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Daddy's Little Girl


In a way, thought Vincent, I think every father wished their daughter looked like mine. While a couple months past her 18th birthday, his daughter Izzie still looked like when she was fifteen and somehow she managed to grow surprising curves considering her very small frame. Until that fateful morning, Vincent had never looked at his daughter in any other way than how he always had.

He was sitting in the kitchen and having a cup of coffee shortly after waking up, when Izzie walked down the stairs and stepped into the kitchen. Now usually, his family was pretty normal in every way with his wife being the typical mom at home, still gorgeous despite being in her mid-thirties but she looked very different from their daughter. Curvy blonde hair, long legs, shapely hips and with dark black eyes, Layla didn't resemble her daughter one bit and was a pretty reserved woman, shy and always quiet unlike the more outgoing Izzie. But that morning, when he saw his daughter coming into the light of the kitchen wearing a tiny baby tee and a skimpy pair of panties that showed at least half of her shapely, rounded ass, her father had no control over how his body reacted. Her flowing, fiery red hair was a perfect match for her sparkling green eyes. Very short, she nonetheless had nicely rounded hips and breasts large enough to fit in one's hand, and her stomach was amazingly flat.

It is with a smile that she looked at him when she realized he was there, standing there in front of him as she stretched slowly, the tiny shirt tight over the girl's breasts so that her daddy could see the bottom of his little girl's still growing breasts. "Good morning daddy. Had a good night I hope?" It was all unconsciously done of course, and Vincent smiled to her as he patted his lap for her to sit on without thinking that seeing her like this had made his morning erection worse and now his long cock was hard when Izzie smiled warmly at his demand and turned slowly to sit in her father's lap. Shifting a bit, she sat so that most of her almost bare little bottom was sticking out as she wrapped an arm around his shoulders for support. The way she was sitting now, she could feel a hardness underneath her against her bare thigh since he was only wearing a thin robe.

"Good morning sweetie. I did, actually. How about you, well rested for your day off?" Her father asked casually as he reached for his cup of coffee with his left hand, while his right hand was around his little girl's tiny waist and slowly went up her back, caressing and scratching gently at her skin. Taking a small sip, he sets the cup back on the table and smiles at Izzie as the squirmy teen shivers and unconsciously grinds down against her father's hardening cock but she was still oblivious to it for now as she almost moaned in pleasure at how he was scratching her back, her pretty eyes closing. "Mmmmmmm. That feels so good daddy." She said quietly as she snuggled against him and rested her head against his shoulder. Vincent continued stroking her back for a few minutes as she relaxed against him and shifted a couple times, not only opening the front of her daddy's robe but also causing his hard cock to slip between her soft thighs. After a moment, all the movements had wedged her small underwear between her small and firm asscheeks, so that when her daddy's hand drifted lower and began slowly roaming all over her bare ass, she blinked and was a little surprised. But before she could really react, she felt her father's fingers press deep into the warm and supple flesh of her ass, massaging and groping his daughter in a way that was very pleasurable for her, so all she could do was move in closer against him and moan softly. She was keenly aware of how her own father was rubbing at her ass like this, and it felt delicious.

"I'm glad you like it baby, I want this to feel good for you this morning, we almost never spend any more time together recently." When he was saying that, she smiled and blushed slightly, instinctively looking down as she bit her lip at the feeling of her daddy's hand feeling her up so thoroughly and she blushes even more when she realizes that she likes the fact that her daddy seems to enjoy touching her like this so much, since she enjoyed it perhaps even more. That's also when she finally saw his cock, so long and big, poking between her thighs and maybe less than an inch from her panty-covered pussy. Her heart beating a bit faster, she bit her bottom lip as she felt her father's fingers tease between her firm ass cheeks until his hand was slightly underneath her so he could brush his fingers against her warm lips now and then. Looking up at him with a timid smile, he saw in her eyes how innocent she was. Raised far from the cities and without access to the Internet, as well as being home-schooled by her mother, Izzie was as innocent and pure as they come, with no twisted intentions or anything, simply pure innocence.

"Um, daddy, I...are you okay? Do you....well do you want me to maybe come back later?" Her voice was so very soft and he could hear her moan with almost every syllable as his hand rubbed once more all over her curvy ass before his hand disappeared between her ass cheeks and he began pushing all four fingers against Izzie's virgin little pussy, still covered by her panties. Her arm tightened around him as she closed her eyes again when her daddy's fingers began rubbing up and down her covered pink slit and her underwear quickly became soaked with his daughter's juices. "I'm okay baby, just...daddy needs you to make him feel good the way I am doing to you right now, do you think you can do that for me?" Izzie looked down at her father's thick cock with uncertainty in her eyes, but she loved him so much and trusted him to completely, that she nodded a bit and managed to smile before she made a very surprised face when her father's fingertips found her tiny clit and suddenly began rubbing it. "Oh God daddy, oh God that feels so good, don't stop! How can I...how can I help you daddy? Just...keep massaging me daddy, it feels really really good." Her voice was almost sleepy, but she clearly was still tired and the intense sensations her father was making her experience made her all the more compliant.

Smiling at her reaction and in a way relieved that she actually enjoyed all this instead of being freaked out, it confirmed to him that she trusted him fully and it also made it harder for him to realize what he was doing, actually sexually touching his own daughter and about to go even further than that. "Daddy will keep massaging you, just come to the living room with me okay? We'll be more comfortable." Smiling softly at her, he lifted her in his arms and got up from his chair, holding her tightly against him as he arrived her to the living room right when they heard Izzie's mother exit the master bedroom upstairs a d step into the shower. A worried look appeared on Izzie's face and her bright green eyes looked into her father's for a moment as his strong arms held her close, dark brown eyes returning her loving gaze. "I'm worried mom will come downstairs and see what we're doing daddy, are you sure we...I...." She was chewing her bottom lip as he carried her to the couch and gently set her down on it before he sat down himself but then he slowly slipped off his robe, exposing his naked body to his innocent daughter as she couldn't help but stare at his long cock before he pulled her closer slowly so that his hand could reach her ass and between her legs from behind.

Laying on her side with her head resting on his thigh, Izzie blinked and squirmed when her daddy took her hand and wrapped it around his hard cock. When her fingers were tightly around his shaft, he moved his left hand back to her bare little ass, touching and groping at it as he looked down at his little girl. "Just stroke up and down, baby. You can change the pace, and caress daddy's balls as well, it will feel very good for daddy. Is it alright baby if daddy touches you? It doesn't bother you, because I will stop right away if you prefer."

His little girl's reaction was immediate and she shook her head quickly, letting out a soft moan as her father groped and massaged her teenage ass with renewed passion. "No daddy, it feels really good actually and I'm happy I can help you feel better. I trust you daddy and I love you, I want you to feel good." And with that, Izzie began stroking her hand up and down around her father's hard cock, feeling him up and gently playing with the head as she rubbed it tentatively, getting a soft moan out of her dad. Running her hand back down, she slowly cupped her daddy's shaved balls with her hand and delicately played with them, massaging them with little experience but with a clear desire to please him. As she began noticing his responses to what she was doing, she picked up quite fast what he liked and what let good to him. Her fingers tightened around her father's shaft and she began jerking him off faster when his experienced fingers found her virgin little cunt after he had groped her ass so hornily. Still covered by now soaked panties, Izzie's pussy was so very warm that she began to feel wetness between her legs as her father's fingers pressed against those sensitive covered lips and rubbed all over her crotch while she worked his cock with growing confidence, finding the task easier after precum began to drip from the tip of his dick.

After a moment, Izzie's panties were obscenely wet as her father continued to rub at her pussy but what came next was a complete surprise. Vincent suddenly pulled his hand from between her ass cheeks and ran it through her hair, moving her head so that her pink mouth was an inch away from her daddy's cock. His body trembled slightly and his voice sounded so full with need that she never even thought about not doing what he asked her to do. "Open your mouth quickly sweetie, quick!" Was all he had the time to tell her. Like an obedient and innocent little girl, she opened her mouth and looked up into her daddy's eyes when he moved his hips to the side to face her and guided his wet and hard cock between her lips. The hand at the back of her head he,d her close as his hips moved forward more, his long shaft sliding into her mouth and she tasted his precum as she moaned around him. Closing his eyes and grunting loudly, Vincent began to quickly slide his cock in and out of his daughter's mouth, her tight lips and warm mouth gladly taking him as deep as she could as she became impossibly turned on at the thought that her daddy's cock was in her mouth.

But her mind suddenly went blank as her father bucked against her face and moaned loudly, his cock down her throat as he came hard, spraying thick cum directly down his little girl's throat as she fought to swallow everything she could and trying not to choke. When she finally drank all of his cum, he slid his wet cock out of her mouth and took a deep breath, looking down into her eyes. Izzie gave him the most adoring smile as she looked up at him with cum at the corners of her mouth, her crotch completely soaked. "You...you tasted really good daddy. Did I do okay, did you enjoy it at least?" She anxiously awaited his answer as she stared at him and he smiled back, nodding as he caught his breath and reached down to gently stroke her hair. "It felt amazing baby, you really learned fast how to make your daddy feel good. But now your mom is going to come down soon, so run to the first floor shower, and then go do your chores. Daddy's going to go lay down a little, alright?"

Smiling proudly when he told her she had done great and that he obviously meant it and enjoyed what she had done to him, she slowly began to get off the couch and she rubbed her thighs together, feeling how very wet she was after all that had happened. Looking back over her shoulder at her daddy, she smiled at him before she headed to the bathroom, her shapely ass swaying slightly with her panties tightly pulled between her cheeks, giving her daddy a great view of her still developing body. When she was gone, she got up and waited for his wife to step out of the second floor bathroom to get dressed in their bedroom, then he slipped into the shower and waited for her to leave, taking a long shower and the wrapping a towel around his waist and laying down in bed for a nap.


A couple hours later, Izzie walked up to the second floor of her house long after her mom had left for work. Having taken a long shower, the sexy little redhead had slipped on some tight gym shorts and a small t-shirt, her hair pulled up into a ponytail. At 5'2 she was a tiny little thing but she liked how her hips were round despite her small size, and she had a nice bubbly rear that was perfectly curved. Quietly, she walked to her dad's room and opened the door, peeking inside. Her father was laying on his side, sound asleep and still wearing his towel around his waist, but his curious and now slightly horny little girl could see the bottom of her father's ass and his balls, showing from under the towel.

With the utmost care, Izzie shut the door behind her and climbed on the bed, careful not to wake her father. Chewing her bottom lip a bit nervously, she was almost about to get up and run when she remembered how good earlier had felt for the both of them and she also remembered the love in his eyes, so she smiled at her sleeping daddy and leaned in to nuzzle the top of his thigh, just below the hem of the towel. She meant to wrap an arm around him, but instead she moved her hand over his ass and she looked there, remembering how he touched her ass constantly just a short while ago. Her hand tentatively groped at her father's ass through the towel, before she slipped her hand underneath and began to touch and feel up his bare ass, and finally causing the towel to fall down and expose her daddy's soft cock.

Looking at it made her squirm and feel a bit strange as she could still feel it in her hand, and even more so in her mouth since she found herself loving how his cum tasted and how it felt to swallow it. So slowly, she reached with her right hand and gently took her dad's limp cock in her grasp and leaned in, flicking her tongue at the tip of his dick and then she proceeded to lick from his balls to the head several times, coating him with saliva as he slowly began to harden. As soon as Vincent's cock was starting to become longer and thicker, his gorgeous and innocent little girl clenched his ass as she continued to grope her daddy while she took a deep breath and then wrapped her lips around his cock, then slid them down and took his entire length into her mouth. Hearing him moan and feeling him move a bit, she almost froze but then she was too caught up in what she was doing, that she began to suck her daddy's cock rather hungrily, her head bobbing into his lap as she firmly rubbed at his ass and took him deep down her throat. She wasn't sure why she was doing this, but she was still horny from being rubbed so intimately earlier, and she really enjoyed pleasing her father, on top of the fact that she is simply curious sexually.

For anyone watching this would have been quite the sexy show as little Izzie has her rounded ass in the air while on all four in her dad's bed, his long cock down her throat as she sucks him so intensely that he finally wakes up and looks down at her, in shock to wake up to his own daughter groping him and sucking his dick like a pro. Ever so nervous and not sure of how he was going to react, Izzie sucks his cock even deeper and harder, even as he turns to sit up in the bed with her head still in his lap and then moves up on his knees while moving her head with his hand to make sure she moves so that his hard dick stays in her mouth the whole time. Now on his knees in front of his little girl on her hands and knees and with his cock deep down her throat, he leans forward and reaches for her small and tight ass with both hands, sliding his palms against her soft skim as they slip down into her shorts and then push them down slowly. Her sexy little ass comes into view as the shorts are bunched up around her thighs and her daddy wastes no time before he slides his hand between her ass cheeks, fingers finding her extremely wet as they gently spread her lips and begin feeling her up, groping at her pink pussy.

When she felt her shorts being pushed down and she knew she had nothing underneath, Izzie became a little nervous at the thought of being so exposed to her father, her naked ass in the air and fully on display. But when she felt his fingers on her virgin little slit, and then felt fingers probe into her wet hole, she could only moan around her daddy's cock and continue to suck him so innocently, so driven to please him. This went on for several minutes as she never even paused, moving her head up and down in his lap, licking at his shaft at every occasion and sucking him hard. But then he slowly pulled out of her mouth, breathing heavily as he looked down at her, helping her to move up on her knees. Without a word, he locked his gaze with hers and smiled softly as he reached down and pulled up her shirt and she instinctively raised her arms so he could pull it off of her. Blushing deeply when she realized she was in front of her daddy, with her round breasts on full display for him, and her shorts at her knees, pink pussy lips glistening between her thighs as she stood there shyly and fully naked for him to look at, Izzie waited to see what he was going to do next.

This all felt like a dream, he thought. As he thought about what he wanted to do to her, he watched her as she finished taking the shorts off and then smiled at him, his cute little girl naked in bed with him. His eyes devoured every part of her, before he looked at her and put an arm around her shoulders, moving her in the bed so she was facing the headboard. Leaning forward, he softly whispered to her, kissing her earlobe. "Spread your thighs wide baby, and put your hands up against the headboard so you have your sexy ass pushed back for your daddy." Nodding shyly, Izzie didn't take long to comply and she spread her knees wide, holding onto the headboard with her hands far apart, cute little ass spread nicely from the position, exposing both her tight virgin holes.

The innocent teen had no idea what her daddy was going to do, but she kept looking down at the bed and waiting to see what daddy wanted to do to her. She almost moaned when she felt him slowly press himself back against her naked ass, his hard and wet cock slipping between her cheeks, rubbing teasingly against her exposed holes. Then he did something he hadn't done yet and he reached around her, grasping both of her rounded breasts in his hands as he gently kneaded them, fingers playing with her pink nipples as she couldn't help but moan and grind back against him, feeling his sack brush against her soaked pussy lips. Literally humping her as he groped and felt her breasts, her father whispered softly to her. "Baby, what do you want daddy to do? You feel so good baby, daddy's cock feels so good against you and when you touch it." While he was whispering to her so hotly, one of his hands had drifted down her flat stomach and slid between her hot thighs, first groping at her moist pussy lips and teasing at her hole before he found her clit and began rubbing it gently in slow circles. His little girl moaned and was melting under his touch as she kept pushing back against her father's cock, grinding her ass against it.

"Gosh daddy, I...it feels so good outside, I...it must feel even better inside...I love how you feel too, daddy, you feel so amazing against my butt, I really love it dad." She slowly turned her head to look back at him and look in his eyes, biting her bottom lip as she pushed backwards again, trying to cause his cock to rub between her legs." I...I want you inside, daddy. I'm so wet and I want to have it in me." Letting go of the headboard with one hand, she reaches back behind her and grasped her daddy's hard cock, guiding it between her tight ass cheeks and pushing it against her hot and wet hole, the head of her father's dick tight between her pussy lips.

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