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Dancing Topless


My husband of 19 years was going through middle-age-crazy, or at least that was how I described it. He would get turned on watching me flirt with guys at parties or at the club where we would sometimes go to dance on the weekends. He was always on me to dress sexier and sexier and to show more 'flesh' when we would go out. After 19 years of marriage and two children I was flattered that he still thought I was sexy, but somewhat confused by his wanting me to flirt openly with other men. His response was that it was in a public place and nothing would get out of hand.

One night as we were making love I came out and asked him just what he wanted to see? Just what he wanted to see me do? I felt his cock get rigid as he said he would love to see me dancing with some stranger. I would be dressed very sexily (sluttish) and he said it would be a big turn on to see another man holding me close as we danced, to see him squeeze my ass, and maybe to see us share a passionate kiss!

I told him there was no way this was going to happen, but he kept on. I could tell how aroused he was by his hard cock. He told me how he wanted to see me dressed in something very low cut, so low cut my titties were nearly hanging out, and as I danced with this stranger my top would slip down and my nipples would actually pop out! My husband came very hard as he described how I would slowly turn around and he would watch me grind my ass into the stranger's crotch, my arms extended up over my head and behind me, clasping around my partner's neck. Hubby would watch as the stranger's hands caressed my completely exposed breasts, right there on the dance floor! I had to admit that it was a hot fantasy and I did come as my husband fucked me, thinking about a stranger's hands on my bare titties!

My husband would always tell me fantasies as we made love, and we both enjoyed them. They always revolved around me showing off in public, with a stranger or strangers fondling me. I felt there was no harm in the fantasy as I was certain it would never happen, after all, I did not want to go to jail for public indecency!

One day Hubby came home and told me we were going to Ohio for a short week to view an investment opportunity. We had been talking about diversifying our investments for some time. We flew to Ohio on Wednesday and had a three day orientation on investment green houses. Nice opportunity but not right for us at that time. We had never been to Ohio so we were going to spend the weekend just relaxing and seeing a few sights before we flew home on Sunday.

Saturday we explored a very large mall, and that is when Hubby told me about a very special dance club he had found on the Internet. It was a swinger's club and he wanted us to go. I was shocked and angry as I told him we were not going to swing! He calmed me down reassuring me he was not interested in swinging, but...he thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to dress very sexy (sluttish) and maybe dance topless with a stranger! He was very hot for this idea, and we discussed this dance club all afternoon.

It seems that they were having a pajama party, and the ladies would be dressed, or nearly dressed in sexy night wear. Hubby was hot to have me wear a favorite item of his, a white French Wench outfit from Frederick's of Hollywood. It is an open bust teddy with garters and stockings. I refused of course. I was not going to walk into a strange place with my titties exposed! Hubby said I would wear a robe, and as the night progressed he wanted me to lose the robe, so he could watch me dance topless. I finally agreed to go, but I was not going to wear that outfit, but something of my choosing, and I was not going to get topless. We could go, but it was to watch only!

Hubby bought a sexy silk boxer and a robe and slippers for the dance. I was more secretive, when I came out of the bathroom I was covered in a long brown terry cloth robe. I could see the look of disappointment in Hubby's eyes, but then he didn't know what I had on underneath.

When we arrived at the dance it was already rocking, and many couples were on the dance floor, and I was surprised that several of the ladies were already topless. It was openly erotic, and I gulped my first mixed drink without even tasting it! After my second drink I was ready to dance, and Hubby and I ventured out onto the dance floor. I saw the look of total disappointment when I removed my robe and Hubby saw I was wearing flannel pajamas! As we danced a slow number Hubby said that I could of at least taken off my bra, and I told him it was dark and no one could tell anyway!

Several dances and many drinks later, around midnight, the club organizers announced that the doors were being locked and we could leave but no one could get back in. This was the sign for things to really get wild. People cheered and I saw almost all of the women strip off their tops, and many were completely naked! I saw several women dancing with other women and a couple of women going down on other women right there on the dance floor! My head was spinning from all the alcohol and now the open sexuality was really making me weak in the knees. I went to the ladies room, and when I came out Hubby was smiling as he could tell by the way my large breasts were swaying beneath my top that I had removed my bra. Hubby handed me a drink and I gulped it down.

Hubby went to the bar to get another round for us, when a guy comes up and asks me to dance. Well, this was what Hubby wanted, so we stepped onto the dance floor, and started a slow dance. We introduced ourselves and I told Bill, that Hubby and I were from out of town and this was our first time here. As we chatted Bill's hands dropped down to my ass, and he pulled me tightly against him. I didn't pull away, but I did look for Hubby and he was at the edge of the dance floor, grinning from ear to ear.

I could feel Bill's erection as he pulled me against him, and I was drunk enough to be both aroused and not caring that he was intentionally grinding it against my belly. As we danced Bill's hands roamed freely over my body and he felt my titties several times. When the dance ended I was panting both from the exertion and from lust! I excused myself and rejoined my Hubby. I asked him if he enjoyed the show and he took my hand and placed it against his erection which was threatening to burst from his silk briefs. He said he wanted to see my partner touching my breasts and I told him he had several times, but Hubby said it was too dark for him to see. I tossed back my drink, and unbuttoned all the buttons to my top but one. I handed Hubby my drink then I went to find Bill. I felt very wanton and sluttish as I walked up to Bill and asked him to dance. I took his hand and led him back across the dance floor until we were just a few feet from Hubby and began a slow dance. I whispered into Bill's ear my Hubby loved to watch me with other men, and he wanted to watch us dance.

The next several dances were fast numbers, and I did my very best slut dance for Hubby and Bill. I jutted out my titties and both Bill and Hubby were treated to more than a little top and bottom cleavage as my big boobies bounced and swayed. Then my hand darted to my top and the last button was undone! I stood there and started shaking my shoulders. The top slowly opened and my titties were completely exposed. Bill had a look of total lust on his face as I shook my titties at him. I turned to shake my titties at Hubby, and I felt Bill pressing himself against my backside. I leaned back into him and put my arms up to reach around his neck. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt his hands cupping my bare titties. Hubby was treated to several minutes of Bill squeezing and caressing my breasts. When the dance ended I turned and threw my arms around Bill's neck and we kissed very passionately. When the next song started I took my top completely off and handed it to my wide eyed husband. Bill and I danced several more dances, touching and kissing. Hubby even got to see Bill bend down and suck each of my hard nipples right there on the dance floor.

Finally I told Bill I needed a break and walked back to Hubby. I told Bill I was going to get another drink and I would be back. Instead when I walked up to Hubby I told him to take me home and fuck me right now, or I just might fuck Bill on the dance floor! I saw the funny look on Hubby's face and thought he would like that! But I was not going to fuck anyone but my husband no matter how hot Bill had made me, and even though as my husband sank his cock into me that night, I dreamed it was Bill's, I didn't want our game to go any further.

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