tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Tease Ch. 2

Daddy's Little Tease Ch. 2


Authors' notes: This is a joint work written by qqnforyou6 (Allen) and angelove_2001 (Brei). We appreciate ANY and ALL feedback, so please feel free to comment on likes, dislikes, and offer any suggestions. For more incest works, see Allen's profile. Also, look for continuing chapters of this story approximately every two weeks. Thank you.

* * * * * *

After Brei and I finished eating I told her that I would do the dishes since I was the one who fixed dinner. The smile that slashed across her cute face signaled to me that she was glad that she didn't have to do the dishes. I watched as she got up and excused herself to go take a shower. 'My god,' I thought to myself. 'My baby girl is all grown up now. ' I managed to tear my eyeballs off of her ass as it sashayed towards her room and returned them to the dishes that I had to clean up.

As I did the dishes I could hear the water running in the shower which caused the water in the kitchen to turn from hot to cold. A small minor adjustment and I was back in business. As I rinsed off a plate I realized that my Brei was totally naked just down the hallway. Thoughts began to race through my mind as to how that nice tight body would look all undressed. By the time I finished dishes I had a tremendous hard-on in my pants.

After the dishes were finished I retreated to the living room to watch television. I heard Brei open the door from the bathroom. I could hear her bare feet patting the floor as she walked to her room and closed the door. I had to control my lustful thoughts before she came into the living room to watch television and noticed a bulge in my pants. I managed to control my thoughts until Brei entered the room. She sat directly across from me in a short satin robe. She crossed her legs, allowing me to see nearly all of her thigh as she began to bounce her sexy foot up and down.

The longer I watched television the more I began taking sneak peaks at my daughter. Luckily Brei looked at me when my eyes were focused on the television set. "Daddy, I'm tired and I'm going to go to bed."

"OK sweetie," I said. With that Brei got up and walked over and bent down to give me a quick hug. When she bent down and hugged me I looked behind her into the back of the mirror-lined curio cabinet and saw the most magnificent sight. There was my daughter's naked ass as her robe rode up from bending down. Instantly my cock began to stiffen as she stood up. Her robe slid back down, covering her sacred flesh as she said, "Good night daddy."

"Congratulations on getting a new job baby," I said.

"Thank you daddy, good night," she replied.

Television was boring and I too went and took a shower. I quickly lathered up and rinsed off. I quietly walked back to my room in just my robe. I was in the mood to learn more about BDSM so I decided to go back to the adult bookstore that I occasionally visited. I quickly dressed, sat down and put on my shoes and quietly went into the garage. I opened the garage door and backed my car down the driveway. Once in the street I turned on my headlights so Brei would not know that I had left. I sped down the road towards my favorite store.

I pulled into the parking lot a few minutes later. My heart was racing as I saw no cars in the parking lot. As I walked into the adult store my breathing was erratic. Once inside, I was at ease. I began to look through the magazines again. Unfortunately there were only the same magazines that I looked at the other day. "Can I help you?" I heard from behind me. I whirled around and to my utter surprise there stood what I would have to say was the most incredible looking woman I had ever seen in an adult bookstore.

"I'm just looking," as I eyed up her dirty blonde hair.

"I just started here today and I only know where certain things are so if you need any help just let me know. "

"Actually, there is something you can help me with," I said as I turned and faced her. My eyes met hers and I was taken in by the sparkle in her brown eyes. I noticed that the outfit she was wearing accented her breasts as they were pushed out nicely and begging to be touched. As we stood there looking at each other she finally said, "What can I help you with?"

"I am looking for literature in the form of a book about the BDSM lifestyle." Looking back into her eyes I saw a glow as soon as I mentioned the letters 'BDSM' to her.

"Follow me," she replied as she turned around and walked in front of me down a small hallway.

As I followed her I was able to check out the rest of her. My god, this girl was built. I just realized that she was wearing a micro mini skirt and it was as high as the bottom of her ass cheeks. Her shapely legs were encased in black fishnet stockings that were attached to frilly black garters. The garters went up under her skirt and I dearly wished I could see where that hooked up to. Her feet were in a pair of five inch black stiletto heels that were open toe. Her toenails were painted a sexy red color that screamed 'slut'. "Right here," she pointed as she turned around. Luckily for me she saw me still looking at her fine assets when she turned around. The smile on her face told me that she didn't mind and everyone else that came in here probably did the same thing.

She handed me a book that was called "The Club."

"I recommend this one for you if this is the first book you will be reading about this. By the way, my name is Sabrina," she said as she held out her hand to shake mine.

"My name is Allen," I said as I lifted my hand to hers and I knew that my palms were a little sweaty from being around such a beautiful woman.

"Your hand and fingers are so cold," she said as she squeezed my hand. Her warm hand felt magnificent and immediately my cock responded by growing in my pants. Sabrina let my hand go and told me that this book was a must-read to the lifestyle.

Glancing through the book quickly I noticed that it was about three hundred pages long. "Is that all you need tonight?" she asked.

"Yep, that will do," I said as I followed her up to the cash register. It was a good thing that the counter was high enough because by the time I made it to the register I had a full fledged hard-on in my pants from looking at Sabrina walk.

Sabrina quickly rang me up and I paid her. "I tell you what, Allen," she said as she handed me my change back. "I work here on Sundays and Tuesdays. Why don't you come back on Sunday and we can discuss what you have read and maybe I could help you understand the parts that you might not quite get. "

This was too good of an offer to pass up. I looked up at her and winked as I walked towards the door. "It's a date," I said as I pushed the door open. I looked at her one last time as I disappeared into the darkness of the parking lot.

I got into my car and sped home. My heart was racing as my breathing was still heavy. I kept imagining Sabrina in that sexy outfit. As I drove home I couldn't wait to go online to look for my online daughter. I pulled into the garage and quietly went into the house. I noticed that Brei's light was off in her room. I quietly entered my room hoping that I would not draw attention to her that I was gone. I undressed after I turned my computer on. When I pulled down my underwear I noticed a large puddle of pre-cum in them. I tossed that pair of underwear into my hamper and sat down at my computer. I quickly got online and checked my buddy list. "Damn," I thought to myself as my online daughter was not online. Next I checked my e-mail. There it was, a message from her. I opened it and began to read.

It was a quick letter telling me that she needed some more time before she wanted to meet. There was some other small chit-chat and then the letter ended. I clicked on the reply button and began to type her a letter back. "Baby, daddy is so glad that you need more time. I need more time too as I do not want to rush things and possibly push you away. You take all the time that you need and daddy will be here waiting for you. You make my day and every day I hope that I see you online or get an e-mail from you. I am so glad that I met you and life would seem utterly ridiculous without you. I bought a book tonight from an adult bookstore and when I read it I will be thinking about you, imagining that it is you as the main character. It is a novel about BDSM and daddy is so looking forward to reading it. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and I look forward to our next chat. Be good baby, Daddy. "

It was quite late so I shut off my computer and jumped into my bed. I turned the lamp on next to my bed and propped my pillows up so I could lay in a comfortable position to read. I got all comfy and began to read. Immediately my cock sprang to life in anticipation. It didn't take long to get to a sex scene. "My god," I thought to myself. I couldn't believe how erotic this book was and how it was affecting my body. I was becoming aroused in a totally different way.

As I held the book with one hand I began to lightly stroke my rock solid cock with my other hand. Pre-cum began dripping down my shaft and into my fingers. I couldn't believe what I was reading. My god, I was so close to cumming. "As he shackled my wrists to the bed he begged me to call him 'daddy' as he lightly rubbed my cunt from behind." 'Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard daddy,' I begged as I felt his enormous cock enter my pussy from behind." That was all I needed to read. I was picturing my online daughter in that scene and my cock began to tremble as every nerve in my body began to tingle. My hips began to thrust as I shot my cum about two feet into the air. At that moment, I imagined Brei as the one in the novel and my orgasm seemed to increase in strength. A few moments later I set the book down and cleaned myself up. I hid the book in my night stand and pulled the covers over me and turned out my light. Soon, I drifted off to sleep.

The next couple days passed like the breeze. Work was busy as ever, but I was glad. I was quickly learning the ins and outs of the professional world, and was starting to imagine that I'd ever felt anything weird and erotic about this place after all. It was obviously just another law office. Yesterday had been an especially grueling day and I'd slept like the dead from the minute my head had touched the pillow.

But now I was feeling refreshed. I was actually a little disappointed to remember that it was Friday already. I heard my dad slam the door downstairs and grind out of the driveway. I was running just a bit on the late side myself, so I hurried through my shower though I did take time to shave. Nothing like smooth skin under my clothes, I thought.

I pulled a dark red suit from my closet. I'd have to do some clothes shopping if I wanted to keep dressing so professionally, I thought. But I did love this one. The color was so deep it almost looked black. But it was red. A dark, passionate, intense red. Matched the colors I'd painted on my fingers and toes.

I wore black lingerie underneath my clothes, sheer black stockings, a black lace garter belt and a black lace bra. I remembered my bathroom play earlier in the week, though, and dispensed with the panties. Easier access that way, I grinned.

As I applied my makeup and dried my hair I wondered what Sabrina would be wearing. I couldn't wait to see. She and I were becoming great friends, and I so enjoyed working with her.

I grabbed a quick bite to eat and hurried out to my car. I was backing out of the driveway and noticed that the time on the clock was earlier than I'd thought. Confused, I turned on my favorite morning show and soon realized that Dad must've set the clocks ahead in the house. He was always doing that, in hopes that he'd be on time for once. I grinned, and decided I might as well head into work a little early and get caught up on some paperwork. 'Geez, my first week and I'm already becoming a workaholic. ' But I knew work wasn't my only reason. I'd get some time on the computer before everyone showed up. I wanted to see if my online daddy had sent me a reply to the mail I'd written earlier in the week.

I parked my car and noticed that Sabrina's vehicle was also in the lot. I felt a rush of giddiness as I thought of spending the whole day working next to that sexy thang! Even after several days of being in her presence, I still couldn't get over how sexy she was.

I found the door locked and thought that was a bit odd, but used my key and relocked it behind me. I wondered why Sabrina hadn't just left it open for everyone. I walked into the main office with a smile of greeting on my face, but my look turned to puzzlement when I realized that Sabrina wasn't at her desk.

'Oh well,' I thought. Maybe Sabrina was in the bathroom or something, and I grinned at the thought of her getting off in the same stall just like I had. I booted up my computer and quickly opened my email. There it was, a message from my chat daddy.

He wrote that he too wanted to make sure that meeting was the right thing, so he thought that taking some time to think it over was a good idea. He also wrote that he'd bought a book on the BDSM subject, and that he was taking an interest in the lifestyle. 'Wow,' I thought. Maybe I'd be able to experience some of that stuff someday after all. That is, if we did decide to meet.

Suddenly I sat up. I'd heard something. I hoped this place wasn't haunted since I'd never really seen a ghost before. But it was moaning that I heard, and panting. "What the hell??" I whispered.

I closed my email and got up to investigate. The door to the long hallway on my left was closed, and it opened with a slight squeak. I stopped in my tracks and held my breath, but the sounds were louder now. At the far end of the corridor a faint stream of light was making a yellow stripe on the soft carpet. The last office door was open just a crack!

I was really curious now, and took off my shoes to be sure I didn't snag the heels on anything. I tiptoed softly on stockinged feet, and as I drew closer to the office in question, the sounds got louder.

I could identify it now. Moaning, groaning, crying out, panting, a slapping of bodies together. "Holy shit," I muttered under my breath.

I had read about workplaces where people fucked before and after hours... and even during the workday, and those stories had always really turned me on. Now I was about to witness it myself!

I reached the door and was able to see just a bit of the room through the crack between the hinges and the door frame. And what I saw made me nearly cum right then and there.

Sabrina was bent over face down on the empty desk, her skirt hiked up to her waist and her legs spread wide. Her heels dug into the carpet and her hands gripped the sides of the desk. She must've been hanging on tight because her knuckles were white from the effort. Her hair was tangled and her lipstick smeared. As she lifted her head to thrash around from time to time I could see her cleavage pressed against the woodgrain surface. Her suit jacket was hung over the chair in front of the desk and her bra was flung on the seat.

"Uh, uh, uh," she moaned in time to the thrusts into her cunt, "oh you fuck me so good. Fuck me harder, harder. Please, oh god. FUCK that feels damn good. "

"Don't move your hands, you little CUNT. You got that?" the man behind her ordered in a stern voice just above a whisper. I lifted my eyes and my jaw dropped. I had to stifle a gasp. James Elwood!

My lips turned up into a grin. So Sabrina WAS fucking the boss. How quaint. But what I heard next made me second-guess that thought.

"Ohhhhh daddy, you keep doing that and I'm gonna, I'm gonna," Sabrina reached back with her left hand to force James' cock deeper into her pussy.

He stopped. "YOU SLUT!" CRACK! His hand came down on her ass. Hard.

Sabrina cried out and quickly placed her grip back on the desk where it belonged.

"My little girl will obey me... and furthermore, you WILL not cum until I tell you you may. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Daddy. "

I couldn't believe my ears. Daddy? Little girl? They had some hot roleplay going on. Then I realized that I really didn't know Sabrina's last name. Boy, this was twisting my summer into a tight knot and I was enjoying every minute.

James started pounding into her cunt again. "You should be punished you know, for getting your father all stiff and hard and at the office no less. What would that new girl think if she heard about this, for crying out loud?"

"She'd probably like it. I think she's kinky. "

"Is she now. But I'll bet she obeys better than you do, you little whore. "

And with that, his hand came down on her ass again and again. From where I stood I could see that her butt cheeks were beginning to look rosy and hot. James muttered, "This will teach you to keep your hands where I tell you. "

Sabrina was panting, moaning, trying to keep from screaming. "Oh, that hurts. OW. Daddy. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck your little girl. I promise I'll obey better next time. I promise. Oh god, you're so big. I want to cum Daddy. Please may I? Please?"

She was shrieking now, and I was half-afraid that someone else would walk down the hall and hear them, but they didn't seem to care.

With a final smack of her ass, James began thrusting faster and faster. "Yes, my little girl may cum. "

"Oh god, Daddy, thank you. Oh, god that feels good. Fuck me good. Fuck your little girl's tight cunt. Feel my pussy Daddy? Feel the way it grabs you? Feel it clench? Feel it... ah... oh... feel it... oh god... I'm gonna... oh god Daddy I'm gonna cum... nowwwwwwwwwwwww..." she screamed and sobbed and moaned and thrashed around on the desk. Her forehead banged against the surface and she cried out in pain. She seemed to cum forever and I wondered if she would pass out. But her hands stayed glued to the desk. At least she'd learned her lesson.

"Oh baby," I heard James exclaim. "Daddy's gonna fill you up. I feel your hot wet cunt clenching at me. Oh, I can't last any longer. I'm gonna cum baby. Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." James clenched his teeth and threw his head back. He had a death grip on Sabrina's hips and was grinding his pelvis into her cunt so that she could milk the last few drops out of his dick.

Sabrina lay limply on the desk, then raised her head... and looked right into my eyes.

'Oh my fucking god,' I thought. 'I'm in deep shit now. '

I turned on my heels and walked as quickly and as quietly as I could back down the hallway. As I reached my desk I realized that my entire body was shaking. I couldn't believe what I'd just seen and I half thought I'd been dreaming. But my computer was on just where I'd left it, and I had to get a grip or risk losing my job.

I sat back and took some deep breaths. I replaced my shoes and rubbed my temples. God, but I was horny. But it was almost time to open the office and I didn't have time to run to the restroom. I sat there, deep in my own reminiscing and didn't notice the figure walking to my desk.

"Morning, Brei," Matthew's deep voice made me jump nearly out of my chair.

"God, I'm sorry," I blushed since my thoughts hadn't exactly been work-related.

Matthew leaned over my desk. His blue eyes searched mine, then he smiled. I didn't know what it was about this guy, but I didn't exactly trust him. He seemed a little too smart for his own good, or maybe it was his domineering manner. I didn't know, but he made me uncomfortable. But he aroused me too. That was the funny thing. Uncomfortably arousing.

"I've got a big case coming up and it's going to trial next week, in fact. I've been working on the son of a bitch for three months now, but still have some last minute paperwork to finish. I know it's a lot to ask, since you just started working here and all, but I'd like you and Sabrina to come in tomorrow, that's Saturday, and help me out. Ok?"

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