tagIncest/TabooDaddy Understands

Daddy Understands


A story about a widowed father who had struggled to bring up his daughter alone, and who tried in vain to control his lust for her.


Chapter One: Consoling Shawn.

The slamming of the front door closing lifted Craig Hermann's head from the pillow, and the sound of footsteps quickly padding up the stairs brought him to an upright position in his bed. Shawn was home. Craig never slept while Shawn was out, at least not what you could really call sleep, but now that Shawn was home Craig usually found that sleep came easier.

Before Craig got too comfortable, he decided to go to the bathroom, and on the way he passed Shawn's room. Craig thought he heard what sounded like sobbing coming from Shawn's room, and after relieving himself and rinsing his hands, stopped outside Shawn's door and listened.

Shawn was crying. Craig could hear the muffled sounds of sobbing coming from inside, and brought his hand up to the wood, pausing a second while debating on whether to knock. He was so bad at things like this, he thought to himself. Times like this were when he missed his late wife Denise most of all; the times that called for a woman's touch. What did he know about 18 year old girls anyway?

The tortured whimpering from inside compelled him to help, or at least make the attempt. It always tore him up inside whenever Shawn was hurting, and it sure seemed like she was hurting now, her voice cracking when she answered his tapping on the door.

"Come in Daddy," Shawn called out, and when Craig entered Shawn was laying on the bed fully dressed, hugging her pillow and looking sad.

"What's wrong baby?" Craig asked, sitting on the bed next to Shawn and putting his hand on her shoulder. "Kevin?"

Kevin was the boy she had been seeing for a few months; a long-haired snowboarding dude that she went to school with. Craig thought that he was a real doofus, and hoped they would never get to serious, because she could do much better than him. Trouble was, no one would ever be good enough for Shawn in his eyes, and he knew it.

"Yep," Shawn said as she looked up at him with reddened eyes and a tear-stained face, biting her lip and nodding.

"It'll work itself out baby," Craig said, resisting the urge to tell her to lose the guy and concentrate on school and the final exams coming up in a couple of months.

"Over," Shawn said, and held up her hand, and in particular the ring finger, now naked. The finger that the cheap ring Kevin had given her a month back was now barren.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby," Craig said, and Shawn spun around and hugged him tightly, letting it all out as her body shook from the force of her sobbing.

No prom, no Kevin, no nothing. That was Shawn's assessment of her life as she choked it out between tears. Craig held Shawn tightly and tried to console her as best he could until she finally regained a little control over her emotions.

Craig looked at Shawn when she lifted her face from her father's shoulder, and his heart skipped a beat, just as it always seemed to do whenever they were close. The spitting image of her mother, Craig thought, especially around the eyes.

Those pale blue eyes, with the smeared eye shadow around them, were the mirror image of her mother's. Shawn's light brown hair was almost the same shade, except that Shawn had frosted hers a little blonde, and the faint aroma of perfume that drifted into his nose together with everything else painted a picture of a little girl trying so hard to be a woman.

A woman. Shawn was a woman now, and that was something that was hard for Craig to comprehend fully. To him right now, Shawn still looked like the little girl learning to ride her first bike. Scared and lonely.

"Sorry I'm such a baby," Shawn sniffled as she looked at him.

"You aren't a baby," Craig said. "It's normal to act that way when you lose someone you love."

"Could you stick around for a while Daddy?" Shawn asked as she got up and went over to her closet, stepping inside the walk-in and turning on the light. "I want to put my jammies on so I'm comfortable like you."

2. In the closet.

Craig was not comfortable, that much was certain. He was flushed and sweating from being held so close and so long by Shawn. Now, as he heard Shawn rustling in her spacious closet, Craig was ashamed that he was wishing he could see through the wall at his daughter undressing.

The mirror. Craig's eyes drifted over to the mirror that hung on the inside of the closet door. There she was. Shawn was in the process of taking off her jeans, and as she bent down to pull them off her legs, her full and round backside strained inside her skimpy white panties.

Shawn had such wonderfully shapely legs, just like her mom did, Craig observed. He could not turn away as Shawn pulled her blouse over her head and reached back to unhook her bra. Craig wished so badly that Shawn would turn around so he could see her breasts, but Shawn kept turned the other way.

Such soft looking white skin Shawn had, and the smattering of freckles on her shoulders and upper back were so cute looking. Shawn pulled her bra off, and tossed it over toward her laundry basket. 34A, Craig thought, and noted that a father should not know such intimate details of his daughter, but he did.

Saw one of her bras in the laundry room, Craig remembered, and was curious, so he had casually glanced at the lacy, slightly padded undergarment. No harm in looking, Craig recalled thinking at the time. Imagining what the breasts that were nestled inside the bra would look like - well there was something a little wrong with that.

Shawn was putting on a short sleeved pajama top, and then pulled down her panties and kicked them off. What a beautiful bottom Shawn had, Craig thought as he saw the gorgeous buttocks of his daughter bared for the first time, the faint creases of where the elastic cut into her were the only marks on them.

Shawn had the pajama shorts in her hand now, and then suddenly she turned around, facing the mirror, and Craig gasped as he saw his daughter naked from the waist down.

Down. That's what it must feel like, Craig thought as his eyes devoured the modest little wisp of light brown hair that guarded her womanhood. Just like mom, Shawn had hardly any pubic hair, and Craig's cock surged when he remembered how soft the pussy hair of his late wife Denise used to feel against his hand, and face.

Craig was so lost in his own world, looking at his daughter's reflection in the mirror, that he had no idea how long Shawn had been looking at him in the mirror. Watching him watching her. Their eyes met, and Craig quickly averted his attention from the relection, hoping against hope that she had not seen what he had been doing.

3. Out of the closet.

Craig was looking at the floor when Shawn emerged from the closet, his embarrassment painfully obvious. Shawn seemed unconcerned about it, however, and plopped down next to her father on the bed.

"Thanks for listening to me Daddy," Shawn said as she pulled her arm around Craig's shoulders, giving him a squeeze. "You're always so good to me."

"We make a good team," Craig said softly.

"You betcha!" Shawn said. "Everytime I hurt, you're always there to hold my hand and make things better. Just like back when I would fall down and scrape my knee, and you would fix me up."

Craig smiled and absent-mindedly put his hand on Shawn's knee, patting it lightly. There was a light down on Shawn's thigh that twinkled in the dim light, and Craig let his hand slide along it before placing it on his own leg.

"You'll always be my little girl."

"Even though I'm a woman now," Shawn added.

Craig nodded and looked back down to the floor, idly nudging a piece of lint around with his big toe, as he tried to get rid of the erection he had been sporting since he had entered the room.

"You still miss Mom a lot, don't you Daddy?" Shawn asked, and Craig nodded affirmatively.

"It must be tough to be all alone, without someone to hold and kiss and stuff," Shawn said. "It's been four years since Mom died. You should go out and date girls. You're a young and good looking guy. I'll bet a whole lot of women would love to go out with you."

"Oh, I doubt that."

"I don't," Shawn said. "If you weren't my dad and you asked me out, I'd say yes in a heartbeat. You look really young for 45, and you've got a good body too."

Craig smiled at Shawn's attempt to build him up, and even though she meant well, Shawn's words were having an effect on him that she probably didn't realize. Craig could almost hear his heart pounding as the scent of Shawn's perfume filled his nostrils.

"You and Mom used to have some good times together," Shawn continued. "I remember listening to you two in the bedroom late at night, after you thought I was asleep. Sometimes I would go over to your bedroom door and listen. Mom would be making all kinds of noises, even though I could tell that she was trying to keep quiet."

"Shawn, I... "

"I tried to look through the keyhole sometimes, but there was usually something hanging on the inside door knob," Shawn continued. "Betcha think I'm weird, huh Daddy?"

"No," Craig replied nervously. "I mean, I guess every kid is curious about things like that. I know I was when I was young."

"But I'm not a kid anymore," Shawn reminded me. "Even though I still look like one."

4. Exposed.

Craig looked over at Shawn, so much the spitting image of her mother, and shook his head.

"You don't look like a kid honey," Craig said. "You're a very beautiful young lady, and you could pass for your Mom's twin."

"Not up on top," Shawn said. "I didn't get Mom's boobies."

Craig was startled at Shawn's remark, and fumbled for the right words to say, stammerring and stuttering for a few seconds before managing to tell Shawn, "Your Mom wasn't all that big on top, honey."

"She was a lot bigger than me," Shawn said glumly. "I think that's why Kevin broke up with me. Because I'm flat-chested."

"That's ridiculous!" Craig snapped. "If he's that shallow then you're better off without him."

"Well, not many men get excited looking at a girl built like me," Shawn said, slowly unbuttoning her pajama top and opening it up. "See what I mean?"

Craig glanced over and then jerked his head away quickly when he saw that Shawn had her top open, her breasts completely exposed.


"Don't be embarrassed Daddy," Shawn insisted. "If one of us should be ashamed it should be me. Look how small my boobies are."

Craig knew he should jump up off the bed and get out of his daughter's bedroom. He wanted to. Why he didn't get up, or why he couldn't seem to move, was not clear in his mind. Craig stayed, and not only didn't he leave, he looked over at his daughter as she had asked.

Craig's eyes moved over to Shawn, and down to her breasts. Her breasts were small indeed, much smaller than Craig had imagined them. Shawn's breasts were but tiny swells on her chest, barely noticeable buds with pale pink aureolas and nipples not much larger than his own.

Craig's cock surged as he continued to brazenly stare at Shawn's bosom, and he feared that his pajama bottoms would not be able to contain his throbbing manhood.

"They're not... you're not..." Craig mumbled. "You're beautiful."

"Feel them Daddy," Shawn said, and when Craig's hands stayed on his thighs, his daughter reached down and took one, raising it up to her breast and holding it there. "See how little they are, Daddy? They're tiny, but they're really sensitive, expecially the nipple."

Craig's trembling hand cupped the bud softly, the pointy nipple digging into his palm as he squeezed it gently, and Shawn's body shuddered as he did. Now Shawn's hand was no longer holding her father's hand to her breast, and Craig was kneading the little cone vigorously while Shawn writhed on the bed beside him.

"Oh Daddy," Shawn moaned, and as she did her hand slid onto Craig's thigh, causing him to jump. Craig looked down and watched his daughter's hand slide across his lap and into the open fly of his pajamas.

"Omigod Daddy!" Shawn gasped as her hand slid along the shaft of his engorged cock, struggling inside the cramped pajamas. "You're so hard..."

Craig was paralyzed, sitting there looking helplessly at his lap as Shawn's pale arm disappeared inside his open pajamas, and the fabric bulged as her hand stroked his cock which was clearly outlined along his thigh.

"Here Daddy - let me," Shawn said softly, and Craig felt himself fall back onto Shawn's bed.

Craig arched his backside up off the bed, allowing Shawn to pull his pajamas down off of him, hearing his daughter gasp as his cock sprang free.

"Geez Daddy... no wonder Mom used to make so much noise!" Shawn said as she reached over and took her father's cock in her sweaty hand, looking in awe at the swollen instrument she held. "You're really big."

Shawn's head slowly bent over his manhood, her lips parting as they slid over the crown of his tool, and then the bulb disappeared inside her mouth. Shawn's fist churned up and down his shaft while her mouth took in as much of him as she could.

Craig reached up and pulled his daughter's hair up so he could watch her sucking on him, and the scene was so erotic he knew he could not contain himself for long. Shawn's lips slid further down his shaft, and it was obvious to Craig that Shawn was not a novice at this. How many times had Shawn done this to that punk Kevin, and why did that thought excite him more than disgust him?

"Honey... baby... going to cum..." Craig warned his daughter, but Shawn's only response was to suck him harder and faster, squeezing his balls with one hand while she jacked him with the other.

Craig felt himself explode into Shawn's mouth, and although she made a little gagging sound, Shawn kept going down on him as he came, rivers of cum sliding out of her mouth and back down the outside of his shaft, until she had milked him dry.

Craig was light-headed as Shawn pulled his cock out of her mouth, holding his deflating dick in front of her face, and licked the streaks of his seed that lingered on his tool. Pinching the bulb, Shawn's tongue danced along and inside the tender opening, making Craig groan in pleasure.

5. Unable to resist.

Shawn's doe-like eyes looked at her father from the other side of his flaccid cock, and then she wordlessly got up and pulled her pajamas off, exposing herself completely to her father. Craig didn't recognize the man that got up and brought his daughter back down to the bed.

Craig spread Shawn's fleshy thighs apart, exposing her lightly furred pussy to his hungry eyes. His head was between his daughter's legs in seconds, his tongue caressing her clit, tasting the sweet nectar than was oozing out of her pussy. The fine hair that sparsely grew around her opening felt so soft against Craig's cheeks as his mouth explored Shawn's cunt, and was so reminiscent of his beloved Denise that he felt a surge run through his loins.

Craig's tongue ran up and down Shawn's slit, gliding down to the sensitive area between her pussy and ass, and his tongue even teased around the smooth pale tan ring of her anus before revisiting her clitoris.

Craig looked up from his daughter's pussy and watched her breathing rapidly and clutching at the bedding, and to his amazement his cock was erect again already.

"Ooooh Daddy... let me... here!" Shawn moaned, and jumped off the bed and climbed on top of Craig, straddling his cock with her thighs as she pulled on his cock. "So hard again, and so fast."

"I love you honey!" Craig blurted out as he watched Shawn positioning the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy, and then he groaned along with his daughter as she lowered herself down onto him.

"Tight!" Craig muttered, and Shawn's pussy gave way grudgingly as her father's throbbing tool worked its way inside of her, and his daughter's scream was that of pleasure as she took him all inside of her.

Shawn rocked slowly on top of Craig, her pussy filled with his manhood. Her hands grabbed at her own titties, and Craig looked away quickly as the sight of his daughter playing with her breasts almost made him cum on the spot. Shawn's rocking became riding, and she was thrusting herself up and down on him harder and harder every second.

Craig felt Shawn's pussy clamp down around his cock savagely as he listened to her wailing from the sensation of his orgasm, and he fought to keep from cumming himself, until the spasms subsided. Shawn's body glistened with sweat as her father looked up at his daughter, a satisfied smile on her face.

Craig had Shawn climb off of him and he put her on her back, climbing between her thighs and sliding his cock into her dripping pussy. Craig began a slow and steady rhythm, his cock moving in and out of her tight cunt while his balls slapped against her crotch.

Craig's eyes went to Shawn's breasts, now all but invisible with her on her back, and his mouth took in the little aureola, biting and licking the little bud as Shawn squirmed and squealed with delight. Back and forth Craig went, nibbling and teasing the little points as he began pounding into Shawn harder.

Craig felt Shawn clamp down around his cock again, as she had another orgasm, quieter but more prolonged than the first one, and the seizing and contractions were even more violent than before. Shawn's eyes were rolled back in her head when she finally stopped cumming, and Craig inched himself forward so that he was up over her.

Craig pulled Shawn's wrists up over her head, holding them down tightly with his own hands as he began thrusting harder. Craig was biting and chewing on Shawn's nipples, and then moving over to taste the faint growth of fuzz under his daughter's arms, caressing the scented down with his tongue and lips as he felt his cum rise within him.

Craig's orgasm erupted inside of Shawn as he growled with an animal-like howl, his cock pulsating as his seed filled his daughter's womb and oozed out and down between her ass cheeks, while Shawn gasped and moaned along with him.

"Daddy, I love you so much," Shawn finally said just before their lips met, tongues finding and dancing with each other as they embraced.

"I love you too baby," Craig answered, feeling a lingering gentle spasm around his spent member. There would be time enough for guilt later. For now, all they felt was contentment.


Thank you for reading. Comments are welcomed.

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