tagInterracial LoveDanielle's Life Ch. 03

Danielle's Life Ch. 03


Over the next week, Randy and I had sex two or three times a day, always bareback and unprotected. Every time he fucked me, he continued to dump his massive cum into my pussy. He didn't have much choice anyway, because I would lock my arms and legs around him tightly so that his cock remained deep inside of my pussy until he finished draining his black balls into my womb. I didn't have any choice either, due to the fact that I was practically in an orgasmic state the entire time he fucked me. My mind was thinking one thing, while my animal instincts paralyzed my helpless body and let it all happen.

Anyhow, Randy would go to work in the morning after fucking me, and then I'd tidy up the house a little, like the good little whore I'd become, and wait for him to arrive home with open legs, begging for his cock. We continued the same routine every day. I would suck his cock when he got home and he'd empty his load down my throat. I've been with lots of other guys, but I actually found myself craving his cum. After that I'd beg him to fuck me and cum in my pussy. I just couldn't get enough of him. Most of all, what I enjoyed about having sex with this guy was watching his huge black cock disappear into my petite white body. The contrast was amazing. On each thrust of his cock, only his balls were visible, pressed up against my asshole. I was taking the whole thing into my pussy. When Randy fucked me on the bed, I could see us in the closet mirror. It was totally erotic watching his charcoal black penis sink all the way into me. My little Brazilian waxed pussy would mould itself to the shape of his cock and the lips would stretch and cling to it as it pumped in and out of me. I was having orgasm after orgasm for him quickly and easily, because I was so turned on all of the time.

I never did meet up with Brett, so I never got my birth control pills. I called him regularly when Randy was away, and made sure he knew I was ok. I didn't mention the part about while this black guy was fucking me, he was also filling his fertile wife with potent black sperm, every day, without any birth control. I figured whatever happens, we'll have to deal with it later on.

Several weeks went by and naturally, I missed my period. Randy and I bought an EPT from the store. He was sitting on the couch, when I came out of the bathroom with the test strip. It was no surprise to me that the test strip lit up like a Christmas tree. "Well, it's positive. I'm pregnant! I'm going to have your baby" I said. I was a little nervous, but Randy looked really happy. He had succeeded in planting a baby into me. How the hell was I going to explain this to Brett, whom I haven't seen in weeks. Brett had a girl he was fucking while I was away, so I didn't feel that bad, but after all, he was my husband and I loved him.

"You're my woman now Danielle. I want you to do a few things for me to prove your love for me" Randy commented.

I would have done anything to keep this thing going. I didn't care what he asked of me, as long as that big black cock was inside of me, making my eyes roll back into my head one orgasm after another. Randy wanted me to dress a certain way so that it was obvious, I was his ho. I would have to wear short, tight, miniskirts only and with no panties. Randy didn't like anything in the way of him touching my bare pussy when he wanted to and he did just that every chance he got. Under the table at restaurants, in the car, at the movies, he always had his hand on my pussy. I was definitely his trophy white girl. I had to wear heels whenever we went out too, because Randy liked the way I walked in them. I'm not used to dressing like a whore, but I guess I was one, and it made Randy happy, so I did it for him. Randy was becoming my master and I was his servant. Ironically, I didn't mind at all and it really turned me on.

We were walking on the sidewalk after dinner one night and Randy had his hand on my ass, as usual. In plain sight of a bunch of other people, he slid his hand down, under my dress and placed it in the crack of my ass, his middle finger covering my asshole and just reaching my pussy. My bare naked ass was exposed to anyone looking. It was really humiliating and I could have stopped him, but I didn't. That's when I realized and Randy knew that I was unquestionably his woman.

Another night, we went to a club to go dancing and I had told Brett when we were going so that we could see each other there. He was there with some young, attractive blonde girl. We saw each other and we met at the restroom. He walked up to me and gave me a loving embrace.

"Oh, I miss you baby" I said.

"I love you Danielle. You look great, almost glowing. I guess you are really happy. Anyway, how much longer do you think it will last?"

"Who knows? I'm having a lot of fun though" I told Brett. "This was a really good idea! I suppose when Randy gets tired of me hanging around, he'll ask me to leave, but he seems ok so far."

"Well then I'll talk to you soon. I love you" Brett said.

Then he kissed me and took off into the crowd to find his new girlfriend.

I knew there was no way Randy was tired of me and the end to this was nowhere in sight. That glow Brett had noticed in me was the result of mine and Randy's incessant fucking and the growing baby in my belly. He had knocked me up on purpose, because he wanted me to be his girl. I always thought black men got all of their women pregnant for a reason. It was their way of making their territory. Now I understand. Something inside of me just tells me that I need to have his black baby. I certainly wasn't going anywhere for now. And as long as he kept me cumming daily, I was his.

Five months had gone by and our fucking never stopped. I was starting to get uncomfortable, so most of the time, Randy would just lick my pussy to make me cum and I'd suck his cock. My tits were huge now and Randy liked to fuck them, while I licked his cock as it slid back and forth between them. I loved this position, because it was like I was in total control of him. His cock would disappear into my cleavage, and then pop out over and over, leaking my favorite little precum snack onto my chest which I happily licked clean. I'd follow his balls with my hand as they swayed with each thrust. When I could feel them twitch and begin to tighten up, I concentrated on sucking the head of his cock while stroking the shaft until he came, blasting his sperm all over my tits and face. I felt so dirty as the cum would run down my neck and the side of my face and into my hair.

I also started letting Randy fuck me in my ass. I only let Brett fuck me in the ass once in a while, but because I was getting big from the baby now, it felt better than Randy fucking my pussy and I still craved having his cock in me. I thought that I'd never be able to get it to fit in my asshole, but there's a funny thing about being pregnant and full of hormones. My skin was much softer now, and the muscles in my anus were just more flexible. A little saliva from me and some lubricant and he glided his cock right in. Sometimes he would cum into my ass, but I continued to give him awesome blowjobs and swallow his sperm whenever he wanted me to. A few times I would get really naughty with him. I would give Randy an incredible blowjob and make him finish in my mouth, but I wouldn't swallow—just yet. I would wait for him to fuck my ass, then pull out and cum into my mouth again. Then I would show him while I swallowed the double load of spunk he gave me. I loved the taste of his sperm and the texture. He didn't really mind not being able to fuck my pussy for a while, go figure.

My belly was getting big and round and I could no longer wear the miniskirts. Instead, I was to wear low-rise shorts and crop tops so everyone could see my big pregnant belly. Randy would parade me around all over, holding hands and kissing me in public so everyone could see the black cock loving slut I was. One day, Randy and I went to a tattoo shop and he got a small tattoo of my name on his arm. I know that you're not supposed to get tattooed while you're knocked up, but he wanted me to have one. I got this tattoo of Africa in red, yellow, and green on my lower back, just above my ass. It was about the size of a drink coaster, a pretty good sized drawing. The words "My Love and Master Forever" went around it in script. Now when I would go out and wherever I was, every man could see that I had made my choice. I would get dirty looks from lots of people, black and white, because I was with a black man, I was having his baby, and I looked like a whore....it goes on and on, but I didn't care. I had gotten what I wanted.

I ran into Brett at the mall the other day and obviously, he saw that I was very pregnant. He also saw my tattoo. To my surprise, he didn't get upset at all, almost like he was happy and expecting it. He told me that he never mentioned it to me, but he had secretly fantasized about me getting black-pregnant all along. Brett told me that he found my birth control pills on the counter a couple of days after this thing started, but deliberately didn't mention it to me. He wanted me to get pregnant from a black man and was excited about the whole thing.

"I found your pills and knew that you were going to get pregnant. I thought about this for a while Danielle, but I just didn't know how to tell you."

"I really didn't plan on this Brett. It just happened, you know? I love the way that Randy makes me feel, but I still love you. Do you want me to come back home?"

"Danielle, I miss you a lot. I want you to come home when you are ready, as long as it takes."

We kissed and said goodbye.

Several months later I gave birth to a baby boy, black as his father was, of course. It was beautiful. My pale skin cradling this little black baby boy. Randy was very happy. As time went by, Brett and I spoke less and less to each other and eventually lost touch. So far, Randy has gotten me pregnant four more times. I guess there's something to be said about the potency of black sperm. We only successfully had two more babies, a boy and a girl. All three children are very dark skinned, like their father. I'm sure his incredible black baby cream will knock me up again and I won't mind. We still live in the house in that poor neighborhood, and we are couple. Randy takes very good care of me and gives me orgasms every time we have sex. I do the same for him. I suppose this is what I had been searching for. Welcome to my new life.

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