tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Baby Girl, Punished

Daddy's Baby Girl, Punished


I was a senior in high school when I turned 18 years old. I really wasn't good at paying attention in class. I was always crushing on boys. My Daddy on the other hand hated the fact I was doing poorly in school. He gave me the belt a couple of times for doing so poorly. Other than me being bad at school my Daddy and I are very close and he spoils me like a princess.

It was a Wednesday morning when I woke up & dressed for school. I dressed to feel like a slut in hopes that I got caught and I've gotta' admit, also dressed to attract my Daddy. I dressed in a white tight shirt and a very short skirt that if I bend over would reveal just a little of ass. God that feeling of excitement had me horny every time I thought about it. I love how the boys would purposely bump into me and grab my ass whenever I walked down the hall or purposely drop something so I have to bend over and show my ass, it makes me feel good and slutty.

It was 7:20 and school started at 7:25 I was going to be late so I rushed out the door to school. By the time I got there, first period was almost done so I decide to skip class and wait until my second class started.

The bell rang as first period was ending so I walked right to second period, Ms. Johnson's classroom. My desk was in the front row in front of Ms. Johnson's desk. She gave us work to do during class. I got comfortable and got to work. My legs were slightly opened. I raised my head just for a moment to catch my teacher starring between my legs then up to my eyes. I closed my legs fast getting red in the face. Jasmine may I see you after class? Ms. Johnson yelled out. The bell rang and I stayed seated while all my other classmates walked to their next class. Do you know why I asked you to stay Jasmine? No Ms. Johnson. Have I done something wrong? Yes Jasmine, first you're wearing a skirt that's far too short for dress code in this school and secondly, you are not wearing any panties. I'm sorry Ms. Johnson I was in such of a hurry leaving the house this morning; I forgot to put on panties. Hush girl, you are in big trouble now bend over my desk. Before I could say no I was already pushed over Ms. Johnson's desk getting spanked until the bell rang.

Saved by the bell I thought but she sent me to the head masters office. I walked to his office with my head down. He was expecting me already. Without a word he shoved me over the desk to see if Ms. Johnson was lying. You slut he screamed at me while continuing the spanking that Ms. Johnson started. After a while he stopped and ordered me to sit quietly while he contacted my father. I was crying so hard because I know that I'm in serious trouble. Daddy had an important meeting to be in but he would miss it because I was a bad girl. My daddy showed up to Mr. Steven's office with a stern upset look on his face. Daddy and Mr. Steven's sent me out in the hall while they discussed my behavior. I was sitting for at least 10 minutes but it felt like an hour.

Daddy came out of Mr. Steven's office and grabbed my arm dragging me to his car. Daddy what about my car? I can't leave it here. You don't have a car anymore Jasmine I'm selling it now get in the car. I started crying harder. He never called me by my real name. It was a silent ride home. As soon as we walked in the house daddy grabbed my neck hard.

I didn't know I had a slut for a daughter? Maybe I should treat you like one.

Daddy? I'm sorry but I'm no slut.

Oh no? Then why do you dress like one?

I was running late I just grabbed clothes.

Shut up I don't want to hear any excuses. Now take your clothes off sluts don't wear them in this house.

I stood there in shock that my daddy told me to get naked until I heard him yell NOW! I took my clothes off as fast as I could. I tried to cover my 36-B sized breasts and shaven pussy.

Don't you dare cover anything from me; keep your arms behind your back & above your ass.

Yes daddy I'll do as you say.

I watched him as he reached for things out of a drawer that was always locked. I started to cry when I saw the belt and paddle come out but was confused by the collar he took out. We never had a pet why did he have a collar? I start to back up when I saw daddy coming towards me with the belt and collar. He caught me before I could reach the wall.

Where do you think you're going slut?

I didn't say anything and received a hard smack across my face. When I ask you a question you answer it. Where did you think you were going?

I was scared but answered to avoid another smack to the face. I'm sorry daddy I'm confused about the collar and scared of the belt.

You will be wearing this collar for now on besides at school. At school you will be wearing a chastity belt for now on.

Yes daddy!

Now turn around baby girl!

I did and felt the collar being put on my neck and felt it being locked in place. Daddy then clasped a leash on the D-ring of my collar and led me to the coffee table.

On your knees and bend over the table with your face flat on the table!

I did as I was told, daddy knows how to use the belt when its needed.

Count to thirty and If you miss a number we will start all over again, do you understand?

Yes daddy! CRACK - One daddy, CRACK - Two daddy, CRACK CRACK CRACK... On & on it went. 25 Daddy. He delivered the last 5 harder than he ever had done before. I'm crying soo hard as my ass was on fire.

I will be a good girl daddy!

You're not done yet.

Still bent over the table I get a smack with the paddle hard. I scream out loud to the pain. He spanked me 20 more times with the paddle, hard. He then sent me to the corner for an hour and I wasn't allowed to rub my ass to calm it. When the hour was up, he called me to him. I started to stand when I heard him say you will crawl for now on now come over here. I sank to my knees and turned around and started crawling over to daddy when I noticed daddy was naked with a huge hard thick cock. I made my way to him and he took my leash & pulled me up until my mouth was level with his massive cock.

Suck it baby girl you know you want to. I knew I always wanted to but didn't know I would.

My daddy is a very sexy man at 6'3 tall, black hair, very toned for a 40 year old. I started to suck my daddy's cock so good as if my life depended on it. I was so good that daddy assumed that I sucked cock before and he was right.

Has my baby girl sucked a cock before? Without taking his cock out of my mouth I mumbled a yes daddy.

He pushed my head down making me gag for 30 seconds repeatedly. When daddy let me get some air he had a better idea. He pushed me off his cock and onto the floor. He then knelt behind me. He slammed his cock in my pussy with so much force and no mercy that I screamed. I was so loud that he smacked my sore red ass as hard as he could. He plunged in and out of me so hard and fast hitting my G spot every single thrust. He continued for another 30 minutes. I couldn't hold it anymore. I begged him to allow me to cum.

Cum for daddy, make me all soaking wet baby girl because you do know where it's going next. Right?

I came so hard on daddy's cock while screaming my ass daddy! He slipped out slapping my ass saying good girl and forced his cock up into my tight little ass. His thick head forced its way right through my rubbery opening and filled me beyond my ability. I was filled completely & it felt like I was going to be split in two. He sped up his tempo and started fucking me like the slut I am. I am getting my ass filled by my daddy and about to cum as hard as I ever had before.

DADDY PLEASE, may I cum again? I really need to cum!

Wait for me baby girl I want you to cum with me.

Yes daddy! I answer with frustration.

He kept on fucking my ass for 5 more minutes until he said CUM! I came so hard that I almost passed out from the pleasure and the feeling of Daddy's hot load shoot up my ass shot after shot. I couldn't believe what was happening and I couldn't get enough of it! He pulled his cock out and I eagerly crawled toward him to clean him up.

I love you baby girl.

I love you too daddy I'm sorry for being bad.

Its ok honey I know you would be better from now on.

Yes daddy. I will!

We both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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So what

So what it was probably just for fun and her first story.

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by Anonymous11/20/17

Ever heard of quotation marks or a females anatomy

This was a lame read, because you can't use quotation marks for speech, and you don't seem to understand how sex works at all. Just throwing time in and shiz. No real description. Learn sex. Learn howmore...

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