Daddy's Good Little Bad Girl


That night Dawn called Susan on the phone. Dawn steered the discussion towards boys, a topic which she brought up every night. But this time she gently guided the talk toward which ones were hot and which ones she might like to kiss. Which ones she might like to sleep with. What it might be like to actually do it.

Susan didn’t know that she had unsnapped her pajamas and slipped her hand between her legs. And she certainly would have been shocked just then if she’d known that Dawn was picturing her pink pussy and not some boy’s cock. Dawn’s fingers began their gentle dancing on her shaved slit. It felt so wicked to be playing with herself while talking to Susan, and her fingers and her warm little hole were slippery in no time. She asked Susan if the conversation was making her hot, and when she confided that it was, Dawn confessed to her in her best seductive voice what she was doing.

“I’m playing with myself right now,” she had whispered, her fingers moving faster of their own accord as she breathlessly murmured her confession.

“Ohmigod, Dawn,” she said, her voice full of an odd mixture of wonder and embarrassment. “I am, too.” Susan’s voice trailed off and Dawn almost believed that she could hear Susan’s fingers busily fondling her wet slit. “M-m-my panties are pushed aside so that I can.. I can…” Susan’s voice degenerated into a low moan, and Dawn heard the phone drop to the floor. She knew exactly what was happening. She heard her! She heard Susan having an orgasm and the knowledge that she was there to share it caused her own orgasm to tumble from her, rapidly escaping her body as if it couldn’t be contained for a second longer. A low moan that matched Susan’s broke free from her lips, and she shared the most intense orgasm of her life with her girl friend.

It was so exciting in fact that she and Susan had begun having phone sex together every night. Their mutual attraction built to a fever pitch as the week went on. This was so exciting, so forbidden, so tempting. Every orgasm was a new adventure, a new building block in Dawn’s relationship with her girl friend. And every night she had pushed the boundaries a little further.

“Honey?” she had said. “I’m putting my wet finger in my mouth. Can you taste me?”

“Dawn! Ohmigod! I can’t believe you did that!” Even over the phone she could tell that the thought of Dawn licking her own juices was pushing Susan’s excitement even higher.

“You do it too. Do it for me, Susan. Please?”

A pause, and then, “Oh God yes. I’m doing it. Ohmigod, Dawn! You taste so goood…” There was a pause, and then the funny little panting that she had learned that Susan always did just before she came. “Listen,” she gasped, and Dawn heard her move the phone to her pussy so that she could hear the wet sounds of her fingers wildly rubbing her slit.

She was proud of herself that she managed to not drop the phone as the motion of her fingers matched Susan’s and her orgasm washed through her. She listened to Susan gasping for air as she wildly thrashed her wet pussy and came. Came while thinking of Dawn. And every time that Dawn came over the phone with her new lover it just got stronger and stronger. How much more could a girl take?

A couple of days later Dawn was ready for the next step in her planned seduction of Susan. Their nightly phone cum was behind them, and they were both settling into their post-orgasm languor before their goodnights. “You know what I really want?” Dawn had asked. She whispered, a secret confession that might even embarrass practiced lovers. But this was no time for shyness if she wanted to seduce Susan and then her father. And so she let the words tumble breathlessly from her lips. “I want to watch your pussy while you make yourself cum.”

Susan had blushed – why she could even tell over the phone. But, and here was the big thing, she didn’t say ‘no.’ Of course, she didn’t say ‘yes’ either. But Dawn was encouraged, and from then on their nightly phone sex ended with Dawn’s gentle pleading. She mentioned it at every opportunity, telling Susan how thrilling it would be to see her naked pussy. How hot it made her. Telling her how exciting it would be to actually be naked in the same room with each other instead of just talking on the phone. For a week of increasingly exciting phone sex she had ended each night with a whispered entreaty, a gentle suggestion. “Can’t I watch you cum?”

Finally Susan had giggled and given in. Dawn jumped on the chance and invited her over to spend the night. They both knew why they were there, and it wasn’t to sleep. They pretended in front of Dawn’s parents that it was just another sleepover.

Late at night when it was certain that mom and dad had gone to bed, Dawn and Susan retired giggling to Dawn’s room. Somehow they couldn’t manage to look each other in the face. Dawn turned on her reading light. There was to be no touching – not yet. That would be too much like having sex and neither of them was ready for that yet. But Dawn was quite wet with anticipation, and eager to display her wet slit to her girl friend. And so at Susan’s nod when she asked her, “Ready?” she had unzipped her jeans.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched Susan’s eyes drop to her waist as her fingers unfastened her jeans. They were both too embarrassed at being naked in front of somebody for the purpose of sex to be playful or seductive about it. They just unzipped their pants, pushed them down and kicked them off.

Dawn tried not to let her know just how excited she was – playing it cool and acting like she had done this before even though they both knew that they hadn’t. But it was very difficult. It wasn’t as if they had never seen each other’s nude bodies. There had been the occasional glimpse of something that was normally covered by clothing during their sleepovers. And of course there were always the forced showers at school after gym class. But Dawn knew this was different, and somehow way more exciting than taking her clothes off to play with herself. This was taking her clothes off just to that someone else could see her naked breasts and her shiny slit and become aroused by the sight of her. And that made all the difference in the world.

Next came their panties and socks, thrown in an untidy pile in the corner of her room, and then they both took off their t-shirts. For some reason they had both saved their bras until last. Dawn became chagrined when she realized that Susan felt the same way about her tits that she did about her own– somehow they were the most private and yet visible sign of her burgeoning sexuality. They had both blushed and then giggled as they took their bras off too.

Dawn’s eyes were immediately drawn to the blond tangle between Susan’s legs. Who knew that looking a girl’s bare pussy could be so exciting? The slippery wetness between her legs felt so divine as she walked over to her bed. She picked up a couple of pillows and threw them at her naked girlfriend. “Here! I’ll sit here, and you sit there.” Dawn smiled as she caught them, and she crawled into place on her bed with her legs spread wide and her heels dangling over the edges so that Susan could see her hairless pussy. Dawn leaned forward and patted the mattress in front of her, showing Susan where to sit. Susan couldn’t take her eyes off Dawn’s crotch as she crawled onto the bed between her legs.

“Ohmigod!” she exclaimed. It was obvious that Susan was very turned and surprised by the sight of a clean shaven pussy. “Why did you do that?”

“Do you like it?” Dawn dropped her hand to her wet clit, letting Susan see her red fingernails against her pale pink pussy. “I did it for you, so that you could see better. It feels so nice this way.”

Wordlessly Susan leaned back on the comforter and spread her legs as wide as Dawn’s. She couldn’t for a second take her eyes off of Dawn’s slippery pussy. Dawn felt so deliciously wanton and brazen, and the feeling traveled straight between her legs. Her breath quickened, and it was as much because of Susan’s lusty look as it was because of her busy fingers. Susan’s toes were almost touching hers as they both sat with their legs sprawled the better to display themselves for each other. There was so much to see! Susan’s legs were naked, somehow more naked than even when she was wearing her bikini in swimming class. Dawn had no idea that they were so long and shapely. Somehow it had never mattered before, but now it was all she could do to keep from touching them, from caressing those smooth calves and white thighs. Susan’s wide and naked hips curved gently in to her tiny waist, and her breasts were somehow calling Dawn’s lips. How could this be? Wasn’t it just boys who wanted to suck on a girl’s breasts? She had never realized just how sexy a girl could be until this very moment, and it gave her a feeling of confidence in her own body.

As Susan settled into a comfortable position Dawn got her first clear view of her wet slit, almost hidden under a tousle of fine curly hair. Her pussy was a delicate shade of pink that made her mouth water, and her inner lips were obviously swollen and puffy with desire. Dawn was proud that she had instilled such lust in her girlfriend. A hungry smile settled on her lips and she gasped as her fingers first touched her own tiny slit and then began their gentle teasing.

As wet as she was, none of the moisture was on her clit. Slowly she dipped her finger inside so that she could gather the slippery cum and rub it where it would do her the most good. She gasped as her wet finger touched her clit. It was almost as if she could feel the fire from Susan’s eyes warming her center. A delicious chill ran up her back and her whole body trembled. She knew that it wasn’t going to take her long to cum. Her eyes became as transfixed on Susan’s wet sex and busy fingers as hers were on Dawn’s.

“God, you’re so pretty! Do you like watching me? I like watching you.” Dawn had meant for her voice to be calm and seductive, but somehow it had come out breathless and stuttering. My word this was sexy! She never felt so alive, so intimate, so intensely close to cumming. Susan nodded slowly, obviously distracted by her own impending orgasm. She obligingly leaned a little farther back and spread her legs even further, the better for Dawn to see her hole and watch her busy fingers do their magic.

Susan’s fingers were frantically whipping her clit into a cummy frenzy. It was so different than how Dawn made herself cum. Now that she knew how Susan liked to be massaged she would be able to use on her someday. Someday when she wasn’t so close to an orgasm herself. Susan’s cummy moisture was splashing all around her fingers and thighs as she went faster and faster. Suddenly she arched her back and moaned, her fingers pushing hard on her clit as her body froze in pleasure. She was cumming! The excitement was more than Dawn could handle, and she collapsed back on the bed and rammed her fingers deep inside her slick pussy as her suppressed need suddenly took her mind away and she came and came and came.

It was the most intense orgasm that she’d ever had. Why it was even better than the phone sex ones, and after they had both recovered they had done it again. And again. And even though Dawn and Susan never even touched, they both agreed that it was somehow the most satisfying playing that either of them had ever done. Or maybe this didn’t count as playing with yourself any more. Dawn didn’t know and she didn’t care. The next morning her goodbye kiss took on a new feeling – lingering on Susan’s lips and lightly touching her tongue with her own.

“Did you enjoy last night?” Susan had asked playfully.

“Oh, god, yes. I can’t wait to do it again.” Dawn knew that Susan felt the same way. How could she not? The whole experience was so much sexier than either of them had bargained for. The two of them began meeting and cumming together as often as they could.

Dawn took her time with the seduction of her girlfriend, and she enjoyed every slippery cum that they shared. In a whirlwind of rising excitements, they played and enjoyed each other’s company as they became more intimate. Dawn loved practicing kissing her girl friend. She tasted so sweet, and they both had learned together how to read signals - when to kiss harder and when to kiss softer, their tongues dancing together in that most intimate dance that lovers share. It was only a time or two after they had started necking in earnest that they moved on to fingering each other (and again Dawn’s cum that night sent a new level of exquisite pleasure for her). Eventually they were licking and slurping each other’s dripping slits, swallowing slippery girl juice as they took turns exploding in each other’s hungry mouths.

But as much as Dawn loved making love to Susan, seducing her was only a step in her greater plan. And now that she felt experienced enough in the etiquettes of being a good lover, it was time to let her daddy know that she was no longer his virginal inexperienced daughter.

Since Susan didn’t know of Dawn’s attraction to her father, she couldn’t be in on the plan. Nope. She was going to have to be an unwitting participant. A pretty one to be sure, one whom Dawn cared about a great deal, but one who didn’t know what her girl friend’s devious plan was.

And so Dawn had asked her over after school for a couple of hours. As new lovers, they both knew exactly what that meant. It meant caressing, kissing, and licking each other’s naked bodies until they were both sated and exhausted. But this time Dawn had an ulterior motive. She had lied to Susan when she told her that her parents weren’t coming home. Daddy was on the way, and would be there in just a little bit. She wanted him to see that she had a lover, that she wasn’t the innocent daughter he thought she was, that someone thought she was a sexy girl worthy of sharing physical passion. Maybe he could then begin to see her as a possible sexual partner and not just as his little baby.

When Susan arrived Dawn surprised her with a warm kiss and a long slow embrace right there in her living room. It was almost like being in full view of everyone. She had never had the run of the house with her new lover before. Until now their loving had been limited to steamy late nights in Dawn’s bedroom, time eagerly stolen from their normal slumbers. The added thrill of daytime kissing in a new location sent Dawn’s excitement to new heights. She was slippery and ready for Susan’s mouth on her pussy after only a few lusty wet kisses.

Giggling like schoolgirls they leaned away from each other, their eyes locked as their hands dropped to each other’s pants. They unsnapped each other’s jeans, trying hard to prolong the delicious anticipation but failing miserably. In a moment, two moments at the most, they were both free of those restricting pants. Dawn kissed her girlfriend feverishly as she pushed her jeans and panties down over her firm ass. Susan’s hands did the same for Dawn and simultaneously their fingers found each other’s slick love buttons. In a moment Dawn’s fingers were as wet as her lips and Susan’s hand was cupped over her slick pussy. It was so wicked to be standing in her living room, her pants pushed down as she kissed and fondled her girlfriend. Dawn forgot all about her father’s imminent arrival with the shock of pleasure that Susan’s fingers brought. She closed her eyes in delight and lost herself in Susan’s kiss while they fingered each other’s dripping slits.

Every thought Dawn might have had was extinguished in the sultry pleasures of Susan’s kisses and her supple fingers. And so she was quite startled when she realized that Susan had stepped away with a small squeal. Dawn looked at her lover blushing, her hand over her mouth and a shocked look in her eye as she looked over Dawn’s shoulder. Dawn pretended that she had no idea what had stopped Susan’s erotic attentions, but she really knew that her father was behind her. That he’d seen her passionately kissing a girl. That he had seen her fingers inside a girl’s wet pussy while she was being fondled herself.

“Ohmigod!” Susan whispered. “Your dad!” Dawn pretended to be shocked as Susan told her that she didn’t really know how long he’d been in the doorway watching. She’d only seen him when she opened her eyes to look into Dawn’s and seen him over her shoulder. He was quietly looking at his daughter’s naked ass, his mouth open in shocked desire as he witnessed her afternoon quickie with her girlfriend. He’d left as soon as Susan had seen him, and she had no idea just how long he had been watching. She was quite embarrassed, and Dawn pretended embarrassment too. The two of them had giggled and quietly and quickly dressed, promising to finish their tryst at another time. Tomorrow night, maybe? Please? Dawn was looking forward to finishing her cum, but she was more satisfied that her mission was accomplished. Her father never mentioned what he had seen, but now he knew – Dawn was having sex.

It always made Dawn so hot to remember that day and her father watching her kiss and fondle her lover, seeing Susan’s fingers busy inside her naked pussy. As she lay in bed waiting for him to come take her she suddenly realized that she couldn’t wait any longer. Dawn brought her knees up to her chest, spreading them wide so that she could plunge two fingers deep inside herself. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she whispered, clutching her firm tit with her free hand. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Could Daddy’s cock possibly feel as good as her fingers? Surely not! The last little part of her brain that wasn’t overcome with lust told her that her father pounding himself into her simply had to feel even better than this. Why else was she craving him so? She still hoped that he would come to her bed and take her tonight. He certainly should after what she had done to him only a little while ago. But she was near enough to a massive cum that she was ready to give up on him. For tonight, anyway. She began gasping for air, giving herself over to the sensations between her legs. It wouldn’t be long now, and she remembered through her increasing excitement what she had done this afternoon.

Her plan was ready for its last step. Thanks to her revealing tight clothes Daddy certainly knew that she was no longer a little girl. Through the thin materials he had seen her girlish curves, her firm bare belly, her taut ass and her seductive shoulders. She had rubbed him with her firm teenage breasts on every occasion that she could and hugged him often so that he was used to her closeness. Daddy had ‘caught’ her playing with herself and so he knew that she enjoyed the pleasures that her pussy offered. And finally she’d shown him that she was ready for both the emotional and physical aspects of carnal pleasures. Her daddy now knew that Dawn knew the delights of sex and he probably assumed that that she was ready to take a man for a lover if she hadn’t already. She just hadn’t let him know that she had chosen him for that role.

How to let him know? That was her final obstacle. She had given this part of her plan the most consideration. If she handled it incorrectly then he would surely misconstrue her offer as the ephemeral longings that many girls hold for their fathers, and all of her subterfuges and displays would be for naught. It was no longer the time for subtleties and disguised availability. No, it was time to be bold. To offer herself to her daddy in a fashion that allowed no room for misunderstanding.

Once again she had enlisted the unknowing aid of Susan. “What’s my sexiest outfit?” she had asked. “The one that makes you want to rip it right off me and make wild passionate love to me?” Susan giggled and suggested a modeling session with a lewd look in her eye. The two of them had gone through Dawn’s clothes, laughing and kissing often as Dawn tried on different combinations and modeled them for her young and sexy lover. Finally she had settled on a pair of hip-hugging shorts that showed off her long and naked legs and the sexy curve of her waist. The short-sleeved peasant blouse was low cut, and the décolletage managed to both cover her braless teen breasts and flaunt them at the same time. They had both decided on the same pair of shoes – a pair of high-heeled sandals that lent graceful curves to her calves and made her feet look even more naked than when they were bare. Once they had chosen the clothes which Dawn was going to wear to seduce her daddy, she had rewarded Susan for her help by ripping her clothes off and greedily licking her willing pussy to a colossal cum.

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