Danny's Den


My rock hard cock sprang forth completely erect. And she blew hot breath on it first. As she brought her hands back up from my ankles she ran her fingernails along the front of my thighs. My body shivered and a devilish grin came across her lips knowing she had discovered one of the spots that turn my knees to jelly.

But Sandi had other things in mind and her fingers continued up my thighs until they joined together to cup my balls again her fingernails lightly scratching the surface of my skin sent shivers up my spine.

As she moved her fingers up they wrapped around the shaft of my cock and she began slowly stroking the length with one hand while rolling my balls in the palm of her other hand. She leaned forward and allowed a stream of salvia to drip from her lips onto the head of my cock lubricating it with her hand.

All the while Sandi remained in a crouched position keeping perfect balance on her spike heels as she pleasured me with her hands and fingernails. Just as I thought she was about to take the head into her mouth for the first time she leaned back and allowed herself to drop to a kneeling position in front of me.

Straightening her back she pulled my cock down and began rubbing the now deep purple head first against one erect nipple then the other. She again let a stream of saliva drip from her lips but this time onto her nipples to lubricate them.

She would first circle the erect nipple with the head of my cock and then rub it directly into the nipple pushing the spot on the underside of my cock where the rim flattens out against her nipple.

She knew this was a man's very sensitive spot and the pleasure of this contact was incredible. Leaning forward Sandi released my cock from her grasp and slid her hands to the outside of each breast.

My cock slipped between her soft tits nestled in succulent cleavage. Sandi squeezed her tits together engulfing my cock in soft flesh. She began a rocking motion with her chest and once again added a lubricant of salvia from her lips.

As I looked down each time she rocked forward the head of my cock would part her tits enough for the head to be exposed and as it was she would blow her hot breath down toward it.

The sensation of this titty fuck was awesome. Sandi kept eye contact with me during this entire intense teasing. I could tell from the expression on her face that she found this all very arousing. Having complete control of the amount of pleasure I would feel from her caresses and the contact with her breasts was something that she enjoyed almost as much as I.

Sandi smiled at me and asked "Enjoying yourself yet?"

All I could do was nod in yes and let a hmmmmmm... escape my throat.

As she rocked back and forth fucking my cock with her tits she lowered her mouth and extended her tongue letting my cock slide sensually along its moist surface. My cock would slide between her tits and each time the head was exposed I could feel it pushing against the tip of her tongue.

This only lasted a few strokes because she wanted more of me inside her mouth. Releasing her tits she grabbed my cock in one hand and leaning forward she stuck her tongue out all the way and began rubbing the under side of my cock against her flattened tongue.

Her hot breath again flowed over the rest of my cock warming it. Slowly, almost too slowly she would take more of my cock into her mouth allowing the head to slip further back on her tongue each time she dipped her mouth over my rock hard cock.

She still had not closed her mouth completely around my cock and I moaned my pleasure as she would cup her tongue as she withdrew my cock and then flatten it as she leaned forward taking it deeper toward her throat.

The position Sandi was in with her head lifted upward only exposing her tongue to the underside of my cock allowed her to keep eye contact with me since she knelt down.

I noticed that she had dropped one hand down between her legs and she was now fingering her pussy and clit with her free hand.

Sandi knew her oral technique was something every man dreams about and she enjoyed watching the expression on my face as the pleasure intensified.

As I stood there holding onto that sink for dear life Sandi slowly closed her eyes lowered her head and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

At this point I knew she was about to turn the pleasure up a notch. Keeping her mouth wide open she leaned forward and didn't stop until her upper lip touched the pubic hair above my cock. She finally gave in and closed her lips around the shaft. My cock pressed against the back of her oral cavity and I could feel the muscles in her mouth and throat tighten around the entire length.

Slowly she pulled back until the very tip of my cock was resting against her sweet ruby red lips. Opening her lips wide again she repeated the motion forward until I was again completely engulfed in her mouth. Sandi enjoyed this technique and varied the time it took from my cock resting against her lips until it was against the back of her throat.

Each time my cock hit its target I let out a moan of pleasure. She must have noticed my moans because she began moaning as my cock filled her mouth but stopped just as it hit her throat so she could hear my reaction.

My cock swells incredibly as I'm about to cum and this vixen picked up on that as she brought me to the brink two or three times but then slowed her technique and allowed me to drift away from orgasm.

I could feel my balls filling with sperm, and I knew it wouldn't be long before even Sandi would not be able to stop my ultimate pleasure.

Opening her eyes she looked up at me and holding my cock just outside her mouth she said "Please cum for me babe. Cum on my lips cum on my tongue and shoot it against the back of my throat"

She opened her mouth slid her tongue out and stroked my cock against her warm wet tongue. I couldn't stand it any longer and I felt the cum boiling up through the shaft of my cock.

That first intense shot hit its target deep inside her mouth and she instantly closed her mouth slightly so the second stream of cum landed on her upper lip and cheek. As I cam she directed my cum all over her lips and mouth until she was coated with my sperm.

Once her mouth was lubricated with my cum she took my cock inside her mouth and sucked the head hard wanting to get every drop I had to offer.

As my orgasm began to subside Sandi used my cock to spread my cum across her face. Droplets of cum dripped from her jaw bone down onto her tits and silk blouse. Looking down at her with my cum smeared about her face I knew I had just experienced the cock sucking of a life time and the only words I could muster was "Absolutely Fuckin Incredible"

I finally released my grip on that sink and lifted Sandi to a standing position. Pulling her close to me I opened my mouth and kissed her deeply on the lips mixing my saliva with cum and sharing the taste with her. Her tongue lapped up every drop I had to offer.

After a long deep passion cum sharing kiss, she smiled and said "Hmmmmm... Such sweet tasting cum you have baby."

Sandi and I kissed each other for several more minutes until she took a step back and began straightening up her clothing. I offered her a towel I had moistened with warm water to clean up, but she instead used her finger to gather the last few drops of sperm from her face and sucking her finger said "I want to savor your taste while I'm driving later."

We finished dressing and she unlocked the men's room door. As we walked out I noticed that the bartender was no where in sight. Sandi said she had quite a long drive ahead of her and declined my offer of another white Russian.

I walked over to the bar and threw a 20 down next to our glasses and caught up with Sandi just as she reached the door to the parking lot. As we exited the Danny's Den I asked her if we were going to keep in contact.

She smiled took my card which had my cell number written on the back side. She said "The next time we're in town at the same time I'd love to try the Danny's Motel."

I smiled and said. "I'm there baby!"

I walked Sandi to her car a cute little Honda Civic full of boxes of samples in the back. She unlocked the door and reached inside pulling a very classy and matching business suit jacket from the hook in the back seat. I helped her with her jacket and she flipped the collar of her blouse outside the collar of the jacket. Running her fingernails through her shoulder length blonde hair and flipping her head to get all in place she smiled and said "I'll call you baby."

With that she slipped behind the steering wheel and started her car. I leaned down and told her once again that she was in incredible woman she smiled and thanked me for the compliment and offered that I was such a sweet tasting man.

With that she closed the door put her Civic in gear and began driving off. As I walked slowly to my own car I realized that I would probably never see her again.

But I'd always have the memory of an incredible stop at Danny's Den.

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