tagIncest/TabooDad's The Man Ch. 07

Dad's The Man Ch. 07


Mar. 04/09

I was in a way better mood today than I was yesterday. Not only did I get a good night's sleep, but there were no weird dreams. When the alarm went off, I had it deactivated before the third annoying tone and was out of bed and in the hallway, wearing only the yellow panties Gina bought me when we first met and a small pink T-shirt that was barely long enough to cover the bottoms of my boobies.

I knew as I was scampering towards Daddy's door that my horny was back and I enjoyed the way my boobies felt bouncing around in my shirt. Vaguely fearing he'd have it locked against me, I quietly opened the door and crept in, carefully managing to get almost right on top of him as he lay sleeping on his back. I leaned in close, opened my mouth and barely licked his lips before kissing him, waking him up. I went in for another and stayed there, opening my mouth and grinding myself against him with the covers between us.

It took him about four seconds from waking to begin kissing me back and, before I knew it, we were making out quite heavily, his hand caressing under the back of my shirt, wandering down to my bum and back up.

"Mmm. You know," I said with a horny smile, "if I were a serial killer, you'd be dead now."

He smiled at my old joke and stretched, arms out and flexing, me quick to capitalize by running my hands over his upper arms while he did.

"I'm doing Peggy's door today," I informed him.

"Mmmm. Gina helping you?"

"Yup, I convinced her. We'll pick her up on the way to the plant, okay?"

"Okay. Get off me, kitten, I gotta get my shit together."



"Nope. You gotta get me off you. Like when we used to wrestle, except now I'm older and in a lot better shape, so I can win without you letting me."

He laughed out loud at this as I smiled back.

"It's no joke, I'm in really good shape," I said, straightening up so that I was sitting on his belly. "See? Plus, I'm already on top, so I have the advantage."

"I can have you off me in about five seconds, Kat."

"Prove it."

Boy, did he ever. In a flash, his thumbs and forefingers had captured my erected nipples and were squeezing, twisting until it actually hurt, but it was mainly the surprise that had me screaming and laughing. I didn't dare try to rip his arms away, could only wail with my hands held uselessly out a little from my sides as he began to get to a sitting position. While doing this, he pushed me backward and to the side, laying me down on my back as I screamed for him to let go amidst my pained laughter. Once he was on his feet and had me prone on his bed (about five seconds after he grabbed my nipples) he did let go and walked away with a triumphant smile, a half hard cock that I couldn't help but notice in his boxers.

"No fair!" I indignantly called after him, curling into the fetal position and holding my assaulted nipples in the palms of my hands. "You were supposed to wrestle!"

"I don't remember agreeing to that." he informed from the hallway.

"Cheateeeeeer!! Chea-!!"

Suddenly, the most incredibly pleasurable sensations seemed to sprout from my nipples. I rolled onto my back, mouth open and not uttering a sound as I rubbed them more, enjoying this tingling warmth almost to the exclusion of all else. A couple minutes later, I was standing in the bathroom doorway, watching Daddy brush his teeth with an awed expression.

"Whaa?" he garbled, glancing at me with a knowing smile.

" ... Do that again, okay?"

He took his maddening time in finishing his first chore of the morning, rinsing his mouth with a cup of water afterward, smiling the whole damned time while I waited for his answer.

"Do what again?"

"Daddy! You know, do it again."

"What? I don't know what you're talking about," he insisted, glancing at my boobies, their erect nipples and the little upside down, yellow triangle between my legs as the situation in his boxers grew.

"Pinch my nipples, Daddy!"

He laughed a little and grabbed them again, twisting and pinching like he did in his room.

"Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh, god, it hurts,... sooo gooooood!"

He backed me out into the hallway, right against the opposite wall and held on for what must have been a half minute, letting go as I started to slide down the wall, getting off on the anticipation of the pleasure this would bring, hence on the pain itself. He stepped back with that damned smile and closed the bathroom door. I slid down the wall the rest of the way, parted my legs and pulled my panties aside to begin playing with myself, waiting for the party my nipples were about to throw in my honour.

It was a great party, alright, and I was actually halfway to orgasm when it was over, getting to my feet after, hearing the shower running and finding that he'd locked the bathroom door.


"Go away!"

"Unlock the door and do it again!!"

"No, let me shower in peace!"

"I can get through this doooooor!!" I threatened with a big smile on my face and in my tone."

"You can fix it toooooooo!" he replied with the same tone.

" ... You win this time! But, I'll get you next time!! Next time, Daaaaaaddy!!" I shouted in my superkitten voice, laughing afterwards and horny as hell.

I went to my room to get dressed, giggling and planning on how to force one more nipple twist out of him before we left.

Pulling the bay door down behind me, I backed the truck into the garage and loaded it with the needed tools and lumber while he ate. I was dressed in a black T-shirt with a V neck, my rawhide welding jacket and an old pair of faded blue work jeans, tight ones of course. When I was done, I hopped up on the lowered tailgate, legs hanging off the edge. Removing my work gloves and kicking my feet back and forth through the air, I waited for Daddy.

He came in about ten minutes later and smiled, glancing in the box of the truck and asking, "All ready, kitten? Or, should I refer to you as 'superkitten' from now on?"

"(giggle) Right now, superkitten would like her nipples twisted one last time before we go."

"Oh, god, I've created a monster. Later, okay, we gotta-"

I slipped off the tailgate and held up the keys of the truck with a devious smile, saying, "It won't take that long and, if you don't, you'll have to dig for the keys."

I shoved them down the front of my pants, way down inside my black, boycut panties. As he watched shaking his head, rolling his eyes and grinning, I approached him, removing my hand from my pants and sticking my boobies out, the un-zippered welding jacket falling to their outsides.

He gave in, having no trouble finding my nipples, as I was wearing a pretty thin bra that allowed them to be somewhat visible.

"Uhhh! Uhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!" I cried out as he backed me easily to the tailgate.

"Hop up," he instructed with a playful grin, twisting a little harder to motivate me.

Then he was pushing me down to lie in the bottom of the box, my head lying beside the lumber for Aunt Peggy's doorframe, he standing between my spread legs. He leaned forward and kissed me, initiating a really hot little make out session as I voiced the delicious pain his loving fingers were delivering.

It drove me wild and he let go all too soon, even though he held on longer than the last time. I could only moan, waiting for what was coming while he stood back and watched, a little smile on his face that spoke of an amused interest as he leaned on the back of the truck. I unfastened my jeans and stuck my hand down my panties, but not for the keys. I nudged them aside to begin playing with miffy as the rush of pleasure that washed over me from my nipples began. Yes, Daddy watched me play with myself right in front of him.

When it was all over, he looked at me with a crooked grin, saying, "I take it you're unfocused again."

"(sigh!) Mmmm. Thank you," I said, lying in the bed of the truck with a smile, all worked up and very much unfocused.

"Let's go, play time's over. Think you can drive?"

After taking my hand out of my jeans, holding the keys, I dropped off the tailgate and to my feet as I eyed him with a tricky grin, refastening my jeans.

"Yeah, I can drive." I replied. "(giggle!)"

" ... You're a bad little kitten."

"I want your hard cock in my mouth so bad, I can literally taste it. But yeah, let's go."

Poor Daddy.

A little while later, he was looking in Gina's lap, at the things she was holding there with a smirk. A new pair of safety goggles, brand new work gloves, two packages of disposable, paper respiration masks and a brand new measuring tape. In addition, she wore a new pair of safety toe work boots, nice jeans, a new, insulated jean jacket and, of all things, a black beret on her head.

"What?" she asked.

"What do you think you're gonna be doing?"

"I wanted to be prepared." She said defensively.

"For what?" he inquired, openly grinning at her now. "Chernobyl? You're just doing a door frame."

This time, he laughed openly at his own joke.

"Daddy, leave her alone," I said, laughing a little myself.

"Yeah, leave her alone!" Gina repeated with a grin.

"Well, look at ya. And what's with the crazy hat?"

"Uh, It's a beret!"

"Oh, well fuck, that makes all the difference, doesn't it? What, are ya French or something? We got a little Separatist in the truck with us, kitten?"



He laughed out loud again and said, "I'm sorry, you just look kinda funny."

"Hey!" she asserted, pointing her finger at him with a vicious smile, "I'm here under great duress! I even went to the trouble of watching that stupid DIY Channel and they-!"

She was interrupted by both our laughter, this time.

" ... -and this is the gear they all have! Oh, good, laugh it up!"

"How long have you been preparing yourself for this?" he managed. "Where the hell are you from?"

"Daddy, now you're being mean!" I told him, with an elbow to his ribs, my tummy a little sore from laughing, nipples still atingle.

"You think that's funny, John boy?" Gina challenged, her grin changing tone a little.

"Yeah!" he laughed on.

"Yup,... yup,..." she nodded, seeming to accept it. "This the plant?"

"Yeah! Heh, Separatist! Sometimes I fuckin' slay me!"

"Well, guess what, tough guy? You're a man sitting between two women in your own truck. In front of aaaall your coworkers, I'm going to let you out. Then I'll tell you when we'll be back, and then we're going to drive off. In your truck."

He stopped laughing at this prospect and his smile seemed to fade as the reality of this imminent event sunk in.

"Oh, but I'm sure you won't look that whipped. I'm sure they won't think you're a mary! Haaaaaa!!"

"Oh, my god!" I cried, laughing with Gina at Daddy's expense now.

I couldn't resist being just a little dirty, dropping him off at the gatehouse, right outside the open window of the gatekeeper while he called us both witches. Gina even held the door wide for him with her smile, standing out of his way as he exited the passenger side of the cab with a miserable little, conceding grin on his face. Lunchbox in hand, he tried to get around her while she dictated aloud what time he could expect us to pick him up at.

"I'll get you," I heard him promise her. She laughed light heartedly and hopped back in, closing the door behind her. We wished him a nice day from the open window and drove off, several men looking.

"Oh, my god, poor Daddy!" I laughed on the way through the parking lot. You are awful! And he will get you! Me too!"

"Yeah, but this is the real funny part," she chuckled. "Those guys aren't gonna be thinking he's a mary at all. They'll be jealous, he'll be 'The Man' in their eyes, getting out of a nice truck that he owns, being chauffeured around by two attractive young women?"

"Yeah, but one of them is his daughter."

"Think they care? They probably wish they had a daughter that looked like you, running around the house with those nice titties bouncing around for them to look at."

" ... You're right. Oh-my-god times ten."

"No shit. Did you see the way they were looking at us? And him? Just imagine all the dirty little thoughts and fantasies running through their heads right now. Actually, a few spring to my own,... "

"That was quite something, smutty. I gotta say, I'm impressed."

"You would be. Know what impresses me?"


"You, in those clothes, driving this big truck. It looks,... unlikely. But it fits you well. You look really scrumptious, by the way."

"Thanks. You look like the kind of woman who might run afoul of an irate construction worker."

"Kat, we're going to be in your aunt's basement, we can't do anything down there. She already doesn't like me, I'd rather not-"

"Why don't we just see how you work out today before we get into what we can and can't do, hm?"

I looked across the bench seat at her as she only shook her head, smiling at me.

"On a serious note, Aunt Peggy does love to go fishing, so if we get talking to her, you have to be careful, okay?"


As I've written, Aunt Peggy lives in a big, very nicely treed subdivision that's spread out over some hills in the landscape. It's always cool going there, because of the patched chipseal road and the big, secluded and naturally screened lots that make it like taking a drive in the country. So, with that and the fact that my beautiful Gina was beside me, I was pretty cheerful when I knocked on Peggy's door about twenty minutes later.

"Hi, Aunt Peggy," I greeted.

She was in her old blue housecoat and it looked like my knock had awakened her, although she knew I was coming. She looked from my face to my chest, then looked around me at Gina.

"Hello," my friend said politely, most of her recent acquisitions back in the truck, along with her beret at my persuasion.

"Gina came along to help me out."

" ... Yeah, thanks, Gina," Peggy said with a carefully neutral expression.

"It's no problem."

"Come in."

She turned around and went back to her kitchen, started the coffee maker and went right on through, around the corner and out of sight, to her dim inner sanctum.

We lugged the stuff we brought down to the unfinished basement, each of us making another couple of trips before we had everything.

Then, off came the door and some of the dirty old drywall adjacent to the doorway. It was a mess, but Gina really was a big help.

"So you actually watched DIY for this?" I asked with a smile after cutting out a section of rotted two by four along the concrete floor.

"I,... Ummmmph!" she exerted, trying to pry the old sill up and managing to rip off a large chunk of rot. "I didn't want to be just standing around, absolutely useless. But none of the shows I saw dealt with this job and I can't help but notice how we're doing things like the non professionals, rather than say, Mike Holmes.

"Yeah, but Mike is an experienced, licensed professional with a huge budget and a TV show, whereas I'm just a girl with some home learning and an aunt who needs a new door frame with no budget at all. Luckily, no cameras, either."


"See, in the world of reality, sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do to get the job done and just thank god you're not living in a mud hut somewhere in Africa."

"Nicely put. Dammit, this thing is stubborn! Is it okay if I just stand on the prybar?"

"Yup, be careful of your balance, though."

"You should have your own show."

"Oh, sure."

"I'd watch."

"You'd be too busy watching Amy Mathews."

"Ohh,... I would so lick her pussy."

The old doorsill suddenly gave up its grip and popped out as though in aghast reaction to what Gina said, dropping her a few inches to the concrete floor. It was just one of those moments, I guess, but we both started laughing like idiots.

We finished up, a good job if I say it myself, and lugged all the stuff back out to the truck again. We were waiting in Peggy's kitchen for her to return from the bathroom when I spied her coffee mug, a large teal coloured one, on her coffee table. I glanced down the hall, then took a few quick steps towards it, bent over and sniffed. Nothing, but that didn't prove anything. Gina taught me a long time ago about the odourless qualities of vodka. I picked up the cup and took a sip.

Whoa! It was the kind of coffee Juan Valdez's evil twin brother would make, the one who lives deep in the jungle with a chimpess and a still.

I carefully put it back exactly the way I'd found it, having taken note of this before I ever touched it, and tiptoed hastily back to Gina, who looked at me questioningly.

I whispered that I'd tell her later, just before the knob on the bathroom door rattled, and out came Peggy. I explained to her that the job was finished and good as new, whereupon she thanked me politely, if a little formally, and stood there with an odd expression. It soon became obvious that she was waiting for us to leave. Jeesh.

After we got on the road, Gina asked, "So what was that all about with her coffee?"

"Daddy says she drinks, so I was just curious."

" ... Well?"

"Oh, she drinks alright. Either that, or her coffee's some kinda enriched uranium blend."

"That bad?"

"I'll probably come up with cancer by the time I'm thirty for that one sip."

"Shit,... Hey, what's her problem, anyway?"

"Daddy says she's bitter. About having to divorce her husband cause he fucked Sheila."

"Yeah, but that was about twenty years ago, wasn't it?"

I shrugged and said, "That's just the way she is."

"It's a shame," Gina commented. "A very attractive woman, your aunt Peggy."

"Wh- Huh?" I managed, looking at her like she was crazy for a moment before returning my eyes to the winding, tree lined road. "Aunt Peggy? You're serious?"

"Yes. Don't be fooled by the way she's let herself go."

"Wow. Gina, you must be drinking some of that uranium blend, yourself."

She laughed quietly, looking ahead as we made our way back to the main road. We had just navigated the intersection when Gina's cell phone rang. We have a gig tomorrow night.



Mar. 09/09

It's like every birthday and Christmas I ever had all at once. It's the ultimate. First of all, let me say sorry for not writing last night, but I was kind of busy, as I'll soon explain.

I got back home at the usual time, just in time for supper and very glad to be there. After supper, I did my usual little 'post weekend' clean up routine before grabbing a shower.

I came out in a little pair of stretchy, low cut, fuchsia shorts that lets the very bottoms of my bum cheeks hang out. Under a long, pink T-shirt with a deep, oval neckline, I wore a matched set like the yellow one Gina bought me, except the little triangles were all white lace, the straps of the panties riding above my shorts, but under the shirt.

Daddy sat there in a pair of baggy jeans, the type he usually hangs around in on Sunday evenings, and the usual T-shirt, this one dark blue with some industrial logo on the front. His feet were up on the coffee table and, after the TV no longer offered anything worth his time, He picked up his novel and began reading.

I watched for another hour, glancing at him when it would look like a casual movement, very aware of my horny and that I hadn't masturbated all day, not even while I was in the shower. My nipples were fully erect and pushing out, insistent on being seen, and I knew my shorts and thin panties were outlining my hot and spread lipped miffy quite effectively.

Unable to concentrate, I turned the TV down and picked up my trash novel from the end table which, of course, only cranked up my horny all the more. I suppose I was doing it on purpose, finding it exciting to let him deal with a somewhat more pressing onslaught of his freakishly sexual little daughter.

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