Daddy Watches Lacey's Phonefucking


Paul told it to me, repeating it two times, then he had me read it back to him two times character for character. I had an error, he correctly guessed; don't trust a 19 year old to type something when she's horny. Or ever, for that matter. "Now hit send, Lacey," he ordered, and I did exactly as he said.

It suddenly occurred to me, as soon as the email was sent, that I forwarded not just my email to Charlie, with my pictures (who cares about that), but also Charlie's email to me, with HIS pictures, and HIS cellphone. That probably was not smart; on the other hand, I didn't see Paul calling up Charlie asking for phonesex.

From around my ass, I noticed behind me my father leaning over to read the emails between Charlie and me. Sometimes we read my emails together, and he's even composed them for me, and a few times he's even responded to other men without my knowing, always pretending to be me. It's fun, Daddy loves me hooking up!

I stood up, pushing my long hair off of my face. "Did you get it, baby?" I asked anxiously, hoping for approval to go strip.

"Wait, wait," Paul cautioned, giving me goosebumps as I waited like he said. Finally he chuckled, and I could hear him reading to himself the text of Charlie's email, then mine. "Well, well, Lacey, you little slut, you'll put out for a man just because he has a big dick and sends you his phone number, huh?"

My hand was in the proverbial cookie jar. Of course, no one says I'll actually agree to fuck Charlie; I was just getting his attention to email me back. But, in truth, Charlie was probably the hottest man and cock who's emailed me from our local area, so if I had my way, Charlie's penis would be inside my mouth and vagina by the end of the week. "Like I said," I giggled for Paul to explain myself, "I love big married cocks." I looked at Daddy, who continued to stare blankly back at me.

"That's good, Lacey, because I have a big married cock -- you'd fuck me, wouldn't you?"

"Yes!" I quickly raced back to my bed, sitting on the edge in front of my father, my feet on the floor and thighs parted a little. "Seriously, Paul, would you ever visit here -- I love your big cock, you could fuck me all night if you did."

"Maybe," Paul answered thoughtfully. "I'm thinking, there is the stupid Max America trade show, it's early next year. We never go to it, but I bet I could make a bullshit reason to go." He laughed at something. "But Lacey, if we go, Vicky would be there too, and she'd want my cock all day -- would you let me fuck you with another hot brunette?"

I've never done the girl/girl thing, but Daddy keeps asking me to do it; the closest time was when I watched Daddy fuck his birthday present this summer, my friend Antoinette. Toni isn't gay either, so Daddy's fantasy wasn't about to cum true. Still, I have fantasized about eating a woman, and I've gotten off to porn movies with my father watching hot lesbians fuck each other. Maybe eating the pussy of one of my best friends wasn't the right time for my first girl/girl thing; a hot girl I never met before and would never meet again probably would be the right situation. So, for Paul's request, I couldn't rule it out, but I didn't see myself sharing a hot cock like Paul's. "We'll see," I answered with as much affirmation as I could allow, "but Paul, I want to fuck your big cock right now, please, please!"

I smiled at my Daddy in the chair in front of me, pulling my legs open as I leaned back. I wanted Daddy to see how wet I was for this man on the phone. Daddy's eyes landed right on my twat in my thong.

"Describe your thong to me, honey?" Paul was going to make this torturous.

"Fuck, Paul, it's so wet!" I lifted my head to look at my crotch, seeing the bulge of my pussylips in the saturated black lacy thong. "It's black, with lacey frills around the edges, and a little lace on the panel, and it has these thin strings going over my hips and down my ass."

Paul moaned, hearing it. I was getting to him now, a little. "You want to take it off, Lacey?"

"Fuck yes, Paul, please, let me take it off!" I was almost screaming into the phone.

"And," he teased, "if you take it off, what will you do?"

I took a deep breath, almost laughing at how painful my vagina was right now. "Anything, anything you want, I want to--"

"What do you want to do?" He was reading my mind.

"I want to fuck it, I want to put my fingers in it." I let the words sink into him, then I blurted out excitedly, "I wish you were here so you could put your huge penis in me, and fuck me, like your little hot slut!"

Paul groaned now, a loud deep gutteral noise. "Ooh yeah, baby, ooh yeah. My dick is so big for you, if you were here I would shove it into your mouth so you could suck it hard."

"Paul!" I will admit I was begging. "Please, Paul, let me take my thong off, I'm so fucking hot to fuck you honey!" Then, grinning with an idea, I tossed my head back to send hair out of my eyes, and I said to him callously, "Paul, you know you want me, I'm so much hotter than your pregnant wife, you want my tight 19 year old cunt, don't you?"

He laughed, because he couldn't disagree. "You know it, Lacey, I'd do you over her any time."

"She doesn't turn you on at all, does she?" I've talked to married men before, I knew what they are like. Not all men are this way; but the ones that fuck around usually are. "I'm what you want, I'm a slut, I fuck men as much as you love fucking other women, we were made to fuck each other, Paul. You want my shaved little cunt, you want to stick your fat dick in my tight ass. You want to see me suck your big penis down my throat as I look at you and you cum in my stomach." I don't know about him, but I was getting so close to orgasm just saying it, and thinking it.

Paul didn't let on, if he was as aroused as I was. "Is that what you want, Lacey, to fuck me like that?"

I moaned and almost put my hand on my pained clit, it was going to erupt and I'd need hospitalization if I didn't touch it. "Fuck, yes, Paul, spread me and use me, fuck my fucking slutty brains out Paul, make me your fucking cockwhore!" I opened my eyes to stare at Daddy's face, and he stared back at me, listening to my words. He was so hot hearing me talk like this, I know him so well. I can't imagine how he doesn't want to get up, grab the phone and hang up, take out his penis, and bang my cunt all night himself. Honestly, if he did, I wouldn't care at all, it would be beautiful, Paul could go fuck himself.

My partner on the phone mulled over my words, then he finally said what I wanted to hear. "Lacey, take your thong off, tell me when it's in your hand."

"Fuck yes!" I put the phone on the bed next to me, reaching down with both hands to my hips. I lay flat on my back and simultaneously ripped the thong off my hips, peeling it away from my soaking vagina. Pulling my legs over me, I slid the panties off my legs and feet. Then, with it in my hand as he asked, I picked up the phone. "Ok, Paul, it's off."

"Good -- are you nude, Lacey?"

"Yeah!" I described, then realized as I looked at my feet, "well, I have little socks on."

"Hot," he muttered, "I love fucking a girl when she still has her socks and shoes on. So is the thong in your hand?"

I looked at the wadded-up flimsy, black wet fabric in my hand. "Yeah, it is baby." Then I looked at my Daddy, who was staring at my exposed naked cunt. I spread wide for him to get a better look.

Paul's next question was out of sequence for me. "Lacey, do you like the flavor of your own juices?"

"Uh, yeah, I do." I had to think about it, weirdly enough. "I lick my fingers all the time."

"Nice. Now, Lacey, I want you to put the thong in your mouth, so I hear you sucking it, you know, sucking the juices out of it." He paused at the weird request, then he said, "Your email said you'd do anything, remember?"

I laughed, and I looked at my Daddy so I knew I had this attention. He shifted his eyes from my vagina to my face, as I said to Paul, "You want me to suck my juices out of my wet thong baby?" I didn't ask for Paul, I asked so Daddy could hear it. Daddy's face didn't change, however, he just stared at me.

"Do it, you slut," Paul commanded, expecting me to resist.

I wasn't about to; it sounded sexy. I mean, licking underwear is kind of sick, right, but hey, I've licked men's assholes, and licked cocks right after they've been in my butt too. I love the flavor of my cunt, which right now was saturated in this thong. So, barely hesitating, I put the phone near my mouth and twirled the thong around until the soaking front panel dropped down. I guided the thong over my face as I laid back flat on my bed, dropping the wet panel to my mouth. I could smell myself in it. The wet fabric touched my tongue; I quickly stuffed the rest of the panel in my mouth and closed my lips on it. Oh, god, it stunk of my sex. I closed my tongue on it too, and I could literally feel juices squishing out of it, filling my mouth. This was so fucking sexy! I'd probably do this myself in the future when I masturbate. I washed the thong's panel around my mouth a little, making sure to taste every drop of sweet cream in it, while I moaned and sucked loudly for Paul to hear on the phone. Daddy too was staring at me, seeing something new in me, which I fucking loved.

Paul's groan over the phone was long and deep, and I thought he'd just orgasmed. But he said instead, "Lacey, oh fuck, how does it taste?"

I answered with my mouth full. "Awesome!" I had to suck it a few more seconds, making sure I had a lot of the juices. Then I pulled it out, panted for air, and put the phone to my mouth again. "I'm so sweet, you should eat my cunt Paul, I'd cum so hard in your mouth!"

He ignored me. "Lacey, look down at your pussy now, tell me what you see, describe it to me?"

I've done this for men all the time, and describing myself to them is a total turn-on. "It's wet and bald, my pink lips are glowing and all wet, and you can see my clitty peaking out of my little hood." I glanced up and Daddy was admiring my vagina too.

"That's hot," he muttered, stroking himself again noisily, "Does your pussy want something in it?"

"Mmm!" Oh how to answer that question. "Paul, baby, my pussy wants your dick so bad, I wish you were here to fuck me so hard baby!" I looked at Daddy again, and I saw how he loved hearing me talk like a slut to other men.

"But," Paul moaned playfully, "I'm not there to fuck it, am I? So Lacey, what are you going to do?"

I wanted to cum so bad, but I wasn't comfortable. I had my feet dangling off my bed, my body pointed at my Daddy; lying back flat, I felt bent backwards. Not good for cumming. So I quickly turned 90 degrees, putting my head on my pillow, and lying back. I spread my legs and put the one nearest my Daddy flat on the bed, to expose myself to my father. Then I couldn't resist any longer, my fingers on my free hand slipped down to my crotch and lightly, gently, touched my aching clitoris. "Ohh fuuuck Paul -- it's sooo fuuucking wet!" My fingertips were sopping in juices from just a little touch.

"What are you going to do to your vagina, Lacey, don't touch it yet," Paul ordered again, breathlessly.

I described exactly what I intended to do. "I'm going to shove my fingers into it, two of them. I'm going to cum so hard so fast, Paul, you have me so turned on!"

"Don't do it yet," came my commands over the phone from afar, "just wait, first, tell me how you'd want me to fuck you the first time we meet?"

Breathing was getting hard, I just wanted to cum. I moaned and whined, sounding like a little schoolgirl whose favorite blankey had just been taken away. "Paul, baby, I have to cum, I'm so fucking horny!"

I glanced up at my Daddy; he was standing up. I seriously thought he'd heard enough of Paul making me wait, and he'd jump on me and do me like I wanted. It wasn't happening, though. Instead, still fully dressed, Daddy quietly walked around to the foot of my bed then climbed into it. I watched passively while Daddy slipped between the wall of my bed and my nude body, laying so that his head was even with my pelvis. He laid on one side, propping his head up with a bent elbow under it, so he could stare down at my vagina. Daddy's eyes were like only 12 inches or so from my pussy; I could feel his hot breaths on me, and I know he could smell me.

Daddy was going to watch me fuck myself, I loved it.

Paul was panting hard too, so I had to beg for his mercy. "Paul, honey, let me touch myself! I'm so fucking hot for you, I wish you could fuck me!" The noises on the phone were growing intense; he was jerking faster and about to cum, I knew it. I forgot for a few moments about my desperation to orgasm, and I put all my effort into his. "Oh baby, I'm spread for you on my back, if you were here, you could lie on me and rub the fat head of your dick on my juicy cunny! Then you could put it against my hole and shove it in me! It's so tight and you'd stretch me open! I'd be squeezing it with my muscles and feeling you fuck me so deep Paul! I'm so much tighter than your wife, I'd be screaming how I love your big dick, I bet she doesn't do that, does she? She doesn't worship your huge penis like sluts like me, I'd be fucking it so --"

Paul screamed, as only a man can do, it was more of a groan mixed with an explosion of air from his body. You could hear him straining as his entire body tensed and that huge tube in his hands pumped sperm up into the air and all over himself. I loved hearing a man cum, it's why I do phonesex. I was making him cum, just li'l ol' me.

Next to me, my father continued to stare at my nude vagina. I had one finger loitering on my clitty while I talked Paul through his climax, not trying to provoke myself. I could see my Daddy's eyes spinning as he watched my little fingertip twirl in circles over my triangular pink hood and rubbing the blunt end of my throbbing clitty.

"Fuck Lacey!" my lover spat over the phone. "Jesus, you bitch, you made me cum so fucking hard!"

"Oh fuck Paul!" It was my turn, I didn't wait a moment, I stiffened my index finger, pushed my hand down, and shoved my finger into myself. I was sopping wet and easily squeezed with minimal effort my entire finger to the knuckles of my hand. "Oh Paul I'm fucking myself!" I winced, pumping my hand in and out, feeling my tightness around my finger. As I pulled my legs backwards to spread open, my one leg came to rest on my father's hips, so we were in contact while I fucked myself. "Paul I have a finger in me, I'm so tight and wet, I wish your dick was in here!"

Paul continued to pant after his cum, but he was a stand-up man, he wasn't hanging up, he was going to take care of me now too. "Fuck yourself you slut, if I were there, I'd put you on your knees and bone you from behind like a cheap whore should be fucked." He gulped, his mouth dry from his energetic cum I guess, before picking up the story. "I'd slam your face into the bed and pull that sexy blonde hair. My cock would be in your stupid cunt and you'd be screaming at me to fuck you. I'd pound you so hard."

"Yes fuck me Paul! Fuck my cunt! I'm your slut!" I couldn't stand it, I slipped a second finger, my middle finger, into my twat with my first finger. Juices were now all over my palm and other fingers, and I felt my drips running over my asscheeks to wet my bedsheets. "Fuck me baby, fuck me Paul you gorgeous cuntfucker! Ohhh fuck YESSS!"

My first orgasm was, well, about a thousand different cums. It hurt, I mean, after all that time and anticipation, my vagina and clitoris were literally sore even as my fingers were still pumping through my cum. Every muscle in my body tensed and felt like it was burning on fire. I had butterflies in my stomach that bordered on nausea. My eyes rolled and jaw dropped. Electricity shot through my limbs and made my nipples small and hard as bullets. I think I screamed, I'm not sure, it was just an unbearable, divine orgasm.

"Uh Paul! Oh fucking shit! Oh fuck!" I was crying now, drawing out the end of my cum, my fingers slowing down. When I cum by myself, I can't help it, I put my other hand on my clit and push a thumb or two fingers into it, it always helps my cum when I do that. I don't do that when a man is in me, but I guess a guy is slamming his body against my clit anyway. I pushed hard on my sizzling hot clitty until the last thrusts and spasms shook through my body, leaving me in a daze. I felt sweat all over my nude body. "Jesus Paul, I came so hard!"

He wasn't saying much for a few seconds, then he laughed. "Lacey you are incredible, are you all wet now?"

"I'm a fucking mess!" I laughed back, and pulled my head up a little to look down at myself. I saw my Daddy admiring my orgasm just as much as I was; I had liquid all over my pussy and thighs, and hand. "I came so much, baby, just think how wet I'll be if you come fuck me for real!"

"Shit, Lacey," he groaned, "I'm stroking my dick again, you've got me hard already, you're amazing. I bet you'd be the best fuck I ever had."

Of that, I didn't really question my abilities. "Oh I bet yeah, Paul, I'd put you on your back and ride your bone all night until you didn't have a drip of cum left for me!"

"Shit, we need to do that sometime." He sniffed, made some ruffling noises, and exhaled. "Fuck, I'm covered in sperm, you bitch. And I'm hard as a horse. Are you still touching your cunt?"

I pulled my knee up so far, it was going to block Daddy's view of my pussy. So, instead, I changed position now, kind of rolling onto my side to face Daddy while I scooted my body up to almost sit on my pillow. This way, as I spread my legs, Daddy was staring at my vagina again, and I could pull my legs as far up as I wanted. My aching hole needed to be stretched as much as possible, and opening my legs wide seemed to help sooth the aching. "Paul, I'm so sore, I want a cock in me so badly, you have no idea, you have no idea baby." I was panting and almost crying, completely ignoring the fact that Daddy's penis was right there on my bed with me. "Fuck Paul, I'm so fucking horny, fuck my brains out baby!"

Daddy shifted wait, sort of lying on his tummy a bit, with his arms folded under his chest to prop up his head. He stared at my cunt, maybe 2 feet in front of him. I found myself gazing at my father's face, his eyes riveted on my fingers inside my pussy. I pulled my legs back even farther for his benefit.

"Do it," spat Paul with an evil tone, "pump those fingers in your slutty cunt you whore, admit it, you're a fucking whore aren't you?"

I smiled, closing my eyes so I wouldn't see my Daddy as I answered. "I'd love to be your whore, Paul, but I'm too horny to be a whore, you could fuck me anytime without paying me!"

He jerked his hardened penis a few times before asking another question. "How many fingers do you have inside yourself baby?"

"Two!" I was thinking about adding a third, but it makes my hand sore; I save that near my orgasms. "I'm still so wet Paul!"

"You horny slut, you horny fucking slut, stuff those fingers in your cunt!" Paul was pumping away himself, panting, I could hear the beating of his strokes, I could visualize him doing himself. I was so wet knowing it. "Put your fingers in your mouth, let me hear you taste your cum you slut!"

Now that was an idea. "Fuck yes!" I quickly removed my two fingers from myself, and stuffed them in my mouth. The phone was touching my hand as I did it. I lapped off the thick juices on my fingers, one by one, making "Mmmmm" sounds as I sucked each one clean. Then I flattened my palm and lapped off the juices pooled on it. I was fucking delicious, my hand was saturated. "Mmm, Paul, it tastes so good!" Between my spread thighs, my smiling father watched quietly as I cleaned my hand off of myself.

"Say Lacey," thought the man on the phone, "do you like getting ass-fucked?"

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