tagIncest/TabooDad's The Man Ch. 06

Dad's The Man Ch. 06


Mar. 01/09

I may need to buy some downers, or maybe some kind of external pacemaker machine that I can use here in my room. Oh, boy. I can't even believe I slept after tonight.

Okay, I got home about four o'clock, just a little down about Gina and after spending extra goodbye time in her car out front. Daddy already had a meal on and a lot of my blues just floated away as I hung up my coat inside the back door, smelling his yummy stir fry.

"Hey, kitten, just in time."

"Hey, Daddy, smells great. Not a lot for me, though, I already had some Chinese at Gina's a couple hours ago."

"All the more for me. You have a good time? Oh, you must have, look at all the bags."

"Yeah, well I got you some things, too. What have you been up to?"

"Cleaning the lumber for Peg's door frame, piddling around. Oh yeah, the neighbor's fuckin' dog was over here again. It sat there, barking in my face as it was takin' a shit in the driveway right in front of me! You believe that?"

"You didn't hurt her, did you?" I asked, feeling my horny crank itself up a notch.

"No! I was too far to kick the little bitch and I didn't have any bricks at hand to whip at it."

"Well, what'd you do?" I asked, smiling a little now.

"I chased it away, went and got the shovel and I dumped it over the fence on their driveway."

" ... Maybe you should talk to the Fergusons. They share their other property line and they might have the same issues."

"I don't want to have to talk to that idiot."

" ... Oh, Daddy, give me kisses, I missed you."

He smiled, stooped over a little for me, and we kissed each other's lips.

"Yeah, I missed you, too."

"Do you like my shoes?"

"Yeah. They look good with those jeans."


"Kinda cold for them right now though, isn't it?"

"I wanted to show you. I'm gonna go put this stuff in my room and be right back."


"You haven't forgotten about your massage, have you?" I asked over my shoulder, heading for the hallway.

"No, I haven't forgotten, but remember: No crazy stuff. Okay? ... Kathleen?"

After supper and a shower, I redid my makeup and hair and changed into an old, white undershirt that I wore when I was fourteen and the same black, pleated skirt I wore the last time I massaged him. I decided not to bother with bra or panties and shuffled out to the living room like that, asking him if he wanted anything before I sat down.

His eyes widened at my bouncy boobs, dark, incredibly erect nipples plainly discernable as he shook his head and forced his attention back on his newspaper. I flumped down on my end of the couch and we spent a pretty regular evening for a few hours, watching some news and DIY Channel.

I called him from his room at eight o'clock, sitting on the bed, my apprehension level already on the rise and my horny up even further as he walked in.

"Something different tonight," I said with a smile.

"It's always something different with you," he replied, glancing at my boobies ever so quickly.

"I'll take that as a compliment. You did such a good job rubbing my bum that I'm going to really treat you tonight, just like I promised. I'm gonna do your legs, too."

"My legs?"

"Uh huh. And I bought some suitable underwear for you, too," I said, picking up and holding out the black bikini briefs I'd selected for him. "Go in your bathroom, put these on and come back in, okay?"

He took the briefs from me and held them up in front of his face, pinched between his thumb and forefinger as he inspected them.

"Heh. No way."

"What? Why?"

"You kidding? I've never worn anything like this."


"These are for playboys."

"Oh, Daddy, no they're not. They'll look great on you and it'll be easier to give you a proper, full body massage, if you wear those."

"Kitten, I'd be uncomfortable enough wearing my boxers in front of you, I sure as hell can't wear these!"

"It's no different than a bathing suit."

"I don't swim. I don't even know how."

"But, if you did, you'd wear those."

"No, I wouldn't, they're too small and there's no liner."

"They're not too small, there's more to them than you think. Anyway, if you ever did go to the beach, you'd owe it to every woman there to wear something even smaller and who needs a liner, anyway?"

"I do, so I'm not-"

"Daddy! I bought those for you, and some more too, come on!" I began to whine.

"You bought more?"

"Yeah, I put them away for you. You'll like them, go put them on."

"Kitten, I don't want to."

"Daa-ddy!" I complained, bouncing on the bed with an expression on my face that hinted of an emotional upset in the very near future.

I had to be careful to keep myself in check when he walked out of the bathroom about five minutes later. Oh my god, he looked so fabulous and sexy. I found myself excitedly bouncing a little on the bed again with a face splitting smile as he approached, looking him up and down, but mostly right at his bulging package in the underwear I got him.

"Kitten, stop it," he said, obviously embarrassed, the poor thing, but I loved him all the more for it and for giving in to me again.


"Seriously, kitten, I'm about two seconds away from going back in there and putting my pants back-"

"Okay, okay, I won't,... Gee whiz, Daddy, it's just that you look so good in them, just like I said you would. Just lay down and I'll get started on your back, alright?" I said, having to get a grip on myself again.

I tried not to stare at the big, jiggly, lumpy shape at the front of his briefs as he walked to the bed, trying not to look at me. Once he was arranged how I wanted him, I mounted his bum like I did before, getting a much larger thrill for it without my panties and wondered if he could tell as miffy rested on him.

"I'm not too heavy, am I?" I asked as I began at his shoulders.

"No. Just intense."


"Mmm. Maybe that's not the right word. Maybe 'frightening' would be a better word."

"I'll take that as a compliment, too. I guess. Feel good?"

"Uh huh. Uhh. Dammit, now you got me spoiled to it, though. I've actually been looking forward to it, but I didn't think I'd end up practically naked in front of you. I- mmmm- shoulda had you turn around when I came out of the bathroom, or something."

"You're being all uptight and silly again, Daddy."



"Ohhhhh, yeah, right there. ... Ohhh, geez, that's good, sweetie. But, I'm not being uptight."

"Yes, you are. All you have to do is just lay here and enjoy the massage and, when I'm done, you'll feel so much better. You felt better last week, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah. Uuufff!"

"And I had to convince you then, too, but I was right, wasn't I?"

"Yeah. (sigh)"

"And you're not even fighting me on the leg massage because now you have a pretty good idea how good that will feel, so just relax. You're in very good hands."

"I'd have a pretty hard time arguing with that right now," he admitted.

I lovingly rubbed between his shoulder blades, soaking his bare skin in oil and leaning a little weight into my straightened arms, rocking back and forth on his bum with a big smile on my face. I tightened my thighs against his hips and leaned forward, lightly dragging my boobies up his oily back a short way as my hands caressed the back of his hard shoulders.

"You're very good at this," he said a minute later, obviously relaxed now by the tone of his slowed voice.

"I Googled," I said in a low voice, my mouth just behind his ear.


"I Google all kinds of stuff," I said, settling more of my weight on his back while I worked his shoulders.

"I've been getting that about you, yeah. Oh, kitten, that's good. It feels like you're massaging a year's work off me every minute."

"See, that's the point. You should trust me, kitten knows what's good for you."

"Kitten cares," he said, a smile in his tone.

"That's right," I laughed softly, "and I'm glad you remembered that. ... Do you like what I did with my hair?"

"Mmmmm. Curls make you look younger."

"Ringlets," I corrected. "That's what Gina said, too, but do you like them?"

"Yeah, but,..."

"Don't worry, Daddy. I like them too, but they're not going to be the every day. I have to be taken seriously by people like Glendon Ferguson."

"What are you going to talk to him about?"


" ... Who's Florence?"

"The dog. Since you won't do it, I have to."

" ... Fine, I'll go do it."

"No, I will. You'll probably end up calling him an idiot."

"Ahhh! He is an idiot, sweetie."

"See, that's what I mean, but just never mind about that for now. Just relax and enjoy this."

I lifted myself off him and turned the bottle upside down, squeezing another stream out on his back in a circular pattern. I began rubbing that in everywhere, but mostly on his lower back as I prepared to finish up in this fun little area and move to fresh territory.

Miffy was pretty hot by the time I was done, and I was amazed I didn't leave a wet spot on his briefs as I dragged her backwards off of him, moving down to start at his feet. I went over them thoroughly, on my knees while holding each lower leg up, bent at the knee and he really enjoyed that foot massage. This is probably because of all those hours standing on concrete while wearing work boots. I contained my enthusiasm for certain other areas of his body I'd yet to get to, so he could enjoy this for a good while before moving on to his calves, finally the backs of his thighs.

"Oh, my,... god! Oh, kitten, that feels so good!"

"Mm hm," I agreed.

"Geez, I never realized,... Ohh, sweetie, now you really have me spoiled."


"It's not funny. Next thing ya know I'll be one of those idiots who- Oh, kitten, watch out."

"What?" I asked, stroking his slightly spread, inner thighs now.

" ... I'm right there."

"I know where you are."

"No, I mean-"

"I know what you mean, I can see them just fine."

" ... Y- you can?"

"Uh huh. Don't worry, they're in your underwear, except for the veeeeery edges," I said, suddenly and lightly tracing the exposed skin on both sides of the black, cotton crotch of his underwear where his balls protruded from his groin.

He gasped under his breath and flinched, saying, "Kitten, don't."

I went back to the massage, getting quite moist at this point and still smiling, going just far enough up his inner thighs to barely avoid touching his balls, making him tense every time as I rubbed and kneaded, using a little more oil than I had been.

After doing his outer thighs, giving him a chance to relax a little, I soaked the black cotton at his hips so I could rub it in, staring at his bum. Finally, I quickly pulled up on the waistband and began squirting heavy streams down the back of his briefs, really making him flinch.

"Oh! Kitten,..."

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Uhh-h,... M-maybe you shouldn't,... do that."

I kept on squirting and said, "Should I pull them down, then?"

"No! I just,..."

I was almost done, just a few heavy squirts down between his cheeks that really got his attention before I noticed the oil trickling out the crotch of his underwear around his balls. I quickly put my hand there, fingers gently closing the gaps and keeping it in so it could be absorbed by his now shiny wet briefs, or his bum.


"Sorry, I used too much, I'm just trying to keep it off the sheets," I calmly explained, pressing a little harder and rubbing my hand ever so little.

"But, kath-"

"It's okay, just relax."

I began rubbing it in at that spot, watching some trickle out anyway before I slowly began massaging his cute bum.

"Ohh, kat,..." he moaned with something like regret in his voice.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?"

He didn't answer, but slowly relaxed as I had my fun, working and kneading his cheeks for a little while, until most of the oil had been absorbed by his skin.

When I was finished, I straddled his bum again, lying forward and on his back like I had before, soaking miffy on his briefs immediately. I gave him a little taste of what was to come as I reached forward to caress and rub his upper arms for a few moments before speaking softly in his ear.

"Time to turn over, Daddy."

I got off him and waited on my knees. He got on his back and looked up, noticing my oiled undershirt with widened and riveted eyes as I took in the front of his briefs.

His cock had gotten bigger. It was clearly laying in such a way as to point up and to his left.

I broke myself out of a very short trance, faster than Daddy could break out of his, and suddenly found myself straddling his hips, settling bare miffy right on top of him, feeling his hardness at the intersection of my groin and right leg. He only looked up at me as I smiled warmly down at him, arching my back a little as I squirted a bunch of oil directly on his chest and belly.

"Geez, kitten,..."

"I love making you feel nice," I said, slowly rubbing some in, sending a small wave down to soak the waistband of his underwear in the process. (oops)

"Yeah,... I think we're gonna have to come up with some boundaries for these massage sessions."

"Daddy, no, I don't like boundaries." I said, just a little petulantly.

"Mmmm. Yeah, but,... I really think we should have them."

I rubbed under his arms, kneading his chest a little when I was in the general area, but mostly his sides, saving his chest for just a bit later as I felt Daddy's cock stirring between my legs.

"Will we still be able to kiss? Because we have been and you don't seem to be upset about it. Do you like kissing me?"

" ... Yes, I like kissing you."

"I like kissing you too," I replied, then lay forward, grinding myself against his hardening cock, making both of us gasp a little while my boobies touched down heavily on his chest.

As I slowly rubbed and caressed under his arms, I gave him a soft kiss on the lips. I stayed for another and he answered it that time, kissing me back. The third kiss lingered and we pressed our lips a little harder. The fourth kiss never really stopped, at least not until at least a minute had passed.

"(giggle) That was fun, Daddy."

" ... Kitten, you're such a bad girl," he said, looking at me like I don't think he ever has.

"We were just kissing, there's nothing wrong with that," I said as I sat straight again.

His decidedly larger cock had shifted, with its new size and my maneuvering, to rest right between the lips of miffy as I began slowly, reverently working his chest, unable to resist his nipples for long.

"Mmmm. You're spoiled, you know." he said.

"No, I'm not."

"Oh, yes you are. You don't like to be told 'no'."

I shrugged, smiling a little as I forced myself to move on from his nipples to feel up the rest of his chest.

"But, we definitely need some boundaries. I can see you weren't kidding about your hormones."

"Oh, Daddy." I pouted under my breath as I rubbed the front of his shoulders, rocking back and forth on my hips a little in sincere unhappiness about all this talk of 'boundaries'.

He gasped a little, flinching at the sensations I forced on him and looked at my chest again. I could feel miffy spreading around the width of cock pressed against her and I'd shifted in such a way that my clitoris was now being brushed with our slightest movements. From there on, my massage experience was nothing short of glorious, breathing hard, twitching every now and then, but not moaning aloud as I massaged his arms, taking my time like everywhere else.

"Mmmm,..." I expressed at one point, slowly and lightly running my fingers across the scar tissue on his now mostly healed arm. "I hate to say it, but it's so,... manly. Sexy and hot. Oh, Daddy, I love your body."

"I love yours," he said, his breath also ragged, staring at my chest more or less openly now. "Your nipples are so long, sweetie,... Don't you mind if dad sees your boobs like that?"

In reply, I stopped stroking his chest and removed my top.

"No, don't- don't,...... Oh, kitten,..."

See my boobies, Daddy?"

"Oh, my god."

"You like 'em?"

"Oh, my god."

"(giggle) See, I'm just glad you have something nice to look at. But, I suppose you'll want to keep those behind your boundaries too, won't you?"

"Aw, kitten. We talked about this, remember?"


"Come on, be a big girl."

"Daddy, I am a big girl. I know what I'm doing."

"You're nineteen."

"I'm not stupid, you know, just because I didn't do good in school."

"I know that, sweetie, I'm just-"

"Talk later, massage now." I said, putting his arm down on the bed.

He gasped again, a sound that I think was meant to be an exasperated sigh as I slid backwards off of him and straddled his knees in order to massage his thighs. Right away, I saw the wet spot I left right over his surprisingly, wonderfully big, hard cock.

And, oh-my-god, you should have seen that beautiful thing, just lying there, barely contained by his briefs and drawing my attention like a moth to a flame. My hands slowly, mindlessly ran up his thigh as I stared, jaw slightly open.

"Ohhhh,..." I breathed.

He looked and saw where my attention was directed and appeared to panic just a little.

"Daddy, your cock is all big."

"Just,... don't look at that, alright, sweetie?"

(Yeah, right!)

" ... Is,... is that as big as it gets?"

"Kitten, never mind."

"Um, You're all fuckin' horny. (giggle) Aren't you"

"Kitten, I mean it."

I rubbed his leg a little harder, pushing my hands up further as I licked my lips, staring at it while I worked his leg, hands trembling, miffy even wetter. He seemed to give up on me not staring and laid his head back to enjoy the attention his legs were getting.

When I was finally done the other leg, I stayed on my knees, moving half way up his thighs. I looked down at how the leg holes lifted away from his body, pushed out by his impressive manhood, the waistband also pulled away from his belly in the middle, that thin, darker trail of hair disappearing down the breach like a map to Fantasy Land. I squirted a lot of warm oil down that trail, as he jumped a little."

"Oh-h, kitten,... come on, you know you shouldn't do that."

"I'm finishing the massage," I said, soaking his underwear at the front of his hips before I upended the bottle and began squirting wherever I pleased and as much as I wanted. Of course, I squirted a lot right over his length as he watched, gasping a little as the wet cotton plastered itself over his cock, outlining in better detail its shape as I ran the stream down his crotch.

"Oh, Daddy,... fuck,..." I drooled.

I began massaging the front of his hips, almost mesmerized, sometimes slipping my hands underneath the briefs from the tops of his legs, seeing my fingers come up from under the waistband as they rubbed thoroughly around. My preferred underwear on him, now slipping sideways, back and forth over his swollen member, made him jump and sigh, moaning under his breath as my fingers inched ever closer from inside them.

"Uhh! Kitten, b- be careful, sweetie, Daddy's cock is right there. You re- really shouldn't have,... your hands down,... my,... mmmm."

"Daddy, I wanna look at it. I wanna pull your underwear down so I can-"

"No way. Uh uh-hh."

"Why?" I asked, using more 'superkitten' in my tone.

"You know why, because you shouldn't be seeing your dad's cock."

"But, you pulled my panties down and saw miffy," I countered, pushing my hands up the fronts of his thighs, pulling the little garment tighter over his balls in the process.

" ... That was different. Ah! I wouldn't have had that happen."

"But I've never really seen one in real life before, how am I s'posed to know?"

"That's just not a good enough reason- Uhh! Kitten, be careful, okay? Maybe you should take your hands out of your dad's-"

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