Damn It's Hot!


Last summer was one of our hottest here in history. A whole lot of sun and very little rain. Dry, dry, dry. So when our A.C. broke, I nearly went nuts. It was almost a week before anyone could get out to look at it. I just couldn't wait that long. I'm a wuss, I know, I sure should have been able to wait, but damn it! I just didn't want to.

I had packed a bag and was heading for our local motel when I had an idea. The neighbors son was an A.C. guy. I'd seen him fixing theirs many times. I ran next door to see if I could get his number and as luck would have it, John, his father was home. Mary, the wife, don't really like me much. I guess it's because her husband and son spend a lot of time near the shrubs separating our two properties. I have six foot hedges surrounding our property and it is difficult, not impossible, to see through or over them. I have, on occassion, rewarded them for their efforts.

John opened the door in a pair of Scooby boxers and looked as if he might have been working out or something. He was covered with sweat and was looking very good. I gave him the same up and down look he was giving me and was not ashamed in doing so. I was wearing a light silk blouse that is really meant to have a vest worn over it. It is very sheer and with very little effort, you can see right through it. I also had on my favorite skirt, it is pleated and looks like a school uniform, but isn't plaid. The pair together look very nice, just enough showing that everyone looks, but can't really see all they want to.

I waited until his eye's reached mine before I started to speak, asking him if his son could help me with our A.C. he informed me that theirs was out as well and that he had planned on coming over today to fix it. Giving my best sad look, I asked him to see if Brad, their son, could look at mine as well. He again looked me up and down, telling me he would see what he could do. Trying to seal the conversation so that he wouldn't forget, I played with the hem of my skirt, while thanking him.

I noticed that Mary had put in a new flower bed and was commenting on how nice they looked, while lifting my hem line a little. He told me they smelled as nice as they looked and told me I should try them. Taking the hint, I bent over and took a long wiff of them. He was right, they did smell nice. I had felt my skirt rise to the edge of my ass cheeks when I bent over, so I knew he was looking hard.

Turning back, he confirmed his looking by the tent in his boxers. He told me that he would have brad come right over as soon as he got there. I stepped up to him, kissing him on the cheek and letting my hand brush his dick, accidentally of course. It caused him to flinch and step back. His swollen head had peaked through the fly of his boxers and he didn't even notice until he saw me looking directly at it. He fumbled with it to get it back in, to no avail, and turn the most lovely shade of red. I just licked my lips slightly and thanked him while leaving. While walking away, I told him if he needed to cool off that our pool was up and running. He said that it probably wouldn't go over well with the misses and I replied that it was too bad, looking at his now covered dick, and informing him that after a little yard work, that was where I was going to be.

It was true, I did have some yard work I needed to do. Our place is a constant work in progress. Five acres, that we have spent nearly our entire time here cleaning out. Between the too many trees in the back and the rocks and the unlevel ground and......well, there is almost always something to do. The hedge I spoke of was the first thing we did upon moving in. Now we keep them about six feet. It has been quite the obstacle for the neighborhood boys in the summer, but like I said before, I reward those who find a way. We did put in slight imperfections here and there so if someone searched hard enough and was also brave enough, that they would get a pretty good view. So I went back in and threw my bag back into the closet and changed into my work clothes.

My work clothes consist of a half shirt that barely covers my tits, or a huge tank top that has had the arm hole enlarged to the point that there is very little fabric keeping it together at the hem. I either wear my shorts that are cut in a V shape and show nearly everything, both front and back, or bikini bottoms or some jeans that have holes everywhere, when I have to do hard work. I really needed to trim some more branches in the back so I pulled on the jeans and the tank top.

While putting on my shoes, I felt a bit more ass on the chair than usual and went to my mirror to look. The fabric, what little left, had been cut away. My loving husband had modified my jeans. Now the only thing covering my ass was the pockets, which were still connected at their top seams, and a very narrow patch around the center seam, which pulled right between my ass cheeks. Smiling at his devious mind, I also didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, I like it, showing so much, but these were my "work" jeans. O-well, I would have to go yard selling to find another before he modified them again.

I had barely got started when John and Brad came to the back and found me in a tree. I really hadn't noticed them right away. I had gotten into the cutting and am not sure what of me they had saw. Gave me a little spark finding out two men were watching me. I cut the motor and told them that I had two more limbs on this one and I would be through, and asked if they could wait. Sure, sure with a bit of head nodding and looks at each other.

I sat the chainsaw on the limb in front of me knowing they could see my tits easily. While cutting I had to move around so that my ass was facing them and just wished I could see their reactions but without turning my head around like Linda Blair, it wasn't possible. Hopping down from the tree, I lost my balance and fell on my ass. They both hurried over to help me up, all the while getting a feel of my tits and ass. Damn, there was gentlemen still in the world. They brushed dirt and saw dust off my shirt and my jeans for me like I was a helpless child. I sure was getting wet from all the hands being on me.

I faked a sprung ankle and asked if they could help me back to the house. Agreeing, the just picked me up and carried me like I had been in some terrible accident. John had my shoulders, while cupping the sides of my tits through the arm holes. Brad had my feet and had a clear view of my pussy lips wrapped around the fabric of my jeans, what little fabric there was left. Reaching the house they sat me down in one of our lawn chairs and asked if I needed anything.

After replying a shower, they both just looked at me stunned. if smiled and told them that I was going to take a shower and wanted to know if Brad needed anything to look at the A.C. It finally snapped to and he told me access to the breaker and he needed to know where the switch was and informed me that I would be without power a few times while he tested things. Following me into the house, probably noticing I wasn't limping, I showed him where everything was. The breaker box is in our master closet and you can only get in there through the bathroom. Too bad for me.

Our bathroom was an addition to the old house we bought and so it has skylights over the tub and shower so if I wanted to look at the stars while bathing, I could. So having no power really wasn't a problem. This made it easy to see in the stall and a bit difficult for me to see out because of the glare on the white stall.

John informed me that he was going to stay and help Brad out if I didn't mind. Did I mind......I don't think so. While they were outside checking the unit I stripped down and got into the shower, leaving the lights on so that I knew when they were in the bathroom. I took one of the longest showers ever while they fixed the A.C. and at one time I would swore that they were standing just outside my stall watching me. I can't be sure of course, but I was sure to clean my pussy and tits real good, just in case.

Stepping out I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped myself up, couldn't seem too easy, feeling the cool air almost immediately. I just stood over the vent for a moment letting the cool air hit me.

Damn I love modern technology! I walked into the bedroom and through the open door I saw both of them standing in the living room. I informed them I would right out and gave the door a slight swing before turning and tossing my towel on the bed. I glimpsed in my dresser mirror and could see them looking through the slight gap in the door. I pulled out a clean loose fitting skirt and an old t-shirt that doesn't take much water to be see through. Coming out of the bedroom brushing my hair, oops, forgot to dry it off very well, it was hanging in front off my shoulder.

They both just watched me approach, knowing that I wasn't wear panties and seeing my shirt become transparent. I pretended not to notice my shirt and and just plopped into a chair across from them while we talked about what was wrong and how they fixed it. After getting my hair brushed out enough to make my shirt as see through as possible I flirted around with the hem of my skirt again while they watched my hands.

Getting up I spread my legs a little too much, showing them a freshly shaved pussy, that had to be gleaming from how wet it was. I walked to my purse and asked him how much I owed him for his trouble, trying to give them a subtle hint to leave before I went too far and fucked them both. They stood quickly and came over telling me it was no trouble and that I owed them nothing. To be honest I was surprised, he did come over without an appointment and fixed something or my A.C. wouldn't be running. We haggled back and forth a bit about it and the hurried out so to not let me pay for anything.

Standing in the door way, I thanked them again and watched them walk away, wondering if they had asked me for something sexual, if I would have had enough will power to say no...

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