Daddy's Domination


"Yea daddy."

"You want more baby?"

"Please daddy. Let me have more."

The pounding stopped and he withdrew his cock from my hole as the next guy stepped up to take his turn. His cock was one of the bigger ones and as he slid it in I felt tears well up in my eyes as I bite my lip and pain stretched across my face. I knew he was enjoying this, as much as he knew I was enjoying it. He pulled off my blind fold and the light stung my eyes, I looked down under me to see him grinning widely at me.

" You look anywhere but my face I will backhand you. Do you understand?"

I nodded still biting my lip and closing my eyes. He grabbed my face hard and pulled me down to kiss him. Our lips touched gently and his tongue slipped past my lips and met mine as I tried not to bite it as the unknown guy behind me still pushing his cock into my ass. Kissing daddy forced me to stifle my screams. It briefly distracted me as the other guy finally forced his cock into my ass, making me moan loudly. I felt daddy's arms go around my waist one holding me there and the other traveling up my back to the back of my head and whispering something into my ears that I couldn't hear over my moans.

"Shut the fuck up! I said open your eyes and look at me whore."

I opened my eyes to see him starting at me clinched teeth and lips slightly snarled as he rocked his hips slightly and the man behind me pounding his cock deep into my ass. I bite my bottom lips hard trying not to make a sound, but failing. The man behind me pounding and driving his cock so hard and deep into me it felt like it's been buried deep into my stomach. I felt the movement slow and I knew what was coming next. The strides slowed but the force hardened and he quickly pulled his cock out and exploded his load across my back. I made a face that made daddy laugh evilly. Before I knew it the next man was in my ass and pounding me. It wasn't the same as the last guy, it hurt a lot less and I was more relaxed. Soon his strides became slowed and more forced and he moaned loudly as I he skeeted his load up my back. The next guy was a little bigger than the previous guy and it felt better. As daddy ground his hips up into my pussy and the other guy pounded his cock into me as hard as he could. I shuddered and screamed exploding with ecstasy, as he pulled out cuming across my ass cheeks, and I made a face again. I looked down at daddy as if to beg him to tell them al to go home but he just laughed. I saw him glances to my left and he looked at me sternly and said gruffly.

" Close your eyes and open your mouth."

As usually I did as I was told and I felt a cock go in my mouth. I knew there was at least one more that hadn't yet cum. he grabbed the back of my head forcing it down my throat. I gagged slightly and let him control the speed of how I sucked his cock. His strides became more forced and he shouted loudly as he came deeply down my throat making me choke on his cum. he let his dick slide out of my mouth and kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear.

" Wow, he sure know how to pick a good whore."

My eyes flew open and looked down at daddy, not daring to look back at whom was in the room, knowing I already had one black eye. He grinned a mischievous grin and lifted my ass spreading my cheeks and began to thrust his hips up fucking me fast and hard, making me madder and madder with each thrust but making me feel so good at the same time. We came together and he pulled me down and kissed me deeply on the mouth, and whispered in my ear.

"I told you were going to pay me back."

He pushed me off of him and looked at me disgusted.

"Go wash the cum off yourself you filthy fucking whore."

I got up heading to the shower and looked back peeking around the hall corner and saw what I had feared most complete strangers handing daddy money. I went in took a shower and when I came out there was a note laid on top of a wad of money.


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Story was fine, grammar was awful. Please learn.

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