tagBDSMDaddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl


Waiting for the next time we get together is like Christmas and a birthday at the same time, anticipating the day and at times counting the hours.

My mind for some reason always jumps to being lovingly (but with strength and planning), with one smooth movement.. being bent over the nearest piece of furniture, the couch. You press your body against me, softly caress down my back.. where soon, our words of love will be, as a lifetime reminder of Our Love. You bend down to gain access, feverishly lifting my skirt, tracing a line of desire up my the soft, sweet skin as you do so. Caressing down into the crevice of my ass, teasing a little at each hole along the way. Feeling your fingers brush over my back door instantly puts all my nerves on edge with anticipation. Exhaling a cute and sexy sigh of want, I relax the muscles of the tight brown hole as best I can.. arch my back slightly. Picking up on my less than subtle signs of yearning, you let out a chuckle "Aawe, not this time baby, Daddy has other plans".

Intentions to tease each of my tight little holes, is soon replaced when you the wetness from my juices I have been exuding in anticipation. You can't wait, want to tease me.. but give way to your plans, as more carnal desires overwhelm. Your finger slips in, causing you to let out a greedy, hunger-driven sound of desire and delight.... and as you do this, we both have sighs of yearning and satisfaction. I am left in what feels like total contentment, finally feeling whole.. as this is always on my short list of places I want and need for you to touch.

Searching inside for places and ways to touch, flick, tickle and caress.. until you feel me start to go weak in the knee's. You must have found something, the stimulation causing my muscles to flex onto your fingers. Gushing because of your loving manipulation of my lovely girly bits, you feel the beginnings of my cum trickle.. down your hand. Filling my need to be bent over and toyed with, you, of course have a need of your own that needs to be fulfilled, to taste the wet desire you have made.

Kneeling down, the scent is almost overpowering.. so much desire, the sight before you so erotic. You have to.. must, taste the sex that you have made your baby girl exude.. dripping in almost a stream starting down the palm of your hand. As you withdraw yourself reluctantly from within the wet warmth, you hear a sad whimper escape from me (lol). The scent, the taste.. exquisite, of course.. you greedily lap up what you can of the stream that had started to flow down onto you. Driven further into a fevered, carnal, lustful desires.. daddy you plunge face first into your baby girls soft, sopping wet and glistening tender flesh.

Oh.... the fragrance of our sex, the taste of my hot pussy juices.. dripping with want and satisfaction, now all over you.. coating your lips, your tongue. Your tongue strives to reach in me as far as you can. Not satisfied with the result despite your best effort.. you withdraw. Taking off your shirt as you walk around the couch and lay down.

"My sweet, slutty baby girl, come sit on daddy's face."

I kiss you and with a happy little smirk, roll over the back end of the couch onto you. A kiss.. so full of passion and desire.. want, we almost get lost in each other's love.... soulmate. Almost.

"Alright Girl, get up here."

I sit up.. licking my lips with want, I put a little pouty "but Daddy, I want to please you too.. Pleeease?"

"Aawe... now we don't want to do anything like that, not just yet anyhow. Besides, I owe You one my precious girl.. at least one. Now climb on up here so I can get another sweet taste."

I just have to.. I steal another kiss, as I love our kisses.. enjoy teasing inside your mouth with my tongue, as it playfully swirls around yours. I can feel an almost agonizing, yet wonderful desire build up from within me.. making my pussy start pulsing and throbbing again, drawing heavy breaths filled with love and desire.

Happy and eager to please, I slowly begin my ascent. Doing as Daddy tells me, gives me such a thrill all on it's own.. I am getting dizzy from just that though alone.

Climbing over your shoulders, I straddle your head.. and admire my view as I sit. As I sit there, between moments of bliss.. I watch as you with your lips pressed firmly on mine, nose resting very perfectly against my little clit.... take your time tasting, writing a novel with your tongue. Both of us drinking in the moment. I am so thankful to finally know what it feels like to be properly loved.. satisfied and happy, my bliss with the moment is also one filled with comfort.

You are writing a masterpiece, etching the words deep inside of me... with my deep happiness, excitement and comfort.. I feel a tingle, of need. Knowing this is surely what My Daddy wants, I do my best to relax into and embrace this need. Trying the best I know how, to succeed.. finally feeling a hotness escape me. You quickly adjust your mouth's grip on my tender bits and partake from the source, as you have so patiently and eagerly waited to do. "Mmmmm" The only sound you allow to escape your mouth, as you don't dare risk ending this gift prematurely. Having so much of me in you.. a part of you, puts you over the edge with primal desire. My kinky, erotic gift drives you further in your quest to pleasure and make me gush "girl cum".

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