tagChain StoriesDance of Days Ch. 03

Dance of Days Ch. 03



I awoke, or maybe I should say came to, with my whole body in pain. My wife of three days had seemingly changed overnight. My first wife after ten good years of marriage had thrown me out of the house after discovering my affair with Irene. Loving Irene, after telling her, she held me close and told me she would take away my pain and that she would be there for me. Irene warned me that my wife would become vindictive and would want to strip me of all my possessions. She hatched an ingenious plan; if I put everything I had into her name, my wife couldn't touch it. The plan worked perfectly, the court could not locate any of my assets, and with the assets my wife possessed I wouldn't even be required to pay alimony.

As soon as my divorce was final, Irene and I married. She told me she only wanted to honeymoon in our bedroom and I couldn't think of a better place to start our marriage. The first two days were the happiest days of my life. My first wife thought sex was a filthy habit and said once a month with the lights off was more than she could stand. Irene thought we should fuck all day and only stop when we were too sore to go on. Then on the third day she informed me, she was already bored with my 'teeny weenie' as she called it and wanted to bring in someone else to share our marriage bed.

"I thought you loved me, how can you say those things about me. There's no way I'll accept another man in our bed."

As I wept in our bed like a little boy Irene stroked my head and told me not to worry everything would be OK.

"I'll go make us some martinis and we can fuck some more."

I was already woozy after the first drink but I'm really not much of a drinker so I didn't think much about it. Irene must have put something in my drink because I kept going from reality to a dream like state all day. When the other man showed up I was so spaced I didn't even care. I watched as if in a dream as he caressed my wife's naked body taking any liberties he felt like. I remember them putting me in a chair close to the bed so I could see this man take my wife. He was so aggressive with her and with her screaming I was sure he was hurting her but then I realized she was screaming for more and for him to keep fucking her.

I must have passed out for when I awoke I was strapped to the bed with some kind of a ball secured in my mouth. When Irene came back into the bedroom, she smiled and said she was glad to see me awake.

"I want to have some fun with you and I want you to be able to feel it."

Irene took hold of my penis and that is when I realized it was encased in some kind of devise. Irene told me it was a chastity devise that I would be wearing until she felt like unlocking it. She took it off and held my penis as she poured lotion on it. She began playing with me,

"I want you to come for me David, in my hand. I want to feel your seed, come on be a good boy."

I didn't want to but I couldn't stop, as she looked me in the eye I spurted into her hand.

"I should have known with those little marbles of yours you wouldn't be able to even fill a thimble. David I'm going to make you my cum boy, you will be eating all the cum I collect from my lovers. Here take a taste of yours."

She dabbled her finger in the palm of her hand and spread it under my nose. I was thinking with the gag in my mouth she at least couldn't put any in my mouth.

"I bet you think your new ball gag is keeping you from getting a taste, but what you can't see is the hole in the center. That's what this little funnel is for see."

I could feel the tip of the funnel hit my tongue as she pushed it through the gag. I felt the cum on my tongue before I tasted it, I started retch but when I realized I might choke in my own vomit I controlled it. Next, she picked up a condom full of her lover's cum and let it empty into the funnel. I choked and almost swooned but I managed to swallow it all. Irene then took the dirty condom and put on my penis, then locked me back into my cage.

Irene unstrapped one leg, brought it up over my head, and then did the same to the other leg. I tried to resist but I was too weak to stop her. She stepped into the bathroom and when she returned, she had some kind of harness with a huge phallic shape attached to it. I kept shaking my head as I watched her obscenely rub lube all over it next; she violated my rectum with her lube-covered finger. The pain was so intense when she entered me with her strap-on, as she called it, I was sure my sphincter was torn beyond repair. Irene looked into my eyes as she brutally assaulted my back door.

"I want you to know I'm the one who told your ex-wife about us, as we made love in your bed. I used this same dildo on her as I told her about you and me. I think she was more hurt that I had betrayed her than of you having an affair."

I was in too much pain to be shocked but I kept asking myself how I could be so wrong when it came to picking women. My first wife a lesbian and my second wife a sadist and yet I thought both to be loving women.

This brings my tale back to waking on that fourth day. I didn't know where Irene was but was glad she wasn't here. I didn't even shower; I just threw a few things into a bag and fled. I drove around not knowing where to go but somehow I ended up at my first wife's house, as I pulled around the corner the first thing I saw was Irene's car in the drive way. I parked down the street and snuck back to peak in a window. I found them in the bedroom, my first wife, my second wife, and her lover all in my old bed making love. I reached for my penis, and then realized I was still locked in my cage and I could see the key around Irene's neck. Not only were all my possessions in her name she even had control of my penis. It was then that I understood that I was to become Irene's love slave. I meekly drove home and awaited Irene's return.

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