tagIncest/TabooDanielle's Friends & Family Ch. 04

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 04


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After Billy and her aunt had let her out of the car, Kayla walked the short distance to her house. She heard their car drive off as she let herself into the house, wondering what would happen the next day. Her auntie hadn't seemed that annoyed with either of them and the way she'd looked at her in the car . . . Kayla wondered if auntie Danielle was all that innocent. She'd seen enough cum to know what had been soaking through her aunt's T-shirt.

"Kayla? That you?" her father, Steve, called from the front room.

"Yes daddy." She said with a smile to herself. She wandered into the room where her father sat on the sofa watching TV. "Where's mom?"

"She's just this minute gone to the bar with one of her friends." He said looking up at her. She dropped on to the sofa next to him, grinning as he draped her arm around her shoulders, his hand cupping one of her big tits. "She's not going to be home for a few hours yet."

"That mean I get you all to myself?" Kayla asked, pushing his loose jogging pants down and grasping his big dick.

"Oh yeah." Steve said, gasping as his daughter leaned down and took his cock in her mouth, sucking him till he was hard. "That's it, baby, suck daddy's cock."

Kayla eagerly did just that, bobbing her head up and down her father's dick. He was almost as big as Billy and just as thick, her slim fingers barely meeting around his thick stalk. Despite all the boys she'd fucked, she was still her daddy's girl. The only thing she regretted about fucking her dad was sneaking around behind her mom's back.

Steve managed to pull her tight T-shirt up over her big tits, freeing them to his gaze and his hands. If he was honest with himself, he probably wouldn't have started fooling around with his own daughter if she hadn't had such big tits and so obviously teased him with them. Ever since she'd grown them, she'd wander round the house in clothes that barely covered them, rubbing her jugs against his back as she pretended to squeeze past, constantly asking whether they were too big. Eventually he'd had enough and last year, on her eighteenth birthday, when her mom was at work, he'd given her what she'd been asking for and fucked her. Since then, they'd been at it every chance they got. Like Kayla, he didn't like cheating on Tanya, her mom, but he wasn't going to give her up either. More than once he'd wondered about the pair of them in the sack together, mother and daughter eating each other's pussies but it was still a fantasy.

Kayla let go of his cock and knelt up on the sofa, pulling her short skirt up till it bunched around her waist, revealing her pantieless and hairless pussy. She ran her fingers through her slit, slipping a couple into her sopping cunt.

"You ready to fuck your little girl again, daddy?" she asked.

Steve grinned and took a hold of her big tits. "I'd hardly call these little, baby." He said.

"You like my big titties, don't you daddy?" Kayla asked as she swung her leg over his, straddling his big dick. She reached down and guided his hard on between the lips of her pussy, slowly sliding down, taking him inside. "Oh fuck, you're so big daddy." She moaned as more and more of her father's cock slipped up her pussy.

Steve took a hold of her hips as she gently began moving up and down his length, taking another inch with each downward thrust until he was finally balls deep inside her. Kayla leaned forward and fed him one of her nipples as she began moving faster, riding him.

"You like sucking my titties, huh?" she asked, knowing the answer already. She'd lost count of the amount of times he'd tit fucked her and most of their fuck sessions ended with him blowing at least one wad over her jugs. "Bet you'd like to see . . . mmm, fuck . . . another woman . . . sucking on them?" she gasped.

"You know I would." Her father replied, gripping her ass tightly as he began to thrust into her.

"Another woman . . . with big fucking tits . . . you'd like that . . . wouldn't you, daddy?" Normally, Kayla said this just to turn her father on, but after tonight, she wondered if her aunt Danielle would be interested in making her father's fantasy come true. "I know you would, daddy . . . and I might . . . oh, fuck yeah . . . might have someone in mind . . . someone else with real big tits . . . someone closer than you think."

Steve looked up at her, hardly daring to think they were considering the same person.

"Do you mean . . . your mom?" he asked hesitantly.

Kayla stopped moving and looked at him in shock. Steve silently cursed himself for going to far. Slowly, though, Kayla smiled and started sliding on his cock again.

"I wasn't." she said looking down at him as he went back to sucking on her nipples. "But fuck, that would be so . . . mmm . . . fucking good. Having mom . . . lick my titties . . . eat my pussy . . . oh fuck!" She cried out as she came hard, triggering her father's orgasm, feeling him spurt his jism deep inside her. Kayla collapsed on top of him as the last of his load shot inside her.

"You okay baby?" he asked.

"Daddy . . . why haven't we thought of getting mom in on this before?" she asked.

"I don't know, baby. You think she'd go for it?"

Kayla chuckled. "Only one way to find out. I'll speak to her tomorrow. Don't say anything, though, okay?"

"Okay, baby."

They kissed and separated, heading off to the bathroom to clean up. Neither of them saw Tanya, Kayla's mom, standing outside the open window from where she had watched and heard the whole thing.

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