tagNonHumanDanger Zone Ch. 04

Danger Zone Ch. 04


A/N: A thousand times sorry. Massive Writer's Block + Crazy January + Procrastination makes for a very lengthy writing process.

To the anonymous reader who sent me an e-mail: THANK YOU! You got me back on track and refocused. Much appreciated. There will be many more chapters but I admit I am horrible at writing sex scenes so those are taking longer than expected. Here is what I have so far. Enjoy!


The girls arrived late for dinner due to Lil' wanting to change her outfit 3 times. Who knew there was a perfect "first dinner with a pack of wolves" outfit? As they entered the dining room, conversation stopped as all eyes descended on the 5 women. "Out of the frying pan, into the fire." Mumbles Lena.

"Welcome ladies." Jane says as she stands up from her plate. "Come have a seat at our table." This statement caused a rumble in the pack. Humans eating at the alpha table, what heresy!

A loud growl from Peter silenced the dissonance. Peter scowled at his pack before plastering a smile on and greeting the ladies approaching their table. As soon as they were seated, plates and cutlery were placed in front of them by the serving omegas. All 5 ladies kindly thanked the omegas causing them to pull back in shock.

"What?" Ice spoke up "Did you not expect us to have manners or something?"

Emma stares fearfully at the alpha pair as she realized Ice just back talked a pack member in front of the alphas. This is going to be a bad punishment. Noticing the nervous fidgeting of the other 3, she knew they had the exact same thought. They were nervous enough when Emma had chosen to question the alpha pair in private but this was blatant disrespect in public.

Putting her hand gently on Ice's knee, Emma spoke directly to the Alpha pair "I apologize for Al... uh, her behaviour, we are a little on edge being surrounded by so many, uh, people. Maybe we should take our dinner up to our room and meet the pack at a later time. Ladies?"

All 5 ladies stood up to leave only to be stopped by Jane's annoyed voice. "Oh do sit down. They were just surprised someone thanked them for doing their job. Clearly we haven't done a good job if the pack is surprised by people with good manners."

Emma slowly sat back, followed by the other girls. Peter watched the group curiously. "Why are you purposely avoiding calling each other by name in front of other people? Shouldn't we know your names if you are soon to be part of our pack?" He asked Emma.

Emma stiffened and remained silent, watching the alpha warily. She answered coolly "I don't think this is an appropriate dinner conversation. Can we continue this discussion at a later time, in private? I'm rather hungry, I thing I'll go check out the spread."

Emma stood up again with her plate in hand and headed off to the food trays, glancing occasionally at the alpha pair, watching for any sign of an attack. The other ladies silently joined her at the food, Lil' sparing a glance for the guard at the doorway looking dejectedly at the floor. She vaguely remembered him from the night they were rescued from the house. She then remembered he called her "Little One" causing her to sniff and strut past him with her nose held high. Dan sighs sadly at his mate's snub. Dan doubted his mate would ever let him talk to her to explain. "Try flowers and chocolate. Women love those things" His alpha piped up in his mind. "Don't listen to my idiotic mate, they never worked on me. She's scared and surrounded by a group of strangers that can snap her in two easily. Show her your kind heart and she will come around. She just needs time to adapt. I know patience isn't your strong point but you have to reign in your wolf or she'll run." Jane interrupted. Dan ignored their advice and settled on watching her from afar filling up her plate. Well not filling it up as much as nit picking over the food set out for the pack. Dan was sure no one could survive on that little food but was hesitant to tell his petite mate that. He had a feeling his advice would not be well received.

As Lil' walked back to their table, her behind was accosted by a large male hand causing her to squeak a protest and turn suddenly towards her attacker. She didn't even have time to see his face before her view was blocked by a large body. Make that a very large, very muscular body. God she would give anything to sink her teeth in that perfectly shaped ass... Lil' shook her head at the impure thought. She had been saving herself for "the one" before she was kidnapped during her youth group camping trip and was very naïve about the relationship between men and women before Damon took her virginity. She now knew what all men wanted and that they were willing to hurt her to get it. Looking up, she was stunned at the look of rage in Dan's eyes as he gripped the other man's collar. She squeaked again, this time in fear. She had seen this look on the men from the house before they shifted and she would be way too close if this big man decided to shift.

Hearing the noise and smelling fear from his mate, Dan's rage was replaced by concern for his mate and he glanced down to see what had her so scared. Slowly realizing he was the reason for her fear, he dropped the creep down and with a low warning growl told the man to stay away from his mate and her friends. Softening his gaze, he turned to face the woman white-knuckling her plate. Taking a protective stance, he gently led her to the alpha table, pulled out her chair, sat her into it and put her plate in front of her. Wishing her "bon appetit" he returned to his station. Part of his punishment for losing control in the house was that he was on guard duty at meal times and was left with the leftovers after everyone else was finished.

Lil' spent the rest of the meal picking at her food and sneaking peeks at the mysterious man on guard until Lena finally sighed "Will you go talk to him already?"

"What?" Lil' said distractedly.

"Just go talk to him. You know you want to and based on that lost puppy dog look he gives you every time you look away; he wants you to talk to him."

"He called me Little One." Lil' hissed.


"When they came to save us at the house."

"So clearly he didn't know. Tell him not to call you that and jump his bones. Dude's a stud muffin and he's head over heels for you." Lena shrugged.

"I can't jump his bones!" Lil said, alarmed at Lena's advice "And stay away from him." She added as an afterthought.

"Ooooo, jealous?"

"No... just..." Lil' stuttered.

"I wonder why he's so enamoured." Doc piped in.

"He's her mate." Snorted Emma.

All 4 shocked gazes landed on Emma shovelling her food in her mouth.

"Whaf?" Emma said with her mouth full as she noticed everyone staring at her.

"How do you know he's her mate?" Doc asked.

"He announced it in the house after he accosted her, in front of everyone." Emma said, rolling her eyes "He made it sound like that was a good thing. Like having a possessive bastard who refuses to let you do anything and uses you like his own personal sex toy is a good thing."

"That's not what having a mate is like." Interrupted Peter. "I would never to that do that to my mate. Mates are two halves a whole. You can't harm one side without doing damage to the other."

"Well good for you for having such a happy and healthy relationship but that was not my experience with my mate." Replied Emma bitterly.

"Well then he wasn't your mate." Jane replied.

"Just because he beat me, that automatically means he's not my mate?"

"Yes." Both alphas replied.

"So you've never seen or heard of an abusive werewolf relationship?" Emma pressed.

"No. People who hurt others simply for the joy of it are considered rogues and therefore terminated." Peter replied.

"So simple yet I was stuck in a household full of SADISTIC FUCKS FOR FIVE YEARS!" Emma shouted as she stood up, causing her chair to topple backwards. Taking a deep breath, she finished politely "I apologize; it seems I have lost my appetite. If you'll excuse me, I think I will take a walk."

Jane nodded. "Adam and Greg will accompany you."

Emma glanced nervously at the two men that stood when Jane called their names. "Men?" Her voice cracked.

"None of you can leave the compound without protection. They are honorable people and should they try to force you, their lives are forfeit." Peter spoke, making eye contact with each man individually, receiving a nod from each in return.

Emma hesitated briefly before nodding and turning towards the door, mumbling under her breath about "babysitters". Pausing at the door, she stopped in front of Dan and poked a slender finger into the middle of his chest. "She is a good person and deserves the best. If you break her heart, hurt her in any way I will cut off your balls and choke you with them. Capiche?" Dan slowly nodded. "Good. Consider yourself on probation. Any funny business and I will end you." She replied as she strode out the door followed by her guards.

"Looks like her champion approves of the match...for now." Peter's voice filtered into his head followed by his laughter.

"I'll never get women." Groused Dan. Looking over at the table after Emma's sudden departure, Dan could see Lil' openly examining him. Looking at his alpha for permission to leave his post, he approached her slowly, stopping when Lil' started to get nervous at his proximity.

"Hello, my name is Daniel Alexander Larsen. I apologize for not properly introducing myself and for calling you that horrible nickname, I did not know and I feel guilty for any harm I may have caused you."

Lil' licked her lips nervously, looking at the other 3 for ideas as to what to do. All 3 shrugged and glanced at the door, pointing out that Emma was ok with it.

"Liliana. And that's all you're going to get. It's their choice to tell you their names." She said boldly, tilting her chin towards her friends.

Dan's smile was dazzling as he finally heard her name. "Liliana, a beautiful name for a beautiful flower. May I call you Lily?"

Lily, stunned, nodded mutely.

Emma stomped through the forest trying to work off some of her anger as well as planning a way to lose her babysitters. She needed time to herself, away from other people, including her friends and especially the pack.

She had to admit, the two men assigned to her protection took their job seriously. Their eyes were constantly scanning the forest and they were always within arm's length, in the event they need to pull her out of the path of danger. Or pull her back from making a break for it. "Don't need overzealous, beefed up nannies. I'm fine by myself, just Fine." She mumbled under her breath, not noticing the two men exchange glances over her head.

"This chick is crazy man. I think it would have been kinder if Alpha MacDougall had just put her out of her misery."

"No kidding bro. Did she really say she spent 5 years with those psychos? Do you think she's exaggerating?"

"Nah, I think 5 years would turn any nice, sane individual into the mumbling, bipolar woman in front of us. Did you see the way she blew up at the alphas then suddenly turned around and politely excused herself? Cuckoo..."

"Yeah if only she were a little saner, I'd totally seduce her. After 5 years of rape, she probably only needs to be shown a little tenderness and she'll come tumbling into bed."

"Nah, she too much skin and bones for my taste. I'd be afraid to break her but go for it man. Maybe a little tenderness will bring her back from the brink. I would hate to have to clean up after another suicide."

"When you guys are finished eye fucking my ass and talking about me behind my back, can you do me a favor and get lost for a bit? I need some time to think on my own." Emma called over her shoulder.

"How the hell did she know what we were doing?" Greg asked Adam. Adam simply shrugged.

"Sorry Sug. Our orders come from the alpha and nothing can negate them. We're here to protect you." Adam replied, openly leering at her bouncing ass.

"Sug? Oh great more pet names. Let me give you some advice, Babe. Pet names are likely to get you strung up a flagpole by your underwear in my group of friends. I would avoid using them around us, especially the sugary sweet stereotypes. And tell me, what the hell are you supposed to be protecting me from? That owl?" She turned and faced the men, her arms crossed.

"There are real wolves and bears in this forest."

"It's the middle of summer. Wolves have better options that an emaciated human that will fight them off and bears only attack out of fear not out of hunger. So long as I don't run into mama bear with baby bear on the other side of me I'll be fine."

"The other packs are looking for women to mate with."

"My bet is that you guys run patrols along the border and that you've upped the frequency of the patrols not only because you are protecting a group of female humans but also because what happened to us could also have happened to your women and children. The other packs wouldn't get in without an invite."

"Those sickos who took you in the first place."

Emma shook her head. "Peter said they were gone and we were safe. Are you saying he lied?"

"The alpha" Greg said, emphasizing the title "wouldn't lie. We got all of the wolves in the house but we can't be sure we got them all."

"Well here's an easy solution, why don't you ask the 5 people who had been living there. There were 15 sadistic werewolves there and 8 of us in the cellar."

Adam and Greg regarded her in silence. "You know," Adam hesitated "That mouth will get you in trouble one of these days. Sarcasm and constant argument doesn't function well in a pack."

"No Shit Sherlock. Little late for that warning." Emma said as she pointed to her scarred cheek.

Both men fell silent in guilt. Emma sighed. "Fine let's compromise. I would feel more alone if you guys were in your wolf forms."

"You would feel safe with us sporting sharp teeth and claws after what you went through?" Greg asked. "Oh boy, she's gone off the deep end." He sent to his buddy.

"No I didn't say that. I said I would feel more alone which is what I need to be in order for me to be able to sort my thoughts. Alone." Emma's condescending tone brought up the men's hackles.

"Part of us protecting you is making sure you feel safe. You aren't comfortable with us in wolf form so we won't do it." Adam stated firmly.

Emma rolled her eyes. "I'll be plenty comfortable so long as you don't attack me. Plus wouldn't it be better preparation if you were already in wolf form in the event we were attacked? I'm pretty sure the enemy won't wait for you to shift before they attack."

Both men glance at each other and came to a decision. They started to unbutton their shirts.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA! Hold your horses there cowboy. I did NOT sign up for a peep show. You two can change in the bushes and come out after you've completely shifted. Christ almighty, give a girl a heart attack why don't you?" Emma grumbled as she firmly covered her eyes with her hands. "Bark or something once you're decent."

"Woof" Quipped Adam as he went behind a tree.

"Ha ha, so not funny."

Adam chuffed as he came out of the bushes, scenting the area for any sign of danger. As he looked around the clearing he noticed something was missing, THE GIRL!

"Uh dude?"

"Hold on, I'm still changing." Greg's voice rumbled as he adapted to the wolf vocals.

"Yeah well we have a problem. Hurry." Adam replied as he started sniffing around, trying to locate the girl's scent, looking for a hint of which direction she went.

"Ok I'm here, where's the fire? Wait, where's the girl?" Greg sauntered out of the bushes only to stop stiff legged at the latest development.

"That would be the problem. She's disappeared and I can't seem to pick up her scent. I can't even recall her scent."

"Well everyone has a scent, we'll find her. We would have heard her if she tried to go through the bush so she must have gone down the path. Why don't you go on ahead and I go back the way we came. She must have gone down the path in order to get her 'alone' time while we were distracted. I never thought she would have pulled a stunt like this."

"Yeah well she is crazy so I wouldn't put it past her."

The large blonde wolf and the slightly leaner black wolf split up, noses to the ground searching for a scent, oblivious to girl above them in the tree.

"Like candy from a baby." Thought Emma.

Waiting a little longer to make sure her babysitters weren't coming back, Emma relaxed back into the trunk of the tree, collecting her thoughts and processing the events of the day.

Part of Emma just wanted it to end. No more being responsible for other people, no more reliving her 5 years of torture every time she closes her eyes, no more thinking or living, just peaceful rest. Another part wanted to just leave and go back to the time where werewolves are merely a myth, because this was crazy. The last part was strategizing how to make this situation work to her benefit.

Unfortunately, Emma felt responsible for the 4 girls left behind with that pack of wolves and until she knew they were happy and safe, she couldn't just abandon them. She decided to play her part, act like she was accepting her new life and not going crazy (like certain members of the pack believed). She would make sure each of her friends find their niche in the werewolf community and are truly happy before she would disappear. She will make sure to go somewhere where the girls won't ever see her again. She couldn't bear to bring them down with her paranoia and negativity. They were trying to make a new life and move on and she just didn't have the heart anymore. She was too broken by her experience.

But for now, she will be a good girl and do her part, mind her p's and q's and make sure the others find happiness in their new life. This meant she had some questions to be answered.

"Here doggie, nice doggie." She mumbled as she followed Greg back to the compound.

"So if werewolves exist, does that mean vampires do too?"

The question came from behind Greg, instinctually causing him to leap at the person. He did not like people at his backside. He stopped himself before ripping out the crazy girl's throat. "God she really is out of her mind." He thought to himself. He shifted back to human form.

"Have you completely lost your mind?!? I could have killed you! NEVER sneak up on a wolf!" He raged at her.

Emma having noticed Greg was naked, turned beet red and lifted her sightline to the tree tops.

"Well?" Greg pressed when Emma didn't answer, just looked off in the distance.

"Can you ummm... put something on? You're naked" Emma whispered.

"So you can run away again? I think not. Newsflash girlie, when we shift, we're naked so you're going to have to get comfortable with naked bodies. God you're such an idiot!" Greg practically screamed in her face causing Emma to start tearing up.

"Oh what so now you're going to cry? Great, just GREAT! Stuck in the wilderness with a crying crazy person."

"I'M NOT CRAZY! You're such a jerk! I just asked you a simple question and then you start yelling at me!"

"Dude maybe you should take a moment and count to 10 or something." Adam said as he came down the path fully dressed. "I could hear you from a mile away."

Greg huffed and turned his back to his buddy and the crying girl. He hated when girls cried. He especially hated it when he was the cause of the tears.

Adam gently took the crying girl into his arms; prepared to let her go if she struggled or lashed out. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, sorry, it's just been too emotional today." Emma sniffed.

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