tagNonHumanDaisy Ch. 03

Daisy Ch. 03


Daisy stood at the edge of the sand and let her eyes roam the beach. She had a beach bag over one shoulder and a towel in her hand. The day before she had worn the towel so it covered her from above her breasts to mid thigh. Today she wore a new sarong that rode low on her hips and brushed the top of her feet as she walked. The side slit showed a flash of leg and bare thigh with each step she made.

Her head was held high and her shoulders were back, which lifted her breasts and pushed them out slightly. She felt sexy and beautiful for the first time in her life and it showed. With her dark sunshades on, she could watch people as she walked past and had been surprised at how many ran their eyes over her bare body. It made her tingle deep inside.

If John was on the beach, he had to be sitting in a lounge chair because he wasn't in sight. Daisy slipped off her sandals and bent at the waist to pick them up. She smiled as a shiver ran up her spine as she thought of doing that without the sarong. Her sex would be visible to anyone behind her. That thought made her inner muscles clinch up tightly.

As she walked across the sand toward the beach chairs she realized that walking in the soft warm sand made her hips swivel and sway more than normal. She hadn't noticed that the day before. She was noticing a lot of things that she hadn't noticed before, like the way her breasts swayed slightly as she walked.

Daisy reached the rows of chairs stretching both ways down the beach. The day before, she had grabbed the closest one but today she turned left and walked down that row checking out who was sitting where in the chairs and on the beach. Her confidence was high and it felt good.

She still didn't see John. His business must have taken him somewhere else.


About halfway along the row of chairs, the couple on the blanket from the day before were sitting side by side. There were a lot more people in the chairs today than the day before. Daisy stopped at the chair next to the woman and asked, "Is this chair taken?"

She looked Daisy's way and shook her head. "No, it's just me and my husband."

As Daisy sat her bag down, she replied, "I saw you two yesterday. I loved the way your husband kept teasing you."

The woman took a little shivery breath but didn't reply. Daisy smiled as she saw the woman's back arch slightly, her breasts moving up and back as she remembered the feel of her husband's tongue on her right nipple. And in public at that.

"Connie is rather shy," her husband said with a smile. "I saw you watching but I didn't tell her until later last night."

Connie made a soft whimpering sound deep in her chest. This time her hips shifted under the towel covering them. "I... I didn't think anyone saw him... me... us."

Daisy spread her towel out on the lounge chair and undid the clip on her sarong. She held it closed as she said, "I've always loved to be naked but I have also been very shy about it. That is until a friend of mine pointed out that naked is natural. He has also helped me understand how people see me."

Connie blushed slightly and whispered, "I like people looking at me but it embarrasses me at the same time."

Daisy took the sarong off and shivered as the couple both looked at her bare, freshly shaven sex. She had removed all the hair during her morning bath. She had always shaved when Jim was alive so why shouldn't she now. She shivered again as she took a half step to the side to hang her sarong over the back of the chair.

Connie's husband licked his lips and said, "I've tried to get Connie to shave down there but trimming is as close as she's gotten."

Daisy took her time stepping across the wide chair and sitting down. It thrilled her to spread her legs this wide in public. It was the ultimate in showing herself off, she realized. Her stomach muscles and inner muscles clamped down tightly and stayed that way as she sat down. She left her feet in the sand as she leaned back.

Looking over at Connie, she whispered, "I love how sensitive it makes thing down there."

"I just don't want to look like a little girl," Connie said but her eyes were still on Daisy's smooth mound.

"Does she look like a little girl?" Connie's husband asked.

"Well... uh... no, but...." Connie replied softly.

"You are far from a little girl, hair or no hair," he said to his wife with a grin.

Connie sighed and nodded in agreement. "Ok then, I would feel even more naked without the hair."

Daisy giggled and whispered, "Tell me about it."

Connie looked at Daisy and started to say something but stopped and looked back at the ocean. Somehow Daisy had an idea what she was going to say or ask, the subject anyway. She leaned a little sideways as she moved her feet up on the lounge chair.

"Yes, it turns me on to have people look at me naked," she whispered softly.

Connie looked at her quickly and replied, "I thought I was weird or something."

With a chuckle, Daisy shook her head. "Far from it. I'm beginning to think that not getting turned on by someone looking at me would be weird. That might not be true for all people but it is for me."

Connie looked at Daisy for a long moment and then glanced at her husband. He smiled at her and said, "You don't need my permission."

She shivered and looked back at the ocean as she slowly pulled the towel over to the side. She whimpered softly as it slid off her hip baring the whole front of her body to the sun and anyone looking her way.

"This is only the second time I've ever done this," she whispered and then whimpered softly. "Yesterday was the first."

"I have an eight foot solid wood fence around my backyard," Daisy told her. "Until I came here, that was the only place I had ever been naked outside."

"What made you decide to come here?" Connie's husband asked.

"The same friend I was talking about earlier, told me to be more adventuresome and this is how I'm doing that."

"Adventuresome. I like that word," he replied as he reached over and laid his hand on his wife's arm.

"Adventure is for the young," she said softly. "Not for old, uh, older housewives."

Daisy smiled and shook her head. "I always saw myself that way, an old housewife, but that is changing as I learn my way and build my confidence and courage."

"You're not old and neither is Connie. She thinks it but I keep telling her not too."

"I'm forty, so I'm not young," Daisy said. "But you're right, I'm not old. The problem is making the mind believe it."

"Especially when there are mirrors around to constantly remind you," Connie said with a deep sigh.

Daisy giggled. "Try having your husband take some pictures of you out on the point at sunset. Silhouetted against that backdrop makes things standout and look outstanding."

Connie gave Daisy a startled look as her husband laughed. "That sounds like an excellent idea."

"Oh no, I'd break the camera at the very least," Connie protested.

Daisy sat up and looked Connie up and down. Her breasts were large and round but firm looking. Her nipples were long and slender and were hard enough for the skin under them to be crinkled. Her narrow waist made her hips look wider than they were and her large thighs just added to that illusion. The hair on her mound was trimmed short but it was still bushy and thick.

Leaning back, she shook her head. "There is nothing wrong with you that a little confidence wouldn't cure."

Connie smiled for the first time and shook her head. "Confidence is one thing I've always lacked. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to marry this old fart, way back when."

"My main problem was always being shy around other people besides my family," Daisy admitted.

"The same here," Connie said and then sighed. "Now the kids are gone and all I'm left with is a husband who wants to try new things like going naked. Twenty years ago it might have been a different story."

"I thought the same thing but realized I wouldn't have been ready for it. Anyway, the family took up my time back then. Now it's just my son and me. He's in college so it's just me most of the time."

"What happened to the husband?" Connie's husband asked off handedly.

Daisy sighed and whispered, "He was killed in a car wreck along with my daughter."

"That's terrible," Connie said quickly. "I couldn't even visualize what it would be like to lose Pete or Jessica."

"You surely don't want too," Daisy whispered as her eyes burned.

"Our condolences," Pete said softly. When Daisy just nodded, he asked, "Who is this friend you keep talking about?"

"That would be me," John said from behind Daisy's chair.

All three of them turned to look. Daisy smiled and started to get up as he came around to the side of the chair. He was naked with his towel in his hand. His manhood was right in front of her face as she sat up and looked that way. She grinned and looked up at his face. He smiled down at her and walked to the end of the chair. He nodded to Connie and Pete.

Daisy turned and lay back down on the lounge chair. John grinned as he took each of Daisy's ankles in his hands and spread her legs wide. She put her feet on the ground, her breathing a little fast as he bent and spread his towel across the end of the chair. His face was right above her openly displayed sex. Memories of him licking her sex made her groan softly.

He looked up at her face and winked. Then he sat down on the end of the chair with his legs spread wide. With a whimper, Daisy dropped her eyes to his manhood. It wasn't hard but it was harder and sticking out toward her sex. She groaned as he lifted her legs and placed an ankle on each of his thighs. Her legs were closer together but he still had a complete view of her bare damp sex.

"I like the new look," he said, his eyes on her sex.

Daisy squirmed and whispered, "If I'm going naked, then I'm going completely naked."

John nodded and looked at Connie, his eyes openly running up and down her body. She didn't notice as her eyes were on his semi hard dick. Her mouth was hanging open slightly. John smiled and looked at Pete. Pete was looking at his wife and grinning.

A moment later, Pete looked at John and nodded. "Hi, I'm Pete and this is my wife Connie."

"I'm John."

Connie's eyes flicked up to his face and then back down to where they had been. "I... I... I..." she stammered but didn't say anything else.

Pete laughed and that seemed to snap Connie out of it as she turned her head and looked at him. He blew her an air kiss and she blushed deeply. Looking around at John's face she whispered, "I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't stare."

"It's quite alright, I'm used to it," John replied.

"What do you do, John?" Pete asked.

"He's my angel," Daisy said with a grin.

"Adonis, is more like it," Connie whispered.

John winked at Connie. "My work keeps me in shape, I'm happy to say."

Pete said, "I wish mine did. I work in an office. Other than using the stairs part of the time, I don't get much exercise." Then he looked at Connie and winked. She blushed deeply and looked at the surf.

"I get a lot of my exercise sweeping my deck. The leaves off the oak trees gets stuck in the cracks and I have to bend to pull them out," Daisy said with a grin in John's direction.

"And a very lovely, uh, bend it is, I must say," John replied with a like grin.

Connie made a soft whimpering sound at their exchange.

"I take it, Pete likes it when you bend over," John said as he looked at Connie.

She blushed and Pete laughed. "It's her favorite, uh, position by far." Connie moaned and blushed several shades darker.

"It's mine also," Daisy said looking at John. Her eyes dropped to his dick and she added, "Bent over the end of the bed or the arm of the couch...." Then she blushed deeply as she realized what she was saying.

John chuckled and nodded. "Duly noted," he whispered.

Daisy blushed again and looked at Connie. Connie was looking at John's manhood with a funny lustful look on her face. "Maybe we should take a walk along the beach and cool off," Daisy said with a grin.

"I... I couldn't do that," Connie said quickly, her eyes going to Daisy's face.

"If I can, then you can," Daisy replied. "It will be my second time."

"Maybe the four of us," Pete said sitting up.

John looked at Pete and grinned. "I'm going to sit back and watch."

Pete chuckled. "That might be a good idea," he said looking at his wife. Connie shivered.

"Then lets go," Daisy said as she spread her legs and put her feet on either side of the chair. John's eyes dropped to her open sex and he licked his lips. Daisy made a soft whimpering sound as she sat up.

"I... I... I don't know," Connie whispered.

As she stood up, Daisy replied, "Yes, you can. Now get your lazy ass up. There's nothing to be afraid of. Just think about how the thought of people watching you will make you feel inside. That's what I'm going to do."

Connie groaned and sat up. Her eyes were on John's face just above Daisy's sex and his hands on her hips. All kinds of dirty thought were chasing each other through her mind. She swung her legs away from the couple and put her feet on the sand. Her back was to them now but she was facing her husband. His dick was semi hard and laying in the crease between his thigh and abdomen.

As he saw where here eyes were, Pete clinched his ass muscles causing his dick to twitch. Connie whimpered softly as he did. His dick was only half the size of John's, she realized. That made her whimper again. She had never had a dick other than Pete's and had never much thought about size until now. His was nice but what would a longer, thicker one feel like? The thought made her inner muscles spasm and tighten up.

"Are you ready?" Daisy asked from her right and Connie looked that way.

Standing up, Connie took a couple of hesitant steps in Daisy's direction and then stopped with a whimpering sound on her lips. Daisy extended her hand and Connie took it. With a pull from Daisy, she found herself walking across the beach toward the surf. She moaned loudly as a shiver ran up and down her spine. She couldn't believe she was actually walking around in public absolutely naked.

Daisy leaned closer and whispered, "Thrilling, isn't it."

Connie looked her way and then looked around quickly. "Scary as hell is more like it."

"That's part of the thrill. Doing something you've never done before. Everything new is scary."

Connie giggled nervously. "I can feel peoples eyes on me. If I looked too closely and saw them looking, I'd probably have an orgasm right here."

"I know that feeling well. Yesterday when John and I walked along here, I was absolutely squishy."

Connie groaned. "I'm surprised you can't hear me."

Daisy stopped at the edge of the water and turned left toward the point. "I'm squishing too loud to hear you," she whispered as she looked toward all the people in the lounge chairs and shivered.

Connie turned with Daisy but kept her eyes on the edge of the water. "I... I... I can't look."

As they walked along in silence, Connie seemed to relax a little. "I still feel so exposed," she whispered a moment later.

Daisy nodded but didn't reply.

As they neared the point, Connie glanced at Daisy and asked, "Are you and John a couple?"

Daisy smiled and shook her head. "I wish sometimes but no."

"Do you two have sex?" Connie blurted out.

"Not yet but his tongue is to die for," Daisy said with a giggle.

"Pete's petty good at that too except he doesn't know when to quit, if you know what I mean."

Daisy laughed. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Jim, my husband, was the same way. He seemed to think I was the energizer bunny."

"How about John?"

Daisy laughed again and then groaned softly. "I quit long before he does."

Connie looked at Daisy funny for a moment and then smiled. "I probably would too. Just looking at him makes me drool."

"On which end?" Daisy asked with a grin.

"Both and you know it." Connie replied with a like grin.

"Yeah, he has that effect on me also."

A couple passed going in the opposite direction but Connie didn't seem to notice. "You seem to be getting better at being naked," Daisy said with a smile.

"What.... What do you mean?" Connie asked.

"That couple passed us, they both looked at us and you didn't even whimper."

"What couple?" Connie asked and then she looked over her shoulder and groaned softly. "I... I... I was distracted so much by thinking about John, I didn't even see them."

"He has that effect," Daisy said with a chuckle.

"His... uh...." Connie started to say and then groaned softly.

Daisy looked at Connie and lifted her eyebrows questioningly. Connie blushed a deep red and looked away. "Hey, it's just us girls so say whatever it is you want to say. I think we're pretty close to being friends, if not we're definitely comrades in this nakedness thing."

Connie giggled and shook her head. "My mind can be a dirty place at times."

"I would have used the word naughty for mine but go ahead. I don't think you will shock me."

"His, uh, dick. It's so much bigger than Pete's is," Connie blurted out.

Daisy shivered and whimpered softly as she thought about John's manhood. "I... uh... noticed. Not to mention I've seen it hard. John's, not Pete's, that is."

Connie groaned and asked, "Is it bigger hard?"

Daisy glanced at Connie and replied, "A little longer but a lot thicker."

Connie groaned again and shivered hard as she stopped walking. Her hips were quivering and she was chewing on her bottom lip. Daisy stopped next to her and asked, "Are you alright?"

Connie groaned again and nodded. Then she shook her head and moaned softly. "I'm close to coming my brains out standing right here in front of God and everyone else."

Daisy grinned, took Connie's elbow, and led her over to the rocks that jutted out of the sand close by. They were near the point and most everyone was a ways away. Daisy dusted a flat rock off and sat Connie down on it. She sat down on another.

Connie leaned forward, placing her elbows on her knees, and placing her face in her hands. "You must think I'm a terrible person," she whispered from behind her hands.

"No, just a very turned on one at the moment," Daisy replied with a grin.

"I can't stop thinking about what that big dick would feel like in my hand, my mouth, my.... You know," Connie confessed.

Daisy laughed. "Been there, done that, got the wet spots all down my inner thighs to prove it."

"But I'm married for God's sake. I shouldn't be thinking about things like that."

"Thinking is one thing, doing would be another."

Connie sighed and lifted her head. "Pete..." she started to say and then sighed again. "Pete has hinted several times since we've been here that he wouldn't mind if I...." She stopped talking and groaned.

Daisy felt her mouth drop open as she finished the sentence in her head. "Is there a problem where he can't?" Daisy asked in a whisper.

Connie shook her head. "He... he's just gotten odd since the kids left home. Kinky is the word that comes to mind."

"And you want no part of it," Daisy guessed.

Connie giggled and blushed. "One part of me doesn't but another part is drooling over some of the men it's seen around this place. Then John showed up."

"Yeah, then John showed up. He has a way of doing that at just the right times," Daisy said with a grin.

Connie groaned. "Pete saw me looking and then he winked at me. I didn't know whether to die of embarrassment or come on the spot. It was like he was trying to give me the go ahead." She groaned again. "I shouldn't have said that here in front of you."

Daisy looked at Connie for a long moment and then looked up and down the beach. Looking back at Connie she said, "We're friends for the most part, John and I. I have no hold on him. What he does is his business. Although I was hoping for a little more than I got last night." She ended up grinning broadly.

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