tagIncest/TabooDad's Promise To Charlie Ch. 1

Dad's Promise To Charlie Ch. 1


It was in early March, two days before my 27th birthday that my wife presented me with an early birthday present. A daughter who we named Charlene and later nicknamed Charlie. I don't know if it was the fact that we were both born under the same sign or what, but Charlie and I had a special bond between us from very early on.

All through her childhood she was "daddy's girl," and our bond grew stronger as the years passed and she grew to be a beautiful young lady. This was a fact that was not lost on me as I began to see and admire the woman she was becoming. The more I saw of her scantily dressed or in her tight swimsuit, the more I was aware of the seeds of desire for her being planted in my mind.

Charlie's dating was almost nonexistent mostly because of an early ugly date she had with a young would-be romeo who more or less tried to rape her. After that she pretty much hung out with her girlfriends, especially Tinah.

Now back to my story. There were several times I detected Charlie checking me out, especially when I was in my jockey shorts! Was it possible that she was having the same thoughts about me that I was having for her? Little did I know that the answer to my question would soon be played out!

On Charlie's 18th birthday and my 45th we celebrated our dual birthdays. As this was Charlie's 18th we allowed her a treat of having wine with us as we celebrated her coming of age.

When the party was over and all guests had left, Charlie came over and gave me a hug and kiss goodnight as she had done a thousand times before, only this time it was different. The hug was tighter and the kiss longer and more intense. It was enough to make my cock stiffen. One week later, Charlie and I were working on remodeling the basement when a chain of events was set in motion by a can of paint.

The first link in the chain of events started so unexpectedly. It was Saturday, and as usual, Charlie was helping me on the basement project by painting the trim above the paneling I was putting up. She was on the ladder, painting, and accidentally knocked the paint can off the ladder. I ran to catch it but ended up getting paint all over my shirt and pants.

Charlie came off the ladder and began to apologize as she grabbed a rag and started wiping the paint spots off of me. As she wiped the paint from my pants her hand ran across my crotch causing my cock to start jerk a little!

"Don't worry about it," I told her, "Just run up and get me a change of clothes while I finish cleaning up." I went to the laundry room sink and removed my soiled clothes. As I did that I thought about how Charlie's hand felt rubbing across my cock. I envisioned her small hand on my cock pumping it slowly and drawing the cum out of it. With this thought in my mind, I began to pump my now hard cock. Lost in time for the moment I felt the cum in my loins explode in spurts onto the floor. I looked up and suddenly I was aware of Charlie standing frozen and intently staring at my still somewhat rigid cock.

"Oh God! How long have you been standing there?"

"Only a little while," while she stammered.

"Baby come over here!"

She walked over to me extending out the clothes she had retrieved for me.

"Do you know what I was doing?"

Her face reddened slightly and she answered, "You were shaking your thing and making white stuff."

I asked, "Do you know why?"

"I guess it must make you feel good, and Dad," she added, "I've seen you do that before."

"When?," I asked her.

"Once when Mom was out with friends for the night. I got up to use the bathroom and your bedroom door was open and you were watching something on TV, and you were pumping your thing like you were just doing and made that white stuff. After I watched you I went back to bed."

"What did you think?" I asked.

"Well, I thought it must feel good for you to play with yourself."

I looked into her eyes and said, "It does feel good, and do you know what I think about when I do it?"

"What?," she asked.

"I think about you," I said.

Her eyes widened. "Why me, Dad?"

"I said you are becoming a beautiful woman and the sight of you excites me, Baby. Would you like to touch my cock?"

"I don't know, Dad, it would not be right, would it?"

"Honey as long as we keep it just between you and I, and promise never to tell anyone, especially your mother, it would be all right. You love and trust Dad don't you?"

"Oh! I sure do Dad."

"Good! Then give me your hand," and guided it to my cock which was now growing more erect.

She gave it a small squeeze. "Are you going to make it spurt again?," she asked.

"Not right now, Honey! I replied, "and that white stuff is called 'cum'. You know what that is don't you?"

"It's the stuff that makes babies isn't it?"

"Well yes, but you don't always have to make babies. Sometimes it is just a pleasurable sexual release."

"Dad," Charlie said, looking into my eyes. "Next time you do it, can I watch you up close?"

"If you promise to keep this 'Our Special Secret' you can watch me all the time."

"When will you do it again?," she asked.

"Next time we are alone," I promised, "but now run upstairs while I get dressed, your mother will soon be home."

Charlie and Dad's Oral Agreement Chapter 2 Charlie Watches Then Joins In

When I got upstairs Charlie was sitting and watching TV. Just then my wife Kelly came in the door with an arm full of groceries.

"There are more in the car," she hollered to me.

"Ok!, I'll get them," I replied.

As we were putting everything away, Kelly said, "You didn't forget that I have to go to Ally's Tupperware party tonight, did you?"

"I almost forgot," I said. My heart raced! I thought, "Me and Charlie home alone tonight! Charlie will surely get her wish tonight!"

At supper I said "Charlie, you and I have kitchen duty tonight. Mom is going out to a party with friends."

Charlie's eyes shot up! She must have thought the same thing that I did.

"How long will you be gone?," I asked.

Kelly replied, "Don't worry, I'll be back by 10:00 or 11:00 o'clock."

It was now 5:30, If she left by 6:30, that meant we had at least 3 plus hours alone.

As Charlie and I did up the dishes, Kelly came in and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"I'm off" she said. "See you later!"

"Don't buy out the store," I called to her as she left.

Charlie and I began discussing what had happened earlier.

"Are you sure that it is all right to do it?" Charlie asked. "I mean you are my dad and isn't that what they call 'incest'?"

"Well, Honey," I replied, "They can call it whatever they want to, but if we love each other there is no reason why we can't express that love. Just so long as it is our 'Special Secret' and it remains only between you and me. Charlie, if you don't feel good about it after tonight, we won't do anything like that again."

"It's a deal Dad!," and we high five'd each other.

With the kitchen chores all done I said, "Charlie go up and take a shower and meet me in the living room!"

While Charlie was taking her shower, I went to my bedroom and changed into my robe and nothing else. I grabbed an X-rated tape out of my dresser drawer, (one that showed girls having oral sex ). I went back down to the living room and put the tape into the VCR. I turned down the volume so that only the images were showing on the screen. I loved watching these movies on my big screen rather then the small screen that was in our bedroom. As I watched the young girls sucking off guys and take their cum down their throats, I started to stroke my rapidly erecting cock.

"Hey you!," I heard Charlie shout, "I thought you said I could watch you up close the next time you played with yourself?"

I glanced over to see Charlie standing at the doorway brushing her long hair, dressed in her short red satin robe that we had bought her for Christmas, and a pair of white panties.

"Well, get you butt over here if you want to watch me."

She came over and sat cross-legged in front of me. "What are you watching?," she asked as she spied the images appearing on the big screen. As she watched, she said, "Is that what makes you play with yourself?"

"It helps," I replied, "but having you here watching me beats anything I will see on this tape." I bent over and kissed her gently on the lips, then I began to pump my cock. "Want to help your dear old dad?" I asked.

"Geeze Dad! I don't know," her eyes now fixed on my now hard cock.

I reached down, took her small hand and placed it on my cock.

"It's really hard, Dad, and it's starting to leak cum."

"No Baby, that is pre-cum and it lubricates the cock."

She bought her thumb up to the head and spread my pre-cum all over it. "I see what you mean, Dad. "It's getting slick and slippery. Look how it glistens!"

I looked into her eyes. "Pump it for me" I implored her.

She slowly began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. "Like this?," as she spread my pre-cum over the head and down my shaft. As she increased the tempo, I began to feel my cum rising and about to release.

"Oh Baby that's it," I said as my cum spurted out over her hand.

"That was neat, Dad," she said. "Did I make you do that?"

"You sure did,and you did a great job!"

"Thanks Dad. That was kinda fun," she smiled.

As Charlie began to clean my cum from her fingers and hand, I glanced over to the TV where a young girl held a cock in front of her mouth. "Look!," I said as the girl pumped the cock and cum shot into her open mouth.

"Oh my God!," Charlie said. "Do girls really like to do that? There is so much of it! How does she keep it all in her mouth?"

"She swallows it," I replied.

"I don't think I could ever do that, Dad," she exclaimed.

"Sure you can and you may even get to love it. Trust me," I said. "Charlie do you love and trust me enough to show you?," I asked her.

Charlie thought about my question as she looked at me with excitement in her eyes. "Dad, I truly do love and trust you, so I guess I will let you show me if you want to."

I reached down and took a small amount of my spent cum and dabbed it all over her lips. While she continued to watch me, I licked the cum off her lips and kept it on my tongue.

"Open your mouth Charlie," and as she did I slipped my cum -covered tongue into her mouth giving her the first taste of my cum!

"How does it taste?," I asked.

"Well it doesn't taste bad, but it is different from anything I ever tasted before," she replied as she licked my tongue to get more of a taste. "It is sticking to my tongue, now. What do I do?"

"Wash it down with soda," I told her while offering her a glass of Coke.

"Thanks, Dad. Now I'm going to wash my hands."

As Charlie headed for the bathroom she stopped to look out the window. Watching her, I noticed a wet spot showing on the crotch of her white panties.

When she returned, girls were still sucking guys' hard cocks as they came in the girls' mouths. Charlie said, "I really don't know. If I took all of that, I think I would gag!"

"You acquire a taste for it like you do any new or strange food you never had before," I told her.

As the tape ran down, I said, "Let's change it in case your mother comes home. We put on the tape of the movie "Sound of Music" which was Charlie's favorite. While the movie was starting up I ran the x- tape back to my room.

When I returned, Charlie was sitting on the couch humming along with the music.

I sat beside her and dropped my hand to the wet spot on her pants. "What do we have here?," I asked as I pressed against the spot.

"Well, Dad," she said, "watching you cum made me all hot,wet and squishy."

"That's the way you should feel when you get sexually excited," I assured her. Moving my hand inside the band of her panties I began to rub her wet pubic hair and soft lips of her pussy.

"Dad are you sure this is ok?," she again asked as she began to squirm from the attention I was paying to her tiny slit.

"As I told you Charlie, so long as we keep this our special secret and no one else knows,this is a way to show our love for each other." I was now flicking my finger against her small budding clit.

Charlie's cunt became wetter and beads of sweat formed on her forehead. Her breathing was getting heavier, and suddenly she squeezed her legs tight against my hand. "Oh! Oh! DAD! I'm cumming!" Her little body shook from her orgasm as she buried her head against my chest while she recovered. "That was fucking great dad!," she said as she smiled a smile of utter contentment.

It was now almost 9:00 pm. "Better get ourselves together," I said. "Mom will be home shortly." I changed into a pair of shorts and T- shirt, and Charlie changed her panties and put on her old gray robe. We had both just returned to the living room when headlights reflected off the window.

"Mom's home," Charlie said.

When Kelly walked in, she found father and daughter sitting innocently watching the old movie.

"Are you guys watching that old thing again? Don't you ever get tired of it," she asked.

"I love this movie, Mom, and besides there wasn't anything good on TV.

"Well you better start getting ready for bed," Kelly said. I don't want you sleeping till noon even if tomorrow is Sunday.

Charlie crossed the room and gave her mother a goodnight kiss with the same lips that had just been coated with my cum. As Kelly went to the kitchen Charlie came up to me and kissed me goodnight. "I can't wait till we can do this again," she whispered in my ear

"Don't worry, Baby. I will see to that. Now off to bed and sweet dreams," I whispered back.

"Oh! I will have sweet dreams tonight, Dad, thanks to you." And off to bed she went.

And so began our intimate relationship with the promise of more days and nights to come.

Charlie and Dad's Oral Agreement Pt - 3 ( Charlie and Dad's Great Opportunity Arrives )

Sunday came and went without incident. We spent the day cleaning up the basement, as I would be going out of town Monday and the remodeling job would have to be put on hold.

My consulting job often had me away from home for several days, but the money was very good, I was well respected, and best of all I often could work from home with no clocks to punch.

When I got back on Thursday, the first thing Charlie wanted me to do was drive her to Tinah's house to work on a school project, As we drove the three miles to Tinah's, Charlie said "Dad I really missed you," and slid her hand across the seat. She found the zipper of my pants and looking both ways out of the window pulled out my cock which was growing in her small hand.

"Oh, Baby, I missed you too," as I shifted in my seat to allow her better access to my now hard, throbbing cock. As we continued our drive Charlie slid her hand up and down my cock coating it with pre-cum. She increased the pumping and my cum erupted into her hand. She cupped her hand and held the pool of cum, then taking one finger she drew some of the cum to her mouth, leaving a string of sperm from her hand to her mouth.

"See dad, I really missed you!" With that she put my now shrinking cock back into my pants and gave me a big smile.

We arrived at Tinah's and Charlie kissed me good bye as she slid her wet tongue into my mouth. "See you later, Daddy!," she said and went into Tinah's house.

As I drove home, I thought about how it would feel to have Charlie put my cock in her mouth and swallow all of my cum. What dad, if he were really honest, wouldn't love the sight of his daughter sucking him off? I had to try to think of other things so that Kelly would not notice the hard-on that was again growing in my pants.

The rest of the week we did not have the freedom to engage in our 'secret' games, but events that would occur the following week would more than make up for our lost opportunities. It started in the middle of the night on Monday, when the ringing of the phone on the night stand woke Kelly and I up. It was Kelly's mother and she was informing Kelly that her father had suffered a heart attack and could Kelly come down as soon as possible? The timing was perfect as Charlie was going to be off for the week for spring break.

I asked Kelly the question that I prayed she would answer right. "Are you going to take Charlie with you?"

She replied, "No, it will cost too much money for both of us, and besides Charlie would just be bored and complain about the plans she had made with her friends this week. I will let you know if both of you should come down later."

"I will keep a tight control of her," I said to Kelly as she got up to start packing. While she was doing that I called the airline and made her reservation for early the next morning to Phoenix, Ariz. As the lady on the phone confirmed the time, and flight number, my mind was racing with the possibilities of Charlie and I alone for at least the next several days. "All alone to ourselves, a prayer answered," I said to myself.

With Kelly all packed, we both went back to bed and set the alarm for 8:00 am. Her flight would be at 11:30 am, so that would give us plenty of time to get her to the airport. The alarm clock was buzzing,and I reached over to turn it off. Now conscious, I wondered if that was a dream I had, or if the events of last night really happened. Glancing over to the door I saw Kelly's bag sitting on the floor. "No dream," I smiled to myself. This was really happening! I woke up Kelly and told her she had better get up and shower for her trip.

Kelly sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes and as I was about to get up, she said, "Wait!" She slid down the bed and took my cock into her mouth and sucked me to erection. she sucked softly and bathed my cock with her saliva. Damn she was a good cocksucker, but as she was sucking me, thoughts of Charlie and how her mouth would feel crept into my mind. With these thoughts and Kelly's sucking I soon shot my load of cum into Kelly's mouth.

She swallowed my load,and then said, "That will have to hold you until I get back." She kissed me, then headed for the shower. It was one of the only times that I felt some guilt about Charlie and I and what we were doing.

Kelly and I were seated at the kitchen table when Charlie came down the stairs. "What's going on?," she asked as she spotted the packed suitcase at the bottom of the stairs. "What happened?"

We told her about her grandfather. She put her arms around her mother and asked, "Did he die?"

"No," Kelly responded, "but he is in the hospital and Grandma wants me to come stay with her for a couple of days."

"Your mother is flying out this morning and will give us an update when she sees Grandma. We will have to hold down the fort while she is gone," I explained.

Charlie looked at me with mixed feelings showing in her eyes, feeling sorry about her grandfather, but realizing what being alone with me the next few day could be like.

"I'll go with you guys to the airport," Charlie said and ran to get dressed. We arrived at the airport with about 45 minutes to spare. I told Kelly I would cancel any appointments I would have until she got back.

Charlie told her to say "Hi" and sent her love and prayers for grandpa and grandma.

In a short while we heard her flight number called and we said our good-byes.

"Have a safe trip," I called as she walked to the boarding area. Our adventure was about to begin, and I think we were both looking forward to it. Thus the final link in the chain of events was complete, and our relationship was about to go full speed ahead!

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