I met Daniel right after my 18th birthday at a local night club. I was celebrating with some friends and he asked me for a dance. We clicked right away. He was charming and sweet and very gentle. My parents though did not agree. He was too old for me they told me. He was 32. I didn't agree. Age is just a number I argued. They demanded I break it off with Danny. I refused and they kicked me out of the only home I ever knew.

When I told Danny what happened he almost demanded I stay with him. I should have told him no, but I was thrilled and happily agreed. I moved into his guest bedroom that day.

For the first week everything went well. I worked at a small restaurant in town and was home by four every day. Danny would be home by five and I would have dinner laid out and ready for him. His smile at the sight of me standing there waiting for him made me thrilled.

That Sunday was special. Our six month anniversary was supposed to be special; he told me he had special plans that day and that I was to worry about nothing.

I made him breakfast in bed that morning and then he surprised me with a trip to the art gallery in town. When we got home he shuffled me out of the kitchen with the promise of making me a special dinner. My protest went unheard as I was barred from a kitchen I considered my own. I sat on the coach in the room two over and turned on the TV.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew he was waking me up.

"Come on sleepyhead. Dinner is ready." He pulled me to my feet pulling me in close for a kiss before leading me into the kitchen.

It was sweet the thought he had obviously put into the candle lit affair that I walked into. It was simple and romantic. He pulled out my chair for me and went and grabbed a bottle of wine.

"I know your still underage but I thought just one glass would be okay to celebrate. Ok?" He looked at me with such caring waiting for my approval, I couldn't say no. He poured both our glasses and then prepared a toast.

"To us" He said lifting his glass. I tapped mine to his and hesitantly took a sip. He turned back to the stove and pulled a covered dish out of the oven.

"I hope you like stuffed shells. It's an old family recipe." He placed the dish in the center of the table and proceeded to dish out the food on both our plates, before taking his seat across from me. He waited until I took my first bite of food before starting his own. He asked me about work and soon we feel into easy rhythm of conversations.

As we finished dinner he got up to clear the table and he topped off my drink with another bottle of wine off the counter.

"I'll get the dishes Dan." I said moving to get up.

"No you sit and let me do this, sweetie." He told me as he leaned down and kissed me again. "Just sit there and enjoy your drink." He turned back and started cleaning up.

I felt myself getting drowsy as I watched him move easily around the room. I didn't realize something was wrong until I felt myself start to pass out and slip to the floor.

"Honey...Can you hear me?" His voice sounded concerned. "Sweetie it's time to wake up we need to talk."

I groan as I come to my head pounding as I try to focus on his voice. "What happened?" I whispered trying to get up and finding myself unable to move. I struggle to rise to see what's going on and find myself secured to the bed in his room completely naked. "Danny, what's going on?" I whisper pulling against the ropes binding my hands to the headboard. My ankles are secured to the headboard as well slightly above my wrists leaving my pussy and ass completely exposed.

"Stop that Meghan. You are only going to hurt yourself." HE said from where he stood by the dresser removing his clothes. "And trust me your going to like what I am about to do to you, believe me."

My eyes widen in surprise. My sweet, gentle boyfriend could not be about to rape me. It's not possible.

"Please Danny, don't do this. I thought you loved me?" I feel the tears start to fall as he turns to me and I catch the first glimpse of my rapist. He is huge. Only about 7 inches long but he had to be about 4 inched around.

"I do love you Meghan. I want to marry you, but we both know that your parents will never agree so to force their hands I am going to get you pregnant and then they will have no choice but to let you marry me." He said sitting on the side of the bed.

New panic sets in as I understand what he is going to try to do. "No please Danny I don't want to have kids yet. Please just let me go. "

"Not an option baby."

He reaches over and runs his finger over my mound. A feel a finger slip into my tight passage. "You are so tight baby. " I feel another finger enter me. "Are you a virgin?" I shut my eyes refusing to answer. "I think you are and I have a feeling I'm right." He laughs cruelly as he climbs onto the bed.

He lowers his lead to my cunt feeling his tongue brushing over my lips. I buck my hips trying to get away from his probing tongue. But it feels so good.

"You taste so good Meg. And you're getting wet too. Need that." He sucked on my clit for a second. "Don't want to hurt my bride." I pull against the ropes again.

"Please Danny! I don't want this!" I scream.

He's on my in a heartbeat, right hand covering my mouth left hand around my throat pushing me into the bed. "Quiet Bitch. No need for the neighbors to hear." He released my neck and twisted my nipple. It was like a direct current to my pussy. He positioned himself on top of me replacing his hand with his mouth swallowing any scream or noise I would have made. I feel his erection against my thigh as he continues his assault on my pussy. "You need to relax Meg. This is happening one way of the other and it will go easier for you if you stop fighting me."

"Danny stop please...." Tears are streaming down my face as I feel his cock head push against my virgin slit.

He moans above me as it slips further finally hitting my hymen. "Ready Meghan?" He whispered leaning down. I feel him pull all the way out....and suddenly he thrusts himself all the way in me slamming his mouth over mine right as I scream swallowing my screams as he bottoms out in my cunt. He stops moving giving me a moment to adjust. He kisses my check licking my tears off my skin. "Feel better baby?"

Strangely I do but I refuse to tell him that. I go with ignoring him but he doesn't seem to care as he starts to piston his cock in and out of my abused hole.

"You are so tight Meg, won't take long for me to cum baby." He says kneading my tits. I feel him deep in me and I resign myself to the fact that he will breed me today. But I do love him. And it is making me feel good. I start thrusting my hips up to meet him taking him further into me.

He looks down at me surprised. Then he grins. "Enjoying yourself my dear?" I feel myself blush red as he plunges into me up to his balls and finds his release. As his cock fills my womb he reaches down and messages my clit bringing me to my first orgasm.

He leans down and kisses me. Placing a pillow under my ass he releases my hands and feet rubbing the makes the rope left on my skin. I notice he is still very hard and I reach down and grasp it.

He smiles at me. "Want to go again baby?"

I return his smile and nod.

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