tagNonHumanDanger Zone Ch. 07

Danger Zone Ch. 07


The next week taught Ian the fine art of patience while Emma practiced the art of evasion. Every time Ian entered the same room as Emma, she was always seen escaping out the back door or slipping covertly behind him as he was distracted conversing with another pack member.

The only time he could catch her a glimpse of the woman that haunted his dreams was at meal times (Jane and Peter were wise to her tactics and refused to let her get out of set mealtimes by being on patrol) and when she was training with the other betas. Her fresh scent permeated the main house and it was causing Ian to lose his grip on his sanity. It all came to a point during a conversation between Peter and Ian in his office.

"God Peter I am this close to going all caveman on her and dragging her to my room to claim her... but then she'll hate me." Ian paced across the room.

"Sit down my friend. That carpet is very expensive and Jane will kill you if you burn a hole in it with all your frantic pacing." Peter responded from behind his desk, trying to hide his amusement at his predicament.

Ian plopped heavily into one of the leather easy chairs. "I don't get it. It seemed like she was willing to work on it a week ago in the gym but then she stands me up in the library and avoids me for the entire week." He ran his hands through his hair, causing a cowlick on the left side of his head "It can't be just because I called her baby. I didn't know, surely she understands that."

"Let's recap that day from her standpoint." Ian replied as he held up his hand and ticked off items on his fingers. "She had to escape her own living area, drug one of her friends and instructors, found out Damon was still alive after believing for 6 months he was dead, found out her mate was Damon's uncle, argued with her alphas and was forced to move out of her room into another room and change her lifestyle. Then she was cornered by her mate in an empty gym and kissed mercilessly then asked to meet in the library to 'talk'. Yeah man, I bet she was totally in control of her emotions that day. You basically took advantage of her when she was shaken up by her entire world being turned on its head. It's no surprise she is avoiding you, she's not sure she can trust what she felt that day."

Ian leaned forward in the chair and growled "She should have come talked to me instead of avoiding me."

"That's not her MO."

"I know...still...it annoys me how she pretends she doesn't notice when I enter a room. She acts like the moment I enter the room that she suddenly forgot to do something elsewhere. Like I have no bearing on her actions."

Peter laughed harshly "That's bullshit and you know it. She's just putting up her defensive wall that's she's been using for the past 5 years."

Ian laughed drily "The same walls that you had all but obliterated before I entered the picture."

"Yeah, well she wasn't expecting to find a mate. She didn't think she deserved one." Peter raised his hands defensively when Ian growled "Her words, not mine."

Ian sunk back into the cushions with a groan. "What am I going to do? My wolf is climbing the walls and I'm not far behind. I'm not used to waiting for what I want. She won't even stick around for me to have a civil conversation with her at meals." His expression filled with awe "I have never seen anyone hoover 2 full plates of food in less than 2 minutes."

"Well if it helps your psyche, her wolf is on your side. Apparently she's been having trouble sleeping this week. She's been spotted in her one of her usual haunts every night, the gym or the library."

Ian's expression turned pensive "So I could get uninterrupted time with her?"

Peter nodded "She gives up trying to sleep by about 2:30am."

"Excellent. Thanks for the info." Ian said as he rushed from the room, calculating his plan of attack tonight with his mate. She wasn't getting away this time.


"Couldn't sleep?"

Instinctively, Emma dove behind the easy chair, drawing the Sig Sauer from her thigh holster wrapped around her plaid pyjama bottoms and pointing it at the shadowed man in the doorway. The book she was absorbed in fell heavily to the ground in the silence that followed.

Ian nodded in approval of her reaction and stepped further into the light shed by the lamp by her chair. Emma straightened abruptly and rolled her eyes, hiding the fact that she was secretly giddy she had earned his approval.

"What do you want?" Emma asked, still holding her gun.

"I noticed you were still up. I thought to keep you company." Ian answered as he took a few steps closer.

"Thanks for the offer but I'm fine." Emma answered shakily. She broke out into a cold sweat when the scent of Ian assailed her senses but she refused to back up. The large easy chair still separated their bodies so she has a physical barrier from his appeal. She mentally cursed the fact that Ian slept in a pair of boxer briefs and nothing else if his current state of dress was anything to judge from.

"Are you sure?" Ian's voice dropped an octave "You're shivering, do you need me to warm you up?"

Emma took a step back, eyes wide with fear, shaking her head slowly. Her hands were shaking so bad, Ian was worried she'd accidentally discharge her gun. Ian took immediate action, moving faster than she could process, grabbing the gun, putting on the safety and placing it gently behind him. He turned back to her and gently rubbed up and down her arms as Emma shivered with a mix of fear and arousal.

"What's wrong Emi?"

Emma let out a huff "Like you don't know. Can you back up or something?"

In response, Ian stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her body "No. I've been patient enough all week. No more running, we talk now."

Emma fought her instinct to soften into his embrace and tried to talk her way out. "It's kind of hard to talk into your chest. Can you at least give me breathing room? I promise I won't run."

Ian growled low and sat down in the vacated chair, settling Emma across his lap but keeping a possessive hold on her hip. "There now you can breathe. And talk."

Emma took a moment to glance at his face. His face was shadowed in the soft lamp light but he looked determined. She sighed. "What do you want to talk about?"

Ian snorted "Like you don't know."

"I can't be your mate Ian." Emma said gently.

"Why? What are you afraid of?"

"I can't look at you without seeing Damon. It's unfair to you to be mated to a woman who flinches every time she looks at you." Before Ian could get a word in, Emma continued on. "And what about your sister? You killed her son because of me; she's going to hate me. And on that matter, what about all the other families who lost their sons to the rogue pack? They're all dead and I'm alive and now one of their alphas? How are they ever going to accept me as their leader? It's ridiculous!" Ian, content to let her ramble on, started to massage the tension out of the back of her neck as she talked. "And what about me? I can't lead a large group of people; I can barely keep myself together in group situations. I can't sleep in beta's dorm because I can't sleep in the same room with other people because I'm afraid they'll attack me in my sleep." She took a deep breath "But I want babies and I don't want you to lose your position with your pack because I rejected you and I don't want to make Peter kill be because I've gone rogue, it'll make Lily so sad..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Ian interrupted "Where did you get the idea that I would lose my position if you rejected me?"

Emma paused before she answered "Well Peter was saying that being a good alpha meant that you had your pack's respect but if they didn't think you were capable of keeping your mate, they would question your ability of leading and protecting your pack, and you would lose their respect."

Ian's laugh shook through Emma's body "You seem to be under the impression I would let you go." He brushed a kiss across the top of her head "I'm not going anywhere Emi. My pack doesn't blame you for the fact that their sons went rogue and I'll stand by you, no matter what."

Emma snorted and wiped the tears out of her eyes. "Great so I can be the cause of tension between the alpha and his pack. And don't think I haven't noticed you've given me a nickname." She pouted.

"It meets all your requirements. It's not cutesy; it's only a shortened version of your name. Like Lil' for Lily." Ian chuckled as he wiped more tears away.

Emma stuck her tongue out and snuggled more into his chest. "Fine, have it your way."

"Emma, look at me." Ian commanded gently. When she complied, he continued. "You're judging people before you meet them. They've been living under our laws longer than you've been alive. They understand why their sons were executed; they won't hold it against you."

"They still grieve." She sniffed.

"Listen to me Emi: They. Will. Not. Hate. You."

Emma fell silent, her bottom lip quivering. Ian groaned "Aww Emi, you can't do that and not expect me to kiss it better."

"Kiss what better?" She asked innocently.

"That lip." He answered seconds before swooping down to take her lower lip between his teeth, nipping it lightly and pulling it to take the rest of her mouth.

When they separated, panting heavily, Emma's only response was a dreamy sigh. Ian chuckled and gently tucked her mussed hair back behind her ears. "Better?" he asked. Emma blushed and nodded.

"Good now do you mind explaining how you went from sitting across my lap to straddling it?" Ian teased. Emma's blush spread across her cheeks and down her neck to disappear underneath her sweatshirt. Ian tugged gently at the collar to peek in only to have his hand slapped away. "What are you doing?" Emma shrieked as she held her collar closed. "Just wanted to see how far your blush spread." Ian answered innocently as he tried going the other way by lifting her sweatshirt off from the bottom, trapping her arms in the sleeves above her head. As she wiggled to untangle herself from her sweatshirt, Ian took advantage of her distraction to caress the line of her blush along her collarbone and down towards her cleavage.

"Ian." She hissed as she blushed further, causing it to spread under her tank top. With childlike glee, his fingertips followed underneath her tank to pass along her breasts, her nipples reacting instantaneously. Ian's grin spread across his face and his eyes turned mischievous.

"Oh no, can't have you overheat on me. Let me cool you down." He commented as his tongue stroked across the top of her breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth though her tank top then pulled back to blow cold air on the wet fabric. The sensation caused her to shiver deliciously, hips moving against him, causing his cock to react to her proximity and her scent.

With a mournful groan, Ian wrapped his arm around her hips and ducked under her arms to place his shoulder into her stomach. He stood up with her draped over his shoulder, causing her to squeal. "Put me down."

"I am not going to do this on a chair." Ian grumbled as he headed down the hall.

"Where are you taking me?" Emma asked as she finally wrestled her sweatshirt off, leaving it lying on the floor of the hallway."

"My bedroom."

"What? No!" Emma shrieked as she tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

Ian sighed and bent forward to let Emma down but before she had chance to get away, he had her pinned against the wall, kissing her senseless again. When he was satisfied with the glazed look in her eyes, he picked her up again and continued down the hall. As they reached the bedroom door, Ian hitched Emma's slight body into one arm so he could twist the handle of the door. When they crossed the threshold, Emma regained some lucidity and started struggling again.

"Emma I'm not him. I won't make you do anything you don't want to." Ian said as he placed her on top of the bed and took a hold of her hands. "All I ask is that you give me a chance and not dismiss what we have just because of who I'm related to." He finished as he kissed her knuckles. He waited patiently for her response.

It came with a hand brushing through his hair, fingernails scoring his scalp a little, and a whispered "Ok". Joy burst through him and he surged up to take her lips again.


"I am way out of my depth." Emma thought as Ian gently laid her down on the bed. "Why am I letting him do this? Why do I believe him when he says it'll be ok? I shouldn't trust him. The only person I can trust is me and I don't trust myself to keep it together around him. Then why am I here?" She yelped as Ian bit her ear and whispered "Stop thinking, just live in the moment. Be here with me Emi. Stay with me."

Emma started to apologize but ended up moaning as he started to rub her through her pyjama pants. She had a fleeting thought about where her thigh holster had gone as he pulled her pants down and off her legs. Ian sharply drawn breath brought her attention to his face as he reverently stared at the space between her thighs.

"Have mercy. You don't wear panties and you're shaved bald?"

Emma self-consciously reached down to cover the area in embarrassment. "Sorry..." Her apology was interrupted by his kiss as he removed her hands and laid them next to her head.

"Don't apologize. It's beautiful. You're beautiful." Ian responded while he sat back in order to remove her tank top. Ian drank in the sight of her naked body, noticing the scars that covered her body. He traced the lines across her hips that looked suspiciously like claws marks. Emma's expression fell and she moved to cover the marks.

"Don't you dare move those hands." Ian growled harshly causing her to flinch and quickly lay them back down with a whimper.

Ian softened his expression and gently stroked her arms. "I'm sorry Emma that came out wrong. I never want to scare you, no matter what. I just wanted to explore your body without you distracting me with your hands." He picked up her hands, kissing each palm gently then used his grip to pull her on top of him "Since I was a bad boy, you get to explore first. Please be thorough." He waggled his eyebrows causing her to giggle.

She paused as she looked down at him. Ian, taking it for hesitation said "I'm sorry Emma, I ruined the mood. You don't have to do this." He went to lift her off of him but was stopped by her growl as she pushed his hands back into the mattress "Stay." She pushed again to emphasize her point. Ian bit back the urge to bark at her.

Once she was sure he was not going to move she sat back up, her wet pussy rubbing against his boxers. "Now when a person is faced with such a delectable buffet, one does not just dive right in." She said as she stroked up Ian chest and neck and through his hair. "I need to take a look and decide where to start."

"Well then I apologize for interrupting you."

"You should be."

The room was silent as Emma looked him over, broken only by his groan when she lent forwards to scent him. As Emma pushed herself up onto her hands, Ian was shocked by the determined look in her eyes.


"No?" Ian's stomach dropped.

"Nope. I can't decide where to start."

Ian groaned and fell back onto the bed. "You're killing me here."

Emma's finger traced the contours of his abs muscles, causing them to jump underneath her. "I liked it better when you were touching me. Do you think we could go back..." Emma shrieked as Ian surged forward and flipped them over.

"You don't even need to ask. I'll touch you whenever you want. And feel free to touch me whenever you want to."

Emma's laughter shook her body. "Eager little beaver aren't you?"

"Very eager. But I'm more interested in your beaver." Ian responded as his hand delved in between her legs.

Emma moans filled the room as his hand travelled up and down her pussy lips, carefully avoiding her clit. Her scent started to permeate the room and Ian reveled in the fact that he was surrounded by her musk. Emma's head rocked side to side as she tried to endure the torture without begging. She gave up.


"Hm?" Ian asked distractedly.




"More where?"

"Dammit!" Emma responded as she jackknifed to grab his hand and placed on her clit. "There!...jerk." She finished with a mumble.

Ian tried to contain his cocky grin and he started to circle her clit "Alright, I got it. No need for the claws."

Emma's eyes flew open at his statement "Oh shit I'm sorry! Here let me see ...unh." Her thoughts scattered when his lips touched the protruding bud.

His resulting chuckle sent such violent spasms through her body that it felt like her muscles were permanently locked into place.

"I hate you" She whimpered.

"You wish you hated me."

Emma's eyes flew open and she stiffened, her lust filled haze cleared slightly. That statement hit way too close to home. Before she had time to respond, Ian rose above her, taking her mouth in a breathless kiss, pulling her body tightly against his.

As they panted for breath, Ian whispered in her hair. "It was a joke."

Emma shut hers eyes tightly and took a big breath. "I know I'm sorry. I need to put my big girl panties on and stop being so sensitive."

Ian huffed. "I keep ruining the mood with my big mouth." He sighed "Emma, you're my mate and I love you, but I can't live like this. I want you to trust that I will take care of you but it's clear you're not ready yet." He paused as he ran a hand through his hair in agitation. "Look this was a bad idea. I was so impatient for you to mate with me that I'm making it worse. I'll go. I'm sorry." He rolled off the bed and started to reach for his shirt only to be tackled by one angry wolf, baring her teeth and growling loudly. Her pale blue eyes glowed in the dark room.

"Dammit Emma! You're giving me whiplash."

Emma shifted back into her human form. "I'm giving you whiplash? I'm not the one who wooed me back into my bedroom only to decide for me that I wasn't ready. Who are you to tell me how I feel?"

Ian couldn't help the bark of laughter. "Wooed? Who uses that word anymore?"

Emma slapped his naked chest. "Stop being an ass."

Ian sobered "I'm sorry. Maybe it would be better if you told me what you want to do." His hands started gently stroking from her hips to her ribcage.

Emma hesitated and Ian waited patiently for her to gather her thoughts. She drew random patterns on his chest as she answered.

"I can't decide if I want you to fuck all my doubts into oblivion or if I just want you to hold me but I don't want you to leave."

Well that's a start. Ian thought but he said "At the risk of being called an ass again can I ask that you put on some clothes while you decide? You are sitting on me naked and I'm not a saint."

"Why are you worried? You have clothes on."

"Boxers can be easily removed. Put something on or you lose your chance to decide. Looking at your beautiful breasts and holding your luscious ass gives me too many ideas."

Emma's nose wrinkled. "Did you just call my ass luscious?"


"Fine fine..."She said as she reached past his shoulder to grab his shirt and slipped it over her head, letting the material pool at her hip and covered her behind. "Happy?"

His possessive feelings struck him like a bolt of lightning. "No." He croaked.

She crossed her arms, inadvertently propping her breasts up. "What now?" She glared down at him.

"Ah hell." He groaned as he surged up and kissed her, placing a firm hand on the back of her neck so she couldn't pull away. Her moans urged him on as he flipped her over and tore his shirt off of her.

"Tell me to stop now Emi or I'm going to fuck you here."

"Don't stop. Never stop. Show me what I've been missing. Love me." She gasped.

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