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Daddy's Baby Girl


Dedication: How I came to write this story is a funny tale in its self. I had made a bet with my girl friend and lost. The bet itself has been lost to memory but this story had been in the making for almost a year. So with her in mind every step of the way I wrote this story for her upon her request. I hope that those of you who read it enjoy it as much as I did writing it. When I actually sat down to do so anyways.. LOL. Email me with your thoughts and critiques. Thank you!!


Daddy's Baby Girl

She was eighteen and had grown into quite a beautiful woman. Her soft hair fanned out upon the pillow in silken waves. Her hand, once so small was now beautiful with long slender fingers. The delicate tips of her nails curved into her palm as it lay beside her face. The soft supple skin creamy as it stretched a crossed her features. That pert nose. The rose bud lips. He couldn't help but smile down at her sleeping form. This girl now grown into a woman. He knew it was wrong to lust after her. His stepdaughter. But from the moment he saw her she had been in every one of his fantasy's.. Down on her knees sucking his hard cock as she called him Daddy, Splayed out before him as she rubbed herself and told him she needed him...

He shook himself to dispel the thoughts. His member already responding to his waking dreams. Once more he gazed at her form there upon the bed. Her night gown a thin spaghetti strap tank top that had twisted in her sleep exposing her flat stomach and the side of one of her full breasts. He knew that if he reached down and brushed his hand over that fabric it would fall aside and expose her little nipple. He almost groaned to think of it.

Before he knew it his hand was caressing the skin of her neck pushing aside her soft hair and trailing down lower until he did push aside that fabric. Her nipple now jutting out. She gave a soft whimper and turned toward him. Almost as if she was seeking his touch. She rolled upon her back and her thighs parted gently. He could see the curve of them under the covers. The line of her cotton white panties now peeking out. His cock twitched in his jeans and he sighed. That was when he saw it.. The long hard plastic vibrator and the picture beside her pillow. She must have hidden them both under it before she had fallen asleep.

Moving quietly to the side of the bed he reached down and picked up the picture. A mans smiling face stared up at him. A young teen around her age. A jealousy consumed him in that moment. Questions played in his mind. Was this male touching his stepdaughter? Had he dared lay a hand on her.. and her.. masturbating to his picture? A growl left his throat as he shot her a look. Watching her sleep so peacefully. His growl must have disturbed her cause she awoke with a soft muted groan. Blinking her pale eyes up at him. He knew her face as well as the back of his own hand. The freckles that covered the bridge of her nose adding to her innocent look. Her hair around her in wild disarray as she sat up watching him.."Dad..what are you doing in here?" Voice soft and sultry with sleep as she spoke to him.

Unaware of the erotic picture that she made sitting there her breast still exposed and her thighs still parted under the sheets. She watched him, the sleep still heavy in her body. He seemed to be holding something in his hands, her eyes squinted with the lack of light only to widen once more as she saw him holding the picture of her boyfriend. His voice came rough edged as he pointed to the long vibrator upon her bed. "Tell me Stormy who is this and has he been touching you? You know that I forbid you to date until you moved out of this house. Have you disobeyed me young lady?"

Immediately she shook her head trying to deny it but she was never good at lieing to him. He took a seat on the edge of her bed as he watched her " Come here and tell me the truth Stormy. " his voice firm as he spoke to her. Fatherly almost disappointed that she would lie to him.

Still she shook her head and denied it. "No daddy, I haven't done anything. I have been a good girl daddy I swear it. He hasn't touched me daddy but I ache to be touched.." the fatal words passed her hips as he gave a sigh.

He was not ready to face the fact that his baby girl wanted another to touch her. She had disobeyed him he feared. " You know what I have to do Stormy. Come here and lay a crossed my lap" It was a firm command and he was not going to relent. He could hear her slight sniffles and just shook his head being firm yet gentle with her. His cock still strained against his jeans. He was getting hard off the fact that he was about to spank his stepdaughter. Her firm ass up in the air as she laid a crossed his lap grudgingly.

" I haven't lied to you daddy, I am a good girl. I swear he hasn't touched me." She pleaded with him " Please don't do this. You have to believe me I didn't do anything.." The soft sound of her voice almost believable but still he wouldn't yield.

Feeling her soft breasts press into his thighs, he almost groaned with the sensation. Her warm body draped over his lap. Squirming as she held her hands down to cover her ass. " Don't baby girl. You know you have been a bad girl. I told you not to date, my wishes were made clear and you disobeyed me. Now I am forced to punish you." He let his hand caress the firm globe of her left cheek as she shuddered against him. Feeling her warm flesh under her panties..His hand pulled back and fell down on her ass with the first stinging thwack! She gasped and cried out softly still struggling in his grasp.

"Daddy please stop. I was a good girl. I only wanted to know the pleasures a man could give a woman.. Daddy it aches so bad some times.." Her soft pleading was getting to him. Though his hand continued to fall down upon her plush ass. He could feel that she was beginning to grow moist. His stepdaughter liked to be spanked.. his brow quirked and he fought a grin. His hand still moving down to deliver those nice firm slaps to her ass. Warming it. He only stopped when the tears were glimmering in her eyes and she was still against him. "I'm sorry daddy.. I'm so sorry." Her soft words were accompanied by whimpers as the tears fell down her cheeks.

It was then that he pulled her into his arms. Rocking her tenderly as she cried and apologized for her wrong doing. He soothed her with a hand in her hair stroking the thick locks of it. Letting it glide through his fingers.

Before he could think of what he was saying he spoke, knowing it was wrong but it also felt so right.." Would you let daddy help you with this ache baby girl?. Do you think daddy could kiss it away?" She flushed brightly as she looked at him with her tear streaked face. His hand reaching up to wipe away those tears. She seemed to think about it and then gave a soft nod. "Alright baby girl show daddy where it aches" He spoke to her softly in that purring tone. Watching her slender fingers caress down her body.

She rested her hand upon her pantie covered pussy rubbing it slowly her thighs spreading "It aches right here daddy, so bad..I rub and rub but I cant seem to get the ache to go away. It only gets worse" She said in her pouting voice like a petulant child not getting her way. Frustrated and confused.

Reaching down he replaced her hand with his own letting his fingers rub her clit through her panties. He could feel that she was growing wet. Her hips undulated into his fingers pressing her closer and harder against his hand. She griped his shoulders and gave a soft pleasure sigh upon a whimper." Yes daddy thats it right there.. it aches right there.." His fingers slipped down pressing her panties into her moist folds, she gasped as he put a little pressure to her entrance.. " Daddy..." Voice breathy as she spoke to him her back arching and her plush breasts pressing against his chest.

Taking in a deep breath he drowned in his stepdaughters scent. It was intoxicating. A grown woman's scent. Her panties were now soaked with her juices as his hand continued to work upon her pussy.

As he lost himself to this moment he couldn't help the thoughts that passed within his mind, this was so wrong. He knew it and yet he couldn't deny the fact that this is what he had fantasied about for so damn long. Her head had now been thrown back in abandon as she rode his fingers through her panties seeking a deeper touch "Oh daddy please.. it aches so bad.. Please please...make it better" Every breath was panted causing her pert breasts to rise and fall. Before he knew it he was leaning forward and kissing that soft rounded flesh. Taking that hard but between his lips and giving it a lavish pull. She moaned out once more against him and writhed.. Slipping his hand now inside her panties. His thumb pushing the material aside so he could feel her slick folds with nothing in his way...

She hissed in pleasure as his fingers began to devil deeper into her. Pressing harder against her core, thumb caressing circles over the hard jewel of her clit driving her wild in his arms."I'm so wet daddy..oh please more:" Her little finger nails dug into his shoulders as she fucked his hand steadily. Impaling herself upon it. His hand wet with her juices slipped easily in and out of her. Curving his fingers up inside of her to brush over that G spot. A shudder and a near scream tore through her as she climaxed in his arms. Washing his hand in her womanly nectar. "Oh god daddy yes.. yes.." She had become a little wanton in his embrace.

Lips fighting a smile as he held her still shivering body. His clean hand brushing through her hair as she whimpered softly against him. Little hips still undulating as the last vestiges of pleasure were derived from her. His own body hard, a small wet spot of his own forming in his jeans. "That's it sweet heart...take from Daddy what you need..." Held her till the last of the shudders left her body and she fell quickly to sleep in his arms. Tucking her tightly back into bed he pulled the blankets back up and over her sleeping form. Leaning over he laid a kiss to her cheek.

Her scent still covered him and his rod was aching with his own need. He gave a soft sigh and headed for her door, turning to look back over his shoulder at the sleeping angel. A smile quirked his lips " sleep tight baby girl.." Spoken softly before he left her room to seek his own relief and sleep.

The morning after.

Blurry eyed with a soft groan she left the warm confines of her bed. Bare feet hitting the carpeted floor. Her sleep rumpled hair hanging about her in tumbling disarray as she felt her limbs a bit sore. Though it was a pleasant soreness. A smile as seductive as it was innocent curved her beautiful lips while she stretched her aching limbs. The fond memories of the night before playing through her mind. feeling a little naughty her hand crept down to her panties slipping inside of them for a moment as she blushed toying with her clit and remembering the way her daddy had made her feel. She gave a little giggle before stopping and going for her door, reaching out, grabbing and slipping on the short terry cotton robe that she always wore in the mornings. Closing the ties around her waist she reached out again for a ponytail band to wrap up into her hair trying to tame the wild locks. Knowing it was hopeless she left her room and headed down the stairs. The delicious scent of eggs and bacon being cooked wafted up to her as she entered the kitchen and caught sight of him.

Distracted by his cooking he didn't notice when she had come down, cracking an egg in to the frying pan he continued on his work until he felt her against his back. Suddenly stiff he didn't know how this morning was to be received but when he soon felt her hugging him and nuzzling her face against the strong muscles of his back he relaxed and let his large hand cover her little ones where they rested upon his stomach.. "mmm I trust you slept well baby girl?"

"Yes daddy I did. Very well." She looked up at him then catching his eyes and making him blush as he too remembered the night they had shared together. He flashed her a grin that seemed a bit boyish in nature and moved about the kitchen.

He had cooked her a feast. Bacon, eggs, waffles, even pancakes. The man had thought of everything. He layed it out as if it were some kind of offering to her. A banquet for her to feast on. Peculiar of him though. He only did things like this if he thought he had done something wrong. Something was making him nervous and it showed.

"Sit" He said pointing to the stool that was before her. Placing down a plate that was heaped with the food he had cooked "Eat up sweetheart. I don't want any of this food to go to waist" Flashing her that uneasy smile once more he watched her as she ate. Making his own plate he sat on the other side of the counter opposite her. Eating in silence and only with polite accord for the time being.

She had watched him from the corner of her beautiful eyes, through the long lashes that brushed her cheeks every time she looked down at her plate at what he had cooked. She wanted to do something for him. To make him feel like she did last night and maybe even to ease his agitation this morning over what had happened. Setting down her fork she looked at him directly. Her eyes wide with her innocents, her soft cheeks blushing a dark red. "Daddy...?"

He looked up then catching her eyes, the blush that flamed her cheeks. Oh hell here it comes..I knew she would be upset. The words ran through his mind blazing that fire inside of him. He was waiting with baited breath.."Yes baby girl?" The words came out colder then he had intended and he saw her eyes grow confused a moment before she smiled. Oh hell that smile was enough to have him completely and utterly undone again. He once more felt his cock hardening in his shorts. Discreetly he rested his hands in his lap and held the robe he wore closed.

"I wanted to do something for you.. you know. To make you feel good like you made me last night..Teach me daddy what to do for you. Please.." Her eyes held that pleading innocents. That pouting lip, looking up at him through those gorgeous lashes. Instinctively she rose to her feet and knelt before his stool. Her face upturned gazing at him hopeful that she wouldn't be turned away. Her hands moved up his calves and over his knees till they were resting upon his thighs. Slowly they moved to cover his own hands.

Gazing down at her there his heart beat faster and his groin tighten. He had dreamed about her like this on her knees for months.. It had all started when he had accidentally walked in on her stepping out of the shower.. Gods the memories of her body all slick and wet..Growling as he looked down at her there his hand moved to caress over her cheek and then thread into her hair only to be stopped by the tie she had bound in it.

Tugging it free he let her locks tumble down over her shoulders. Thinking about how her hair would feel against his skin as she took him into her mouth. A shudder of anticipation rippled through him.

"Alright..." His hand soon covered hers were they had lain upon his lap. Unfastening his robe he let it fall apart. He wore only a simple pair of boxer shorts, the fly of it already spread as his erection had started to emerge. The thick shaft pulled free from the confines he sighed in relief. "Now sweets I will show you.. Take your hand like this and begin to glide it up and down my shaft.." His words were cut short as her hand covered his and helped him stroke his own hard cock. Head falling back as the thought almost made him cum. "Yeah that's it.. " He pulled his hand free once more to cup the back of her head as she stroked him with her silken hand. With out his telling her she cupped his balls and massaged them as well in seductive rhythm.

Looking up at him she saw the ecstasy etched into the features of his face. The hand that clasped her head pulled her closer. She followed his guiding and let her tongue lap out an catch the moisture at the head of his cock tasting at once the salty sweet liquid. The shuddering gasp that went through him when she had tasted him only encouraged her to do it again. "Yeah.. baby girl.. perfect. " His soft words striking her heart with pride as she again licked at the head of his cock. Sucking the tip of it into her mouth. The feeling of him tensing in her grasp told her that she was doing something that pleased him greatly.

Growling deep he held her head close to his cock looking down at her. His eyes blazed with the fury of passion that burned in them. Dark blue and erotic he smiled to her.. "Take me into your mouth baby girl.. Suck daddy's cock." As he spoke he pushed the head of his cock past those petal soft lips and into the slick heated confines of her mouth. Oh hell it was heaven. All that warm softness sinking down upon his length as she swallowed with him deep in her mouth. Her head beginning to bob up and down on his thick shaft. Ecstasy ran hot into his blood boiling through his veins. He knew that this was so wrong, even worse then last night, but the sight of her taking his cock into her pretty little mouth was more then he could overcome.

She felt his fist in her hair tighten as she sucked him harder. Felt the light thrusting of his hips as he began to move inside of her mouth almost begging her to suck him faster, deeper. She used his hand as a guide and let him press her down till his cock touched the back of her throat and she could do nothing but slightly gag around it and swallow hard. Pulling back she heaved in a breath and did it again and again. Taking him balls deep into her mouth. That shaft sliding part of the way down her throat. Tears glistened in her eyes as she fought her gag reflex to deep throat him. The core of her beginning to heat and grow wet within her panties.

She once more slipped her free hand down inside her soft cotton panties to play with her clit causing her to moan out against his cock. The vibrations of it shooting down his shaft, tensing his entire body he fought not to spill his seed right then and there inside of her mouth.

No he didn't want to end this in her mouth.. There were other places.. other fantasy's that he wanted to act out while he still had the time. While this temporary insanity had a hold of them both. Swiftly he stood up looking down at her he saw her playing with her pussy inside of her panties. Damn she was beautiful. All that hair cascading down. She looked so innocent there on the floor with her legs spread wide as if she had jut been caught doing something so naughty. She bit her lip in that adorable way all innocents have as the blush moved up into her cheeks."Daddy did I do something wrong?"

The soft tone in her voice had his heart aching and his cock throbbing as he cupped her cheek and shook his head " No sweet heart you didn't. I want you to climb up onto the counter for me and lay on your back." a hint of confusion passed over those delicate features before she nodded.

"Yes daddy" He watched her as she rose to her feet and climbed gracefully upon the counter laying back for him. His hands caressing all that soft firm flesh as he moved them up her calves massaging the muscles there, still his hands moved on up to her thighs as he spread her apart to look at the most intimate part of her. The only fault was that she still had her panties on. Not for long though as he pulled them down and off of her long slender legs dropping them to the floor. His eyes feasted on her wet naked pussy. The lips glistened with her womanly juices.

Licking his lips he bent his head for the first taste of his stepdaughters essence. One long slow lap of his tongue was given as he spread her folds and tasted her deep. Dipping his tongue into her core and drinking from her as if he needed it. She tasted like heaven upon his lips. Ambrosia the food of the gods came from her womanly core dripping out like sweetened honey for him to lap up.

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