest into a massive bulging cleavage. I felt her small round bottom shifting and pressuring my erection, as I tongued and kissed her sweet neck. That heady scent of her perfume filled my nose ......and my soul.

"You might be here on teacher training, Mahla, but I've also got some training for you too. Go and have your spa with Wendy and I will be in to see you later."

Her excitement and confusion were obvious as I continued kneading and working her left breast.

"What lesson? What will Wendy think?"

"Wendy and I are already lovers. Go on, she's expecting you."

She was suddenly a little pale and looked at the floor.

"Don't worry, Mahla. Trust me you will enjoy this. Your quite safe here. All I can say is that this will truly be a 'once in a lifetime' experience for you, you'll see. Please stay."

I pulled her wrap back down and kissed her on the forehead. I poured two glasses of champagne and gave them to her.

"You kids have some fun. See you in a while."

With that, I left Mahla to make her decision. I heard her turn off the taps from my study, and sent a small prayer to heaven. The sound of her descending the stairs to Wendy made my heart leap.

As I approached the spa room door, I heard peels of laughter and excited squeals coming from them both. Dressed only in a bathrobe, opened at the front to reveal my black thong, I knocked and entered. Wendy was enjoying a massage from our very naked guest, while the water bubbled and swirled about them. Mahla sank quickly into the water with a shy defensiveness, while Wendy stood up and beamed at me, as water streamed down between her small perky breasts and shapely torso. I noticed how it beaded slightly at her pubic strip.

"C'mon and join us, Dad. Mahla does such a good massage."

"There will be time for that later, baby. I want to start the lesson I was telling you about earlier. Dry off and come into the guest room......just as you are. Come on, it'll be fun."

I laid on the bed and waited for them both to appear, which they duly did in a sheepish fashion. After encouraging them over, I positioned Mahla on the bed to the right of me and Wendy to the left. Though they were both quite naked, I kept my thong like underwear on to keep a little excitement and to maintain the teacher/ student connection. They kneeled down as I indicated each side of my hips. I had been exercising my penis earlier and by now my thick tubular bulk was glaringly obvious to both girls who giggled at it and themselves, in their now ridiculous predicament. With a half smile I continued:

"Right, ladies, here is where I want to show you how to Blow a guy properly. To get what you want, what he wants, you must be in total control. I want to show you how to transport him to heights of bliss he has never experienced and you can manipulate him to your own ends. Most guys say their women can blow them for an eternity without them cumming. This is all just a question of technique. When you know the technique and the triggers you will have more control of your lover."

"Oral sex is, in general, delivered by women for two reasons: First to ready a man for penetration. Second to 'bring him off', because penetration is not sought by you or coitus has not provided the necessary stimulation to 'finish' him."

"Firstly you will note that you are in easy access to me at my side. This allows for your man to stimulate you while you are working his cock. Lean over me Wendy and rub Daddy's penis, baby, just through my undies. Yeah, just like that. See how I can rub and finger Wendy's vagina and breasts from my position, Mahla?."

Wendy began squirming as I gently fingered her wet pussy. Lust bought a rose hint of embarrassment to her cheeks as she slid her hand back and forth over the barrel of my shaft while Mahla watched intently. She wasn't sure where to look at first but seeing her friend feeling awkward, but obviously excited, began at least to act her enthusiasm by rubbing her breasts and twisting her nipples.

" Now you, Mahla. Good girl. That's it, don't be shy. Good strokes. Yeah, that's good".

Mahla's small hand worked my log back and forth through my black thong. Clearly, from her wide eyed expression, girth of my proportions had been missing in her life.

"This is so big", she said to Wendy at last, "look at the size of it!", she giggled bringing her other hand to her mouth in surprise.

"Now, Mahla, because your breasts cover most of your mid riff in that position, I'll get you to lean over more to let your chest swing away. Here, spread your thighs some more too, sweety. This will help your lover feel you more completely, arousing you more and more. Don't forget, girls, you women take a much longer time to ramp up to your orgasm than men.....use the guys natural interest in your body to help bring you off sooner. And please, show him or tell him what you want so he's not working stuff that doesn't excite you."

"Mahla, baby, your body already creates one hell of a visual stimulus, which of course puts you at a much greater advantage when it comes to making a man 'shoot', so you may want to limit his arousal, while he pursues yours."

Her breasts hung well beneath her and I cradled and smoothed their soft, heavy underside. Wendy studied my hand working her friend's body while I continued stroking her pussy lips and caressing her full ass cheeks.

"Have you ever seen breasts like these in your life, baby?"

Mahla blushed her self consciousness as I gently tweaked and tugged at a large nipple making the whole silky orb shiver and wallow around. I moved my hand gently about her torso and grazed her pubic mound, tracing the small line of hair down to her lips.

"How does that feel, Mahla baby?"

"Wow, nice....you've got a nice touch, Mr Edw...David. Oh, you're making me wet."

She let her hand drop from my cock to steady herself. Her head hung forward cloaked by her hair to hide the humiliation of her pleasure from us. She began grinding her hips as I explored the petals of her separating lips. I gently rubbed her moistening hole and she moaned and shivered her delight at my efforts. Under my touch her clitoris stiffened beneath it's sweet hood and she arched her back instinctively while lifting and squeezing the bulk of her right breast almost unconsciously.

"Nobody touched me...like this.....before", she murmured through her writhing.

My daughter had pulled away and was working her labia fiercely at the centre of a wide spread of long honey thighs.

"Oh Daddy, work her pussy. Make her cum."

Lust took Wendy and drew her hand to my bursting thong. She pulled on the elastic and released my muscular, veiny meat from its confines. I watched with pleasure and delight as my daughter went to work on my girth in a powerful rhythm. Mahla was openly impressed at the sight.

" My God, it's so big. I've always wondered what it would be like....to.... take y'know...a really big one....like that".

Wendy began pumping hard as my head flared and 'mushroomed' with her efforts.

" Awww....work my big cock, baby. Good girl, that feels so good. More pressure sweety. That's it. Really grip it, honey. Wendy, help me finger Mahla, baby, she needs a lot of attention around here."

I didn't need to ask Mahla to take Wendy's place. Her small hand curled around the base of my erection with natural vigour, and she began a quick, jerking pump. Wendy needed no second bidding either, kissing and fingering Mahla's small shapely arse with renewed excitement.

"Slow down, baby, you'll only wear yourself out. Grip it tightly and make a slow up and down movement. Yeah, that's nice, draw the skin back and forth over the head. Now kiss the head and take it in your mouth."

The look and sensation of Mahla's soft, lipstick mouth around my swollen 'helmet' gave me a rush no other lover had ever delivered. Her virginal caution and curiosity added to her innocence in a potent cocktail of tease that fueled my lust like nothing else could.

"That's it. Keep that hand going baby. Try to swirl your tongue around the head. Mmmmmm, your good. How does that feel in your mouth, sweety??."

I resumed the lecture in more delirious fashion.

"Now that's as much as you should be doing if penetration is what you're looking for. (Aww, that's nice). If you want your man to...(oh yeah, right there, sweety)... explode for you, then you'll have to work other areas as well."

"First, take your hand from my cock and begin playing with my balls, Mahla. That's it, nice and gentle squeezes. Pull them out away from me. Wow, you're a natural at this."

Mahla followed each instruction with focus and a 'first timer's caution that only added to the intense pleasure I was receiving from her.

"Keep working my head, honey. Ok, now run your hand from the inside of one thigh, over my balls and up the other thigh, very gently. That's it, just the lightest touch. Oh man. See how my sack tightens. Right once more. Oooooooo yeah, baby. Very good. Now back to my shaft....keep it tight baby. Slow and tight. All your partners will beg you to go faster, trust me, just ignore him. Oh wow, yeah."

"I can't get my hand around it!," Mahla's exasperation was obvious as she locked her grip around my solid girth.

" Wow that feels so good, baby. Now, feel my balls again, just a little tighter grip. Pull them out, that's it. And again. Ok, now I want you to run your fingers across what I call a guy's G spot. Right behind my ball sack. Just the slightest touch." The luxurious cool silk of her caress made me shiver, and she smiled at my reaction.

"Wow, that is such a sensitive spot, baby. Use it sparingly. Ok, again, the thighs."

I worked her like some drill sergeant, sex instructor. She seemed to be feeding off the pleasure she was giving me and gaining in confidence all the time.

"Now, the other hot spot is directly beneath the tip of my head. Yes, the eye is good, but just below where my shaft begins is a real hot spot. Run your tongue around here, yeah just there, oh my god that's good."

Her eyes locked onto mine as she gave my shaft a long slow lick.

"Okay, with your other hand push down on my lower mid riff, just where my torso meets the base of the shaft. Rub it and then press down. Ok I can feel the mercury rising, sweety. I'm gonna start pumping my hips slightly. Ohh, that's so good, baby. Ok you can stop, baby. No, I mean stop....."

A wicked flash charged Mahla's eyes as her grip tightened on me. The student was taking charge.

"Uh, no really, come on. I don't ...want to.. not yet, baby. Aw, shit, lay back baby. Now!!......ooo shit....." Those extra seconds put the last cracks in the Dam face.

I pulled Mahla to the bed beside me in a fever and straddled her slender torso. Wendy swung around behind me and rubbed my inner thigh while holding me tight around the hips. She watched in earnest as I readied myself to explode. Mahla's horror mixed with her excitement as I pulled her head forward and began working my bulging helmet..

"Squeeze my balls Baby.....Oh shit."

I felt her soft small grip pull at my sack and I grimaced as the sweet waves of orgasmic rush exploded through my brain and the vinegar burn hiss at my eye. A couple of small bursts and then a sudden leap of my thick cum wound up her forehead and over her hair. She jerked in wide eyed reaction as more struck her nose and cheek, and then down over her chin and onto her breasts. I couldn't stop shooting jism into the sweet girl's face. I moaned and sucked breath within the wash of pure delight that took me over the edge.

Egged on by Wendy's orgasmic tones and Mahla's muffled whimpering, I at last slapped my draining erection against her heavy breasts that shook and bobbed.

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