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Dancer Wife


Jessica is a stone fox. She stands 5ft 6in and weighs 120 lbs. Her measurements are 36c, 25, 32. She keeps her perfect body in shape with cycling, running and swimming, and she lets her shiny hair fall half way down her back. Her skin is tan, since she Oriental. Her almond eyes are coal black, but they burn with a lusty fire all the time.

Jessica and I had been pretty active, sexually, before we got married. We both played the field fast and loose. Eventually our relationship progressed to a few dates and then living together and finally marriage.

One day Jessica came by my office for a visit wearing a light silk dress and shoes. She was made up and wore jewelry, but otherwise she was bare. I just loved the jiggles of her spectacular breasts as they swayed and jiggled, unfettered in her dress as she walked.

Two of the new guys who had just been hired watched her leave; the sun shining through her dress produced a perfect silhouette of her form. Her slender thighs were slightly parted as she said a final goodbye and the sight was unbelievable. Not realizing she was my wife, Benny and Kyle commented that they’d like to see her naked and then fuck her until she couldn’t stand up. I laughed and said she was great naked and she was also a fucking machine. When they asked how I knew, I told them she was my wife. They were both embarrassed at seeming a little crude and knocked on their asses about what a stud I must be to have a lady like Jessica.

After making sure nobody else was around, I brought out a stack of Polaroid’s of her that I kept in my desk. They almost drooled when they saw her shaven snatch and her tanline-less body. Benny openly stroked the bulge in his jeans. One of the pictures was of Jessica in a matching white lace top and shorts set. She was nude underneath it and you could see the dark patch of her pubes as well as the dark circles where her half-dollar sized nipples were trying to escape from the form fitting lace outfit. To make the picture a little hotter, she had a sultry smile and she was looking directly at the lens.

That night I got home just as she was leaving for a one-night stand at a strip club I used to frequent. She had never worked there, but one of my old friends called while I was at work to see if I knew any dancers because several of the girls had gotten busted the night before and the club would be short handed (or short somethinged) for a few days. Jessica said she had always wanted to dance nude for money so she had volunteered to work a few nights. My friend Bev said okay, so Jessica was on her way.

When she got home after midnight, she was vibrant and obviously horny. Within minutes, I was humping with my sausage stuffed down her throat. Her pussy was in my face and it looked irritated and it hung slightly open. As I kissed at it, I smelled and tasted sex. Once I dipped my fingers and brought them out, I was pretty convinced that my beautiful Asian wife was well aroused that night.

The next night, after she got home from the club, we went to bed and I put my hand on her mons. It was gooey, there was no question of that. This time, when I pulled my fingers out of her box they were followed by a stringy gob of man sauce.

“My, what have we here?” I said, pulling the bedding away to reveal her naked body. Of course I had to kiss and suck her nipples as soon as they were exposed. She just closed her slanted eyes and moaned. Holding my head in place.

She blushed and cringed. She began to cry and wring her hands. “Oh, I’m sorry honey, I just got so horny dancing tonight, and the guy was so cute and nice, before I knew it we were doing it in the back of his van. I’m so, so sorry. I can’t believe I let that happen. I feel terrible. Can you forgive me? I promise it won’t happen again. Tell me what I can do to make it up to you. I’ll do anything to keep you. Anything, just name it. Do you want me to leave? Do you hate me?”

Much to my surprise, my cock was fully charged. I was getting a thrill thinking about my beautiful sexy wife with another guy. I rolled over on top of her and my dick slid easily into her sopping hole. I kissed her face and tits and began pumping. In just a few strokes, she was rocking with me.

“Okay, here’s the deal.” I said, after we got into a rhythm. “You can fuck any guy, any time you want to. The only conditions are that you tell me all about it afterwards, and that you also fuck any guy, any time I tell you to.” I could feel her getting more aroused. Her pussy convulsed and her nipples pointed straight at me. I mauled her titties, pinching and twisting the nipples just enough that I knew she was going insane with lust. Her legs were tight around my waist and the room was filled with the lewd squishing sounds of our mating and the pumping of the stranger’s cum from her well used fuck hole.

“Are you sure? Oh baby, I’m so sorry. You don’t have to do this, I’ll try to be good.”

I continued thrusting in to her. “I’m sure, and I don’t want you to try to be a good girl, I want you to be a good fuck. I want you to be a wanton slut when you want to be and when I want you to be, which is always.” With that, I pulled out and fired my load all the way up her torso; a large glob stuck to the bottom of her right tit.

She said. “I love you so much.” Just before I stuffed my slimy cock deep into her pretty mouth. I really do love her and I know that this new arrangement would make our love and sex life even better.

Last week my pretty wife was dressed in heels, a powder blue tennis style skirt and a matching halter-top. It looked a little like that famous Marilyn Monroe dress, but much shorter. The fabric was lightweight and unlined, so you could see the darkness of her nipples and even the small patch of darkness between her legs. Under it she wore just a filmy white g-string. As she stood in front of me, placing chips and dip on the coffee table, she bent at the waist and presented a most stimulating view of her perfect heart shaped ass, with the puffy smoothness of her nearly naked pussy lips clearly visible between her thighs. I couldn’t contain myself, so I pulled her down so she was sitting on my lap. I began stroking her tits and finger fucking her hot and swampy pussy. I didn’t stop when the doorbell rang.

“Hey guys, come on in.” I said, knowing the door was partly ajar.

As soon as the guys sat down Jessica got up and I introduced them to her. She gave each one a juicy kiss and rubbed her crotch against their thighs. She also stroked the fast growing bulges in their jeans.

They sat on the couch and Jessica went to get them drinks. When she came back, she gave them the same view she had given me earlier with the chips and dip. I saw Kyle’s hands were shaking as he picked up his drink. We had some music playing and we just sat and talked, business at first, and then we got into more personal topics. I noticed that both Kyle and Benny were trying to peek up her skirt and Jessica was not too careful about keeping her legs together as she laughed and gestured.

An hour or so later, when everyone was pretty loose from the drinks, I excused myself to go to the john. Although I didn’t say anything one way or the other, I wondered if anyone was going to take advantage of the opportunity while I was gone. I intentionally didn’t hurry myself.

When I returned to the group Jessica was sitting between them. The bulges in their jeans told me the guys were getting even more aroused by my pretty wife. Jessica’s skirt was bunched in to a small rolled band across the top of her thighs and one of her tits had escaped the confines of her top. She made a vampish show of covering it and smoothing down her skirt. The nipple strained against the fabric. I brazenly reached in and gave it a tweak. It felt hot, hard and wet.

“Has she been showing off her tits again?” I asked the guys. It was funny to see them trying to decide how to answer.

“Well, they asked me to show them, honey. And since you said I should be good to our guests, I thought you would approve.” She chimed in, giving the guys a wink.

“So guys, what do you think? As good as the Polaroids?” I asked. By now Benny was openly rubbing his bulge and Kyle was starting to perspire.

“Oh yeah boss, she’s fucking fantastic.” Benny said. “We’d just like to see more.”

“Yeah, I bet you guys would like to see her pussy. Hey, as long as you’re here, you can help us make a decision.” I continued as I stood Jessica up and turned her to face them.

I sat down and as I did so, I raised her skirt. Their eyes were just a couple of feet from the soaked gusset of her g-string. “Do you like these panties, or should she not wear them?” I asked while I was rubbing the labia through the sticky damp silky material. “We both like the bare look and we also like the covered look. What do you think?”

Benny blurted out, “Well, it’s not really fair to ask us, because we have only seen the covered look. We’d need to see the bare look to have an opinion.”

I pretended to be thinking about that one for a second.

“They’re right honey,” Jessica said as she reached down and slipped the garment down her shapely legs, revealing her trimmed auburn fur patch. “They would have to see me bare too to have a valid opinion.” Her speech was slightly slurred, so I knew she had been drinking enough that all of her inhibitions would be gone.

“Bare!” Both of them said at the same time.

Jessica smiled and turned around so she was facing me. She bent over to give me a kiss and I saw Kyle’s shaky hand reach up under her skirt. She swayed her body and moaned as she kissed me.

“You should do a dance for them sweetheart.” I suggested. “Did I tell you guys she’s a dancer? Give them a big spender lap dance, babe.” I got up and put on a long track from her favorite CD.

Ben and Kyle moved the coffee table to one side to make more room for her right in front of them. Within a few minutes she was strutting and dancing like she was on stage. The lighting was much brighter though and we could see everything perfectly. When she lay down on the floor, her skirt flipped up to her waist, she slid one enameled fingertip into her open pussy. Bringing the digit out, she offered it to me.

Then she crawled toward our guests on the couch. Playing with the stiffness in their pants she purred. “You guys should get out of these pants before you get hurt.” Without any hesitation, she undressed them. Kyle and Ben seemed oblivious to me as they quickly got naked. She squealed as each cock was released and kissed the one eyed monsters.

Jessica went to start a new song. As she did, she doffed all but the shoes.

Once the music was on again, she climbed on the couch between them. She danced and undulated, pressing and dragging her bare body against them. She had a big grin as she faced me, thrusting her buns and puss into Benny’s face. His hands were on her hips and I saw her eyes close in pleasure. I had the distinct impression he was licking or kissing her sweet Asian pussy. With one hand, she was holding herself up from Ben’s knee and with the other she was stroking Kyle’s battering ram.

Kyle put his hands on her head and turned her so she was kissing his meat. In the process, she lost her balance and sat down on Ben’s lap. His cock jutted from between her thighs. She laughed and stroked it with her cunt lips and her hands, and then adjusted her position, slowly lowering her pussy over the protrusion. She looked at me and smiled broadly. I watched, my own cock straining against my jeans, as my beautiful Oriental slut wife fucked herself on Ben’s cock.

“Look honey, he’s fucking me.” She said proudly.

Ben held on to her hips and they began a slow rhythmic lap dance. After a few minutes Kyle threw his head back, obviously on the brink of loosing his load. Jessica took her mouth off his meat and tightly circled her fingers around the base of the wet spitty shaft. At the same time, Ben pulled her tight onto his lap as he began jerking and quaking and he bellowed an announcement to the world. “I’m fucking cumming!”

After a few minutes of catching their breath, Jessica stood, cum dripped out of her pussy as she went to get us all another round of drinks. .

“Okay Kyle, it’s your turn.” She bent over, resting her hands on my knees, as she offered him her leaking gash. “This hungry little kitty wants that nasty bad boy meat inside.”

His enormous cock was almost purple and hard as a broomstick as he got in to position behind my wife. His big callused hands each took one of her magic melons and began rubbing and strumming the tight erect buds of her nipples. I pulled out my cock so she could lick at it with each of his thrusts.

Just a few minutes later, I erupted in her mouth at the same time that Kyle lost his load in her womb. We all collapsed on the floor, victims of fatigue and alcohol.

An hour or so later I woke up when she moved my arm. Ben was helping her up. His cock was hard again and I heard her say, “let’s go to the bed.” I was still woozy and drifted off to the sight of Ben leading her down the hall with his hand on her smooth ass.

I awoke a few hours later and wandered down to our bedroom. On the bed, Ben, Kyle and Jessica were sleep fucking. Kyle was in her pussy and Ben was in her shit hole. I knew she liked it up the ass once in a while, but mainly when she was pretty drunk and relaxed. The room reeked of sex. I felt my bone hardening again as I watched them rocking in their sleep. Her dainty hand was clinching and relaxing, pulling Kyle as he thrust into her. The diamond on her ring finger sparkled in the light from the hall where I stood.

My head was reeling, so I went back to the couch and fell back to sleep. When I awoke again, it was much later and the house was quiet.

Once again, I went down the hall. This time I found Jessica in the bed, alone. I climbed in and she wrapped her leg around my thigh. Her snatch was hot and gooey. It glued her to me almost immediately.

We haven’t done that scene again, but the guys keep reminding me that Jessica told them we’d have a repeat one of these days.

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