tagLoving WivesDangerous Piercing

Dangerous Piercing


Natalie had been a wonderful, loving wife to Dennis for 9 years! She had worshipped the ground he walked on every since they had first met some 11 years ago.

Everything about their marriage had been wonderful. Their sex life had been superb and they both felt there was nothing they could ever want. Their sexual experiences before they were married had been wide in her case, and limited in his case. Natalie had had 4 relationships before meeting Dennis but these all ended with Natalie feeling she had been let down. Each of the 4 relationships had been based on sex, and sex alone. Natalie had allowed the first man to fuck her after only a couple of outings and, although he had hurt her terribly, she still thought she loved him and allowed him to do all sorts of sexual things to her. These included anal sex, oral sex and a couple of really perverse sexual antics. The relationship came to a halt when he had asked her to have sex with one of his mates. She had objected violently, but he had insisted and his mate, together with a couple of extra mates had all fucked her at he friend’s insistence. This quickly ended that relationship. At least each of the men had worn condoms so she hadn’t become pregnant.

Natalie realized that no matter what she felt about it – she was a sexual person and there was a constant need for gratification. The second of her relationships had, curiously enough, followed the first in almost exact detail. Weeks of steady careful fucking and then the request to fuck his mates! Although she gave in to this orgy mainly because she really enjoyed having sex with any man, again it disgusted her and that was the end of that affair.

The other two were not along the same style, but just simply died after it appeared the thrill had gone out of sex for the men.

Dennis was different – he cared for Natalie and wanted to do everything possible to please her. He bought her everything she wanted and more. He was constantly buying her presents – mainly of sexy clothes to wear which she found to be a real turn on! As the years rolled on, and there were no children, mostly because neither wanted children, Natalie found he was buying more and more sexy items of clothing to wear. Now it was becoming almost a case of what she was not wearing rather than what was on! Whenever they would go to parties with their friends he would dress he up the way he wanted her so she could impress his friends.

It had reached the stage where going to a party meant she was not almost naked and because she loved him so much she agreed to go as he wished. The start of this had been a party had been only a couple of months previous and she had worn a see-through blouse with, of course, no bra and her breasts and nipples had been clearly visible. With this she had a very short mini-skirt and, as Dennis had insisted – no panties. She had high- heeled shoes on but no stockings. She looked really sexy and how the men had ogled her. She lapped up the attention and Dennis had been so proud of her. The men at the party had wanted to dance with her and feel her body as they held her, and she could tell how aroused they were as they held her close and their cocks pressed into her.

They had been true to each other since they had married – neither taking a lover nor straying from their marriage vows. It was a fact that Natalie had wanted to fuck many of the men she met but refrained from letting her head rule her. After each party where she was exposed to the men Dennis would rush her home and they would fuck for ages telling each other how exciting it had been at the party and what they thought the men (and women) were thinking about them. Most of the men were very envious of Dennis and his lovely wife.

After that party, Dennis decided he would like to see Natalie with a ring in her nipple! Natalie wasn’t too thrilled about this idea, but as she was always ready to do anything Dennis wanted, she agreed it would be a turn on for them. Natalie was blessed with lovely nipples – they were quite long and when she was aroused would stick out prominently. Natalie’s breasts were a great feature of her body and Dennis always admired them first and constantly made love to them during their fucking sessions.

Natalie really wasn’t too sure about the piercing and tried to get Dennis to put it off for a few months but he wouldn’t hear of this. An appointment was made with a tattoo shop, widely recommended to Dennis by some of his mates. He was surprised when these mates seemed to know all about the piercing as a number of them had had their wife’s nipples pierced too.

Dennis went with Natalie to the appointment! The operator was not an attractive man in fact Natalie was disappointed because she had assumed the person doing the piercing would be a woman. Gus, as he was called, seemed to be a rather crude person and seemed to leer at Natalie. He greeted her with a limp handshake and held her hand for far too long. He wasn’t a fag or anything like that, just a nasty piece of work.

Gus said to Natalie, “Well, get your top off and let’s have a look at your tits and we can work out what we will do about them!” Natalie didn’t like his attitude at all. She had worn a blouse which buttoned down the front and assumed she would just undo the buttons and fold back one side. This was not to be the case – he insisted it all come off!

Dennis told Natalie not to be such a prude and to get it off quick. Natalie didn’t like the change in Dennis and felt she would like to run out of the studio. Dennis held her to him, whispered in her ear “Do this for me Darling, I want you to look good for me!”

Once her blouse was right off and she was standing in front of Gus naked from the waist up, she suddenly realized three other men had materialized from a back room and were staring at her breasts. Dennis got behind Natalie and reached around her body and grabbed both breasts. He squeezed them and fondled her nipples and told Gus to get to work! Gus immediately grabbed her nipples and started squeezing them quite hard making Natalie yelp in pain. Gus simply said he wanted to see which would be the best to start on.

He continued to pull her nipples and they were extending out as she became aroused because of all this attention. Gus decided he would pierce her right nipple and said he would now begin. He told Natalie to just relax and it would be over in no time at all. He produced antiseptic and proceeded to wash her whole breast but concentrated on her nipple. Natalie found she was becoming aroused more than she had thought with his manipulation and felt a dampness between her legs. Gus then produced the first of his tools – a pincer-like pair of pliers with two looped ends which he proceed to place on either side of her nipple. With a simple squeeze on the pliers her nipple was compressed into a flat disc like shape. He then dabbed some anaesthetic liquid on her nipple and said, “Come over here fellows and see how we are doing!” The three other rough men came over and peered closely at her breast and nipple. The long pliers were clamped shut and hung down painfully while he was talking and waiting for the anaesthetic to take effect.

When he thought everything was ready, he picked up a packet containing several sterilized needles and, without using rubber surgical gloves or anything else, he proceeded to push the needle through her nipple. The initial pain was very sharp but quite soon after, it subsided and Natalie felt very much relieved. Gus had carefully lined up the needle so that it was horizontal before he pushed it through her nipple and, when he was satisfied it was O.K. he continued to push the needle almost through the nipple. He had in his hand a short piece of white plastic tubing and, as he pulled the needle through her nipple, he fed the plastic tubing through the hole made by the needle. This hurt Natalie, but it was more of a pressure than anything else. He pulled this tubing through until it was about midway along the tubing. This left about 3” of this rounded tubing hanging on each side of the nipple. He moved this about in the hole he had made and when satisfied all was well, he released the clamp on his pliers and removed them from her nipple, feeding each circular end out over the ends of the plastic tube.

“There,” he said “How does that feel and how does it look to you Dennis?” Dennis agreed it looked sexy and he also agreed it had been painless to him! Ha. Ha. Natalie was feeling very sore and yelled when one of the onlookers reached over and twisted the tube in her nipple.

Gus said it would take about 5 days for the hole in her nipple to heal and then he would fit whatever sort of jewelry they wanted. He made an appointment for them to come back in five days and suggested Natalie should drop in anytime before then if she felt uncomfortable. In fact he said she had better call in in a couple of days just to let him see that it was going as planned.

Natalie’s nipple was really sore when they left the studio and she made sure Dennis knew all about it! She knew she would do anything for Dennis but wasn’t so sure about this. The piece of plastic was in the shape of a circle and, although it was not sealed at the two ends, it hung from her nipple without any likely hood of coming out by itself. Dennis wanted to make love to her as soon as they arrived home but Natalie just wasn’t in the mood and was frightened Dennis would bump the nipple or tube and cause more pain. Dennis insisted and finally Natalie gave in but said the only way she would agree to being fucked then was for her to lean over and hold onto the table and he could fuck her from behind provided he didn’t attempt to touch her breasts – not even the unpierced breast.

Dennis agreed and stripped her clothes off so quickly that Natalie realized he was very turned on by the afternoon performance. She bent over and leant onto the edge of the table and within just seconds Dennis had his cock right inside her cunt – all the way inside her! He fucked her like a madman and came quite quickly having deposited his load deep inside her cunt. Natalie realized too that she had been more turned on by the piercing than she had thought and had been much wetter and ready for Dennis’s cock than she had thought.

Sleeping at night was uncomfortable because she was terrified she would catch the ring on something and hurt herself. Although she slept fitfully she did at least get some rest. In the morning when they were awake, Dennis wanted to fuck her again but she would only do it if they went into the dining room and she was allowed to bend over as she had the previous evening. This was fine by Dennis as this was one of his favorite positions.

Two days later, Natalie asked Dennis to accompany her back to the studio so Gus could see if everything was correct, but he said he was too busy and to just go by herself – it would be O.K. Natalie didn’t like this but wanted to be sure the piercing was not infected so she drove herself to the studio. Gus greeted her like a long lost friend and asked her how she was feeling. She said she was O.K. but it was still sore and hoped everything was in order.

Gus said, “Get your top off and we will take a look!” Again Natalie didn’t like this, but what else could she do! Off came her blouse and again she was naked to the waist in front of Gus. As soon as she had taken the blouse off several men came out from the back room and came over to look at her breasts. Gus handled her breast and squeezed it near the base of her chest and then worked his way, after some handling, to her nipple. He moved the tubing around and looked carefully at her nipple and announced it was O.K. He invited the other men to have a close look too.

They proceeded to feel her up just like Gus except that they handled her nipple less. Gus started to feel up her other breast and said it would be good to have a matching pair and to consider having that one pierced too. He handled her breast too long but Natalie didn’t want to aggravate him by telling him to stop. Again he asked the other men to see what they thought and she had to endure the handling of her other breast.

Gus proclaimed everything in order and asked her to come back to get the jewelry inserted at the next appointment. They all wished her well and said goodbye.

Natalie decided not to tell Dennis about the manhandling and so simply told him Gus thought it looked good to him and he would see them for the jewelry.

Natalie was still scared of Dennis grabbing her breast and so their only position for sex until the next appointment with Gus was with her leaning against the table and Dennis taking her from the rear.

The time arrived for the next appointment with Gus and Dennis said he wouldn’t miss this for any money and agreed to accompany her. Gus hadn’t changed a bit. As soon as they arrived, he greeted them and said “O.K., get your top off, Love!”

When she was naked to the waist Dennis sprayed a little liquid over her nipple and part of her breast and they eased the tubing around until he reach the ends of the tube. He then asked them to choose the jewelry they wanted. Dennis did the choosing stating he wanted a ring, about ¾”in diameter and to be gold. Gus suggested this might be a little large but Dennis insisted and Natalie had no choice in the matter.

Gus eased the tube out of the hope in her nipple and fed in the ring Dennis had selected. Natalie had to admit it looked good but she thought it was a little large as it seemed to hang down a long way under her nipple. Gus did up the fastening on the ring and it was complete. Gus then called the other men out to have a look – Natalie was almost used to having them all stare at her breasts. Gus seemed very familiar with Dennis and Natalie and started asking questions about their sex life. Dennis surprised Natalie by answering all of his questions candidly and told him things she wouldn’t have thought he would tell. The men were listening carefully to the discussion and Natalie felt like a piece of meat in a market the way she was being discussed.

Gus asked Dennis how they had fucked while she was sore with the new hole in her nipple. Dennis described how Natalie had to bend over and hold on to the table so he could fuck her from the rear. Gus said he would like to see that and Natalie was horrified when Dennis offered to show them how it was done. Never, thought Natalie! She already had her top off and Dennis simply said “Well, she hasn’t got any knickers on – she likes to go without them – so all we have to do is lift her dress like this and bend her over like this and we are ready for action!”

He had already bent Natalie over and had her holding on to the edge of the counter in the shop. He then lifted her short skirt and held it onto her back, pulled out his cock which was already stiff, and inserted it into his wife! Natalie tried to protest but Dennis shushed her and proceeded to fuck her. The men couldn’t believe this and jockeyed for a better position to watch the fucking. Natalie found she was in fact aroused and was quite wet. This had started whilst Dennis had been talking to Gus. Dennis came in he before she was ready and shot his load deep into her cunt. Natalie was disappointed because she had not reached her orgasm and Dennis sensed this as he pulled out.

Natalie got the shock of her life when Dennis invited Gus to fuck her to bring her off as she was obviously disappointed as he had cum too fast. She protested vehemently but Dennis held he head down and kept her in the position still. Gus needed no second request – he had his sizeable cock out in no time and it was erect in a flash. Seconds later he was deep inside Natalie’s cunt and pounding like there was no tomorrow! Natalie suddenly realized she was now aroused and just as Gus began to cum in her cunt, she came and came like never before. She loved it but her inner nature told her it was wrong, but at least Dennis had been the one to offer her to Gus.

Dennis asked the other men if they wanted to fuck her too and, although Natalie protested, Dennis won and she was fucked 3 more times by these strangers, each depositing a large load of cum inside her cunt. When Dennis allowed her to stand up she was absolutely dripping cum down her legs and onto the floor. Gus loved the sight and thanked Dennis profusely! Natalie couldn’t believe what had happened. This was the first time either had strayed from their marriage vows and Dennis had been the one to start and finish it! She was disgusted and told Dennis all about it when they went out to the car. Gus had asked her to come back in a week for a final inspection, but Natalie wasn’t very sure she would ever go to the studio again.

Dennis suffered Natalie’s wrath for more than a week as she punished him for allowing the men to fuck her in such a manner.

After a couple of weeks, Natalie and Dennis went to another party and Dennis dressed her up like he had done before with a see through blouse and short mini skirt without any knickers. Natalie liked what she saw in the mirror when she inspected herself before they departed and had to agree with Dennis that the ring through her nipple was a big turn on. Off they went to the party and there was no doubt Natalie was the centre of attention with everyone commenting about her nipple ring.

When some of the attention had died down, one of the wives at the party called them aside and suggested to them they should get Natalie fitted with a clit ring and at least a couple of labial rings. Dennis became quite interested immediately but Natalie said a firm no to the idea. Dennis asked the woman what it was like and she surprised both of them by suggesting they go into one of the bedrooms and she would show them! Yes, she had 2 rings in her labia and one ring through her clit and would be pleased to demonstrate how good it was for her.

Natalie didn’t want to go, but Dennis insisted and when they were in a bedroom, with the door closed, Julie, as she was called laid herself down on the bed. She asked Dennis to pull up her skirt which he did most willingly. She had on a very very small pair of thong panties which hardly concealed anything, and asked Dennis to take them off so he would be able to see for himself. Dennis could hardly control himself and lifted her skirt over her waist and then hooked his fingers in the top of her thong panties and pulled them off in one tug, assisted by Julie who lifted her bum off the bed to assist. She then spread her legs widely and Dennis and Natalie could see she had the rings in the labia and her clit just as she had told them. Natalie couldn’t believe her eyes. She asked Julie why she had the ring in her genitals and what purpose could they possibly serve. Julie amazed both of them when she said sex for her was many times better now because she was more easily aroused. The rubbing of a cock whilst she was being fucked aroused her more and lastly, although she had previously not worn any panties, she now wore them (just the thong type) because they continually rubbed her ringed clit when she was walking or moving her legs whilst standing in one place so that she was continually aroused. She loved it! Dennis asked if it was painful for the man rubbing along the rings whilst her was fucking her. Natalie couldn’t believe her ears when Julie told him the only way he would find out was to try it and she was willing for him to fuck her now to find out for himself. Natalie was disgusted but this meant nothing to Dennis. He simply said, “You allowed Gus and the other men to fuck you – why shouldn’t I do the same here!” With that he peeled his clothes off, dropped them on the floor and climbed onto the bed alongside Julie. They kissed deeply whilst he fondled her breasts and then he sucked her nipples (she had one small ring in one nipple) before moving down her body, kissing her navel and down the slightly hairy path to her pubic hair. He then kissed his way through her bush until he came to her genitals. These had been carefully shaved so there was no hair on her labia, just above her pubic bone. Dennis sucked her labia and took the rings, one by one, into his mouth and played with them with his tongue. He then moved to her clit and licked and sucked that again taking the ring into his mouth. By this time Julie had managed to move Dennis around and she was sucking wildly on his cock which by now had reached gigantic proportions. “Fuck me, now Dennis, please Darling!” she cried. Dennis moved himself around and with Julie holding and guiding his cock, he plunged into her cunt. Although he plunged in, he was also very careful because he was concerned about the rings getting in the way. When he found no difficulty, he plunged all the way into her cunt and fucked her for all he was worth. Natalie was shocked! It didn’t take terribly long before they both began to groan and their movements on the bed became wilder and then they both came, Dennis shooting a big load of cum deep into her cunt. Julie loved every minute of it and Dennis declared it was fantastic and the rings had really turned him on and had stimulated him into a really powerful orgasm.

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