tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Good Little Bad Girl

Daddy's Good Little Bad Girl


Dawn was in her bed, relaxing in the dark with her long legs spread apart just enough to allow room for her busy hand. The pillows were propped up against the wall so that she could almost sit upright. Certainly she could watch herself if she wanted to. If she could have seen through the covers. It was fall and the nights were just starting to cool off, so she was using a light blanket and not the heavier comforter that she knew she’d be using in a few weeks. The clean sheets felt crisp and inviting against her bare skin. It was so delicious when she had taken off all of her clothes so slowly and erotically, all the while pretending that he was watching her. As she climbed into her bed the silky smooth sheets felt particularly cool brushing against her hot naked skin. In her heightened senses, every touch of the bedclothes was a gentle tickle to her libido.

Dawn’s fingers were languidly stirring her wet clit, swishing and swirling salty girl juice around the heart of her sex. It was pleasant enough dreamland that enveloped her, and she knew that it was one that would eventually lead her to a good cum. Eventually, that is, if her dream lover didn’t come and take her before she allowed herself that release.

He might. Then again he might not. He hadn’t come yet, even though Dawn had wanted him for so very long. Nope. He might not come tonight at all, in spite of all of her longing and in outright defiance of all of the hints she had dropped. But she couldn’t blame him. Not really. After all, Dawn’s dream lover was her daddy.

She wasn’t quite sure just when this particular desire arose in her. Lots of girls must idly dream about their fathers, mustn’t they? Surely she was no different than they were. But it didn’t really matter. It didn’t matter at all, because her father was sexier than theirs. He was better looking and smarter than any other father. And her daddy loved her in a way that the other girls could not even hope to even dream of. And someday he would come and take her. She knew it. Someday he would come and make wild sweet love to her. It might even be tonight. She would just have to be patient. And if wasn’t tonight, well a girl is allowed to enjoy her own body when her daddy isn’t around, isn’t she?

After Dawn had decided that she wanted her daddy and that no other lover would do, she had come up with a plan. She was going to be patient. Over time she was going to let him know that she was available to him. Her plan was a trail of feminine breadcrumbs, subtly growing stronger and sexier. But this trail was designed to lead him to her bed so that he would make love to her. And if somehow he didn’t follow them, then she would just come up with another plan. Make him jealous, maybe? Tie him up when he was sleeping and not untie him until he spurt his seed inside her? Disguise herself so that he though he was making love to somebody else? It doesn’t really matter. Not yet. Because she was certain in her own heart that one day he was going to take his daughter. Hopefully it would be tonight.

The first step in her plan was to make him notice her almost grown up body. After all, he wouldn’t make love to her if he still thought she was a little girl, now would he? Dawn had matured into a seductive girl of gentle curves, long legs and firm breasts. And fortunately the current styles in young girls’ clothing fit into her plans nicely. She began dressing in tight jeans which showed off her tight little ass and shapely legs. And it was very in vogue to wear clinging shirts that left her tummy and shoulders bare. So she was able to show off her assets (she just loved that dirty word – ass-ets…) without being very obvious about it.

And it had worked. More than once she’d caught him out of the corner of her eye, looking appraisingly over her feminine curves. Of course she had never said anything to him. A girl has to at least pretend modesty, doesn’t she? And even though he quickly turned away each time she caught him, she was sure that he had liked what he’d seen. And every time she caught him looking at her as a woman it sent a shiver down her spine. She even took to standing around in seductive poses when Daddy was near, her hip shot out or pretending to stretch her back so that her nipples were obvious against the fabric of her shirt. And when she caught him admiring her youthful figure she would smile brightly to let him know that she appreciated it.

The next step in the plan was to let him know that she had breasts. All men like breasts, didn’t they? Oh, he had seen her figure turning from that of a young girl into that of a mature woman. But seeing her tittys bouncing gently under her skimpy shirts wouldn’t be quite the same as feeling them, would it? And so she took every chance she had, every opportunity to make him aware of her firm protuberances. When he was standing at the barbecue she had come up behind him and pressed her tit into his arm as she pretended to take an interest in how well her hamburger was done. She had pressed hard, and she knew that he could feel her nipple through his shirt. But of course he hadn’t said anything.

Another time that Dawn had leaned over him while he was typing at his desk. She let her breast (naked under her shirt, of course) graze his shoulder over and over as he gave her help that she didn’t really need with her homework. She wasn’t exactly sure if his little shudder had been the result of feeling her little nipple brushing his shoulder, but it sure seemed like she was having the desired effect on him. And the heavenly feeling of her nipple hardening as she rubbed it against her daddy was just a bonus, wasn’t it?

Her hugs had become rather frequent. Full-blown full contact full body hugs. Not the embarrassed ‘I don’t want my daddy to feel my breasts’ kind that most teenage girls give their fathers, but the ‘I’m pretending I don’t notice but can you feel my grown up tittys?’ kind. At first he had seemed uncomfortable, but as she shared her hugs more and more often he had learned to enjoy her affections without feeling embarrassed. And she loved him so much when he wrapped his arms tightly around her slender waist. Once (was it only last week?) his hand had dropped and patted her bottom through her jeans as she’d thrown her arms around his neck to welcome him home. A little tremble shook her body as her daddy’s hand touched her ass, and she had imagined that it was the touch of a lover and not of a father. She had felt so grown up that day.

Laying in her bed, Dawn felt a little gush of wetness flow from her pussy with the memory, and she moved her drenched finger in delicate circles around her clit. She had even shaved herself, wanting not even the tiny impedance of a little hair to interfere with the pleasures that her late night strokings could give her. She raised her wet fingertips to her lips so that she could taste her rising excitement. God, would Daddy think she tasted as good as she does? Would he want to lick her and slowly taste all of the pleasures of her body? Or was Daddy the kind of man who just used a girl, pounding himself inside her for his pleasure alone? Either way was OK with her. It didn’t matter at all, as long as it was her sweet and sexy father screwing her.

Once he was used to feeling Dawn’s supple body embracing his she had stepped up the plan. Daddy usually came into her room to say goodnight, and one night she had waited by her desk, wearing her shortest skirt and no underwear. God, she was nervous! What if he got embarrassed? What if he got mad? But Daddy had often remarked about how much he liked his wife’s slender legs. And sometimes he would give a wolf whistle when he saw a particularly nice pair of legs on a cute girl at the mall or even on TV. Nope, Dawn knew that her Daddy was a leg man from way back, and pushing her breasts against him was only going to get her so far. It was time to up the stakes. And so she had waited.

Finally she heard him coming down the hall. She turned and faced the desk, and bent over. She felt so exposed like this! And she remembered how she thought that it was a good thing that he couldn’t see her front, otherwise he would surely have asked her about the pink blush she felt moving up from her belly to her face. After some experimentation with the mirror on her door she had discovered that if she put this little skirt on (none of her others would do – they were all just too long!), and got in just the right position in front of her desk and spread her legs just the right distance apart, that her pussy was plainly visible from behind. She heard the door open, and there was a little pause. Was that a gasp she heard? She smiled to herself as she pretended not to notice that her very own daddy was looking up her skirt at her bare ass and pussy. She cocked her hip to one side as she pretended to look at the history paper on her desk. She had learned that this move caused her ass to wiggle just so – just like one of those girls in an MTV video. Gosh, it felt delicious and so very wicked to know that her own daddy was looking at her taut butt and swollen wet pussy.

After several long seconds Daddy apparently recovered from the shock of seeing his daughter’s gorgeous ass. He knocked on the open door as if he hadn’t been staring at her firm naked butt. She had bounced upright and looked over at her father and smiled as he croaked out his usual “Goodnight Dawn. Love you, baby.” He pretended that he hadn’t been looking at his daughter’s naked sex. But the strangled tone in his voice let her know that her mission had been successful. She pretended to be surprised at the sound of his voice, and she popped upright letting her skirt fall back into place. She turned to face him, all innocence and smiles. “Goodnight, Daddy!”

Of course, those weren’t the words she wanted to use on her father. She had learned early on that dirty words held a special kind of magic for her. Cock. Pussy. Screw. And as she played with herself night after night she whispered out loud the words that embodied her desires and drove her to the most intense orgasms. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Those whispered words were always a kick-start to her rising excitement – absolutely guaranteed to push her up to the next level of pleasure. And she had even experimented with different ways of saying it to see which one might sound the best. Which one would hold the most power during their love-making. Imploring? “Fuck me, Daddy.” Demanding? “Fuck me, Daddy.” Softly? “Fuck me, Daddy.” No matter which way she said them the dirty words had an immediate effect on her needy pussy, causing it to spasm deliciously as she teased yet another orgasm out of her dripping hole. “Fuck me, Daddy” had become Dawn’s mantra, her unfilled dreams and her raison d’etre all rolled into one.

As she lay in bed waiting for her father Dawn dipped her fingers inside herself again and spread her legs a little further to allow herself better access to her little hole. Gosh, it always made her feel so warm and grown-up and excited to think of sex with her father. The need was beginning to rise in her again, and she wasn’t sure whether she could wait much longer for daddy to show up before she had to finish the job herself. But it’s been this way every night since she decided to that she was going to try to seduce her daddy. And so she practiced, her fingers dancing on her clit and her voice a whisper lest she be heard - “Fuck me, Daddy.” Her fingers swirled around her hole a little faster with the mental image and the magic words. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

OK, so he knew that she had a pretty body. And if he’d given it any thought at all, he probably knew that she’d taken that first step on the road to womanhood and begun playing with herself. But it’s one thing to think that your daughter is masturbating, and it’s quite another to know it for a fact. Since he’d ‘caught’ her bending over her desk and seen her bare butt he had become more careful about going into her room unannounced. But Daddy’s habit of saying goodnight to his little girl hadn’t changed, and she had worked that to her advantage.

A few days after she let her father see her naked butt she was getting ready for bed. She had taken off her tight jeans little early, sliding them down her long legs. Dawn stripped off her socks but left her t-shirt on as she watched herself in the mirror. Gosh, she really did have pretty legs, slender and shapely. She knew that the boys at school all wished that she was theirs; that they were the ones who could fuck her and bury themselves inside her and fill her with their hot sperm. But she was daddy’s girl from top to bottom. She trembled a little as she pushed her hair behind her ears and smiled at herself in the mirror. It was time for the next step.

Dawn turned out the light and slipped under the covers and thought of her daddy between her legs. He would thrust himself inside her and pound her hard until she came and came. Until he gushed that mysterious white sperm deep inside his little girl. With that picture in her head it was no surprise at all that she was swollen and wet, her cherry hole gaping wide as it longed to be filled with her father. She spread her legs wide and moved her hand down between them. She could see her fingers working under the covers, kneading and stroking that meeting point between her legs and causing her so much pleasure that she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. It wouldn’t do at all to have him hear her before he got into the room and she learned his intentions.

It was a good thing that she’d had so much practice at this. That she could keep herself on the knife-edge of a good cum for as long as she wanted to. Well, as long as the mental image of her father didn’t become too real, because that always pushed her so quickly to cumming that she was unable to stop. And so she patiently played, loving her slippery ministrations as she tried not to cum until she heard him at the door. Trying to think of Daddy without thinking of Daddy and watching her busy fingers under the covers. She loved every satiny stroke, every gooey caress. The musky scent of a daughter in heat filled the room and she hoped that the liquid splashing sounds that her fingers were making didn’t carry to the hallway.

Finally Daddy arrived. He knocked on the door and paused while he waited for Dawn to invite him in. This was the crucial part. She had to make it sound like she’d said yes but without really saying it. Fortunately the soft moan that escaped her lips just then from thinking of her father at the door did the trick. Daddy heard her and took his daughter’s low vocalization as permission to enter. He pushed the door open and stepped into her room.

She may never know just what Daddy was thinking when he saw his little girl playing with herself under the covers, her legs spread wide, her fingers obviously hard at work under the covers, her eyes closed in bliss and her breathing quick and hot as she started to cum. Should he leave? Should he pretend that he couldn’t see? Should he just give in and watch? But she was having sex in the same room as her father, and he was watching! She immediately gave up on trying to hold back (indeed, she probably couldn’t have stopped if she had wanted to) and let the orgasm overtake her. It was a skittering and skipping cum that took her breath away but wasn’t quite the peak that she knew she could achieve. Just nervous, she guessed. She could feel daddy’s eyes on her, taking in his little girl’s lewd and wanton handiwork. It was over in a few seconds, and she pretended that she had just noticed him as she squeezed her legs together at the end and her eyes flickered open. His sight of her wasn’t perfect, with the light from the hallway providing the only illumination. She held her breath as she waited to see what his reaction would be.

After what seemed like forever but must have been only a few seconds, Dad just said, “Goodnight, Dawn honey.” But she had learned what that rasp in his tone meant from when he had seen her naked pussy. There was no mistaking the note of desire in his voice. Oh yes. Daddy had seen. Daddy knew exactly what she had been doing. And Daddy had liked it.

The skipping cum that she had experienced that night became part of her nightly repertoire. And as she remembered it, Dawn flicked her fingertip against her clit, keeping herself right there, cumming ever so lightly over and over as she slowly built up towards the big one that would allow her to go to sleep wet and sated to dream peaceful dreams of her handsome daddy. Her legs shook and she trembled as the juices flowed down between her legs to puddle on the sheets beneath her. Every morning she woke up in a wet spot of her own making. But she always pretended that it was a wet spot that her daddy made, and Dawn would carry that thought with her throughout her days.

Knowing on an instinctual level that it just might be possible to seduce her daddy, she also knew that there was no way he would take her if she were inexperienced. A girl needs a little practice if she’s going to be good enough for her very own father. But she still wanted him to be her first. It was a conundrum that had no apparent resolution. There was no way for her to learn how to become a good lover and still give her cherry to Daddy. At least, that’s what she had believed. But then one day when she saw Brittney kiss Madonna on the television a giant light bulb went off inside her head. She had a girlfriend, didn’t she?

Susan had become her best friend some time before, and Dawn was closer to her than to anybody else. She knew all about Dawn – every dream, every wish, and every unfulfilled desire. Everything that is except for Dawn’s innermost longing to be fucked by her very own daddy. And Susan was one of the prettiest girls in school, too, with long blond hair and a wonderfully curvy figure. Dawn decided that trying to seduce Susan would be her practice run – a way to see if there were any flaws in her planning abilities. So she developed a plan that that she would implement over time much like the slower seduction that she was trying on her father.

It had started with a quick kiss on Susan’s cheek one night when Dawn told her goodnight after school. She had looked a little surprised but hadn’t said anything. Dawn thought that maybe she even looked a little thoughtful. And then the next Friday night she had taken her hand and held it gently during the football game. Susan’s hand was soft and warm. More to the point she didn’t seem to mind holding Dawn’s hand one little bit. The two of them had cheered the team on to victory between their surreptitious hand-holding.

The next day Dawn advanced her plan with a quick “Love you, baby” whispered into the phone after a call about that day’s history assignment. She gave Susan some long seductive looks during study hall. Dawn complimented her gorgeous body one afternoon after school. Of course, she had found that part of her plan very easy to do because Susan was a very cute girl. In fact, Dawn was a little surprised when she realized that she was beginning to get excited whenever she thought of her best friend’s figure and the things that they might be doing together if her plan worked.

She brushed Susan’s hair during one rainy afternoon, and she began giving her full body hugs for no real reason. But she held them a little longer each time and after a couple of weeks it was not uncommon for them to be in each other’s arms for several moments at a time. And then came the day when she had caressed Susan’s ass while she was making them a snack in the kitchen. Her butt was so warm and firm under her jeans, and Dawn felt a little tremor between her legs when she realized what she was doing. She wasn’t sure, but she thought that maybe Susan had wiggled her bottom against Dawn’s hand. It was time.

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