tagBDSMDancing at the Ivy Ch. 01

Dancing at the Ivy Ch. 01


It was a hot Friday night.

Everybody who was anybody was at The Ivy, the hottest club in town.

The music pumped so loud you could feel it in your bones, the drinks were reasonably priced and you could count on the duty manager to call you a good taxi if you drank too much. The bouncer collected a reasonable entry fee, while keeping the known troublemakers out.

For Victoria and Veronica, best friends since childhood, it was a second home.

The owner of the club was Veronica's uncle. The girls had a free entry and free drinks.

They also brought a lot of business. As two of the hottest things in town, all the guys came to try their luck, and all the girls came to console the not so fortunate.

Tonight, Victoria wore a red corset, short black skirt, and black knee high boots. Her blonde hair was tied in a pair of pigtails high on her head, her make-up was simple; light blue eye shadow, light glitter on her cheeks, and bright red lipstick. She may look like an innocent, but she was a dominant woman. No man controlled her, no man dared. She was quick with wit as sharp as a razors edge. The only person who had a chance of tempering her anger was Veronica.

Veronica wore a black corset, red skirt, black boots. Violet eye shadow, red lipstick, and glitter on her cheeks. Her black hair in a single ponytail down her back. She was laughter to Victoria's frowns. She would follow, she would submit. She didn't know how to deny any request. It was Victoria who kept her from being taken advantage of.

Veronica danced.

Her lithe body danced to the sensual music, yet she danced alone.

Victoria watched her friend with smile. She sat at the bar, considering her whiskey shot, while listening to the music. Normally she would be dancing with her friend, ignoring the men who watched with desire. But for now, she let Veronica dance. And gods, could she dance.

When Veronica danced alone, drink sales doubled. The sinuous movements of her hips, arms, legs, made the men lose their voice, so they drank to embolden their courage. Perhaps if they drank enough, they would ask her to dance with them. But many feared Victoria's stare.

When the two girls danced together, bodies barely touching, hinting at a relationship of more than friendship, drink sales went through the roof. The only people who danced when they did was other women, hoping to attract a partner, or attempt to upstage the pair.

It never happened. Victoria ignored them and Veronica was so sweet that all eyes stayed glued to them, and them alone.

The drink.

Victoria threw it back, the liquor burned pleasantly down her throat.

"She looks good tonight," the barman, Matt commented. "Your work?"

She smiled. "She does look tasty." She turned to Matt. "Have a KGB ready for her. She's going to need it."

"So is everyone else." He laughed.

She returned to her friend, slipping into the music as she would a hot bath. With an ease that bespoke familiarity, Victoria placed a hand on her friends hip, a gentle pressure on fabric covered skin.

She knew how they must look, touching almost intimately. Every mans fantasy.

Veronica turned her back to Victoria, and moved into her. Victorias hand was now encircled around the others waist. They moved as one, almost breath as one.

Victoria smiled again, thinking abut the poor men who would be salivating over them. Of the cocks growing, all because of them.

The song ended, and Veronica turned around. "I'm gonna grab a drink, be a few."

"See Matt, he's got one ready."

Victoria danced along to the next song, enjoying the attention.

She moved, not as sinuous as her friend, but with sex in each and every movement of her body.

While Victoria danced, revelling in the attention, Veronica sat at the bar.

She watched her friend with adoration.

"Sure is hot," a voice said.


"Your friend. She's amazing."

He looked to be in his mid twenties. Dark hair, blue eyes, and a wedding ring on the hand holding a glass.

"Looks like you might be otherwise engaged." She smiled.

"She's a frigid bitch. Married her to get some action, and suddenly its non existent. She thinks I'm out with the boys."

"When really, you're looking for a young piece of, what?" She laughed.

"If you're offering," he smiled at her.

"I don't do married guys. But if you want, I can see if Vicks wants you," Veronica told him. She finished her drink, left the empty bottle on the bar, and floated back to her friend.

"Vick, see the guy at the bar?" Veronica asked.

"Cute with dark hair? Watching us?" Victoria continued dancing.

"That's the one. He wants some action. Think you can accommodate him?" Veronica had a wicked grin to her eyes.

"We'll see." They carried on dancing through two more songs, getting hot and sweaty before they paid him anymore attention.

By mutual agreement, they took a break, retuning to the bar.

"Can I buy you two a drink?" Cute guy with dark hair, asked.

"Sure, two shots of tequila, for us," Veronica announced.

"We'd also like your name," Victoria followed.

"Two shots each, and I'm Shane."

"Nica says you're after some action. What kind of action are you after?" Victoria asked.

"Depends on what you want," Shane replied.

"Don't you know who we are? You ask," Veronica started.

"And we give you what we think you deserve," Victoria finished.

"Especially as you're going to be cheating on your wife, you deserve punishment." Veronica added.

"And we might just be the girls to deliver it." Victoria finished.

"Well, I don't think I can argue with any of that." Shane looked at the girls in disbelief.

"He prolly thinks we're kidding," Veronica whispered to Victoria.

"Shall we go?" Shane suggested.

The three left the club, Veronica gave Shane their address, while Victoria got their jackets and helmets from Veronicas uncle.

"So, what do you think?" Veronica asked.

"I think he underestimates us," Victoria replied.

"Underestimates you, you mean. You're the scary one."

"Hasn't he heard our reputation?" Victoria wondered.

"I doubt it. He's married, so he probably hasn't been out in years."

The girls laughed as they got off the motorbike, Veronica pulling her keys out of her pocket.

The door was scarcely open when a dirty gold Pontiac Trans Am V8, pulled up into their driveway.

"What a poser," Veronica laughed.

"This is going to be fun." Victoria waited for Shane at the door.

"Nice place, girls," he commented as he entered the house.

"It does the trick." Veronica led the way into the bedroom, flicked on the light, and sat in a chair that faced the bed.

Victoria turned him to face her, and distracted him by kissing him deeply. He pulled her down with him as he feel on the bed, and didn't notice until it had already happened.

There were thick fabric cuffs on his wrists, holding them out and away from each other, attached to the head of the bed.

"What the fuck?" he demanded.

"I told you," Victoria said patently. "You've been a bad boy, and need to be punished."

She slipped out of the corset, with help form Veronica, slid the skirt and her panties down.

The boots stayed on.

Veronica handed her a pair of black fingerless mesh gloves and her ridding helmet.

While Victoria put them on, the other girl unlocked a mall chest, and pulled out a few thing.

Shane was struggling against the bonds, with no results.

"There really is no point in struggling. We had a professional do the rig, there is no way you will be able to get free." Victoria announced.

"You're crazy, bitch. Let me go." Shane yelled.

Veronica had a knife in her hand. "That is quite enough of that, you naughty boy."

With that, she cut his shirt down the middle leaving his chest and stomach exposed.

Victoria held a crop in her hand, the black of the leather creating a stunning contrast with her pale skin. Shane was almost mesmerised by the sight.

Veronica had his shoes off, undid his jeans, and had them down around his ankles before either girl noticed the slight tenting in his boxers.

"He's enjoying it, Vicks." Veronica giggled.

"Better tie his ankles, before we get started."

Victoria trailed the leather crop down her naked breasts, before suddenly bringing it down on Shane's legs.

Again, and again, she hit him, with all her strength. These weren't love taps.

It was a punishment.

With every hit, he cringed.

He wasn't used to pain. To receiving it anyway.

But here he was tied down, being repetitively hit by a beautiful blonde who clearly knew what she was doing. And he was enjoying it. His cock was growing by the second.

He panted at the painful erection, and at the pain.

"Please," he begged.

"Please, what?" Victoria asked, amusement dancing in her blue eyes.

"Pull my boxers down," he pleaded.

"It does look awfully uncomfortable," Veronica commented.

"Very well." Victoria and Veronica slipped the boxers down, just far enough that Shane's thick purple cock was exposed.

Then Victoria resumed the punishment.

Swish, swish, swish, went the crop against legs, and stomach, until Shane begged and pleaded with her to stop.

Victoria laughed. But she didn't stop.

Shane's upper legs were covered in red marks, and was his abdomen.

Finally, she tired of hearing his pleas for her to stop.

She threw the crop to the floor, and crawled up to bed.

"I'm going to sit on your face, and your going to make me cum. If you don't, then I'll use the crop again. And I won't stop until I see blood. Got it?" Victoria demanded.

"Yes, just please, don't whip me again, please?" Shane pleaded.

"Then you had better make me come good." With that, Victoria lowered her aroused pussy to his lips, her booted calves on either side of his head.

At first the lips were hesitant, the tongue little more than a nuisance. It was only after Veronica was instructed to use the crop on Shane's cock, that he fully applied himself to the task of Victoria's oral pleasure.

The tongue was like a small cock, invading her hole, wet, and hard.

He nibbled the hood and at her clit, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

"More," she demanded. "More!!!"

His tongue pumped in and out of her pussy, making Victoria writhe, and moan.

"Is he good?" Veronica asked, a smile on her lips.

"Oh, yes," gasped Victoria. "He's a born pussy-licker."

As Shane attacked her pussy with tongue and teeth, Victoria humped his face, grinding down, making it almost a struggle for him to breath.

"He must be enjoying you, he's looking like a flag pole," Veronica remarked.

"Close, so close," Victoria gasped. "Nearly there, oh, god, so fucking close. Oh gods.

Aaaaa," she cried as her first orgasm of the night ripped through her.

She fell forward, catching the iron of the head board.

"Do you give your wife treatment like that?" Victoria gasped, as she lifted herself off his face.

"No. Like I said, frigid bitch. Are you gonna fuck me now?" Shane asked.

"Again with the questions. You are very naughty." Veronica tusked. "How should we punish him this time, Vicks?"

"Cock ring, and vibrating butt plug. Had better grab the vaseline. I think he'll need it." Victoria instructed.

While Veronica grabbed the mentioned items from the chest, Victoria considered the man tied down on her bed.

"We are going to put a plug up your arse. And if you behave, we might turn it on. You'll enjoy that."

Veronica covered the plug in the lubricant, making somewhat of a show of it. She handed the purple plug to her friend.

"Don't worry, Shane. Its soft, it'll fit like a glove." Victoria smiled, settling between his legs, and pressed the cold soft plastic to his anus.

"Take a breath," she advised. She pushed the device in with force.

"Aaagghhh," he cried.

"It's in?' Veronica asked.

"It is, nice and tight, but he hasn't earn't it turned on yet." She laughed. "Hand me the ring, no the smaller one. He's not that big."

"What do you mean, not that big?" He demanded.

"Vicks right. Seen bigger." She handed the smaller one to her friend.

Victoria placed the ring on Shane's slowly growing erection.

"Did I mention you've been a very bad boy?" She almost whispered.

Shane's breathing became heavy as Victorias soft hand was almost torture. Feather soft on his long prick as she slid a condom onto him, then the ring over top. The ring constricting his growth, making him hold out for longer before he could cum.

Victoria was going to use him well tonight.

"He looks ready, Vicks. I think you are to." Veronica's face was lit like a Christmas tree, she was ready for a show.

Victoria slid her left leg up, over his thigh, and settled beside his hip, then repeated the movement with her right, making the movements as slow and seductive as only practice could make. The move complete, she remained slightly elevated, raised above his erect cock, her arms resting on the headboard.

"Beg," she demanded.

"No," he spat.

She rubbed her wet naked slit against him.

"Beg," she purred.

"No." It was weaker than the last.

She rubbed again, lent down, her arms resting comfortably by his head.

"Beg," she whispered.

"Please," he responded.

"You can do better than that," she scolded.

"Please?" he asked.

"Come on, Shane. All you have to do is beg. Like a good boy, and I'll drop down and help you out." She instructed.

"Please. Fuck me," he pleaded.

"Fuck me? Is that how you address your mistress?" She taunted.

"Fuck me, please Mistress," his voice held uncertainty, desire, and lust.

"Since you asked nicely." Victoria sank onto his erect cock, felt it's length go deep.

He gasped at the warmth that enveloped his cock. So tight, so wet, so perfect.

"Oh, fuck, so fucking tight," Shane gasped.

Victoria stopped moving. She slapped him, hard across his face.

"How dare you address your mistress so appallingly." Her voice was flat, emotionless.

"You will apologise now or we will have to continue with the crop," she told him quite calmly.

"I'm sorry, I got carried away. Forgive me," he sarcastically spat at her.

The crop came down on his stomach.


Three times.



"Stop, please." He sounded sincere. "Please, Mistress, I'm sorry."

She ground slowly against his hard cock, soundless in her gyrations.

"Please," Shane begged. "Please Mistress, fuck me."

She moved faster, harder, all without uttering a sound.

Fast, hard. The only sounds were skin slapping skin, and Shane's grunts, gasps and moans.

Veronica fingered herself while watching her dearest friend fuck this cheating husband.

Wet sounds filled the room, sex flooded it's occupants senses.

And still they continued.

Victoria pounded herself on the adulterous cock, ensuring that her pleasure spots were stimulated. Slowly but surely she brought herself ever closer to orgasm, closer and closer.

The pressure built up inside her, and she knew that it wouldn't be long now.

She let the wave wash over her, her hips on automatic now, as she experienced a wash of sensation.

It was more powerful than the first, this cock induced orgasm.

Victoria waited till she could think clearly, then moved harder.


She wanted another.

And Shane was going to oblige her.

He was in no position to disobey. Not again.

She came three more times, before he finally filled the condom with his hot cum. Victoria was tired, almost numb from her orgasms and the sex.

Shane was gasping for breath, from the constant hold on his cock.

Veronica had a dreamy look in her eyes that said she was well sated for the night.

Victoria pulled herself of Shane in a fluid movement that did nothing to betray her weakness.

She undid the cuffs holding Shane down, and told him to get dressed.

She walked him to the door.

"Go back to your wife. Be unfaithful again and I really will punish you.

He nodded, and hurriedly left before she changed her mind.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" She asked.

He looked at her quizzically.

"You haven't thanked me for giving you the best sex of your miserable existence?"

"Thank you, Mistress Victoria, for showing me just how bad I am. For fucking my brains out, for giving me the best sex of my life, for..." he faltered.

"What else did I let you do?" her voice light, but dangerous.

"For letting me suck your pussy."

Her expression told him that he hadn't gotten it quite right.

"Thank you Mistress, for letting me suck your pussy."

"Your welcome. Now go home to your wife and give her the best sex of her life, and if she doesn't come at least three times, I really shall have to punish you some more."

With a wicked grin, Victoria left Shane standing on the doorstep wondering just how she could possibly find out.

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