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Daddy's Little Girl


It was a cold, fall evening. David and I had been sitting around the fire place, chatting about work, our friends, and recent idiots we'd encountered. "I love your smile," he would whisper to me, gently pulling me into a warm embrace. I practically purred in delight from this contact, though he'd done it several times before. David stroked my hair and kissed my forehead, I loved how he was so gentle. My eyes slightly widened as his hand started to trail down my leg.

I shivered a little and planted soft kisses at his neck, moaning softly. "Take me, David. I want you.." I whispered, saying the first thing that came to mind. David smiled and removed his hand from my leg, cupping my chin with it. I whimpered softly at the loss of his touch, but was silenced with a soft, but dominant kiss. I moaned against him softly, rubbing my tongue against his soft, lower lip. I wanted him so badly...

But he only smiled as he pulled away from our kiss. Wrapping an arm around me, he closed his eyes. It was obvious something important was on his mind. He loved to tease me, but never this much...It made me curious, but oddly excited. "Daddy please, I'm begging.." I whimpered, then brought a neatly manicured hand to my lips. "Ooops." Was all I could murmur behind my blush.

"So I'm Daddy now, hmm? I could live with that." He chuckled, kissing at my neck gently. All I could do was nod, for my words seemed to be held back with a barier of embarrassment. "I bet you want to serve Daddy, dont you?" He whispered in my ear seductively. My eyes widened a little, silently questioning him, but I nodded. I did, I loved to serve men. And honestly, I thought he would never ask!

"Well, Daddy will gladly fuck you honey, but first you have to prove how loyal you are to him." He said to me, a sly grin on his face. Huh! So this is what he'd been planning. I squirmed a little, and I imagine it looked like I was nervous, but it was really because my panties were getting secretly soaked. I only nodded, resting my hand on his thigh gently.

"What do I have to do, Daddy?" I asked softly, my eyes wide with emerald green innocence. David grinned, and took me into his arms, kissing me with passion, lust and excitement. I was a little nervous, but anxious to do whatever he pleased. Would I have to strip for him? Would he tie me to the bed and leave me there? I had no clue, but awaited his first command.

About an hour later, I stood by the front door of his beautiful apartment. I had never realized how huge it was until now. His walls were painted a beautiful beige, a large cherry tree in the middle. David's home had a very Zen feeling. Its hard to explain, but it was just so amazing, it felt as though it would be a crime to mess anything up inside. But anyway, back to the story.

I stood beside the front door, nervously biting at my lower lip. I was dressed in a small shirt two sizes too small, the words "Daddy's girl" written on it. Since he asked me to wear no bra or panties, my breasts were clearly visible through the thin fabric. David also supplied me with an extremely short black skirt (I refused to wear pink) that barely hid my ass. Having no underwear didnt exactly help either...But anything to serve Daddy. But where was he?

I jumped a little as I felt something wrap around my neck from behind. "Shhh...Its alright, precious." I heard David whisper in my ear, which immediately calmed me. With a click, I felt it around my neck. It was soft, almost like a dog collar. Oh wait. It WAS a dog collar. He gently attached a leash to it, which made me nervous all over again. Where were we going? Would people actually see me like this? I swallowed hard as David pulled something black over my eyes. I gasped softly as I realized what it was. Well okay, I didnt know at first and started freaking out because I thought I was blind, but I figured it out.

"Come on, Alexis. Its time to go." David said, gently tugging at my leash. I whimpered softly, but followed cautiously, trying to avoid falling flat on my face. Because my sense of sight was gone, my hearing had enhanced quickly. I could hear the gasps and whispers of women, and the cat calls and equally shocked gasps of men. Now of course, some people were disgusted and couldnt believe that I'd degrade myself to being walked on a leash like some animal. But some people - men mostly - licked their lips as they stared at me. I could practically see their cocks growing erect in their pants as they saw me walk by.

Before I knew it, things got cold. I started to complain, but was greeted with a light slap on my ass from David. "Its alright, precious. We're almost there." He whispered to me, kissing me softly. I nodded a little and shivered, happy when we came to a stop. "Stay right here, and dont go anywhere." He said to me, and I could feel his hand leave my leash. I trembled at the thought of him leaving me alone, for I had no idea where I was. But I trusted David, so I stayed silent and listened closely for any sounds of life.

Distantly, I could hear David's voice, then a few voices of other men. It frightened me, but I kept my whimpering almost silent, afraid that I would upset him again. "Do you like my slut? You can all have blowjobs from her, you know. I'm willing to let her mouth be used. She loves cock, and needs some training." David said to the man or men, I didnt know. There could've been one or one-hundred men staring at me in this cold alley. Sounds of agreeing men met my ears, and I trembled softly, feeling a droplet of my cum drip down my creamy pale leg.

I gasped as I felt a man's erect cock at my mouth. He grabbed my hair and yanked it upward, as a silent urge to hurry. I slowly opened my mouth, and gagged a little as he shoved his length as far as it could go. He groaned and continued violently fucking my mouth, moving me onto my hands and knees. I could feel another man kneeling behind me. I moaned against the man in my mouth as the one behind me jammed two rough fingers into my cunt. If I hadn't been so wet already, it probably would've hurt, but I was so excited about the thought of David watching me I couldnt help myself!

Then I heard the words "Beautiful whore" and "Such a slut," but the phrase that caught my attention was "Can I fuck her?" My heart felt like it stopped in my chest, when really, it was going about a hundred beats a second. What would David say? He wouldnt really let someone I didnt even know fuck me...Would he?

"Yes. You can fuck my slut."

I let out a loud cry as I felt a man's long erection shove into my wet pussy. He moaned loudly, putting his hands on my hips, while the other man pounded away at my mouth. Tensing up, the man in my mouth suddenly let out a stream of his hot, creamy cum in my mouth. He pulled out and started spraying his "love" all over my face and hair. I could feel it dripping down the blindfold. I tried to close my mouth as some hit my tongue, but I heard David growl "Open your mouth slut," and thought twice about that decision.

As soon as the man in my mouth was gone, another took his place. His cock was much bigger, and I started to choke on his erection. But he didnt care, he was having a hay-day with my wet, hot mouth. Meanwhile, the man using my cunt tensed up and sprayed his load deep into me. I squirmed a little as I felt it burning inside me. I let out a muffled scream as another man took his place behind me and slid his cock into my ass. I groaned and squirmed, tears begining to slide out from under the blindfold. It hurt so badly, and yet my cunt dripped onto the cold street. My knees bled as I was pulled back and forth from cock to cock that night. You can imagine how relieved I was when I heard David speak from a corner. "Alright. That's enough."

I sobbed into the darkness of my blindfold as they all left, cum dripping from all of my fuckholes. David gently wrapped his arms around me, rocking me softly. "Shhh..There there, its alright precious." He whispered into my ear, which brought my sobbing to a soft sniffling. "You made Daddy very happy, Alexis" He said to me, gently rubbing my back.

"I...I did, Daddy? You're not upset that I'm such a slut?" I asked between tears, tilting my head towards his voice, hoping that somehow I could see him. But I didnt, and gently nuzzled his chest with my head.

"Yes, my little bitch-in-heat, you made me very proud. Now lets go home, hmm?" He whispered to me, and gently pulled on my collar. When we returned home, David bathed me thouroughly, talking to me about his job and his lazy friend Yancy as he did. When we finished, I cuddled up with him on his bed, each of us with a warm cup of hot cocoa in our hands. I shivered a little, looking down at my bandaged knees. David joined my gaze and smiled, kissing me softly. "So...What're you going to tell your friends?" He inquired playfully.

"I'm going to tell them I was on my hands and knees for three hours sucking and fucking. They'll understand." I joked, and returned his gentle kiss.

"David?" I asked, quietly chewing on a soft marshmallow.

"Yes Alexis?" He replied, looking at me intently, studying my face to see if something was wrong.

"Thank you...For everything." I said, looking up at him with the same innocent, trusting eyes as we'd began with.

And of course, David only smiled and laughed. "No, thank you precious. Thank you."

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