tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDani & Mike's Dilemma

Dani & Mike's Dilemma


Author's Note: This is a story that came from the story idea forum; it contains various sexual scenarios, as well as anal. The following is a fantasy and not based on any real events. Much appreciation goes out to WearMeWell and BigBadBrain for helping with editing and suggestions. Any errors not discovered are strictly my fault. Enjoy and as always feedback is welcomed. Thank-you ~ Red

--- * ---

"Are you sure he's in there?" Dani asked her boyfriend Mike.

She flipped down the sun visor on the Audi and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her blue eyes looked spectacular; the make-up gave her a smoky look and accented the deep sapphire color. The blush she'd applied did little to distract from the full lips and easy smile.

"I'm positive," Mike said. He glanced at Dani and once again found himself questioning what he'd asked her to do.

Mike's ex-girlfriend had dumped him months prior to meeting Dani. He had always wondered why and though he had tried not to be obvious about how much he still cared for the other woman, Dani had seen right through him, calling him out several times. Often the call-outs left him feeling guilty and her feeling less than attractive to him.

She was far from being unattractive. Dani was what many women hoped to one day be – a golden blonde bombshell. Her breasts were the perfect size for his hands. Well-toned and shaped legs, and an ass that was made for fucking, only added to her appeal, as did her sexual appetite. The only thing that would make Dani perfect was a little anal play, but that was something she was very much against.

"Ready?" Dani asked, bringing him back to the task at hand.

Mike checked his pockets, making sure he had both his cell phone and his wallet. He pulled the key from the ignition and slipped it in, next to his phone. Outside of the vehicle, he darted over to Dani's side and opened the door for her. She stepped out, allowing her leg to seem longer than it was, by her slow exit of the vehicle. His cock jerked in appreciation.

"You look great," he commented after closing the door and wrapping his arm around her waist.

He held her close as they walked side-by-side, across the street and up to the door of the club. Once inside Mike found a place where they could both keep an eye out on the patrons of the establishment.

The band that was performing was good. Dani's body moved to the rhythm that played over the crowd. She swayed and tapped her foot, anxious for the night to begin. Her gaze shifted from various couples, pausing on a few single men.

She had heard through the grapevine that he was a real knockout, but not in the looks department. He was supposed to be good looking, but not Hollywood worthy. In between the sheets, that was a different story. Mike had heard the same thing as well as how suave and debonaire the man was; that was a big reason why his last girlfriend had left him.

"There he is," Mike said, pulling Dani's attention away from the dancers and over to the bar.

From where they sat, Dani was rewarded with the other man's profile. "That's Doug?" she asked.

Quickly, she did what many women do; made a quick assessment of his crotch. His jeans were snug, but not grossly tight. Still they fit well enough that she could tell he was indeed carrying a promising package. Her interest piqued immediately.

"That's him. Even his name sounds dumb. Doug – who drops a 'Mike' for a 'Doug'? I don't get it. Look, he's nothing special. Short brown hair, stocky build. He's not anything worth writing home to mom about. Fuck, even his nose is crooked, probably got it from tripping over his two left feet."

Dani smirked. "Jealous much?"

Mike rolled his eyes. "No," he sighed and took a deep breath, "yes."

She reached out and stroked his arm. "Look, I'll go over there, just like we planned and I'll find out what makes him 'all that' and if there really is something so totally-off-the-wall special about him, I'll tell you. After that can you please let this go?"

He took a deep breath. He loved Dani and knew she would do exactly that – be upfront and honest with him. If there was something about this guy that Mike didn't have, he wanted to know what it was. It was an ego thing for him. He knew it, and he knew he was behaving like a child for not getting over it, but hell – his curiosity needed satisfied. What harm could there be?

"Go talk to him. I just want to – well, I want to know where I fall short," Mike said.

Dani smirked as she recalled the promising outline of Doug's jeans. "Wrong choice of words there babe," she said before rising from her chair and making her way through the club.

Mike frowned, the comment making little sense and soon forgotten as he watched Dani slowly slide into the chair next to Doug. He waved away the woman who was eager to serve him another drink. His gaze bore into Dani's back as she slowly turned to acknowledge the man's greeting.

Doug's voice was another point in his favor. Dani listened to the thick rough accent and licked her lips in appreciation. He had glanced at her, longer than necessary, as she took her seat. She ordered a drink, which he quickly paid for. This didn't surprise her, nor impress her. What did was the fact that after buying the drink, he ignored her. Dani was more than a little taken back by the quick dismissal and found herself questioning her appeal.

After a few drinks from her glass Dani crossed her legs at the knee, lifting her skirt higher up her thigh. She turned her attention to another man who sat on the other side of her. She toyed with her hair, and laughed at the jokes and one liners that spilled from the inebriated fool's lips.

"Okay doll, you've made your point."

Dani turned around and stared back at Doug. "What point?" she asked, with one brow rising in mock confusion.

"You damn well know what point. We're playing the same game, aren't we?" Doug asked. He lifted a finger and ordered her another round.

Her gaze held his as she tossed her hair back and leaned against the bar. Her breasts were mashed together, and the soft creamy flesh beckoned his eyes. He took the bait and smiled warmly.

"Nice," he said with a smirk, before looking at her eyes, "dress."

She giggled softly. "Liar."

He smirked. "Yep. Though I'm sure it is a lovely dress and it'll look great on my floor."

Dani's head fell back and laughter spilled out from between her painted lips. "That's one of the oldest and overused lines ever!"

Doug chuckled and winked, leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Yes, but the fact still remains – the dress would look better on my floor."

Her face grew warm as his breath caressed her skin. She licked her lips, glanced over her shoulder and saw Mike's gaze locked on Doug's back. Dani took a deep breath and turned so she could better face her opponent.

"So, tell me..." she paused and waited for his name. When he gave it, she smiled and continued the conversation. "...Doug, what's so special about your floor?"

He grinned and her sex tightened. His smile was something ripped out of the pages of GQ. He was the persona of the ideal man. A cocky grin, the slightly crooked nose, that Mike noticed, and the short haircut only added to his appeal. Mike, being a man, saw only flaws. Dani saw seduction all wrapped up in a pair expensive slacks and a two hundred dollar shirt.

"My floor – your floor. It doesn't matter really, either one would be a plus for the dress," he reached out and stroked her hand, "and for you."

"Oh really?" Dani asked, with a smirk just as cocky as Doug's. "What you're really saying is that my dress is ugly and I should take it off because it does nothing for me – right?"

Again he leaned in and caressed her neck with his breath as he whispered. "The dress is lovely, what you have hiding in it is what I want."

Dani's pulse raced; her breath lodged in her throat. Doug was definitely smooth and confident, something Mike wasn't. She looked past Doug and caught Mike's eye. She smiled warmly, thankful for their relationship.

How would she tell him that Doug was all that and a box of chocolate? Yet make him understand that wasn't what most women, including Dani, desired. She wanted what Mike offered, devotion.

Mike stared long and hard at Dani, eventually signaling her to come back to him. He rose and walked over to the hall where the bathrooms were located. Dani took the hint, excused herself and pressed her body against Doug's as she left. She wasn't sure what Mike wanted, but she wasn't going to let Doug go until Mike was ready for her revelations.

Once they were together, each hidden behind several bodies, Mike quickly began to question Dani.

"Well, what's so fuckin' special about him? What's he got that I don't? What the fuck did she leave me for? And what..."

Dani raised her hand and stalled his questioning. "He's confident, grown-up and acts like a man, not a whipped pup."

Mike blinked at her harsh words.

Dani sighed, and pulled him into a warm embrace. After pulling away, she smiled softly.

"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come across so harshly. It's just well - he is very confident and sure of himself. You have to admit that right now, this obsession you have over why she left you for him, is a little immature," he opened his mouth to speak, she stopped him again, "but – what he lacks is the ability to commit. He's probably a great fuck, but that doesn't mean he's a great..."

"A great fuck? Really? You can tell that just by his attitude?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, I can. He's got this – I don't know – aura about him that reeks of sexuality. It comes with the confidence. He's probably a great lover and..."

"Better than me?" Mike asked.

"I don't know!" Dani gasped, somewhat surprised by the turn of events.

"Well, find out."

Her jaw dropped. "What?"

"I don't mean fuck him. I mean, find out what makes him such a great fuck," Mike said as he touched her arm. "I want what he has and that means I need that confidence, that swagger, that – cockiness."

Dani's shoulders slumped. "How do I find out if he's good in bed, without getting into bed with him?"

"Invite him over to our place. I'll set up a couple cameras and well - I'll shoot what happens, watch from the car and..."

"Mike, have you totally lost your mind?"

"Dani, I just want to practice his moves. See how he plays with a woman. I want to see his face when you kick his horny ass out." Mike chuckled and added, "Yeah, that's it. Bring him over, get him all worked up and then tell him you've changed your mind. He doesn't have enough dick to satisfy you."

"You're serious aren't you?"

"Very. Look, give me a hour or so, really work him up and have him come back to the house. Keep your phone handy. I'll call you when it's time to cut him off. Don't worry; I'll be there the whole time, keeping an eye out for you. I know he's not abusive; she never would have gone for a guy that used women as punching bags. So just get him hard and fuck with his mind." He saw her hesitation. "Please Dani."

Her gut reaction was to walk out and let Mike deal with his insecurities in his own way, but another part of her, the naughty girl part told her to play up the offer and to let Mike suffer the consequences. After all this was his insecurities they were dealing with, not hers.

"Fine," she said and spun away, quickly making her way back to the bar and Doug.

She sat down and once again was drawn into the man's easy smile and warm sense of humor. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Mike make a beeline for the door. Her pulse raced as she continued to listen and talk with Doug. She couldn't help but enjoy herself. He made her feel as if she was the only woman in the room, as well as the only one worthy of his attention.

The hour seemed to fly by, and during that time Doug had been very vocal about wanting to bring her back to his place. She was intrigued by the offer, but also knew that tonight wasn't about her and Mike, it was about Mike and helping him get over the fact that Doug was a better man than him, even though in reality he wasn't. Mike was just a different man than Doug.


Dani lifted both eyebrows and smiled. "Well what?"

Doug chuckled, leaned in and pressed his hand against her upper thigh. "My place or yours. The train's leaving soon, with or without you. I'm tired of playin'."

Dani's breath lodged in her throat. The touch of his hand seemed to burn through the material of her dress. "My place," she whispered, and finished the rest of her drink.

"Did you come with a friend? Or drive yourself tonight?" Doug asked.

"I took a cab. Figured it was safer – in case I got a little too tipsy to drive," Dani answered. The lie rolled easily from her tongue. Her throat felt dry as Doug took her hand and led her toward the club's door.

"Smart girl," he said.

Once inside the car the situation became more real for Dani. He started the car and then allowed his hand to slide along the edge of the dress's hem. She felt the firm pressure of his fingers skate under the fabric, slowly pushing the material up as his nails dragged lazily across her skin.

"Where to?" he asked.

Dani shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She gave him the address of her and Mike's apartment. He nodded his head, assured her he knew the area well and let his fingers continue their slow and easy climb toward her moistening sex.

The sensation was nerve-wracking. Dani licked her lips, wondering what she should allow and what she shouldn't. Mike and she hadn't talked about this part of the game. Neither one had considered what would happen in the car ride back to their apartment. They should have, at least Dani should have, after all she was now in the car with the guy, trapped and literally at the mercy of his desires.

Nervously she glanced over at him; his hand continued to creep up. Her lower lip trembled, as his other hand rested casually on the wheel of the car. He eased his way out of the parking lot and into traffic. All the while his hand moved along the inside of her thigh. Doug glanced at her with a questioning look.

A smile rose as she opened her legs, allowing more room for him to explore. Inwardly she fought a battle of guilt and lust. Mike wasn't here to watch Doug take control with not only his hands, but with his entire being. Confidence seeped out of every pore. Dani knew that to shy away now, would send up red flags and Mike was waiting for her.

Dani turned slightly in her seat, so she could better position herself for Doug's eager exploration. He grinned and slid his hand up the rest of the way, until his fingers brushed across her thong. She trembled as his pointer finger curled under the fabric and touched her shaved mound. Her smile became one of curious interest. A brow lifted in a come-hither fashion. Dani felt confident in herself as she felt the man's finger glide between her pussy lips and search out the growing moisture that was beading on the warm flesh.

She hissed when his nail scrapped along the inner walls of her labia. His finger continued to explore, pushing upwards, catching against the small flap of flesh that covered her clit. She bucked instinctively against the digit as he pushed on the hard bud.

"Lift your dress," he told her. His voice was deep and rich. His words were strong and sure.

Dani did as she was told. Her dress was raised by shaky hands, but when she saw it pleased him, a part of her felt pride in herself. She was playing the role Mike wanted her to play and she was doing it well. It was obvious Doug knew he had her, or at least thought he had. She was horny and knew that Mike was going to interrupt her and Doug, so she came to the conclusion she was going to get at least one climax out of the game. It was the least Mike owed her.

She scooted her ass so she was more comfortable, spread her legs wider and almost sat facing Doug. Dani bit nervously on her lower lip. His finger remained still as she moved her hand down and pulled the thong to the side. Her pussy was completely viewable to his lustful gaze.

Doug glanced over and gave her a cockeyed grin. He winked, returned his eyes to the road and pushed his finger into her sex. Dani hissed in pleasure. She watched his finger move in and out of her; his wrist turned, allowing the long hard digit to twist naturally. As he maneuvered through traffic, he also drove steadily in and out of her slick opening. Dani gritted her teeth, locking her jaw as her hips rose up to greet every thrust of his finger.

Doug slowed down, so he could come to a stop light. As they waited, he turned and looked her squarely in the eye. She gazed back. He pushed a second and then a third finger into her tight channel. Her hand moved over to begin a frenzied assault on her clit. She rubbed hard, pulled and tugged on the pearl as Doug frantically began to pump his grouped fingers repeatedly into her pussy. The light changed colors, but Doug ignored it, while Dani worked to bring herself to climax.

The sound of a car honking followed by another made her curse in frustration. Doug chuckled, pulled his fingers out and took off. He reached over and offered his juice-covered digits to Dani. She willingly and hungrily opened her mouth and took the nectar. She sucked on his fingers as if it were a short, thick cock. Her tongue swirled as she licked away the evidence of their play. When she was done, she sat back, fixed her thong and pulled her dress down.

Her whole body was inwardly shaking. She had to concentrate on breathing, so she could regain control of the situation. When she was better able to contain her desire and frustration, Dani pushed her hair back, tucked loose strands behind her ears and repositioned herself in the seat.

Her gaze shifted to Doug's crotch. It showed the aroused state of a well-formed man. Dani felt her pussy tighten in anticipation. She took a deep breath, willing herself to give up on the idea of Doug's cock finding a home deep inside.

This was all she was getting tonight.

Dani noticed where they were and showed Doug the visitors' parking lot. He eased the car into a secluded spot, placed it in park, turned the key and killed the engine. They both unbuckled simultaneously. She moved to open her door, when she felt his hand on her leg. Dani looked over and knew he was going to kiss her.

She prepared herself for the touch and when his lips met hers, she felt her pulse race and her stomach tighten in pleasure.

He pushed his hand into her hair and kept her from moving away. She wasn't sure if she should have or not, it didn't matter though, he was taking the lead and her body was following. Their tongues tangled and explored; each one tasted the drinks the other had had, and her mind was filled with images of tawdry sex and frenzied passion. Dani was breathless when the kiss ended, and her mind clouded with disappointment.

Doug exited the vehicle, giving Dani only seconds to comprehend the kiss and the difference between Mike and Doug. Mike was slow and easy when it came to kissing, with the exception of the quick peck before he heading off to work. Doug was a give it to me, and give it to me now kinda kisser. Another long breath was drawn into her lungs just as Doug reached her side of the car and opened it for her.

Dani stepped out and felt Doug's hand slide down her dress and rest at the small of her back. Together they moved toward the high rise apartment complex. Doug was a few inches taller than her, but he felt even bigger than that as he walked with her. Again she chalked it up to confidence. Her thoughts seemed to focus on comparing Mike to Doug. That was after all why they were doing this, wasn't it?

Mike seemed to be confident when dressed for work, in his suit and tie, but when he was dressed more casually the confidence seemed to be lacking. Dani had a feeling that Doug lacked in nothing, especially self-esteem. He could have picked out any woman in that bar, but her desire to prove her boyfriend lacked nothing had spurned her on, empowering her own certainty.

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