Daddy's Little Girl


My story was lost, I was going to tell Daddy more, other experiences that I have had, but in remembering my first time with Steve, that hot ball of fire was back, and I was going to cum again.

My body started to convulse and Daddy's hand began to play with my clit harder and harder. I shook so hard I almost passed out, and when I finished I opened my eyes and saw Daddy stroking his long, hard cock with a glazed look in his eyes, with a hint of perspiration that made his skin shine.

"Take your clothes off, Jessi. Now."

I quickly sat up and removed my nightshirt.

"I want to see you play with yourself, baby."

Both of my hands shot to my soaking wet cunt, but he didn’t want that.

"No, no. Play with your titties for me, too."

I leaned back against Daddy's bed's headboard and began kneading a breast as I inserted two fingers into my cunt. I watched as he kept fondling that long, bloated piece of meat I loved to suck on.

Watching his hand move up and down his shaft put me in a type of trance, I could feel my fingers inside my pussy, and my other playing with my tit, but seeing him jack off was what was making my blood sing with passion.

“Oh Daddy, I love watching you stroke that big piece of meat! It makes me so hot! And it makes me hot to have you watch me play with myself.”

He didn’t respond in words, but stroked his cock a little slower, letting me watch his big cock slip through his hand, and then his large hand cover his cockhead before pushing it through his hand again. I started to pant and whimper as I watched this, and I shoved my fingers a little more into my pussy, finding the spot that Daddy’s fingers had giving me so much pleasure from. I moaned loudly, and pinched my nipple hard as my fingers rubbed against my g-spot. I could feel my juices leaking out around my hand, and my fingers worked harder. Daddy moved his cock to my lips, and barked at me.

“Spit on it girl! Get it wet!”

I pushed the insides of my cheeks together to form a good amount of saliva and then, spat on the head of Daddy’s cock. He rubbed it down his shaft, and moaned.

“More! Get it good and wet!”

I spit again, this time leaving more than I had before, and he seemed satisfied with it. He moved his hand quicker over his cock, and I had the fear that he would make himself cum, and not give me the pleasure of having him in my cunt.

“Daddy? Daddy, you’re not going to make yourself cum are you? Please don’t. I wanna feel your cock in my pussy!”

He looked down at me and smiled.

“I’m not going to cum, child. I’m not like those boys you fucked. I can go for a long time. Do you wanna feel my cock in you baby? Do you want your Daddy’s cock in your little pussy?”

“Yes Daddy! I want to feel my Daddy fucking me!”

Daddy moved onto the bed on his knees and grabbed my thighs, roughly pulling me to him.

Yesterday, he was just my father but, today, I lay before him, legs spread in desire and surrender, waiting for him to fuck me. My Daddy was about to fuck me. What was, yesterday, a bizarre thought was suddenly a complete turn on.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little girl hard, like a total slut!"

I watched him continue stroking his prick as he leaned in toward my cunt. God, I couldn't wait for him to stick that huge slab of cock inside me.

"Goddamn it, Daddy, fuck me, now, now, now."

He looked up at me sharply, he pulled his cock up again to his belly, and leaned just a little further over, letting go of his cock, and letting it hit my swollen clit. I moaned loudly from the pleasure of it. He repeated this several times, as my body thrashed with my passion, and my moans pierced the air.

At some point in the wonderful torture, I looked at Daddy, he had a smile of pure lust on his face, and I pleaded again for him to stick his cock in me.

“Please Daddy; let me feel your cock. Let your little girl have the pleasure of knowing what her own Daddy’s cock feels like inside her pussy! Please Daddy, please fuck me!”

He stopped the slapping of my clit, and his hands went to my thighs again. He pulled my ass off the bed, and at the same time, drove his cock into my pussy. I screamed a sound of unadulterated pleasure, as I felt Daddy’s big cock fill my pussy.

“Awwwww….yes! Daddy, that feels so goddamned good! Your cock feels so good in my pussy! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Show me how a slut should be fucked Daddy! Teach me!”

He looked at me with anger.

"You want me to teach you? I'll show you how to fuck Daddy's cock, baby."

He reached down and grabbed me by the knees and slipped my legs up over his broad shoulders. This caused his cock to shift and put constant pressure on my clit. I almost screamed at the sensation!

Then he pinned both of my wrists to the bed above my head with one of his big hands and started pushing his fat cock in and out of my pussy very slowly, staring deeply into my eyes as he did. It was almost too intense.

I could feel every inch of Daddy’s cock making its way slowly in and out of my pussy. When he’d get all of his cock stuffed in my cunt, he would thrust his hips hard, and I would gasp as he pushed everything inside me up with his strength.

I kept raising my head, in the attempt to actually see his cock going inside of me, but with my arms pinned down it was of no use. I looked up at him, a pleading in my eyes.

“Can I see it Daddy?”

“Can you see what?”

“See your cock going into my pussy. I wanna watch it.”

He smiled, and lifted me up by the wrist, causing a small grunt in me since my legs were still on his shoulders. He shook, making my legs fall to the sides of him, and pulled me the rest of the way up. He let go of my hands, so that I could lean back on them, and I lowered my head and began to rock back and forth, in the same slow fashion as he had, only not with the same force, which caused a little frown to appear on my lips. But when I saw his cock coming out of my pussy, and then disappearing back into it, I smiled again.

“Oooo…Daddy, it looks so good! I like watching my pussy engulf your cock!”

He grunted but said nothing more, as his hands found my hips and began to slam my body into him, driving his cock deeper into my cunt, and causing me to moan out in passion.

"You like to watch it, don't you? See, that proves you're a nasty little whore. But if you're gonna be a nasty whore, Daddy's gonna make sure you're a good one."

He reached up and started pinching my stiff nipples sharply, which caused me to cry out in pain and pleasure. I'd never realized how close the two are before - pain and pleasure. But I knew now, and I loved it.

"Oh, yes, Daddy! Hurt me! Hurt your fuckin' little slut!"

A wicked smile crosses his face as he keeps pinching me, but that’s just not enough.

“Slap them Daddy! Make it hurt, so bad that I wanna cry!”

He removed his hand from me and brought his fingers to my mouth.

“Lick them!”

I brought my tongue out and lavishly licked his fingers. He raised his hand a few inches away from my erect nipples and then brought the wet flesh down onto them. I screamed both in pain and in pleasure and looked at him.

“Do it again!”

He slapped the other one, and another howl issued from me, and I begun to mumble.

“Again, again, again.”

He kept slapping my tits, and soon they become numb, I know they are bruised, and I couldn’t feel the pain anymore, but just the smacking sound of his hand against my nipples was making me hot. He kept making me lick his fingers every other time he slapped me. I looked down and saw the redness of my skin and the wetness of my saliva from his hand, and my moans became loud. He knew that I couldn’t feel the pain anymore, so he moved his hand from my breasts to my thighs. I yelped as I felt his hand slam down on the firm flesh, and looked at him with tears in my eyes, but a smile on my lips.

Daddy lay back on the bed, looking up at me with a strange look in his eyes.

"I want you to sit on top of Daddy now, baby girl."

I readjusted myself so I was on my knees atop him. He lowered me down on to his dick, which was standing up straight. He reached down and wiggled it as I was stuffing it up in me.

"Oooh, ooh, Daddy that feels so good."

Once I was astride him, Daddy reached up and roughly grabbed my titties and tweaked them sharply.

"Go on and fuck my cock, baby. You can do it. Up and down you go."

As I began to raise and lower myself on his prick, he wrapped his hands around my throat and pulled my face down close to his. He started thrusting up as he tightened his grip on my neck.

"Do you like that? Is that hard enough for you, you bad little piece of trash?"

My eyes opened wide, and I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn’t. Daddy held onto my neck to hard. I tried to bring in enough air to fill my lungs, and couldn’t to that either, but I also felt my pussy getting even wetter. I did enjoy feeling Daddy’s strong hands around my neck and his cock felt wonderful in my pussy. I nodded at him, since I couldn’t speak. He squeezed just a little harder, not hard enough for me to pass out, just hard enough for me to panic, even though, my pussy throbbed.

He used my neck to make me move back and forth on his cock, and his other hand came up to my lips. He shoved his fingers into my mouth, pressing my neck just a little harder, and making it harder to breath as his fingers pushed in and out fucking my mouth as hard as he had fucked it with his cock.

"Come on, bitch, fuck your Daddy's cock."

He pushed his fingers in and out of my mouth and released the pressure on my throat, allowing me to gasp for air. Excited, I began thrusting my hips back and forth, up and down on his cock.

"Is this what you want, Daddy? Am I doing it right?" I asked.

He kissed me hard before replying.

"You're getting the hang of it, but I have so much more to show you."

“What’s that Daddy, what else can you show me?”

My voice was filled with wonder, how much more could he possibly teach me. He took my question as though I was taunting him, and he grabbed my hips and threw me off of him. I let out a surprised yelp and hunkered down as he advanced on me. He turned me around, propping me up on my hands and knees. He smacked my ass hard as he spoke.

“There are a lot of things to teach you, you little bitch!”

His voice was filled with so much anger that it made me whimper, but even through my fear I had to wonder exactly what it was he was going to do to me.

I heard his voice come from behind me, and turned my head to look at him.

"Have you ever been fucked like a nasty little bitch in heat?"

I felt him place both his hands flat on my lower back, just above my ass, and press down firmly. As he pushed down, I suddenly felt his stiff cock pressing up into my pussy. He kept pressing lower and lower. I didn't think I could fit anymore inside of me.

I was never so full of cock in my life. Truthfully, I'd never been fucked this way before. All of my boyfriends were fairly boring lies. Straight missionary, but Daddy was opening my eyes to all sorts of new things.

He lifted his hands and my body naturally bounced back up. When it did, he shoved it back down onto his prick.

“Mmmmmm….Daddy that feels so good! Oh God, I never thought your cock could go that far up my pussy!”

“Told you.”

Was his only reply, before grabbing my hips, and pulling me towards him. I gasped as his cock shoved even deeper into me, and my body began to shake again.

He leaned into me, and caused my arms to buck under me, and I fell on my stomach on the bed. He moved his leg over mine, and pulled them in, then did the same with the other. His cock was completely captured by my pussy. It was tight before, but with my legs clamped together it made it even tighter. Daddy let out a low moan, and pushed his cock deep inside me.

“Move that pussy girl! Come on work it around that cock.”

I started to buck my ass back against him, as he laid with most of his weight on me.

“Not like that you silly little slut! Milk that cock!”

I had no idea what he was talking about.

“I don’t know what you mean Daddy.”

He let out an impatient sound.

“Tighten that pussy, and then release it, you stupid bitch. Come on do it!”

I breathed in, which caused my pussy to tighten around his cock. I had never done this before, and so I had to concentrate hard to make the muscles in my pussy work the way he wanted them to. But soon I got the hang of it, and was constricting and releasing my pussy around his cock.

“That’s a good girl. That makes Daddy happy. You like to make Daddy happy don’t you? Your tight little pussy feels so good around Daddy’s cock.”

"Now, do that and fuck me back, baby girl. Uhhh, yeah, like that."

I was squeezing and bucking and grinding like a mad woman. I reached beneath me to play with my nipples as Daddy crammed his big dick in my tight little slit.

Suddenly, I felt something playing around with my rectum. This disturbed me at first, but it began to feel really hot.

"What is that, Daddy? What are you doing to me now?"

“I’m going to get your ass ready baby girl.”

“Get my ass ready for what?”

Fear had crept back into my voice.

“For my cock, you silly little thing.”


I practically screamed, and my hips quite moving. Daddy pushed his finger, up past the nail into my ass, and command.

“Don’t stop moving!”

I began to move again, and Daddy pushed the finger a little further in. I gasped as his finger pushed in up to his lower knuckle, which only made Daddy laugh. He moved his finger in my ass, and the shock and the little amount of pain that had entered me left. His finger felt good in my ass, and I began to moan, and move my hips a little faster, but the fear was still there, and I couldn’t imagine getting his cock in that tight little hole.

"Oooh, Daddy, don't do it. I'm too scared. I'll do anything else you want. Anything!"

He stopped pushing his finger.

"Anything at all?"

"I swear, Daddy! Anything!"

"I want to fuck one of your slutty little friends. Can you make that happen?"

I stopped, and thought for a minute. I knew at least two of my friends that would jump at the chance to fuck my Daddy. I know only because they had told me they wanted to.

“Yes, Daddy. I can make it happen. I know two girls that will fuck you. Just please don’t fuck my ass!”

He pulled his finger from me, and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Okay, then. Tomorrow I want those girls here, and ready to be fucked by me. Have you ever fucked them?”

I hadn’t, I had thought about it, but I had never had sex with another woman.

“No, Daddy I haven’t.”

“Good, then tomorrow you’ll also learn how to lick pussy.”

He began to thrust his hips once again into my pussy, which was throbbing again with the thoughts of having Daddy with me when I licked my first cunt. Thoughts of licking a pussy excited me so much I started to feel an orgasm taking hold. God, so much has happened today, I thought. Even more will happen tomorrow. Daddy's cock was so much bigger than those of the boys I'd had sex with. I wondered if my friends had ever seen one like it before. This made me so hot.

"Ooooh, Daddy, you're making me feel so sexy."

He stopped.

"We're gonna have to teach you how to talk like a real whore. A whore isn't a whore without a gutter mouth."

I turned my head, looking back at him, perplexed.

“How should I be talking Daddy? I don’t understand.”

He patted me on the top of the head, like a pet.

“I know. But Daddy will teach you.”

He moved his cock from me, and turned me back around on my back. He placed me back in the same position with my legs up on his shoulders and started pounding the holy hell out of me. Loud moans came from me, and I barely heard Daddy speaking.

“Let it out! Say whatever comes to mind! Come on, you wanna be a slut, you gotta talk like one! Let’s go!”

I knew what was in my mind, but I felt embarrassed to say it. Daddy looked down at me, the sneer returning, and I blurted it out.

“Come on you stupid bastard! Fuck that cunt! Fuck it harder, you motherfucker.”

He laughed, Daddy actually laughed at my words. But he did begin to thrust harder into my pussy.

“That’s a little better. Come on, more, talk to me slut!”

“Oh God, God, yes, yes Daddy, work that cock into my slutty little pussy! Oooo...It feels so fucking good, Daddy! Oh, I’m going to cum again. Oh Daddy I’m going to cum all over you fat fucking cock!”

Daddy grunted and then announced that he was going to cum too.

“Daddy, fill my pussy with your cum. I’ve never felt anyone cum in my pussy before, and I want you to do it!”

He shook my legs off of him again, and grabbed my hips, lifting my ass off the bed, as he pounded into me, and then stopped, suddenly. His face had gone red, his eyes closed tightly, and I felt it. I felt him cum inside of me, and my orgasm grew to a new height. Even though he had stopped moving, I still thrashed about, moving my hips as his seed filled me, and then he let go, and pulled out. I lay on the bed, gasping for air, and he stayed between my legs until his own breath had come back.

He got up and put back on his pants, without saying a word. I turned and propped myself on my elbow. He looked at me as he got into the doorway.

“Get those friends of yours.”

“I will. And Daddy…”

He turned back and looked at me.

“Thank you.”

A smile crossed his face and he walked down the hallway.

I got up and showered, then called my friend; the one I knew for sure would fuck Daddy. She answered the phone, and was glad to hear my voice.

“How you doing Jess?”

“Fine, hey, can you meet me at the coffee house? I have something to talk to you about.”

“Yeah sure.”

Irene sounded concerned, but I wasn’t going to tell her over the phone what I wanted from her. Next, I called my other friend, and she too agreed to meet me at the coffeehouse.

I walked in a while later, and the familiar smell of roasting coffee and baked goods hit my nose. I order a café mocha and looked around for my friends. It didn’t take me long to find them, and after I had my coffee I went to their table. Irene and Daniel looked at me, both wondering why I had called them down here.

“I have to talk to you guys, about something I did.”

Their interested flared and Irene leaned closer to me.

“What did you do?”

I gave a little smile, and looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

“I fucked my Daddy.”

“No you didn’t!”

Both my friend said at the same time, and I nodded at them.

“Oh my god! You little slut!”

Daniel said it jokingly, but I could see a hint of jealousy in her eyes.

“Was it good? Did you feel all nasty and stuff?”

Irene still leaned into me as she talked.

“It was wonderful. Best fuck I ever had. I did feel nasty, but that made it all the more exciting!”

“Oh wow! I’ve wanted to fuck your Dad for so long, but he never seemed interested.”

Daniel’s eyes were still wide, but a smile had started to form as she fantasized about Daddy.

“He’s interested.”


They chimed in together again.

“He told me he wanted to fuck you guys. Well, not you personally, but he said he wanted to fuck some of my friends, and since you two are my best friends, I thought you’d like to be the ones that got to do it.”

“Really, you are shitting are you?”

Daniel was practically bouncing out of her seat in her excitement.

“I’m not shitting, he wants to fuck you!”

“Well, count me in. Are you gonna be there too?”

Irene had caught on to Daniel’s excitement.

“Of course, he’s going to fuck all of us, and he wants to see us fuck each other too.”

Both my friends looked at each other and giggled. I knew they had fucked each other before, they had asked me several times if I wanted to join, but I had always declined.

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