tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Bulge

Daddy's Bulge


Through most of her life, Janie had never really thought of her parents as sexual beings, but now, returning from college at the end of the semester so much was different for her. Having lost her virginity early in the semester and then continuing on in a self described endless sexual smorgasbord until the holiday break, she suddenly became very aware of the sexual nuances of her parent's life.

Suddenly, their normal early bed times on certain nights had new meaning for Janie. She now noticed the subtle foreplay her parents exhibited, the light slap on the ass, the light brush of an arm on breast and the, now incredibly sexy, embrace from behind when mother bent over the dishwasher. Yes, Janie now understood it all.

During all this subtle foreplay, even when she noticed them look at each other a certain way Janie noticed something else. It was something she never looked for before, but now it was simply so obvious and that was the bulge in her father's pants. Of course now she knew when to look, so when he patted his wife on the ass, Janie would lower her gaze and see her dad's erection poking out in his pants.

Often after seeing her mom and dad doing the dishes together and then disappear to go to bed early, after Janie spent nearly a half hour seeing her dad's cock pressed against his pants she'd have to rush to her room, pull off her soaking wet panties, wet her fingers in her pussy and vigorously diddle her clit. She imagined her father's hard cock pressing against his pants for her and she'd come, her pussy squeezing and convulsing in ecstasy.

Now life would have continued on normally, with Janie rushing up to her bedroom to masturbate as her parents went to bed early, had Janie's grandmother not taken a fall and broken her hip. Janie's mother quickly packed her bags and headed out for an extended visit.

Nothing much happened for the first few nights, but on about the fourth night, as Janie passed her father's room he heard a noise inside. The door was cracked open so Janie took a peek inside. She noticed her father on the phone, but he wasn't just talking, no, he had his underwear tucked under his balls and he was stroking his cock, whispering on the phone.

Presumably Janie's mother was on the other line and she figured she should go on to her room, but she just couldn't. She remained at the door, mesmerized by the sight of her father stroking his cock. Squinting to look a bit closer, she noted that her father's cock was not as long as some of her boyfriends, but damn it was thick, looking almost twice as thick as any cock she had seen.

Janie reached down and slipped her fingers into her panties and began rubbing her clit as she watched her father stoking faster and faster. Unfortunately, before Janie could get very far she saw her father lift his hips and come, shooting his jism up over his stomach. He quickly grabbed some tissue and dabbed up the cum as Janie rushed into her bedroom to finish off her orgasm.

That night Janie worked out a plan. Her dad was off the next day and pretty much just hung around the house in a pair of shorts. Janie pulled on her tightest short shorts and then tied on a skimpy halter top. While her dad piddled around the yard, Janie fixed lunch for them both, calling him in once she set the table.

Sitting down for lunch she asked, "How much longer will mom be away?"

"A couple of weeks I guess."

"I guess you really start to miss her," Janie said.

"Yeah, especially the cooking."

"Anything else?"

"Well of course, I miss the company. I miss having someone help clean up the dishes with me."

"Well, I'll help you today daddy."

"Okay, that will be nice."

"Do you miss anything else?"

She noticed him glance down at her breasts, his eyes focusing where her nipple, which was erect, pressed on her halter top. "Yeah there are other things I miss, mostly just having her here."

They continued eating in silence for a while. As they were finishing Janie stood up, making sure she leaned forward giving her father a good look down her halter top. She walked over to the dishwasher and opened the door, slowly bending over as she lowered the door. Peeking back between her legs she noticed her father staring at her.

Standing and turning quickly she said, "Well we need to clear the table now."

"That we do," her father replied, standing up.

Janie could see him pause as he stood. She figured he had expected to see her turn to put some dishes on the counter and now suddenly realized she'd see him stand up. Janie continued watching as her father stood all the way up, his cock creating a tent in his pants. "Oh my," she said to herself, "that is for me."

She turned toward the counter, but peeked back over her shoulder and saw him quickly adjust himself. Janie could still see the bulge, but it was more comfortably pulled up against him. Looking up at his face Janie smiled, trying to mimic the way her mother smiled at him before they went to bed early.

Her father gave her an odd look and then eased past her to put some dishes in the dishwasher. Janie then bent down beside him to slide a plate into the dishwasher, moving in a way that her breast brushed against his arm. He moved quickly away and then worked fast to finish up in the kitchen.

When they finished he said, "Oh, I've got to go call your mother now."

Janie nodded and watched him head toward his room. Once he slipped inside she followed, pausing outside his door. She listened to the movement inside and when she heard him grab the phone she stepped into the room. Her father was sitting on the bed wearing only his jockey shorts. Looking down at the underwear, Janie could see the obvious bulge.

"Janie, what are you..."

"It's okay daddy, I saw your bulge and I know it's for me."

"No Janie, I was calling your mother."

"Hang up the phone daddy," she said, reaching behind her and untying her halter top.

"But Janie, you can't... it's wrong."

She began walking toward him, letting her hips swing as sexily as she could. "Yes daddy it's wrong for me to look at your bulge."

Hanging up the phone, her dad crossed his hands over his lap.

In response Janie hooked her thumbs in her shorts and pulled them down. She was wearing no panties.

"Stop Janie, we can't..."

Moving closer to him she replied, "Yes it is wrong for me to look at your bulge." She then kneeled, reaching her hand out to push his hands away. She then grabbed his cock through the cloth. "It's wrong for me to grab your cock, your so thick cock."

His voice trembled, "But Janie..."

"It's wrong for me to rub my breasts on your face," she said, standing, leaning forward and rubbing her breasts on his face. She grabbed his hands and guided them upward, gasping as he clasped them hard. She could feel the urgency in him as she winced in pain.

Janie then reached down, grabbed the elastic on her father's underwear and pulled them down to his knees. She watched as he released her breasts and pulled them completely off. He then slid back no the bed saying, "No, no this is wrong."

Janie crawled onto the bed, moving her knees to each side of him as she whispered, "Yes it is wrong for me to take your cock daddy, it is wrong for me to guide it into my pussy and it is wrong to slide down on you daddy, so wrong. Oh daddy, it feels so good," she moaned feeling her pussy expand around his massive girth.

Her head spun as she felt her father's cock expand her pussy, filling her like she had never been filled before. "Oh daddy it's so wrong to fuck you daddy, oh please fuck me daddy, please fuck me."

Her father groaned, "Wrong," as he grabbed her waist, arched his back and plunged his cock desperately into her, lifting her up off the bed. He continued moving, pushing her onto her back and while still deep inside her he moved onto his knees. Withdrawing slightly, he slammed his cock back into her wet, stretched opening, moaning loudly, "Janie, Janie, it's so wrong."

"Oh daddy yes, yes, daddy, I'm coming," she replied, feeling the pleasure pierce her deeply, opening her in waves again and again. Her pussy clasped her father's thick cock, squeezing it and releasing, squeezing it again. Slowly, the pulsations faded as her continued to be filled, then emptied and then filled again as her father thrust into her over and over.

"Oh Janie, yes," he moaned, arching his back and thrusting himself to the hilt. Janie could feel his cock twitch as he came, spurting his cum deep into her aching pussy. She felt him collapse upon her, his chest flattening her breasts, his mouth locking with hers, in a deep kiss, his tongue pushing deep into her mouth, his lips bruising hers in his desperation.

They remained entwined for several minutes before her father's thick cock slipped out of her pussy. It hurt where he stretched her so, but in an odd way it was a good hurt, one that continued to send a tingle though her body. Her father rolled off of her and onto his back, moaning, "It was so good Janie, so good."

Reaching down and wrapping her fingers around his limp, but still wet cock, she was still amazed at its girth. She considered taking him in her mouth, maybe coaxing it to get hard again but the phone suddenly rang.

Her father jumped up saying, "That's your mother..."

"I'm going to my room daddy," she said crawling across the bed and then standing next to him as he reached for the phone. She leaned over and kissing the huge head of his cock before grabbing her clothes and running out of the room. She closed the door behind her and then dashed into her room. Falling onto her bed she could feel her father's cum running down her legs.

Janie dabbed up the cum with her shorts and blouse. She then leaned back onto the bed, closed her eyes and let the events of the afternoon play slowly through her mind. Her hand slid slowly over her stomach, through her damp pubic hair and then moved downward. Slowly she slipped her fingers into her wet pussy and then moved them up to her clit as a picture of daddy's bulge emerged in her mind.

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