tagInterracial LoveDanielle and David Ch. 03

Danielle and David Ch. 03


Chapter 3


My name is David Schultz. This is the story of how I found and lost the girl that I thought was my key to happiness. I had been in and out of relationships for the past five years, and I was beginning to think that love was a hoax that someone thought was a good idea, but in reality didn't pan out well for anyone. For the most part people were just fooling themselves into to thinking that love was attainable.

Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to be in love. Up till now, that just seemed unrealistic. So I busied myself with professional body building and made a decent name for myself and won a few local championships, which gave me a comfortable lifestyle. I was a bit careless with the "groupies" of the sport and got a couple girls pregnant, resulting in two children 11 months apart. I could not make it work with either mother of the children, but I love my kids dearly and would hand them the world on a silver platter if they asked me to.

My best friend, Brad Weir and I decided to open up a gym where we could help individuals who were interested in the toning up their bodies and beginning a career in professional body building. Once I stopped competing, I got a job at the local factory so I could pay the bills while not eating up the savings that I had accumulated. Things were going nicely, but somehow I still wanted that elusive relationship.


One Year Ago

I had come in from one of my intense workouts, and I needed a hot long shower and maybe some Icy Hot for my sore stretched muscles.

After taking my shower, I decided to make some spaghetti and garlic bread and lay on the couch until I fell asleep. While the food was cooking I grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator, and on the counter I noticed a postcard that had been left at my door a few weeks earlier. I read the card briefly. It was an ad for a new local singles chat line, and I decided to check it out. Glancing over at my pasta sauce and lowering the heat, I went to the living room to get my cell phone and returned to the kitchen.

I called the number and spoke to the customer service rep to start an account; they were having a special get one free month with a two month membership. The customer service rep gave me a number that I would need to call in to set up my voicemail box with a personal greeting that the ladies would hear when they called in. He explained if I was not online and a lady wanted to chat with me, she would be able to leave a message in my voicemail box, which I would be able to retrieve the next time I called in. It sounded simple enough, and if anything I would get some great phone sex out of it. My cock awakened at the thought of sex.

I had set up my greeting that ladies would hear as they perused through the members' profiles. I was going through the prompts of setting up my voicemail, when I heard a chime followed by a recorded voice:

"Someone wants to chat with you. Press 1 to hear their message and accept, press 2 to send a message without hearing theirs, press 3 to go to the next caller ..."

I pressed 1. After all, I was here to meet someone, right?

When I heard her voice, I knew that she was the one. Her introduction was simple:

Hi, my name is Danielle. I'm a simple girl looking for a simple guy. I'm looking for friendship and wherever that takes us. I'm new to this so I'm not sure what to say. But I know this; your message got my attention. So here I am. Oh, I hope you don't mind I am African American, and I'm considered a BBW. Ok, bye!

Once again, I was aware that my cock was awake. My pants were getting a bit tight in the crotch, and I had to readjust myself to relieve some pressure. To my surprise, her recorded voice was nothing compared to when she came online. We chatted about the weather, the city, and our likes and dislikes. She could have recited the alphabet and I would be okay with it.

Before we got off the phone, I had to get her number so we could talk without having to go through the chat line. She agreed. From that moment on, we talked at least oncee day, either voice to voice or through text.


After three weeks, it was time for me to meet this angel. I had the distinct feeling that I was in a relationship without all the hassles of relationship, but with her I wanted the hassle. I wanted to have dinner with her, wanted to go to a movie, wanted to feel her skin under my hands and wake up in the morning with her at my side. It was a strange way to feel, having never laid eyes on her. That was easy enough to remedy though. So I picked up my cell phone and sent a text.

David: "Wht r u doin?"


I was sitting in my living room, watching the news and trying to get my nerves under control. I checked my watch - it was 6:30 PM. I had everything in order for tonight's date. I was excited to finally see Danielle. I had been fantasizing about this for the past few weeks. Actually I was surprised that Danielle agreed. I could really see this going the distance, and the possibilities right now were endless. Danielle seemed to be everything that I had wanted in a girlfriend. This woman could possibly be the one to take me off the market, a thought that I would never had previously entertained, but Danielle -- she was the total package!

I thought to myself; Look at me, thinking about a future with someone other than my old reliable friend, Butch.

"Here Butch." My furry four-legged friend bounced toward me, wagging his tail. "That's a good boy," I told him, petting his head

"Up, Butch, up." I patted the couch next to me

"Oh who's a happy boy?" I always liked rubbing his belly. This had been our routine for God knows how long.

Butch was not the 'typical dog' a single man, like myself, would own. He was a Golden Retriever that I discovered had been left behind in my new condo when I moved in five years earlier, and I just adopted him. I renamed him Butch to make him sound more masculine of course he couldn't tell what his name was otherwise. Butch and I had become inseparable. He even slept in bed with me.

"That's going to change after tonight, my old friend," I told him, "Daddy's getting a girl tonight, and hopefully she'll be sharing my bed. Sorry dude."

My ringing phone interrupted my conversation with Butch. Who the fuck is calling me now and interrupting my bonding time with Butch? I pondered checking my phone. My caller ID showed my friend, Spike. I hadn't talked to him in several months.

I answered the phone. "What's up, Spikey?"

"Nothing really, I'm just under a lot of stress," he huffed.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing I can't handle. Was wondering if we could lift some weights tonight?"

"Not tonight dude got a date."

"A date?" Spike spoke with a little too much surprise in his voice.

"Yep, a date, you say that shit like it's an anomaly or something that I would have a date."

"I didn't know you were seeing someone." Spike was trying to calm his voice again. "That's good though. I mean it's been a while since you've even tried to date."

"Well after tonight, I hopefully will be 'seeing her'. This is our first meeting."

"What do you mean your first meeting?" Spike voice sounded concerned.

"Well," I paused, "I've never actually seen her in person."

"A blind date? You've never wanted to do a blind date. Remember when I tried to set you up with my cousin? Shit, you almost kicked my ass."

"Well turns out when I saw her, I should have kicked your ass." I laughed, shaking my head at the memory.

Spike laughed, too "Yeah well, you can just try it. Anyway dude, she was legal, had a crush on you and wanted a 'love connection'. What time's your date?"

"7:30 and I'm meeting her at Starbucks on E14th before coming back to my place for dinner, which is being prepared by Gabriel." I said with pride. "Gabe is having it delivered here at 8."

"Yeah, yeah I know that place. So who is this chick? I mean damn, you pulling out all stops having Gabe's ass cook for you and shit. She must be someone you want to keep around."

As I described to my good friend Spike my brief relationship with Danielle, if that what you call it, he did not interrupt me at all, which was unusual for him. I knew there must be something really important going on with him. Any other time, he would have had thousands of questions. Spike was the kind of guy you had to give him room to open up. How does the saying go, something about wine before it's time? That was Spike. You couldn't rush him.

I started from the beginning, telling him how I met her on the chat line and how we had been chatting on the phone every day, and how even a couple of times we'd fallen asleep sending texts to each other.

"So let me get this straight, you have never met this girl, but you are like almost gushing over her? Damn, what kind of magic spell has she cast over you? Dude, you got it bad. Hell, if her voice does this to you, what will the veejayjay do to you?"

"Man! Yeah I guess I do sound hooked. Fuck It, She makes me smile, dude, I don't know what else to say. I think about her all the time and can't wait until we can chat. Now I am ready to see if sparks fly in person."

"You got it bad for her; I hope she's worth it."

"Oh man, Danielle is."


"Yes, that's her name, you know her or something?"

"Uhhh no, just sounds familiar to me. Hell maybe, I don't know. Well good luck. Let me know how things go, I want a full report, including any exchanging of bodily fluids," Spike chuckled.

"Thanks. Maybe tomorrow night we can get together and lift weights, if you have time."

"Sounds good to me, remember a full report, dude."

"Man, if she is what I am hoping she is, what we do is our business. Get your own bump n grind."

"There you go, always wanting to hold out. You know sometimes we have to live vicariously through others, especially those of us not getting any. Talk to you tomorrow to set up a time to get together."

After hanging up with Spike, I glanced at my watch again. I got up to jump in the shower and prepare for my date. I smiled at myself in the mirror; I was really looking forward to meeting this woman. Everything needed to be perfect.

It didn't matter what she looked like physically; her personality and what I already knew about her was more important at this point to me. Even though she had told me what she looked like -- and she sounded gorgeous -- right now I wanted to explore what was developing. Danielle seemed just what the doctor ordered in my life right now. She wasn't like the others, so full of drama or on some urgent mission to get married. We could actually relax and get to know one another, build something that would last, with no pressure for more too quickly.


I checked my condo to make sure it was ready. The candles were in place. I put the roses that I had brought home with me from work in a vase as a perfect center piece. I set the table like my mom showed me how to do as a kid when we were getting ready for a family dinner. I had to admit, I was putting my best foot forward. Hopefully the setting would entice Danielle into wanting to begin taking this to the next level, whatever that may be. Or at least entice her into some great sex. Of course, all that was contingent on if she would have me, and after tonight I would know.

I took one more look at my condo, grabbed my coat and keys, locked the door, and headed for my car in the parking garage.

Getting into my car, I thought about texting her to tell her I was on my way. Then I decided that was overkill. I started my car and turned the volume up on the car stereo. I checked behind me to see if the coast was clear and caught my reflection in the rearview mirror. I saw the face of a handsome gent who was going to claim his girl, I thought to myself as I backed out of my parking spot.


David's POV

I turned down E14th Street on my way to Starbucks, and I speculated over the upcoming evening in my head to make sure nothing was out of place. For some reason I was really anxious about this date. The food would be delivered at 8, which would give us enough time to meet at Starbucks and get back to my condo with a bit of time to spare. I really had to thank Gabriel for fixing his special meal for us tonight. He was the head chef at his exclusive restaurant and prepared a different menu every night, but tonight he was going over and above for me with a special personal menu. That was not lost on me. I owed him big time for this one.

My car stereo was playing a song I really liked. I was glad Danielle told me about this new, well to me anyway, R&B artist, Q Parker. I liked many of his songs, "Yes" was decadent and provocative, and it seemed just right to set the mood for the evening.

I turned up the sound and started singing along. My phone rang and I glanced over to see who was calling me. Stopping at the stoplight, I reached over and picked up the phone to return the call. Whoever it was didn't answer the phone, so I tossed the phone back onto the passenger seat. I figured if it was important, they would leave a message or call back.

When the light turned green, I entered the intersection, just as another car was running the red light. I jerked the steering wheel to the left to avoid a collision, but to my horror that put me face to face with an oncoming Motorcyclist. We swerved causing me to clip the SUV on the other side of me. And spun me back into the intersection, where the 82L bus whacked into me. My head slammed against the glass window to my left, I heard the glass shatter and a crack, then something warm sliding down my face. Blood? The airbag exploded into my face, forcing me back into my seat. I was stunned. Light headed. My arm felt weird. I felt a stabbing sensation in my chest. I tried to move, but my leg didn't seem to work. My peripheral vision was getting tighter and tighter.

I heard my phone ringing, faintly in the distance, again. From outside the car came a voice asking me if I was okay. I believed I heard myself answer, "Yes, just tell Danielle that I'm running a bit late." Did I say it or just think it. Fuck, I can barely breath the pain is so intense. Then there was nothing. Everything went black.


The Accident -- Spike's POV

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I was not paying attention to the road. The music on the radio was getting on my nerves. I reached over to change the station to something more relaxing. I wasn't driving fast, and traffic was light. Music was always a great distraction for me. I knew I was approaching the intersection, but I thought I had enough time to switch the station. I glanced down and hit the programmed #3 button for KBLX, and then I glanced up just as the yellow light was turning red. By then I was going a little too fast to come to abrupt stop, so I decided to go through the light.

In the middle of the intersection, I saw a black car swerve, narrowly missing my car. For some reason the thought occurred to me that the car looked a lot like David's car. To my horror, I watched through my rearview mirror at the price of my wretched judgment in running the red light.

When I saw the black car spinning out, I stepped on my brakes and gasped and watched a bus hit the car broadside, pushing it a quarter ways up the block. I immediately looked for the first available parking spot and ran like hell to see if I could help. I really felt bad that my deplorable choice had caused this terrible collision. I just had to help, any way that I could. I prayed that the unfortunate soul in that car would be okay. I could never forgive myself if there were serious injury -- or worse.

As I ran, I yelled, "Someone call 911!" I approached the car, frightened at what I would see.

"Are you okay?" I shouted to the person in the car. I tried to see if I could get whoever was inside out. I ran to the driver's side of the car and spotted a lot of blood. "Oh God," I prayed, "Let them be okay."

"Are you okay?" I shouted again, this time with more panic in my voice. Shit, this did not look good.

I heard a very faint noise like someone was speaking, sounding like: "Yes, just tell Danielle I'm running a bit late." The voice was faint and the words were a bit slurred. I thought, "That voice sounded familiar. Could it be?" With all the shattered glass, blood and the angle of his face, I could not see him clearly. The airbag looked as if it was suffocating him, and the blood was matting his blond hair. I looked at the mangled mess of a car and prayed this man would be okay.


The ambulance arrived a few minutes later. I was still feverishly trying to help the person out of the car. The paramedic told me to "back away" and they took over, making a path for the firemen who were now rushing in with the Jaws of Life.

I retreated and watched as they pried the man out of the car. I just stood there, motionless, frozen with anxiety. Was it David? It was bad enough that I had caused the accident, but had I also done this to my friend? I gasped when I saw the driver being placed on the gurney. My fear was realized. It was David. I couldn't breathe. My eyes filled with tears. I felt myself moving at a fast pace toward the stretcher and I desperately asked, "Is he going to be okay?"

"Sir, I'm, going to have to ask you to step back please." The paramedic continued, "We need room to work."

"This is MY fucking friend; I want to know if he is okay."

"Sir, I understand, but you must step back, please, and we will take care of your friend."

I ran my fingers through my hair and took a few steps backwards. I felt like crying, screaming, running, and yelling, all at the same time. My pulse quickened. My blood was flowing through my veins like the Mississippi River at high flood. This is my fucking fault kept running through my head. God please let my friend be okay. This is my fucking fault. I looked over to the paramedics hovering over David, and then I heard his voice. He was alive! He was conscious! His words were slurred almost indistinctively as he was repeating, "Call Danielle, Call Danielle. Call..." Then he went silent again.

I remembered what David had said earlier on the phone. He was on his way to a date. He sounded so happy on the phone. Fuck! I contemplated, if only I had been paying attention. I watched as they worked on David, preparing to put him into the ambulance.

"What hospital are you taking him to?" I asked a passing paramedic.

"Alameda County Medical Center," he replied over his shoulder.

"It used to be Highland Hospital right? Is he going to be okay?" I walked with them towards their van.

"Yes, Highland Hospital. You can follow us." They rushed to load David into the ambulance. I didn't want to interfere.

"Thank you," I said, turning to run to my car.

I beat myself up as I ran. Why didn't I just stop? God damned; you hear about this shit. You just never think it will happen to you. Hell, it didn't, it happened to the nicest guy I know. Fuck me.

Getting into the car, I picked up my phone and dialed David's mother's number. After making a few more calls, I was on my way to the hospital. First, I needed to make a stop. It was the least I could do for a friend.


When I arrived at the hospital, David's mother, Doris, was there and talking with the doctor. It had been about an hour since the accident. I walked slowly up to Doris, who turned and smiled weakly and held her hand out to me. I swallowed hard and approached, taking her hand and returning my own weak smile.

The doctor was saying. "He has suffered a concussion, with severe bruising to his chest and abdomen. We are running series of tests to assess the damage and determine any long term effects. We are mainly concerned about potential internal bleeding and the head injury. We have given him some pain medication. He dislocated his left shoulder and his left leg is broken in two places. We want to monitor him for the next few days to make sure there is no swelling around the brain. He lost quite a bit of blood, so we are giving him a blood transfusion. He also has twenty stitches from the gash on his head, and we shaved the area to keep it clean from infection. We also stitched up the gash on his chest. No major organs were damaged. We will move him to ICU until we get the results back from the tests. Then we can ascertain the best recovery steps for him.

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