tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDanielle's Story

Danielle's Story

byLord Ranger©

For my friend, Danni.

Danielle was a bright, young woman, about twenty four years in age. She had medium blonde hair, cut about shoulder length. She had the most stunning pair of blue eyes in town. She was from a town in Massachusetts called Middleboro, nothing special about it. Danielle was about five foot four inches tall, perfectly slim waist, beautiful womanly curves, with a small C cup.

One night, Danielle came home from work late. A nasty New England storm had knocked down a bunch of trees on her route home. So she didn't get in until about ten o'clock. She unlocked the door and stepped into her apartment. She was living on the bottom floor of a triple deck apartment building. She lived alone in her one bedroom apartment, it was small, but she was going to be in the Navy soon, on a nuclear submarine, so she didn't care too much about her current living conditions.

As Danielle walked into her living room, she flipped the light switch on, "Shit!" she said to the darkness, "The power's out." Danielle often talked to herself when no one was listening, it helped her think. The problem was that someone was listening, and she wasn't alone.

Danielle walked into the kitchen and got herself the ingredient to make a sandwich. She lit a candle that she kept on her kitchen table and proceeded to make her sandwich.

When she finished she took her sandwich and her candle into her bedroom, planning to read a little before candle light before falling asleep. She walked into her bedroom and approached her bed when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. Placing a hand over her mouth and a knife to her neck, he shushed her and said, "Don't scream my little one, this will all be over soon."

Fuck she thought, but it was too late she'd all ready gone numb. Little one was Danielle's trigger, it sparked something in her brain that sent her into a state of total submission. How did he know that word? She heard him speaking, but her conscious reasoning couldn't comprehend the words. She was technically moving strictly subconsciously.

"Take off your clothes." He said, as he turned on a very bright flash light. She did as she was told, she was looking at herself from inside, mentally screaming, No, don't do it! And still her body complied with his wishes.

When she was completely nude before him, he took a hand full of her hair and forced her onto her knees. "Suck it! But if I so much as feel a tooth, I'm going to widen that pretty little smile of yours." To emphasize he ran the tip of his knife from the corner of her mouth to the back of her jaw. She opened her mouth and like a robot acting on command began to suck his cock.

Inside her head, Danielle watched in abject horror as she sexually pleased her rapist. She still couldn't hear what he was saying to her, she was trying desperately to regain control, put up a fight, something, anything.

Minutes passed like hours and she watched herself giving head to this stranger, she thought that she was going to be spending the rest of eternity watching herself be raped. Finally, she saw herself be pulled off his cock and thrown violently onto the bed. She watched in dismay as he tied her to the bed posts lying face down, and watched painfully as she saw her pelvic area being elevated with the two sleeper pillows and one throw pillow she kept on the bed.

As her rapist climbed on top of her he whispered in her ear one word, "Sweetness." And suddenly, and violently she came back into the world of the conscious. Her head was swimming, and there was a strange feeling between her legs. For some reason, it felt familiar but she couldn't register it. It felt good, she knew that, but she didn't even know where she was. Then it hit her, she was in her room, and that feeling was a tongue licking her clit.

She felt her body becoming aroused, her body was betraying her. The more she fought it, the more it resisted her control. He was teasing her, she knew it, she wanted it to be over with, but he insisted on prolonging this ordeal.

Suddenly, he stopped licking, and she felt him climb on top of her. No sooner had she felt his weight on her back than she felt his cock slide into her now wet tunnel. Her rapist plunged deep into her cunt. He rested there just a moment before pulling out and beginning a slow, easy rhythm. The rhythm of a man who knew he had nothing but time on his hands.

Try as she might she couldn't fight it, and eventually, a moan escaped her lips. She couldn't believe she was enjoying herself, she was being raped, but despite that his cock seemed to fit her perfectly. It wasn't too big, it wasn't too small. It was a comfortable fit. Like it was made for her.

She felt him speed up, in her mind she was thinking, Great, he's almost done, then he'll leave. Then suddenly, she felt him pull out, and she thought, Okay, he's done, he'll cum on my back and it'll be over. But she was wrong, and she realized it as she felt something hard and fleshy poke at her ass hole. She was no prude, she'd had anal sex before but only with guys she really liked. She felt his cock head pop in, and slowly descend into her bowels.

When at last she felt his pubic hair tickle her buttocks, he pulled out and began a fast rhythm in and out of her ass. She couldn't help but moan, this was all too much for her to bare. Suddenly, she felt him spasm, heard him groan, and felt his hot semen poor into her bowels. This was what set her off, she screamed a moan as she erupted into a powerful orgasm.

She felt him pull out of her, and untie her. She couldn't move, she was panting, and totally spent physically. She was about to drift off to sleep when she heard him say, "Did you enjoy that?" She recognized that voice. Turning around, she covered her eyes as he turned on the light.

"Steve?!" She asked in total surprise. "I thought you might want to act out one of your fantasies, I always catch you reading those rape stories on Literotica."

Smiling she put her forehead to his and said, "Thank you."

I hope you all enjoyed this story, it was inspired by a real person. Only the location and the name of the boyfriend have been changed to protect the innocent.

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