tagGroup SexDaisy Price Ch. 02

Daisy Price Ch. 02


Chapter Two "Late Night Snack"

Daisy Price spent the rest of the afternoon making phone calls, visiting different firms, and leaving applications just about anywhere for them to hopefully hire her. She was finally both out of places to search for work, and pretty tired from all of the work itself. Calling it quits for the day, she finally stopped at the grocery store to get a bag full of groceries, which she happened to have gotten for free just by talking (and maybe even flirting just a little) to a horny teenaged sacker, who had gawked at her, and eventually decided to buy her groceries for her, even though she hadn't even offered him anything in return, though he probably thought she would remember him, and eventually have sex with him, or something. She had thought he was a little to young (Statutory rape anyone?), but he was cute though.

Eventually, making it all the way back home, she put her groceries away, and checked her answering machine for any calls. There were none. Disappointed, she began to make herself supper. Thirty minutes later, right when she just sat down, and was about to take her first bite of supper, the phone rang.

Putting her fork back on her plate, she said aloud in frustration, "Damn! Always about the time you don't want it to ring, it does!" Quickly, she got up and answered the phone. Picking it up she said, "Hello, this is Daisy Price."

On the other end of the phone line a female voice said, "Yes. Hi, Miss Price. I am Susan from the ABC Shipping Company. Mr. Craftsman has reviewed your application, and was wanting to know if you would be able to come in for an interview tomorrow morning at eight o'clock."

"Why, yes, I'd love to." Daisy replied, who was thrilled to hear such good news.

"I'll let him know you are coming. Thank you, Miss Price." Susan said as she hung up.

Daisy hung up the phone, finished her supper, and because she was so exhausted from all of the walking she had already done today, she changed into a fresh pink silk night gown, and went straight onto bed.

Thirty minutes had passed by, and Daisy had totally fallen asleep when she was awakened again by a knocking on the front door, and the ringing of her doorbell.

"Damn! Just like the phone earlier, when you don't want anyone to bother you, here they come! Just a minute! I'll be right there!" Daisy yelled grumpily as she got up, and placed on a green bath robe before answering the front door.

When she opened the front door, she wasn't totally surprised to see that Mr. And Mrs. Fieldsman was standing there. Mrs. Fieldsman was holding a pie in her hands. She wore a one piece flowery designed dress and sandals, and her hair was in a bun. Mr. Fieldsman stood in front of her, apparently the one who had knocked, and he wore a button up short sleeved palm tree and coconut designed shirt, jean shorts, and sandals.

Mr. Fieldsman spoke, saying, "May we come in, Daisy?"

"Sure, come right on in." Daisy replied, who wasn't sure of quite what to make of the whole situation. She held the door open wider, and motioned for them to come on in.

Mr. Fieldsman came in first, heading straight for the couch and taking a seat. Mrs. Fieldsman came in following him, waited for Daisy to shut her front door, and then handed the pie to Daisy, saying, "This is for you, dear. Hope you enjoy it. It's cherry."

"Why, yes, I love cherry pie. Thank you, Mrs. Fieldsman. I'll just go put it in the refrigerator." Daisy said as she took it and went into the kitchen.

"Please, dear, call me Thelma." Mrs. Fieldsman hollered at her as she was putting the pie away.

When Daisy had returned back to the living room, she found that Mr. and Mrs. Fieldsman were sitting on the couch, leaned back with Thelma's right hand resting on Fred's left knee. Both of them looked happy and were smiling brightly towards Daisy, so Daisy sat down in the chair, and wondered to herself what the two were up to.

Daisy was the first to break the silenced by asking, "So, what do I owe you for the pleasure of your visit?"

"Daisy, we were wondering how open minded you were about sex." Mr. Fieldsman blurted out, "Because we wanted you to join in with us!"

Daisy, slightly shocked by the question, thought about it for a moment. Mr. Fieldsman was pretty strong and muscular for someone of his age, and Thelma was still quite beautiful, for someone of her age. Daisy had done both women and men before, and now that she was fully awake again, she was a little turned on by the prospect of having sex again.

Daisy got up out of the chair, and removed her green bath robe to reveal the sexy and revealing pink silk night gown she was wearing. She walked over to the couch and sat right in between both Thelma and Mr. Fieldsman, purposely rubbing her ass across Fred's left knee. With her right hand she rubbed on Mr. Fieldsman's jean shorts to massage his already hardening cock, and with her left, which she slid under Thelma's dress, she rubbed on Thelma's cotton panties massaging Thelma's cunt.

"What exactly did you two have in mind, Mr. Fieldsman?" Daisy asked, as Mr. Fieldsman groped Daisy's left breast, and Thelma was now rubbing Daisy's own cunt with her right hand.

"Please, call me, Fred, and whatever happens, happens. If you know what I mean." Fred said as he was now squeezing and massaging both of Daisy's bodacious breasts.

Daisy unbuttoned and unzipped Fred's blue jean shorts, and then grabbed Fred's now hard cock and stroked on it a little more, and Daisy slid Thelma's panties to the side sticking her index finger in and out of Thelma's cunt rubbing it a little more as well, before Daisy finally said. "Let's go into my bedroom, and you two can get more comfortable."

Daisy led the way to her bedroom, while Fred and Thelma stayed behind a minute to kiss each other passionately. When they finished kissing, Fred whispered into Thelma's ear, and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I really like her." Thelma whispered back into his, and then playfully licked his ear.

By the time they got into the bedroom, Daisy was already laying on the bed, fully nude. Both Thelma and Fred looked at her gorgeously perfect body, huge hard breasts, and invigerously inviting pussy, and were excitedly turned on. They both quickly undressed, Fred both doing his own, and helping Thelma out of hers by unzipping her dress, and unhooking her bra. They both fondled each other and kissed, and then climbed into the bed with Daisy.

Daisy leaned over and kissed Thelma on the lips, slipping her tongue into Thelma's mouth. With her right hand she rubbed Thelma's pussy up and down, while left arm supported her own weight on the silk sheets of the bed. Thelma returned the tongue and wrapped her left arm around Daisy's neck, and gently pulled her closer.

Daisy broke off the kiss to move down her breasts, and with both of her hands she massaged Thelma's breasts and rubbed her hard nipples. Daisy kissed and sucked on the nipples.

Meanwhile, Fred watched for a few minutes, and then moved forward to rub on Daisy's ass cheeks, lightly slapping them to watch them jiggle. Daisy, knowing Fred wanted to eat out her pussy, raised her ass in the air, so Fred could get to it. As Fred moved in, laying on his back under her juicy cunt, and began to lick it up and down, Daisy also moved down to Thelma's pussy, and began to lick it up and down. After a moment or two of this, both Thelma and Daisy began to moan in ecstasy.

After several more minutes, Thelma finally spoke up saying, "Daisy, let my husband taste some of those juices. I want to taste yours."

With this Daisy moved to sticky her now dripping wet cunt in Thelma's face, and Fred began to lick Thelma's juicy pussy. Thelma eagerly began to lick up the flowing juices of Daisy's juicy cunt, savoring the mixed flavor of both Daisy's watering pussy, and Fred's mouth.

After a few more minutes, both Daisy and Thelma forced Fred to lie down on the bed, and both of them licked up and down his rock hard cock. They even French kissed each other with Fred's cock still between their mouths. Fred moaned in excitement as he laid there on the bed with the two women sucking his cock, each now taking a turn to plunge his hard dick all the way in their mouths.

Finally, Thelma spoke up saying, "Daisy, you get the first ride, and I want to taste your juices on my husband's cock."

"Okay," Daisy said, as she gently rubbed her forefingers across Thelma's face, "but you get the second ride, and I want to taste your juices on your husband's cock."

With this she straddled Fred's huge bulging cock, sliding it deep down inside her, and began to pump her cunt up and down on top of it. Thelma began to rub Daisy's ample breasts from behind. Thelma massaged Daisy's breasts and squeezed the nipples, as she kissed the back of Daisy's neck. Daisy moaned in sexual passion and pleasure. It felt great to Daisy to be touched sexually in such away.

After several moments, Thelma spoke saying, "Daisy, stop, so I can taste the juices. Also, I don't want you to make Fred cum just yet."

Daisy got off of Fred's cock, and Thelma shoved it into her mouth savoring the taste. She went up and down the shaft of the cock with her mouth a couple of times before straddling Fred herself. Daisy went behind Thelma and began to massage Thelma's breasts and rub her nipples, while kissing the back of her neck, just like Thelma had done to her. Thelma moaned in sexual passion.

After a few minutes of this, Fred spoke up saying, "You're going to slow woman. Let me get on top for awhile." With this they rolled over, and Fred began pumping his rock hard cock in and out of her pussy, harder and faster than she had been. Daisy leaned over to kiss Fred, and then kissed Thelma. She still rubbed on Thelma's breasts and pinched the nipples.

With a free hand Fred reached over and rubbed on Daisy's ass. His hand slid right between Daisy's butt cheeks and her cunt. After a minute or two, Fred pulled out of Thelma's cunt, and he was about to plunge it into Daisy's when Daisy stopped him and said, "Wait! I want to taste her juices on your cock."

Daisy plunged his dick into her mouth, but unlike Thelma, she hummed as she did it, and swallowed it whole all the way to his balls. This sent shivers of excitement through Fred's body, and he moaned. She plunged his cock in and out of her mouth several times before finally turning around on her hands and knees saying, "All right, go ahead now."

Standing up behind her, on the floor off of the bed, he plunged his cock deep inside her awaiting cunt. Ramming it faster and harder, then he had been before, even to Thelma. Thelma laying on her back, crawled under Daisy's stomach and began rubbing Daisy's pussy right above where Fred was plunging in and out. As Thelma rubbed Daisy's cunt she spoke to Fred saying, "Don't cum inside her, Fred. I want to taste your hot juicy sperm inside of my mouth."

After a few minutes more of pumping enthusiastically, when Fred was about to cum, he pulled out, and said, "All right, sweetheart, come to papa, and get it."

Still underneath Daisy, Thelma wiggled between Daisy's legs, and Fred shoved his bulging, ready to explode, cock into her awaiting mouth. Daisy pulled Thelma's legs around to underneath her face, and spread her legs wide open to get to her juicy cunt. Daisy began to lick Thelma's cunt up and down, while Thelma plunged Fred's cock in and out of her mouth.

Finally, Fred shot his hot wad into her mouth, and Thelma sucked it all up. Thelma held the cum in her mouth, while Fred exhausted, plopped down on the bed. Thelma slapped Daisy's ass to get Daisy's attention. Thelma then flipped over, and motioned for Daisy to come over and kiss her. Daisy passionately kissed Thelma, and both of them savored the taste of Fred's hot juicy sperm in their mouths swallowing it down.

Finally, recovering some of his strength, Fred said, "I'm going to use your shower."

"Okay." Daisy said. "We'll join you in a few minutes, but first, we have to finish up here."

With this Daisy went to the top drawer in her night stand, and pulled out her vibrator. With it still off she rubbed it up and down Thelma's hot and juicy cunt a couple of times before plunging it into her cunt and turning it on. While it vibrated, she worked it in and out as well.

Thelma motioned for Daisy to put her legs over her face, so she could lick her cunt. Daisy did so, and they both began to moan in ecstacy. Thelma came first, and Daisy handed Thelma the vibrator to use on Daisy's pussy. Finally, Daisy came, and Thelma licked up all of her juices. Exhausted both laid on the bed, and hugged and kissed each other.

Eventually, they regained their energy, and then they rejoined Fred in the shower after putting the vibrator back away. In the shower, they took turns washing each other off, playfully teasing each other. They all dried off, and put back on their former clothes.

Thelma and Fred thanked Daisy, and even suggested that they might do it again sometime, as Daisy lead them towards the front door.

Daisy's reply was, "Make it on a weekend, because I might have a job tomorrow if my interview goes well."

Thelma and Fred, congratulated Daisy, wished her luck, and then they all said their goodbyes. Daisy now truly exhausted, went straight back to bed, after all, she had to get up early tomorrow.

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