tagIncest/TabooDancing With Daddy's Friend

Dancing With Daddy's Friend


I look much younger than my twenty-one years. I am five foot two, short dark hair and have what is considered a petite figure. My small breast make my puffy pink nipples stand out. I keep my pussy trimmed to a strip just above the tip of my lips.

Now that you know what I look like naked... I've been out of High School for several years. I wanted to go away to college but not having the money, I'm taking classes at the Community College and working various jobs to help with tuition. Most of my friends are away at college so I spend my free time doing what I like best, Country Dancing.

The guys my age aren't into doing the Texas Two Step but I get them to take me to the dance hall in Dallas. They drink beer while I hang around and get asked to dance. The younger guys usually dance too fast and they all try to get in my pants. I enjoyed watching the older gentlemen dance as they are more experienced.

There is a regular who caught my eye. He is tall with gray hair and a trim body. I guess him to be in his fifties, around my father's age. He usually has a different woman each time and is very popular as he glides along the floor with his partner floating in his arms. He looked familiar to me but I thought it was just from seeing him at the dance hall. While I was daydreaming, 'Oh I wish he would ask me to dance,' I heard a voice say,

"Hello Tina would you like to dance?"

"You... you know my name?"

"You don't recognize me... do you? I'm Phil, Phil Matthews... a friend of your fathers... I've seen you here before but didn't want to be an old fart interfering with you and your young friends."

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Matthews... It's been a long time and..."

"And you have grown up to be a beautiful young lady... and quite a good dancer. Would you like to dance with an old man?"

"Yes... yes I would... you are so smooth on your feet and..."

He whirled me away and we danced every dance till the band took a break. He whispered suggestions and instructions as we moved in unison.. Teaching me new moves, steps and style. I listened to the music and follow his strong and steady lead.

He invited me to his table and introduced me to his friends, all his and my parents age. I was uncomfortable being the youngest at the table until he returned with drinks.

"Is this brand okay?" He said as he sat a beer in front of me.

"Oh fine... that's just fine.. Thank you Mr. Matthews." My dad would kill me if he knew I was drinking with his friend.

"Oh Tina please call me Phil.." His friends at he table laughed as I blushed. The band began playing again and I asked,

"Mist... er.. Phil... Would you teach me more... Your such a good teacher."

He took me in is arms and my lesson continued. At the next break e returned to the table but all his friends were visiting elsewhere so we got a chance to talk.

"So tell me Tina, what are you doing these days?"

I explained I was attending classes and looking for work to pay for my studies. He explained he had started an insurance consulting firm and was looking for someone with computer skills. I told him my major was Computer Science and I had a pretty good knowledge of several systems.

"Wow that's great... you may be just who I'm looking for... Could you come to my office tomorrow to discuss the position? I work out of my home... here is my card with the address."

I took the card and told him I'd be there in the morning. Just then the guy who brought me came by and said he was ready to leave. I told Phil goodbye and said I'd see him in the morning.

The next day I showered quickly and put on a cutoff scoop necked top and a short skirt over my black thong. Phil greeted me at his door with a cup of coffee in hand. He was shoeless wearing shorts and a tee shirt.

"Every day is casual day here... Except when I'm meeting with clients," he said with a smile. I followed him into a room off the kitchen which was a fully appointed office. He sat me down at the computer and asked if I was familiar with the program he was running.

"Yes... I worked with this software in my last job..." I answered.

"Good then why don't you explore and get familiar with the other programs I have while I get more coffee... Can I get you anything?"

Shaking my head, I noticed he was looking down my open neckline as he spoke. Glancing to the side I saw the bulge in his shorts enlarge as he shifted it with his hand.

Phil went into the kitchen and I explored his software. As I clicked on 'My Pictures.' "Oh my god!" I exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Phil shouted as he rushed back into the room.

"Your picture... You are so big... Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't have."

"Err...I'm so embarrassed... I'm sorry you...," he said.

"Oh no... god you've got a big dick...," I blurted out.

"And sweetheart you staring at it like that makes me really hard... Wanna see it in the flesh?"

He pulled out a most beautiful cock. "Oh...Mmmmm can I touch..."

"Please do... It's yours to enjoy... Yes...yes stroke it for me baby... Rub my cock with those soft little hands of yours."

"Mmmm.. I gota kiss this big purple head...Mmmm I love to suck cock...but I'm not very experienced... Would you teach me? "

"Oh sweet one... Yes lick it... Uhaa run your tongue around my shaft... Oh honey suck it... suck your boss's cock. Now make a cunt out of your mouth and fuck me with your face... That's it... oh shit yes...yes.. That's it.

Oh baby I'm gonna cum... here...oh god.. Ohhh...yes. Swallow it sweetie...feel my cream flow down your throat."

"Mmmm... god you almost gagged me with that load...Pinch my nipples... you make 'em rock hard. "

"Sit on the desk and spread your legs... I want to kiss that pretty pink pussy of yours."

"Pull my thong off with your teeth... OH yaha... Lick it.. Lick my dripping cunt... yes... Ohm your fingers too... Yes... yes fuck me with your tongue...Ohhhhhhhhh! god nobody has made me cum so fast... Your fantastic."

"You are one hot little girl...I want you to slide my big bone in your tight twat... Damn your pussy's juicy."

"Oh god your so big... I don't know if it will..."

"Just straddle me and sit down on the head... there that's it slowly slide down on my shaft."

"Oh Oh... you fill my pussy... uha..."

"It's like riding a horse... Slowly...yes...yes...Oh yes."

"God I feel like I'm being fucked by a horse... Oh faster...faster... fuck me...Oh daddy.. eher...Phil... fuck me...fuck your little girl. You're making me cum again... Ohhh...yes... yes... yes!"

(Later that day)

After a morning of fucking I did actually do some work for Phil. When I was done he told me I had done a good job and we talked about what had happened. He want to make sure I was alright.

"While we were in the throws of passion you called me daddy... Is that a fantasy of yours?"

"Oh I'm so embarrassed... Well yes I must admit I do fantasize about daddy while I play with my pussy. Oh please don't say anything to him... he would kill me if he knew."

"I see... Do you have any other fantasies?"

"Well... I wonder what it would be like to have two cocks at the same time..."

"You're quite the sensual little lady... It's getting late and you need to get home. Can you come back in two days? I will have more work for you.'

"Sure... Same time?"

(Two days later)

I dressed in easy to remove top and shorts... No bra or thong this time. Phil greeted me at the door. He was barefooted wearing a short robe tied at the waist. As he walked the robe opened and I could see he already had a hard-on. I figured I wouldn't be sitting at the computer right away.

Phil told me he had a surprise for me and to follow him into the bedroom. He held me in his arms. We kissed, I felt his thick cock press against my stomach. I reached down and stroked it. He pulled my top over my head and eased my shorts down. His robe fell to the floor. We stood totally naked.

"I want to make this the most memorable day of your life Tina... but you have to trust me."

I nodded, continuing to stroke his stiff shaft. He reached for a black mask and asked if he could put it on me. I was a little afraid... but I trusted him. He tied the blindfold over my eyes and led me to the bed. Phil gently laid me on my back and spreading my legs began to suck on my erect nipples. He then glide his tongue over my belly and down to my pussy. He slid it between my swollen lips and explored my pink passion pit.. It felt wonderful.

Lifting his head for a moment I felt the wet tongue continue this time flicking my clit with the tip... Oh I was in heaven.. But there was something different.. His tongue seemed longer and... was there someone else in the room?

"Phil it feels fantastic.. But... is someone else here?"

My question was answered by feeling Phil's cock on my lips while someone was continuing to eat my pussy like never before... It was even better than Phil.

"Well baby you said you were curious of how it would be to have two cocks... what do you think?"

"OH it's awesome... but I want a cock in my cunt while I suck yours..."

"That can be arranged" a familiar voice stated.

I was in a daze.. When I felt a big thick cock head part my pussy lips and lunge inside.

It was bigger than Phil's and took my breath away. Phil shoved his dick down my throat and both men began to fuck me... cunt and mouth at the same time.

I didn't care who the second guy was I was taking on two cocks and loving every inch and minute of it. The pace quickened... the prick in my pussy had me cumming multiple times...and then...

"I'm cumming little girl...I'll shoot it right down your throat... get ready."

"Me too baby... Your daddy is gonna fill your sweet cunt with his love cum."


At that moment Phil and my dad exploded filling my cunt and mouth with their wonderful fuck cream... Phil tore off my blindfold and I saw daddy smiling above me.. His cock still in my overflowing honey hole.

"Tina baby... your daddy has wanted to fuck you for ever so long. I told Phil about my fantasy years ago and he remembered. You have such a precious pussy. Phil and daddy are gonna see it's kept busy. You're daddy's little cum slut now.

"Let me feel those sweet lips around your daddy's cock as you clean me up."

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